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Wildcard Weekend

Bob Davis

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Wildcard weekend is in the books. Two close games!

NFC Wildcard Game

Minnesota Vikings (1-2) at Oakland Raiders (2-1)

The Vikings make only their second appearence in a playoff game in their history. Their first playoff game was 3 seasons ago ironically against the Raiders in Oakland. The Vikings get the ball to start the game. Their first drive is a three and out as RB Chuck Foreman is stuffed for a 5 yard loss, QB Fran Tarkenton is sacked for a 15 yard loss and then scrambles for 7 yards on third down. After a decent punt return, the Raiders begin there first drive of the game. Mark Van Eaghan last year's MVP rushes for 4 yards on first down, then takes the next carry 53 yards to the 14 yard line of the Vikings. Then the Viking defense gets stout and stuffs the Raider rushing game 3 straight times. K Errol Mann opens the scoring with a 27 yard chip shot field goal. The Vikings next drive starts with another Raider sack of Tarkenton, and ends with a Tarkenton scramble short of getting a first down. Van Eghan returns the punt 38 yards. The Raiders are able to get one first down but the drive stalls. With time running out Mann comes out to attempt a 40 yard field goal. The kick is no good, off to the right and the first half ends. Raiders 3 Vikings 0. Van Eaghan is stuffed for a three yard loss to open the inaugural drive of the second half. Weese scrambles for 11 yards setting up what should be an easy third down conversion, but RB Arthur Wittington is stuffed for a 2 yard loss forcing a Raider punt. WR Sammy White returns the punt 50 yards to the Raider 45 yard line. The Raider defense shuts down the Viking offense yet again as RB Bob Miller is dumped for a 5 yard loss, Tarkenton is sacked for 14 yard loss and then Tarkenton throws an incomplete pass to bring up 4th down. WR Cliff Branch muffs the punt but is able to recover the ball. The Raiders mount an 8 play drive that ultimately ends with two straight incomplete passes by Weese. With the Raiders nursing a 3-0 lead, they decide to punt. The ensuing punt backs up the Vikings deep in their own territory. The Viking offense gets the big play they need as Tarkenton completes to Miller for a gain of 45 yards to the Raider 36 yard line. After two incomplete passes and with time running out, the Vikings bring out K Jan Stenarud to attempt a game tying 51 yard field goal that would send the game into overtime. The kick sails far right and the Raiders sneak away with a win. The Raiders go to New Orleans next week in the divisional round of the playoffs. 

Raiders 3 Vikings 0


AFC Wildcard Game

Cincinatti Bengals (1-2) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)

Bengals RB Charles Lee (Boobie) Clark fumbles the kickoff but is able to recover it. He then proceeds to take the opening kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown. The Veterans Stadium crowd falls silent. After a modest kickoff return, the Eagles go on an epic 13 play drive featuring runs by RB Louie Giamona (6 carries 21 yards) RB Wilbert Montgomery (6 carries 35 yards) and a QB Ron Jaworski completion to WR Wally Henry for 31 yards. Giamona plunched in for the 1 yard TD, and followed it up with a run for the 2 point conversion giving the Eagles an 8-7 lead. Clark takes the ensuing kickoff this time 95 yards to the Eagle 13 yard line. In a stunning turn of fortune, RB Archie Griffin fumbles the ball on the Bengals first play from scrimmage, and it is recovered by Eagles NT Ken Clarke. The big man rumbles 25 yards to the 49 yard line just inside Bengal territory. The Eagles go on another epic drive, this one 7 plays long featuring 6 run plays and a Jaworski to Giamona completion of 28 yards setting up Giamona's second run for a TD. Montgomery muscles into the endzone for the Eagles second 2 point conversion giving the Eagles a 16-7 lead. Clark fumbles the K.O. return but it goes out of bounds. The Bengals take a knee and the first half comes to a close. The Eagles begin their first drive of the second half with three straight runs bringing up a 4th and 3. Coach Vermeil decides to go for it. Jaworski's pass is intercepted by CB Louis Breeden who returns it 17 yards to the Eagle 23 yard line. After a nine yard run by Clark, QB Art Schlichter completes a pass of 14 yards to TE Don Bass for a TD. K Chris Bahr hooks the extra point wide right and the Bengals remain down by 3 at 16-13. The Eagles next drive is yet another epic one, spanning 10 plays, (9 of which were rushing plays) and 3 third down conversions. The key play was a third down Jaworski to Montgomery completion of 28 yards. From there it was a matter of a couple kneel downs and the game was over. The Bengals simply couldn't stop the Eagles running game. The Eagles assend to the divisional round in Baltimore next week seeking to avenge a first week loss to their division rivals.

Eagles 16 Bengals 13






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