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2019 L.S U. Tigers vs 2001 Miami Hurricanes Electric Football Game

Electric Baller

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I decided to play a just-for-fun non-recorded rematch game between LSU and Miami and it is tied 7-7 at the end of the 1st quarter. LSU scored a long touchdown run with Clyde Edwards- Helaire on the first play of the game. Then Miami's offense had a three-and- out after Ken Dorsey was sacked on third down. Miami punted and on the ensuing possession, Miami sacked Joe Burrow 3 times in a row to force a 4th down and 33 and LSU punted. Andre Johnson returned the punt all the way to the LSU 6 yard line to set up 1st and goal. After back to back negative plays, facing a third and goal from the LSU 11 yard line, Ken Dorsey found Jeremy Shockey for a touchdown pass and Miami scored and made the extra point which tied it up at 7. 7-7 end of first quarter. Will update later today.


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Great work man 🙂 That Miami team looking very dominant. Think my prediction of LSU winning by 7 was a bit foolish 😂

You got any more college football plans or games coming up soon?

Whos your favorite college team?

I wanna start playing EF again but been so busy and tired just haven't found the motivation to play on my board. But seeing posts like yours and the effort you put in kinda makes me wanna go home after work and switch on my board! Liking the custom paint jobs on your figures you can tell straight away thats LSU and Miami, really nice colours

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Thank you so much! My favorite college team is the Florida Gators and my favorite NFL team is the Miami Dolphins. I am planning on doing some more NFL solitaire games and Electric Football Videos on my YouTube channel. I had a great time with the 2019 LSU and 2001 Miami game. The one I did on Monday night was a low scoring but good game as Miami won 17-10 and then in the rematch Miami won 35-17. Let me know what Electric Football stuff you want to see on my channel. Thank you so much fir the support. Here is the link to my Electric Football YouTube channel:https://youtube.com/channel/UCTzsBq2jtuKCXVZk_uXGY_w

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Gators are a team I do like to watch, they were the first team I watched when I got very interested in College football. Love their uniforms and are definitely a team I want to paint and have in my collection. I don't fully support a college team myself but I like watching the games from the SEC and my preference of what teams to watch are probably Gators, Alabama and Auburn. I also like watching Wake Forest mainly because I like their uniforms 😂


But if I had to choose I would say Notre Dame only because of my Irish heritage and them being the Fighting Irish it makes sense to follow them. Sadly I got really invested in college football near the end of the season so will be nice to follow from the beginning when the new season comes back around 


Subscribed to the channel, looking forward to your future content 🙂 

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I did another LSU Miami game and Miami won 49-7. Today I did 4th one and it is very interesting. It is Miami 31 LSU 21 at the end of the 3rd quarter after Miami's Jonathan Vilma picked off Joe Burrow and took it to the house for a pick six. This has been a very interesting back and forth game. I will update you guys after the fourth quarter and give you a recap of the game. Let me know who you think will come out on top.

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Game 4: 


                LSU. MIAMI 

Q1. 7. 7

Q2. 7. 3  

Q3. 7. 21

Q4. 8 14


Clyde Edwards-Helaire: 1 TD

Clinton Portis: 2 TD

Miami Defense: 7 Sacks, 1 INT

LSU Defense: 2 sacks

Joe Burrow: 4 TD Passes, 1 INT (returned for a touchdown)

Thaddeus Moss: 1 TD Reception, 2 point conversion

Terrace Marshall, Junior: 2 TD Receptions 

Ken Dorsey: 3 TD Passes

Andre Johnson: 1 TD Reception 

Jeremy Shockey: 2 TD receptions 

Ja'Marr Chase: 1 TD Reception 


Game 4 Recap: Miami goes 3 and out to start the game and LSU scores a rushing touchdown by Clyde Edwards- Helaire on the next drive. Miami answers back with a rushing touchdown by Clinton Portis and ties it up at 7-7. Rest of 1st quarter plays out and ends at 7-7. 2nd Quarter: Miami drives it down the field to the LSU 4 yard line including a long catch by Andre Johnson. LSU Defense holds and Miamu settles for a field goal. Joe Burrow helps LSU drive it down the field with the LSU passing attack on the next possession and finishes with a touchdown pass to Tight end Thaddeus Moss. LSU leads 14-10 at halftime. 3rd quarter: LSU opens up with a 3 and out and on the next possession Miami scores a rushing touchdown with Clinton Portis to make it 17-14 Miami. On the next possession Joe Burrow finds Terrace Marshall, Junior for a long touchdown pass and LSU retakes the lead 21-17. Miami answers back on a third down play where Ken Dorsey connects with Andre Johnson who was going up one on one against LSU Safety Grant Delpit for a long touchdown. 24-21 Miami. Then, on the next drive Joe Burrow throws an interception in Miami territory to Miami Linebacker Jonathan Vilma and he returns it all the way back for a Miami touchdown. LSU runs it down to the end of the 3rd quarter. Miami 31, LSU 21 end of 3rd quarter. 4th quarter: LSU starts the 4th quarter with big runs by Clyde Edwards-Helaire and they run the football all the way down deep into Miami territory. Then, on 2nd and 14 from the Miami 23 yard line, Joe Burrow threw a great touchdown pass in the endzone to Terrace Marshall, Junior for an LSU touchdown and they made the extra point and made it 31-28. On the next possession, Ken Dorsey completes a pass to Jeremy Shockey and he runs all the way to the LSU 34 yard line before being tackled from behind by LSU Safety Jacoby Stevens. On a third down and 16 from the LSU 40, Ken Dorsey found Jeremy Shockey for a first down and got it down to the 6. On the next play, Ken Dorsey threw a touchdown pass to Jeremy Shockey and 2001 Miami took a 38-28 lead over 2019 LSU. On a third down for LSU from their own 43 yard line, Joe Burrow was sacked again by the Miami Defense. On the next play, Joe Burrow completed a pass to Ja'Marr Chase for the first down and Chase was tackled at the Miami 30 yard line. On the next play, Joe Burrow found Chase again and he ran down the sideline and scored a touchdown. LSU went for the 2 point conversion and they got it as Thaddeus Moss caught the pass from Joe Burrow to make it a 2 point game. On the next drive, on second and eight for Miami, Ken Dorsey completed a huge pass to Jeremy Shockey and he ran all the way to the endzone and scored for a Miami touchdown and that sealed the game and Miami won 45-36. Final 


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