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2020 Long Island EFL Week#4 Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3) vs Cincinnati Bengals (1-2)

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Paul Brown Stadium

Football Stadium
Paul Brown Stadium is the home venue of the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League and it opened on August 19, 2000. Named after the Bengals' founder Paul Brown, the stadium is located on approximately 22 acres of land and has a listed seating capacity of 65,515. Paul Brown Stadium is nicknamed "The Jungle," an allusion to not only the namesake Bengal tiger's natural habitat but also the Guns N' Roses song "Welcome to the Jungle" which is the unofficial anthem for the team.
September 13, 2020. Cincinnati, Ohio. THE COUNTDOWN:
"The Long Island Electric Football League Cincinnati Bengals (1-2) have had their ups and downs. They play great against the great teams, and then in the small games, they have been criticized to drop off and lose a few in a row. They need consistency. They made some great additions from the 2019 draft in Ocho-Cinco, but they need to draft at linebacker. They have by far, one of the best defensive tackles in the league in Brian Blados. Blados is schooling rookie,Trey Hopkins at the opposite defensive tackle position," said Slawson's Corner Analyst, Andrew Slawson.  
The most colorful coaching character of the LIEFL is by far, Bengals Coach, Johnny Freeport-Chucker LaFramboise. He is loud, trash-talks everyone, stands 6-4" like Brannigan, and he wears a man-bun with a goatee.  He is the perfect fit for the league! Today, he guaranteed a victory after his unbeaten Baltimore Ravens were beaten by Coach Eddie Viggs Washington Football Team this week. Chucker said, "I am so tired of hearing about how good all these coaches are.  I lost a game, but the big games are the one's I win! It's getting exciting now because we are heading into Week#5, and that is when I am at my best, when I am under pressure. I admit the Bengals need work.  My only goal for them is to compete to get into the playoffs because anything can happen in those games. You have seen some UPSETS in the league here, at I am usually at the core of the upsets! Now, I am working on getting a few All-Pro's out of this team. They deserve the recognition. Don't forget we beat the Chargers in Week#1, anything can happen!"
The Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3) have been awful. Rookie Coach, Levi Vick will get some top drafts picks in 2021, and maybe the franchise will be turned around. They are a long way from winning any playoff games. The Jaguars have been involved in two overtime games, one against Indianapolis, which they lost in the home opener 20-14, and they lost to the Miami Dolphins 16-10 in overtime in Week#3. Andrew Slawson said, "It's not the losing that is alarming. It's the production. The Jags have a nice running back in Freddy Taylor, but Taylor in three games has 17 carries and thirteen yards, and he has a total all-purpose yards of 347 yards, with one touchdown. Vick inherited a guy who has been a top five back in the league for a few years. Something's got to give. The past coach would never have let this happen. It's an embarrassment." Vick has not yet read these critical comments, but the Jags are on the verge of losing their fourth straight and we can say with certainty, the Chucker will have no mercy on the Jaguars or Vick.
THE PLAY-BY-PLAY: Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2)
The Bengals started the game with a 37-yard kickoff by Chad Ocho-Cinco Johnson who was hit hard by star tackle for the Jaguars, Rob Meier. Meier will have his hands full with All-Pro Brian Blados today and the two will go at it like a war. In his first four runs Icky Woods ran for 13-yards total and on third down rookie quarterback Joe Burrow threw an explosive 60-yard touchdown pass, lighting up the scoreboard to Bengals receiver Ocho-Cinco to give Cincinnati the lead 7-0, with 7:22 with left to go and a half! Ocho torched the sideline on that play!
After a 44-yard kick return by Fred Taylor, who had his biggest run of the year, a 21-yard first down, the Jaguars brought the ball to the Cincinnati 35-yard-line. The Bengals defense really came out growling as they delivered a loss of 18-yards to Taylor, forcing a third down situation. On third down Jacksonville quarterback Mark Brunell threw a rocket to rookie Connor Slomka, who flew 53-yards into the end-zone for an electrifying touchdown to tie the score 7-7, with 1:03 remaining in the half!
Ocho returned it 50 yards to midfield for Cincinnati to end the first half! This is turning into quite a game. The Jaguars are not a quitting team! Coach Levi Vick was beyond focused, even talking to his guys, moving personnel around to meet the offensive adjustments of the Bengals. Burrow handed off to Woods again and this time Woods lost seven of the nine yards that he had gained on the last play, pushing the Bengals back to fourth down with seven yards to go for the first. Levi Vick doesn't even know the comments that the Chucker, or Slawson made prior to the game. Sometimes that doesn't seem fair. He could have used that as a motivator to really re-think his game plan with those comments made before the game about his coaching.  He's playing his heart out to try to secure a victory on the road, which in this league is a double challenge.
The Jaguars seem to be having their biggest issues on offense not defense. On the next play Burrow threw an amazing pass in the center of the field which was caught by Bengals receiver Chris Collinsworth who ran an exciting 47-yard touchdown into the end-zone, giving Cincinnati the lead 14-7, with 10:21 left to go in the game. Beautiful play by the Chucker!
Jacksonville's Fred Taylor took back a scorching 74-yard run to the Bengal 26-yard line! Great setup as he helps himself along the way. Coach Vick said to Chucker, "Sometimes you got to do things for yourself if yopu want it done right." Chucker responded, "It is not going to help your team bro, (0-3) and looking like (0-4)!" No comments were made after those words. Mark Brunell threwa quick dart to receiver Allan Hurns  for a gorgeous touchdown from 12-yards away to tie the game at 14-14, with 5:30 left to go in the game!
One more shot at a big play for Ocho-Cinco as Ocho he returned the kick for 41-yards. Their is stioll work to do for the Bengals as they attempt to run out the clock. Icky Woods had a 5-yard run, then he burst free for an amazing 43-yard run to the Jacksonville 13-yard line with 1:06 left to go in the game. The Jaguars fate was sealed! On the last play of the game the Bengals kicked a 13 yard field-goal to win the game 17-14!
The Cincinnati Bengals (2-2) played an excellent game. There will be controversy after the criticism of the rookie coach, but he will survive. Vick is (3-12). The Bengals are home against the New York Football Giants (2-1) in Week#5!  What a game that will be. Chad Ocho-Cinco Johnson totaled 188 yards today with an amazing 60-yard touchdown, and Icky Woods rushed for 70 yards on 8 carries. Jacksonville (0-4) play the Cleveland Browns next week. Levi Vick said, "I am no quitter. I will have this team ready again next week. Every week is a war in this league. I love it! Win or Lose, I am here to play, learn, and improve." The Chucker said, "I have a few more games to win with this
team and we are beating the Giants next week."






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5 hours ago, Long island EFL said:

LOL! We appreciate you!  UNITED IN THE GAME 4EVA!!!

I tell you what, Bro, if I’m ever fortunate to find myself in Long Island, I swear I’m gonna bring a team or two and and let you guys put me thru a clinic so I can learn the game from some of the best dudes in the sport!

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3 hours ago, WeeVikes said:

I tell you what, Bro, if I’m ever fortunate to find myself in Long Island, I swear I’m gonna bring a team or two and and let you guys put me thru a clinic so I can learn the game from some of the best dudes in the sport!


That's nice of you to say my brother we will play anybody and there are a lot of great passionate Electric football coaches like yourself who enjoy competition on Long Island we're always looking for the best competition. By no  means do we think we're better than anybody else we just have a great group of people that love the hobby I'm sure you can school us too we only have one guy who thinks he's better than everybody LOL the Freeport chucker we call him

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