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Iron Horse 3rd Quarter Highlights

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This is quoted from a post written over a year ago.

My tackle rule use to be that a ball carrier is tackled when a defensive player touches the ball carrier. I used this rule even though I knew that most College, or NFL, or even High School running backs are rarely stopped by first contact. So, in fact I was playing touch football 🙂 and pretending it is tackle football. 

Now I use a 'Stop Forward Progress' rule. Touching front, back, or sides is not enough. A long duration touch doesn't constitute a tackle. Multiple simultaneous touches do not constitute a tackle. The defender(s) must stop the ball carrier's forward progress. I define Stopping Forward Progress as causing the ball carrier to run parallel to the Line to Gain, or backwards away from the Line to Gain.

In my experience this really opens up the running game because:

1. Loopers may change the ball carrier's direction but they rarely stop forward progress;

2. A strong running back will push defenders out of the way much like a Derek Henry or Bo Jackson;

3. On a Tudor 620 field, the 3 — 4 defense is susceptible to the easy 7 to 8 yard gain on every down because a ball carrier's base is four yards long and it's easy to get to the second level (linebackers); and,

4. On a Tudor 620 field a two-deep safety defense must move right up to the line of scrimmage which opens up the long pass.

Drop back passing: When I'm playing a game, my QB usually starts out under center and is fading back to handoff, pass, or run. So, in effect the QB is running away from the line to gain, or backwards. As long as the QB is moving backwards then I consider a touch by a defensive player to count as a QB sac. The moment the QB starts running toward the line to gain, then the defensive player must Stop the QB's Forward Progress.

Sweeps: Forcing the defense to Stop Forward Progress really improves sweeps, Jet sweeps, and end arounds, because the ball carrier can slide around defensive players. A tight end only has to be a tiny bit stronger than a defensive player to set the edge.

Kick Offs and Punt Returns: I think you can foresee how Stopping Forward Progress improves Kick offs and Punt Returns. You'll never take a touchback again. 😃

You've spent hours getting those running backs tweaked for power, speed, and straightness, so let them horses run! 😁

T43 🏈♾️

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Hi Daryl. In my experience a normal NFL Kickoff formation will result in a touchdown almost every time if you use Stop Forward Progress tackling. The defenders are spread so thin a successful solo tackle rarely happens.

So, I line up my Kick Return wedge at the Receiving 10 yard line and the defenders at the Receiving team 20 yard line. This enables the defenders to gang tackle the kick returner. Gang tackling is a fundamental part of Stop Forward Progress tackling.

My kick returners return every kick off and they always start at the goal line. I always use two kick returners and I alternate one kick returner and then the other. This is my way of adding a bit of surprise to the kick off.

In Touch Tackling there's always the question, 'Did the bases touch?' In Stop Forward Progress Tackling the question becomes, 'Did the impact stop forward progress?'

In my most recent game I posted a video that I called a Touchdown when I first saw it, but upon further review (and slow motion) I noticed the ball carrier (Suncats #25) had voluntarily stopped forward progress. In my rule book that's a tackle, but #25 wasn't touched by a defender. So, that's something to think about.

Cardinals and the Saints! That's exciting. It's gotta be like Christmas at your house.

Enjoy the Journey T43 🏈♾️

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Again, thanks for the patience and the information! Yes! It is! And the commissioner has moved up the schedule of taking ownership from my birthday in July to Father’s Day. I like this model for the kickoffs. I used to use dice and a chart, but I feel this is more exciting! Onside kicks notwithstanding, I will be using this formation in the foreseeable future. I may figure out some method of onside kicks.

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There's a post called: Alternate Idea for Kickoffs

In that thread you will see a video by Blue32 that demonstrates how to do an onside kick with Stop Forward Progress tackling.

In my rules the player recovering the onside kick can't advance the ball.

We should declare Father's Day to be National Electric Football New Field Day!

Enjoy the Journey. T43. 🏈♾️

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