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Bob Davis

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Just got done with the most exciting game of the young season.  

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles 

This was a division match-up and the first game of the season for both these teams. The Redskins get the ball to start the game. After successful runs by RB's John Riggins and Clarence Harmon the Eagles defense stuffs Harmon for a 5 yard loss. Then QB Joe Theismann is sacked on 2nd and 3rd down bringing up a 4th and 29 and a Redskins punt. The Eagles are successful running the ball with RBs Larry Giamona and Wilbert Montgomery but are eventually stopped on 4th down turning the ball over to the Redskins. Again, the Eagle defense is able to sack Theismann on 2nd and 3rd down bringing up another 4th and long, and another Redskins punt. With only two plays remaining until halftime, QB Ron Jaworski completes a pass to RB Louie Giamona for 32 yards setting up Nick Mike-Myer's 48 yard field goal to end the half. Eagles 3 Redskins 0. The Eagles get the ball to start the second half and the Redskins stuff the Eagle running game on first and second down. Jaworski is sacked on 3rd down by LB Lavar Arrington forcing an Eagles punt. The Redskins go on a 10 play drive, all runs. The Redskins face a 4th and goal at the Eagle 4 yard line. Mark Mosely trots out to attempt a 19 yard chip shot field goal. During last year's game between these two teams, Mosely missed an extra point that turned out to be the difference maker in the Redskins loss. Mosely however handles the pressure and boots home the tying field goal. The Eagles now only have 3 plays left in regulation to try and win the game. After a 4 yard scramble and an incomplete pass, the Eagles are still 3 yards out of field goal range. Jaworski then completes a check down pass to Montgomery that yields 5 yards. Meyer comes out to attempt the game winner of 58 yards. The kick is wide to the left and the game goes into OT. The Eagles win the coin toss and will get the ball first. My OT rules are simple: Whichever team is leading after the extra quarter (8 plays) wins. If the teams are tied at the end of the quarter, the game is declared a tie. In the playoffs, another quarter would be played to decide the winner. Still tied, then another and so on. Giamona gets a good return to the 37 yard line. Giamona follows up the KO return with a 31 yard run from scrimmage. From there the Skins defense prevents a first down and the Eagles attempt the go ahead field goal. Meyers 41 yard attempt is good, and the Eagles take a 6-3 lead with 4 plays left in the OT period. WR Danny Buggs is only able to return the KO to the 12 yard line. Theismann fades back and has plenty of time to survey the field. He heaves it 50 yards in the air toward WR Art Monk who has managed to streak passed the Eagle's free safeties. Monk hauls in the bomb and proceeds to the endzone for the go ahead score.  A successful extra point gives the Redskins a 10-6 lead with 3 plays remaining in the OT period. Giamona returns the ball to the 41 yard line. After an incomplete pass, Jaworski completes to Giamona on a wheel route. Giamona manages to go 58 yards to the 1 yard line of Washington. So this is it. One play, one yard. Jaws hands off to Giamona and he barely breaks the plane as time runs out giving the Eagles a hard earned victory. I actually needed to measure to determine where exactly "the plane" is on the goal line as I wasn't sure what part of the goal line represented the plane. It turns out that each yard is a quarter of an inch on my board.  So, I determined that the plane is at the beginning of the goal line which is what Giamona's base was able to barely get past. Wow, what a game! I love electric football!

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