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Trailblazers Top Gun EFL of LI League

4585__nba_all-star_game-secondary-2021(4)(4)(1).thumb.jpg.781c00e1cb18ddc863d58d60f2ecfb37.jpgWelcome to the Trailblazers Top Gun EFL of LI League. My name is Levi Vick (Currently a LIEFL Coach) and I will be the Commissioner of this new proposed league. In introducing our proposed league, we are making this a 67-Big Man League, and the hard work remains ahead of us if the league is to succeed. The biggest goal at the moment is to secure the coaches. Then, we have to paint and find a Mini decal maker for our teams that match the customized helmets and uniforms.The Master Paint Series are the same paints that we will use to paint our teams, and we will have a single uniform, not home and away. Below are the helmet designs for the new league as we build.

At the moment 12 teams are proposed, but the challenge is: gaining the existing coaches to play in this league from the LIEFL. At that point those coaches will have to make their own custom team either way. Much more has to go into this in order to make the league a success.

This will be a league with paid dues and a Super Bowl I payout to the winner after we develop rules. The potential is for 20 coaches and we will open with a BEAST OF THE EAST TOURNAMENT.

Tentative Coaches are: Brixton S, Andre B and Bobby Biggs, Rene P, Sayfetton B, Rudy Y, Jessie S, Robby D, Rhett G, Kos C, Jace F, Rayshawn F, Gene Mc, John D, Jimmy F.

San Francisco Gold Diggers       Vancouver Kings                        Alaska Orcas                          El Paso Romans                         Atlanta Bulldogs

Brixton S                                        Sayfetton "SAY" B                          Rudy Y                                    Bobby B                                   Rene P


Oregon Otters                             Los Angeles Zaucz                 Tampa Bay Warriors                 New York City Marauders          Miami Piranhas

Robby D                                           Rhett G                                  Kos                                           Jace                                              Rayshawn


Maine Fire Hawks                    Arizona Dragons

Gene Mc                                   Jimmy F


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