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Gothom Board


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I prefer the Gotham fiber board over metal myself. The problem is these haven't been made in a really long time. Fibrous wood can pick up nasty odors over the years. I found out by buying a Gotham board from the 1970s and tossed it in the trash. Saved the players. I'm going to make my own ... fairly large size. Artwork for my own named team ... but what type of paper/vinyl? Still working on that. The old Gotham board paper field glued to the fiber board are either filthy with age by now, discolored or bubbled and scratched. Paper doesn't last.

I would be curious to know if Tudor can purchase the Gotham patents or simply make the particle wood fields if Gotham is gone. 

I think they are quieter than metal. Metal cleans easier. Both vibrate nicely. Wonder if Tudor will recreate the Gotham larger players? Always liked them. I have several teams I'm painting now.

Hope this helped 


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We'll  see ... I'm not the best artist in the world. I'll be painting the Gotham players in a non traditional style along with my tudor players. I have several blank tudor teams I want to paint and add weight to for stability and competition. See how it turns out. Colors will be pretty wild since they are my own made up team names. Not NFL or college. You might not want to see how they turn out. 😊

Do you know if Tudor offers a custom painting service for their new life like figures? They have several incredible pictures on their site. Or maybe they could have the artist paint a custom team for Tudor to mass produce using computerised laser technology? They look incredible.

Looking back on my earlier post I could add besides the Gotham wood fiber board being quieter it also was warmer and softer to the touch. The paper they used however could be stained or scratched. By contrast metal although easy to clean is cold. Also it is possible to bend or crease a field made of metal.

I might drop a suggestion to Tudor that they could manufacture particle board fields too as an option. The fields could unscrew from a metal frame allowing for different team centric designs. This could possibly mean repeat business for Tudor and more teams purchased. It would be a lot of fun.


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