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  1. I'm working on it. I have some ideas but will need to play test it over the next couple months. Hopefully with my new Packers & Bears uni-form figures. I suspect it will end up being an off-field expansion that may have bonus power-ups for electric football... things like keeping the fans happy or new stadium packed house might result in bonus 10 yard card being played to improve field position etc. Could also expand to an "adult" version with steroid use, concussions, child support payment lawsuits and violating Covid protocols impacting player effectiveness... I'm sure the NFL and NCAA contractually forbid such things though. 🙂
  2. I'm just returning to this game after a 40 year absence and with the new uni-form figures and NFL/NCAA licensing it just seems odd to me that this game hasn't exploded along with the board game market. Maybe that's just my perception as I know a lot of people who remember playing the game as a kid but they had no idea it still exists. So what would increase the marketability of the game? I was wondering if there has ever been any kind of card game expansion for electronic football. Maybe introducing a card stack with boosts or injuries or contract disputes or shoe contracts or some type of monetary boost to improve odds. Maybe some type of tutorial play book? (Things I think about when editing another boring training video...)
  3. Focus on the big rivalries (teams with a big fanbase and big tailgating gameday experience). ESPN, BTN, ACCN, SEC etc regularly tour around fans tailgating doing unique things in pre-game so it'll be a good chance to get your product on TV (free marketing!) - perhaps something they'd use for commercial in/out breaks.. Teams with big TV ratings and rivalries - Alabama vs Auburn, USC vs Notre Dame, Oklahoma vs Texas etc. I'm in B1G (Big Ten) country so of course Ohio State/Michigan, Purdue/Indiana, Wisconsin/Minnesota, Michigan/Notre Dame would be my early targets.
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