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Game 3: Warriors @ Gladiators

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The Gladiators erupted for 17 second quarter points, and held on, to defeat the visiting Warriors 17-7, in the season opener for both teams.  The first quarter was marked by good defensive play, and sloppy passing by the Warriors' QB #12, who missed several open receivers.  Meanwhile, the Gladiators began to establish a running attack, based on FB #35, who wound up the game with 85 yards total to lead all rushers.  After the scoreless first quarter, in which the Gladiators' QB #15 was sacked 3 times, the Gladiators put together a drive which featured a 39 yard run by #35, and ended up with a TD pass from #15 to TE #85.  After the Warriors failed to do anything on their next possession, the Gladiators got the ball back, but were also unable to move it.  The Warriors blocked the ensuing punt, but failed to capitalize, missing on a 45 yard FG.  Taking over, the Gladiators once more drove down the field, and scored on a pass from #15 to rookie RB #44.  As the quarter waned, the Gladiators kicked a short FG, giving them a 17-0 halftime lead.

In the second half, the Warriors replaced their starting QB with #8, who, on his first attempt, threw a 71 yard TD pass to WR #82.  Despite this, and despite an improving running attack, the Warriors still were unable to sustain any drives.  In the middle of the fourth quarter, they drove the ball down to the Gladiators' 18 yard line, but, instead of going for a field goal on fourth and ten, opted to go for the first down.  A blitz by WLB #66 forced #12 to throw early, and the pass was incomplete.  From that point, the Gladiators ran time off the clock, punted once again, and stifled the Warriors on their final possession by playing a prevent defense which allowed short completions, but took up too much time.  The Gladiators' DE #92 had one sack in the fourth quarter.  There were no interceptions by either team.

Next up: Lancers @ Wildcats, which will complete the first games for all teams, and complete the inter-league games for this season.


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