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Weighting bases

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Hi Daryl,

4 hours ago, Daryl Collins said:

weight requirements

If you are playing solitaire, then you set the minimum and maximum weight. In my solitaire league the minimum weight requirement is 5 grams. In competitive play like the Tournament of Champions the maximum is about 4 grams.

This is a Weighting 101 video. 


Adding weight to a base starts at about the 5 minute mark.

4 hours ago, Daryl Collins said:

What scale to buy,

I have the AWS scales. ⚖️ Same one as in the video. I've found my scale to be very consistent. It's so sensitive that I have to be careful not breath on it. 👃

Enjoy the Journey T43 🏈♾️

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Hi Daryl. I gave you the orthodox methods of adding weight. Adding weight is one of my favorite subjects and — of course —  I'm anything but orthodox.

I bring all my players up to at least 5 grams because — 5 grams is like breaking the sound barrier — the weight enables all kinds of bases to compete equally. I do this by adding a #6 screw, a #6 washer, and a #6 nut. Here's the video.



My players are over regulation weight (4 grams) so I can't compete in most leagues. However, NO DAVE has a league that allows added weight but I probably can't compete in that league because the screw and nut protrude above the player platform. When passing with a Triple-Threat QB, the screw and nut give my receivers added surface area to complete passes. I use dice for passing so once again I'm unorthodox.

Enjoy the Journey T43 🏈♾️

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