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Luna Bears vs Sirens of Titan

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The Luna Bears and the Sirens of Titan have one loss. The loser of this game will be eliminated from the tournament. After one quarter the score is Luna Bears 7 and the Sirens 0.

The Luna Bears have won two Fruit Bowls and the Sirens have won four, which includes last season's Fruit Bowl.

Before the game started I scripted ten plays for the Luna Bears and all the plays were between the guards. I thought the Sirens' defensive line is soft and that proved true.

I scripted ten plays for the Sirens' offense and they went off script almost immediately. I did instant replays on a couple Luna Bears' tackles that were bone jarring. 💥


Watch for Sirens' TE #82. This player beats double teams like he's all alone on the field.


Enjoy the Journey.  T43 🏈♾️

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Highlights from the 2nd Quarter. Luna Bears 14, Sirens of Titan 8.

Sirens' Halfback #9 UN-tweaked himself so I moved that base to right Guard and brought up a rookie HB #35. He has 77 yards on 6 attempts and the Sirens' only touchdown. He took a draw for 26 yards just before Halftime.


I've put 3-second clips in to show which players are pulling.

Enjoy the Journey  T43 🏈♾️

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At the end of the Third Quarter the Sirens of Titan are up 16 to 14. I didn't plan for the Sirens to go for 2-point PATs but the Luna Bears were dominating the First Half so the EF Coach part of my brain decided it wasn't enough to play catchup — the Sirens needed to take control. If they could. So far so good on that strategy.

This game is becoming a passing game for both teams.

Just the highlights.

Enjoy the Journey. T43 🏈♾️

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Headline: the Sirens of Titan won't be returning to the Fruit Bowl.

The Luna Bears and the Sirens of Titan have played seven times in the past 30 seasons. The Sirens of Titan have won four of the games and now the Luna Bears have won four. 

I felt from the get-go that the Luna Bears could run on the Sirens and the last drive was a clinic. For the game TB #24 had 94 yards on 12 carries and two touchdowns. He was the MVP. So the Luna Bears advance to play Suncats.


Enjoy the Journey  T43 🏈♾️

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