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Do you have teams that are left-handed, or right-handed?


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In a post in the Solitaire category and in the subject of calling audibles, Coach Shawn had a very insightful observation.

1 hour ago, Coach Shawn said:

some of my solitaire teams can only run one way and this allows them to run to their preferred direction.

All of my teams are either left-hand, or right-handed. By left-handed I mean the offense works best from the left hash mark, and a right-handed team works best from the right hash mark. Left- or right- handedness is a natural outcome of one side tackle/tight end combination being significantly stronger than the other side tackle/tight end combination.

I script plays to advance the ball to the preferred hash mark.

I try to take advantage of the weaker tackle / weaker tight end side in three ways:

1. Pulling both to block the looper (edge rusher).

2. Pulling both to create a vacuum that the stronger side of the offensive line can push the defense in to.

3. Creating a gap for the tailback to run through.

When I use the word 'pulling' I mean the players run backwards.

Pulling the weak side tackle and tight end is my #3 line blocking scheme. My play shorthand is P3 (Pro set), or I3 (I formation), or S3 (Single back), or T3 (T formation) or U3 (Upback formation). The faster the defense the more likely these three plays will work.

Enjoy the Journey T43 🏈♾️


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Here are three video clips that illustrate: 1. Pulling a weak tackle and weak tight end to block a very, very aggressive looper; 2. Pulling a weak tackle and weak tight end to create a vacuum; and 3. Pulling a weak tackle and weak tight end to create a gap.


In the first clip the OLB is coming in so fast he almost catches the ball carrier from behind. 

Enjoy the Journey T43 🏈♾️

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