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2019/2020 TOEPRO Rules set 1.0.0

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The TOEPRO Rules & Regulations will be the standard for the Florida Electric Football League with minor adjustments posted on this forum.  OFFICIAL games will be taken place on a Minimum 18-in x 36-in board (Large Tudor Game board).

Additional Rules for Florida Electric Football League

The HOME TEAM will supply the board and the VISITING TEAM will decide which side to play on. 

SEASON:  Each season will be a minimum of 8 games and a maximum of 14.  The exact amount of games to be played will be determined prior to the start of the season.  There will be NO SCRIMMAGE or EXHIBITION GAMES.

PASSING: The passing game may be conducted using any of the established versions of pass play, including the Official Tudor App Passing.

TEAMS:  You may run MULTIPLE teams in a season (including for solitaire games).  However, they must be placed within the same Division.

PLAYOFFS:  The BEST RECORD TEAM of the entire LEAGUE, will receive a BYE and will be placed in the Championship automatically.  The other two Division Champions will play each other to play in the Championship vs the BEST RECORD TEAM. 
Example: The North Division Champion has the best record at 8-2, with Central Division Champion second with 6-4 record and South Division Champion with a 5-5 record.  The North Division Champion will await the results of the Central vs South Playoff to play in the Championship.

FIGURE RULES:  ANY figures may be used as long as they are all painted in the same uniform colors for the team (Dark for Offense & Light for Defense).  Modifications are OK, but they must not be more than 4.0 grams (including base) total per figure and must fit within the combine figure size as noted in Rule 5 Section 4 of the TOEPRO Rule Book.

BASE RULES: We are in the process of deciding the FINAL RULES FOR BASES.  4.0, 3.7, Total Weight per Team OR a NIP Tudor only TTL & Rookie Base set.  (NIP Tudor only TTL & Rookie Base sets will be BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE and distributed among the teams (time to be determined) before the first game of the season.  Those same bases will be used throughout the season on that one team only.  You may trade bases between teams as needed, but at the discretion of the Commissioner of the Florida Electric Football League.
(The NIP Tudor base rules seam to be the most fair for those who don't have the time to spend tweaking bases.)


KICK-OFFS & EXTRA POINTS: Kick-offs are either set to the 25 yard line of receiving team (simulating a Touch-Back), or by use of the Tudor App.  Extra Points & Field Goals may be performed with a TTQB or use of the Tudor App, but must be decided prior to start of the game.  On-side kicks will be determined by a coin-toss (called by receiving team) and will be recovered and set at the 50 yard line.

This space reserved for future revisions to the Rules.




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