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How to Create Videos

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Inside TOEPRO Football 

When you break EF down, it should look like football. 

I made EF videos over my return to the hobby and one thing it solidified was TOEPRO Football is football on an Electric Field.

By closely video editing each phase an EF scrimmage, we are more than convinced, it’s undisputed that this looks like what we see on TV. 
Phase 1: SETUP
Phase 2: SNAP/RUN
Phase 3: ACTION

I used the IMovie App on my iPhone check it out. 

Setup: Capture 1-2 seconds of video just before you start the play.  This show the play versus scheme paradigm TOEPRO Football is famous for.

Split transition


Snap/Run: Capture the snap or running phase of the play and mark when the motion generator stops. Add .5 seconds to the cut end of it. 

Dissolve transition .5 seconds 


Action: Capture .5 seconds prior the actual PASS or KICK and .5 seconds following the stoppage of the ball.  Give slow motion of 1/8 speed. 

Split transition


Competition: Capture only the running phase(s) of the play and mark when the motion generator stops.  Add 2 seconds to the last of it.



My friends at Electric Football FAT 8 Conference and MPFL FOOTBALL have done video editing of plays for years and it’s through the editing process we see what football looks like.   Solitaire EF Coaches and Real Coaches using film study who can break down phases of a play know that also.

The question is when you break your EF gameplay video down, delete the Coach adjustments and put it back together, does it look like what you see in football?  If not, try EF gameplay that does. 

From my days as a kid, I offer you this.

Kit Kinchen
Commissioner, TOEPRO Football 
Professional Football on an Electric Field

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