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Follow the Law and the 🏈 to great Electric Football

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Inside TOEPRO Football 

Laws, in football at its center, are required to be followed. 

Most of us follow the law without really knowing the statutes, ordinances or even the text in paragraphs pertaining to your actions.  Football is no different so electric football should have that same amount of understanding. 

Rules in EF support fair gameplay and there is a basis in law for it that, for the first time, you may have been violating.

We at TOEPRO Football got it covered. 

The center cannot be adjusted because at the snap, it is SNAPPING THE 🏈.  Its long axis is perpendicular to the line because that’s how the 🏈 is required to be AT THE SNAP.

The snap receiver (real or simulated), initially moves away from the line of scrimmage because THAT’S WHAT THE 🏈 DOES.  The at the snap runner on a RUN play (other than the snap receiver) must be generally behind the center/snap receiver because the play starts with 🏈 in that vertical positioning following the snap.


The neutral zone is on the offensive side of the line because the 🏈’s forward point is at the spot. 

On defense, we follow the 🏈 also.  After a pause in the down, the unblocked defense reacts gaining ground (via adjustments) to ALL changes in ball conditions because:
1. Following the snap a different player has the 🏈 
2. After the action, the 🏈 is: 
•in another player’s hands, 
•location and/or 
•play has changed. 

It really is THAT easy. 

So to follow football law in EF without reading every word of the NFL Rules or TOEPRO Football rules for that matter, just play it following the real or simulated 🏈

From my days as a kid I offer you this. 

Kit Kinchen
Commissioner, TOEPRO Football


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