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Inside TOEPRO Football 

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Inside TOEPRO Football 


Seek understanding, then seek to be understood. 


The great thing about playing under TOEPRO Football is we don’t have to debate the rules of football.  They exist on another document (NFL Rulebook).  No one disputes that, so the real issue is how to achieve it on a electric football field?


We kick around things like:

🏈Law of football. 

🏈Fair play doctrine. 

🏈Static vs dynamic equivalency. 

🏈Higher level scenarios.


Let’s break it down. 


🏈The law of football-an EF process that follow natural events in football. 

👉🏾It is four things that if you do it in your EF, you will have the same thing that football has at the snap or kick. 

1️⃣Both teams are onside 

2️⃣The offense is in a legal formation 

3️⃣The defense schemes based on that formation 

4️⃣The offense knows how and where they want to attack

We follow these steps on all downs to create the first time ever articulated reasoning why EF  could be just like football. 


🏈Fair play doctrine-the principles of gameplay procedures, and equipment providing equal opportunity for success as the event progress. 

👉🏾Not just “both teams will have the ball so we give you a chance to unfair” but a close look at rights and privileges during the down. 


🏈Static vs dynamic equivalency-the sequential order of actions providing an appearance of events as if they are real-time.

👉🏾Electric Football is a turn-based, electro-mechanical board game.  We give a sense of what happens while protecting the hierarchy of the processes inherent to the gameplay. 


🏈Higher level scenarios-the toughest of two or more actions leading to follow on actions. 

👉🏾There are many ways to achieve an event (Ex. passing, defensive coverage) in electric football.  We seek the most basic and challenging methods.  Understanding leagues may choose easier practices for beginners until their skill increases, we wanted to apply “the KISS principles” but challenge the best. 


TOEPRO Football is as one leader in the military told me. 

“Understand Corporal, you do it already.  We just put a name on it and let you do what comes natural to you.”  


If you have a basic understanding of football, then you can play TOEPRO Football.  I know this.  If you play it, you will gain a higher understanding of rules/strategy of it.  That’s no doubt. 


From days as a kid, I offer you this.


Kit Kinchen

Commissioner, TOEPRO Football 

Professional Football on an Electric Field 


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