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2020 Long Island EFL Week#1 Los Angeles Chargers vs. Cincinnati Bengals

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Facing the 2018 AFC Champion LIEFL #14-Ranked Los Angeles Chargers (73-69), is going to be a tremendous challenge in the Long Island Electric Football League. The Chargers fell just shy of another AFC Championship game after losing to the Buffalo Bills in the 2019 AFC Divisional Championship Game 49-48 in a controversial clock issue. The Chargers finished the season (6-2). The LIEFL #26 -Ranked Cincinnati Bengals (51-80), are as exciting as the Chargers, the difference being coaching, but Rookie Coach Johnny "The Chucker" Lafromboise, who took over the Bengals three years ago, has produced. He is one cocky 32 year-old. His Bengals play as cocky, with a chip on their shoulder too! 
In an interesting historic side story if you like reading our articles. Cincinnati was involved in our longest game in LIEFL history, and our only playoff game that ended in a tie and replayed in 1978-79 against the Denver Broncos, 7-7 in triple OT.  The game was too late at night for us to finish and we decided to allow both teams to play the other AFC teams in the playoffs, and the Bengals beat Cleveland 23-21, and Denver beat New England 27-21, and the two met for a second time in the playoffs with Denver beating Cincinnati 35-14, to advance to the AFC Championship Game that season, eventually losing to Miami, 21-17.  The Bengals won the division in 2017, only to be silenced by the LIEFL Super Bowl XIII Champion Buffalo Bills, 42-28, in the AFC Wild Card Game. For Los Angeles, LaDanian Tomlinson has been one of the best offensive players in the AFC, and his play-making skills make his a very dangerous threat running the ball the past two seasons.
On the kickoff Cincinnati's rising star, Chad Ocho-Cinco Johnson had a sweet 85-yard return in the middle of traffic as he ran out at the 15-yard line of the Los Angeles Chargers. The Bengals turned the ball over to fullback "Ickey" Woods at the 15, and Woods was dragged back 5 yards Chargers All-Pro defensive end, Ernie Ladd. Cincinnati wasted no time airing it our, but they picked an unsuspected Archie Griffin to do the blue collar work, blocking for Woods.  Griffin, who hasn't seen the ball in some time caught a pass in the flats from Joe Burrow, the former LSU star, for a 22-yard touchdown to put the Bengles ahead 7-0! Coach Lafromboise had a smile that you read about, guaranteeing a win over the Chargers. 
It is tough to win on the road in the league as the home team gets the ball first and we flip sides at the half. The Chargers running back LaDanian Tomlinson returned the ball on the ensuing kick-off Tomlinson for 40 yard, and on the first play from scrimmage Tomlinson burst the the Los Angeles line for a 21-yard pick up to the Bengals 39 yard-line, first down Chargers. Tomlinson drove the ball again behind that huge All-Pro front line led by Ernie Ladd, Earl Faison, and Russ Washington, taking the Chargers to the Cincinnati 15-yard line for a first down! On first down, the Charger front three swept right as Tomlinson takes in the touchdown from 15 yards out, 7- 7 game.
Cincinnati started from their own 24 yard line on a bad kickoff return by Ocho-Cinco. And on an amazing play Kellen Winslow tackled Woods in the back field on second down for a loss of five, forcing a third-down play for The Bengals. There was no stopping Cincinnati on this drive as wide receiver Chris Collinsworth grabbed a pass from Burrow for a huge 30-yard pickup and a first down for the Bengals offense.
The Chargers defensive line storm through on two straight downs to stop Woods after that first down from Collinsworth. On third down Ocho-Cinco  found an opening and took the ball down field 75 yards into the end zone for a dramatic Cincinnati score. The Bengals had every reason to walk with a strut, with their heads up for sure as they shocked the Chargers with 7:24 remaining in the game.
On the next kickoff, Tomlinson took the ball back 39 yards and was met by hard-hitting Archie Griffin at the 39-yard line. What a game!
The Chargers are on the road with their backs against the wall with 5:55 left to go in the game from their own 39-yard line and Cincinnati has the momentum trying to work that defensive line to slow the clock down so that this game does not go into overtime
With 2:05 left to go in the game the Chargers moved the ball slowly up-field to their own 49-yard line on first.
Finally, with 8 seconds left to go in the game the Chargers find themselves in the end-zone on an amazing breakaway catch from Phillip Rivers to  Kellen Winslow SR., who escaped for an open field touchdown to tie the game 14-14, sending the game into overtime with the Bengals winning the coin toss!
On the overtime kickoff Bengals star, Ickey Woods was met by four Chargers and hit hard at the Bengal 36 yard-line. On first down in overtime Burrow hit Chris Collinsworth, who strikes again with a 36-yard pass play bringing the ball to the Chargers 39-yard line. Cincinnati's Burrow found a soft spot in the Los Angeles secondary going to Collinsworth again, making his third catch of the game at the Charger 25-yard line. The Bengals continued air it out with Joe Burrow, the star rookie quarterback.  Could this be something special in the makings for the Cincinnati Bengals? In this league anything can happen, but the fact that they're at this point in the game in overtime with one of the better teams in the league is a huge statement by the Bengals as they competed and played a bigger than life with Collinsworth catching his fourth pass and deciding the game at 7:03 in Overtime, giving the Bengals an enormous lift in Week #1 against the playoff contender Los Angeles Chargers with the game-winning touchdown making the final score, 20-14!
Cincinnati might be the only team other than Los Angeles Rams with a quadruple threat. Collinsworth ended the day with four catches and 106 yards with the game wining score, and Chad Ocho-Cinco Johnson gave the Bengals a boost with two kick-returns for 109 yards, and one catch for a 75 yard TD! For Los Angeles, Tomlinson finished 8-149-1 touchdown on the day.
The Cincinnati Bengals head to the Cleveland Browns (0-1) in another bitter rivalry in Week #2 LIEFL action, and the Los Angeles Chargers head back west to face the Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) in a divisional match-up.


bengals 1.jpg

bengals 2.jpg

chargers 1.jpg




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These are particularly beautiful renditions.  I really like your style...very clean and simple using the Fab Five figures.  Very similar to my approach.  It looks to me like most of your teams are all-time players for their particular teams?  How many players per team?

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That's really nice of you to say thank you so much. it's too much work when you're doing professional decals on your team's I felt to change the players every year so what I did was we tried to pick our all-time best players and sometimes when we get tired of those I just use the current number and player to match that position or person. I only put 11 men on a team it's an 8-man league so we put our best players on the field and we hold a draft every year. It's so nice that other people are interested in our leagues and if you visit the page if that's something that interest you you will see how many years and all the records we have dedicated to our league. We think it's special.there's a long list of things that we do to make sure everybody needs the requirements in our league has only 11 players per team using the 67 big men. We finished with all 32 teams painting them of ourselves and decaling them ourselves to replicate the NFL look. I'd love to see your stuff I will check out your page

My name is Bill O'Connell it's nice to meet you

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