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  1. Hello everyone I just purchased a Gotham and if electric football board came damaged I'm thinking of returning it I was wondering do any of the fields fit over that is a way I could repair it the corners broken and the field kind of came off just curious if anybody knows if it was worth fixing thank you
  2. What size players does Tudor use now I have s 510 board, and a 620, and buying a Gothom board, so what size players would work? I don't like the small ones
  3. Jesse

    Gothom Board

    How good is the Gothom big board
  4. Jesse


    I just purchased a Gothem playing field and a 510 board what size players( scale ) do you all suggest?
  5. Hello I need some help I'm trying to get ahold of the 67 big men teams seems like they're very limited would I be better off going with the team sizes now and painting them into the sixties . I'm only remaking theams of the 60s 26 teams total 16 NFL + 10 AFL thank you in advance for any help
  6. So the teams I have Packers colts sre the 67 big men
  7. I was wondering getting back into electric football, just purchased a 510 1967 model, are the player sizes different now? Meaning are the 67 big men sets the sizes back in the early days the 60s ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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