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About This League

This league has ten original teams and is a nine game season with playoffs. I upload games on my youtube channel the GFL.
  1. What's new in this league
  2. The first week is now completed. The rankings are listed below. 1. Manila 1-0 2. New York 1-0 3. Bangkok 1-0 4. New Delhi 0-0 5. Rome 0-1 6. Mexico City 0-1 7. Toronto 0-1
  3. until
    As the new year starts a familiar buzz echoes through the air. Presenting the all new and improved 2022 season. The Ottawa Syrups have now moved into Toronto. The Paris Baguettes have moved to New York. They are now the New York Bagels. The rosters are now improved with all new players and coaches. Let the season begin!
  4. That's so cool I hope you put more pictures up and you're in the 4th game love to read all about it
  5. Great video.
  6. Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that we half way into the season. Then there's playoffs but we're almost there see you in week #4!
  7. I love the field work looks great
  8. As Ottawa trades with Paris acquiring veteran QB Kurt Warner and CB Paul Krause!
  9. Manila Halo halos: 2-0 Mexico City Tacos: 2-1 New Delhi Chapatis: 1-1 Great Britain Teacups: 1-0 Tokyo Sushis 0-2 Ottawa syrups: 1-1 Beijing noodles: 1-0 Paris baguettes 0-2 Thailand Pad thais: 1-1 New York Pizza Pies: 1-1
  10. I am of filipino descent. Nice job. What do the uniforms look like?
  11. For my team the Manila Halo Halos I made some custom end zones. It’s kinda small but it’s just a prototype and the real one is coming
  12. This week one matchup between the Great Britain Teacups and the Tokyo Sushis will be uploaded on my youtube channel. The teacups have star defensive end number 95 Richard Dent. And the sushis with star Offensive lineman number 78 Anthony Munoz. Stay tuned for some Monday night football.
  13. Great Britain teacups: 0-0 New Delhi Chapatis: 1-0 Manila Halo-halos: 1-0 New York Pizza pies: 1-0 Mexico City Tacos: 2-1 Beijing Noodles: 0-1 Thailand Pad Thais: 0-1 Ottawa Syrups: 0-1 Tokyo Sushis: 0-1 Paris Baguettes: 1-0

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