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2020 LONG ISLAND EFL AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Miami Dolphins (7-2) at Los Angeles Chargers (8-1)

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432199865_OURLIEFLOFFICIALLOGO.thumb.png.03c49001fa905e2df70b134f2cd82586.png1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.cd21524b1b7b7573f190d48e2a20a1d2.gif afceast.jpg.d24fde2456bbae314fd4f361a0b9a6d8.jpg MIAMI DOLPHINS (7-2)    853674634_chargerselite.jpg.dfbd66c1a3d26bc5bbe4944dbc22abcb.jpg AFC-West-logo.jpg.a4ee2f0575047c022986be7f238f11a5.jpgLOS ANGELES CHARGERS (8-1)



December 18, 2020. Los Angeles, California. After being caught in the massive snow storm that hit Long Island yesterday, we made a slight change in the schedule. This AFC Championship Game between the AFC East Champion, and defending AFC Champion Miami Dolphins (7-2) and the AFC West Champion Los Angeles Chargers (8-1), is everything great electric football should be! When it comes to championship games, especially to get to the Super Bowl, both of these teams and coaches know what they have to do to win this game. Between Miami Coach Billy O'C and Los Angeles Coach Ed Viggs, they have a combine win record of 782 wins! Watching high-impact, action-packed, fast-paced football makes the game exciting, so this should be nothing less than an electrifying game with two high-powered offensive teams. And when it comes to defense the Miami Dolphins and the Los Angeles Chargers are two mean electric football teams in this league.

Miami running back Mercury Morris is coming off of a 323 yard record setting playoff game performance against the number one seeded Baltimore Ravens. Morris had seven touchdowns in that game, to set a new Long Island Electric Football League AFC Divisional Championship Game record! He tied OJ Simpson's LIEFL-Super Bowl XIII record of seven touchdowns in a postseason playoff game!
Today the Dolphins face a mighty opponent, and last year's AFC Offensive Player of the year and one of the best running backs in the game in LaDainian Tomlinson. Coach BOC said, "My team is here because we love to compete and we will never quit against the Chargers. I've learned one thing about electric football. Never be overconfident because you never know what your opponent is capable of and there are some amazing coaches around the country and to think that the ego allows us to believe that we're the best is a falsehood. The one thing about Coach Viggs is he plays a very smart football game so we have to outsmart him and his team and somehow find a way to slow up Tomlinson."
Miami didn't get here by accident. They opened up with a road victory in New England beating the Patriots 17-10, then they beat Buffalo 17-14, and Jacksonville 16-10 in overtime. The game that startled coach BOC was when Seattle beat the Dolphins at home 14-10 in week four, but now we know those Seahawks are a rising brutal team with an amazing coach and team. The Dolphins lost the following week to another playoff contender in the Jets 20-14 in overtime, and then they beat New England again 17-10, ending the season by beating Buffalo 14-10. The whooping they put on a very good Tennessee Titans team was impressive in the AFC Wild Card Game. That game certainly wasn't as bad as the record setting game against the Ravens that the Dolphins won, 52-46.
In the past three seasons the Dolphins record is (15-11). This season Mercury Morris rushed 51 times for 516 yards with nine touchdowns, and he also had 95 receiving yards during the season with two touchdowns. The Chargers have to contain Morris the same way the Dolphins have to contain Tomlinson in order to stay in the game.
It would be a mistake to ignore who the Los Angeles Chargers are. They are a coaches dream because they seem to have a mind of their own. Simply put, they make big plays when they need to. The Chargers defense and that powerful line that they have consisting of All-Pro's Ernie Ladd, Earl Faison, Russ Washington, and tackle Booker Brown, are intimidating. The battle on the front line will be very interesting because Miami's tackles, AJ Duhe and Manny Fernandez are two very tough customers. This Chargers team is one tough team. They have won 17 games in the last three seasons, losing only four. LaDainian Tomlinson has put up some big numbers in the past two seasons. He has 3419 total yards with 29 touchdowns. He's an offensive machine that Miami and their defensive line needs to figure out very quick. Coach Viggs said, "With the Dolphins we know what we're up against and this should be an awesome game. I always spend a good 45 minutes before a game in a synchronized way focusing without any distractions at all. It'll be very hard for the Miami to beat this team today, because we are angry. Angry and sore about our loss to Buffalo 49-48 in the AFCDCG. Miami seems like the best team to take it out on, but being in the AFC CG two season in a row says something about them and of course, BOC's great coaching. The most important thing for my team is to get into a groove fast and take control of the game."
The Chargers have won seven straight football games the last time that they lost was July 31st, the first game of the season when they were upset by the Cincinnati Bengals in overtime 20-14. The Chargers were a little bit rusty and Tomlinson only had 70 yards rushing in that game, with 79 yards on kick returns. But, the following week LT exploded for 197 yards with three touchdowns against the Chiefs who LA beat 20-14 and overtime, and then he had 113 yards with two touchdowns against the hardcore two time NFC CG finalist Carolina Panthers who the Chargers beat 21-14 in week three. In week four they beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa 20-14, in overtime. The Chargers find ways to win. They played a great game against Buffalo in week five, winning the game 21-17!
And week six, Tomlinson rush for a 103 yards, with two touchdowns against the Raiders who they beat in Las Vegas, 14-10! The final week of the season they beat the Chiefs again for the second time, on the road 14-13!
This team is primed for another LIEFL Super Bowl.

The Dolphins are head back to the Super Bowl for the 11th time in the LIEFL, this time with Billy O'C's best Dolphins after upsetting the Chargers 32-27 in the AFC Championship Game!

1920px-Afc_championship_logo_svg.thumb.png.7b3cdb7e52a7244edbdfe53fc72fd6a1.pngThe AFC championship game kickoff had great excitement in the air as running back LaDanian Tomlinson ran the ball back 60 yards to open the game for the Chargers. On first down he ran for 11 yards and a first down to the Miami 29-yard line. On their second run from scrimmage, Tomlinson ran the ball in 29 yards into the end zone to give the Chargers the lead 8-0 after Tomlinson caught the two yard two-point conversion from Los Angeles quarterback Philip Rivers at 9:47! What a way to open the game!

1658787069_DOLPHINSTD.png.e1fb863dea0bf4ace8ab61ae34b14125.pngDolphins 0

1899455390_CHARGERSTD.png.5878b9b8c13c147404248072cad38ea4.pngChargers 8 at 9:47
The Dolphins came right back but that Chargers defense made a statement that their wouldn't be too much running in the first quarter, and on first down Mercury Morris did run for 18 yards, but Morris was stopped on the next two plays until third down when quarterback Dan Marino connected with Super Mark Duper for a 30-yard touchdown to make the score, 8-6 as the two minute warning sounded off nearing the end of the first quarter. Miami tied the game 8-8 on Duper's two-point conversion play!  Just like that we have a game!

1658787069_DOLPHINSTD.png.e1fb863dea0bf4ace8ab61ae34b14125.pngDolphins 8

1899455390_CHARGERSTD.png.5878b9b8c13c147404248072cad38ea4.pngChargers 8 at 9:47 End of First Quarter
Second quarter action:
play5la.thumb.jpg.32585c54305dd81e1ba8e8cce49e96f6.jpgOn the very first play to start the second quarter Tomlinson and the Chargers fired right back at Miami, exploding for a 32 yard run to the Miami 22-yard line as the great defensive tackle AJ Duhe made the tackle against the relentless Los Angeles front line. The war and the trenches was on! The incredible fight between these two teams brought on electric football spirit like never before as the 2020 LIEFL season winds down! The Dolphins defense is slick, finding a way to stop Tomlinson on two straight runs with Duhe coming up big again, but then on third down Phillips Rivers connected with a wide open LaDanian Tomlinson for a 22-yard touchdown and after the two-point conversion Los Angeles ran the lead up to 16-8 on a catch in the end zone by Chuck Muncie to make the score 16-8, with 8:17 remaining in the half.

1658787069_DOLPHINSTD.png.e1fb863dea0bf4ace8ab61ae34b14125.pngDolphins 8

1899455390_CHARGERSTD.png.5878b9b8c13c147404248072cad38ea4.pngChargers 16 at 8:17
The league has constantly criticized Boc's passing game, but BOC was dead on the money with his Dolphins today after two failed runs by Mercury Morris against the Chargers hardcore defense. On the next play receiver Mark Duper broke free from coverage as Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino connected with Duper for a 62-yard touchdown absolutely electrifying touchdown play! After the two-point conversion caught by Larry Csonka, the score was tied at 16-16, with 1:50 remaining in the half! 
1658787069_DOLPHINSTD.png.e1fb863dea0bf4ace8ab61ae34b14125.pngDolphins 16
1899455390_CHARGERSTD.png.5878b9b8c13c147404248072cad38ea4.pngChargers 16 at 1:50
After the Chargers called both of their timeouts, they had to settle for a field goal to make the score 19-16, and Miami called the time out with one second remaining in the half. Duper ran the ball back 47 yards, and both teams have a lot to think about at the half!
1658787069_DOLPHINSTD.png.e1fb863dea0bf4ace8ab61ae34b14125.pngDolphins 16
1899455390_CHARGERSTD.png.5878b9b8c13c147404248072cad38ea4.pngChargers 19 End of First Half
play6mia.thumb.jpg.d9548fd1b747ea8ad9c9babfb3428efc.jpgFor every action there has been a reaction to Miami's offense by the Chargers and the same from the elite Miami defense who only let up 88 points this season. The Los Angeles defense has been relentless as they hold Mercury Morris at Bay with only 18 yards rushing in the first half of football. To start the second half Chargers All-Pro lineman Earl Faison dropped Morris hard for a two-yard loss. On an electrifying run Mercury Morris blazed around the left side of scrimmage and into the end zone for a 49-yard touchdown to give Miami the lead 24-19 after the two-point conversion!
1658787069_DOLPHINSTD.png.e1fb863dea0bf4ace8ab61ae34b14125.pngDolphins 24
1899455390_CHARGERSTD.png.5878b9b8c13c147404248072cad38ea4.pngChargers 19 at 8:17 
This game has been exactly as expected, a clock killer. The Chargers decided to give the ball back to Tomlinson on the kick returns and he returned the kick 38 yards. On first down, it was Miami's AJ Duhe again who came up with a spectacular tackle, his third of the game, to bring up a second down at the Chargers 43-yard line with 6 yards to go for the first down at 5:27 remaining in the third quarter! The next play for the Chargers put s lot of pressure on the offense. On a very intense third down play Phillips Rivers was a second from being sacked when he launched a pass to Tomlinson for the first down at the 49-yard line of Miami with the two minute warning sounding off! That was a great play under extreme pressure by Coach Viggs and the Chargers. Really, what a professional play!
On the next run for Los Angeles Tomlinson exploded for a six yard pickup to the Miami 42 yard line as the third quarter came to an close!
1658787069_DOLPHINSTD.png.e1fb863dea0bf4ace8ab61ae34b14125.pngDolphins 24
1899455390_CHARGERSTD.png.5878b9b8c13c147404248072cad38ea4.pngChargers 19 
End of third quarter
Fourth quarter action
lac44art.thumb.png.14d8e8110e568e837cf6bd8a3c57e763.pngOn first down Tomlinson was stuffed by defensive tackle AJ Duhe for the fourth time in the game for a nine yard loss delivered to Tomlinson and the Chargers offense! Duhe and Fernandez are so tough. Wow! The Dolphins defense is relentless! Csonka came up huge, making another big hit on Tomlinson at the 28-yard line, still 8 yards short of a first down, with third down coming up as the intensity grows with 11:23 remaining in the game. The next play is a key play for the Chargers. On an absolutely spectacular play, one of the toughest plays to make that we've seen this year, Coach Viggs threw a dart to Chuck Muncie for the 28-yard touchdown in the end zone (See Photo from the point the ball was thrown)! That was an absolutely amazing play! The play of the game! The Chargers and Coach Viggs shows off his professional passing skills under a great pressure with Los Angeles in the lead 25-24 at 8:58! Los Angeles is going to go for two points and they make it on a catch from Lance Alsworth from Phillips Rivers, making the score 27-24, LA in the lead!
1658787069_DOLPHINSTD.png.e1fb863dea0bf4ace8ab61ae34b14125.pngDolphins 24
1899455390_CHARGERSTD.png.5878b9b8c13c147404248072cad38ea4.pngChargers 27 at 7:01 
What showmanship in this game!
On the next set of downs, Dolphins running back Mercury Morris followed Brian Cox around the right side after nearly being tackled at the 50-yard line and Morris turned it into a 25-yard run with Chargers Louie Kelcher saving the day on a huge hit!  It's absolutely incredible as the game gets brought to life in the magic of the coaches who play electric football! Wow!
This may not be the Super bowl but with 3:01 left to go in the game in this nail biter, it has been sensational to watch and the sportsmanship and showmanship of these two incredible coaches. Miami went on the attack! On first down the Chargers defense turned to Morris around for a loss of nine yards as the two minute warning sounded at 1:52!
For Miami, they need to kill the clock and drown the Chargers by leaving them with no timeouts, and forcing them to call timeout. That would be the best strategy for BOC. For Coach Viggs, he's in a position where he still has two timeouts left, but he doesn't want to be forced to have to score a touchdown to win the game with such little time left against a great Miami defense. With the fast setups, it's hard to in very stressful situations on the field, and after a failed run on second down by Morris picked up two yards on third down. The Dolphins called a timeout with one remaining at 1:26 with the score 27-24, Chargers with the lead!
The intensity is incredible!
duperart.thumb.png.79be560ec3b026ffbb756843b82cb810.pngIf Miami gets a first down, it's going to force the Chargers to take a time out, and they will have no timeouts remaining. On the next play, the Dolphins got more than a first down as Marino connected with Duper, who caught his third touchdown of the game to give Miami the lead 30-27, with 1:07 remaining in the game! What a brilliant play by BOC!  Each team had one time out left as the Dolphins went for the two-point conversion with Larry Csonka adding two points on the  conversion from Marino to give MIami the lead 32-27, with 58 seconds remaining in the game! The chargers call their last time out.
Miami still has one time out remaining.
Oh wow! On the kick return Tomlinson ended the Chargers season with a 32 yard runback as the Miami Dolphins become AFC Champions for the second straight year, and for the eleventh time, they head to the Long Island Electric Football League Super Bowl XVI, to play the NFC winner between the Green Bay Packers (7-1) or the Washington Football Team (7-2)!
1658787069_DOLPHINSTD.png.e1fb863dea0bf4ace8ab61ae34b14125.pngDolphins 32
1899455390_CHARGERSTD.png.5878b9b8c13c147404248072cad38ea4.pngChargers 27 FINAL SCORE
The Miami Dolphins (8-2), won their eighth game of the season, earning every single yard against one of the best teams in the league and it is going crazy here!
The big number for the day is Miami's defense holding a great running back in LaDanian Tomlinson to just 104 yards rushing with two touchdowns! Coach Billy OC said, "I got to take my hat off to Coach Viggs, especially after that Muncie catch from 28 yards away, but we never quit. We're going to remain in the game and play the full 60 minutes with whoever we play, and we did that here when Mark Duper scored that final touchdown! This is my best Dolphins team ever because they play as a team!" Miami had 19 defensive tackles in the game!
Coach Viggs said, "That was an incredible football game and I really thought we were going to win it. I'm really disappointed for the Chargers because there are Superstar team the Dolphins just got the better of us in the last minute of the game and I hope they win the Super Bowl because they're definitely a great football team and for Coach Billy OC to turn them into a winner again after 18 losses, O'C made some great draft picks three years ago, and the one who beat us today is Mark Duper! It just goes to show you how important it is to know how to build a football team, and when O'C got Duper, Miami became a winner again. Here he is today, he beat us with three touchdowns!"
The AFC Championship Game MVP Award was announced to Mark Duper, Miami Dolphins wide receiver who touched the ball nine times for a stunning 353 yards with three touchdowns, one of them a 62-yard pass play from Dan Marino! The Miami Dolphins heads to Super Bowl XVI, as they wait for the NFC Championship later today!
1769875454_LIEFLSTATS(1).png.b9b74ce9f270463e7d3c79618274ed09.pngPicture15.jpg.358125444fdfd6b40938dee52b0686f7.jpgGATORADE POST GAME REPORT: 
515684086_AFCCGMVPDUPER.thumb.png.de65b1a2225f386e53341ac89c09b236.png1920px-Afc_championship_logo_svg.thumb.png.7b3cdb7e52a7244edbdfe53fc72fd6a1.pngGAME MVP: 1658787069_DOLPHINSTD.png.e1fb863dea0bf4ace8ab61ae34b14125.pngMIAMI-Mark Duper: KR:5-237-0/59, REC: 3-117-3/62TD APY: 8-353-3/62TD+2PTC
321c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.cd21524b1b7b7573f190d48e2a20a1d2.gifMIAMI DOLPHINS (8-2) COACH BILLY O'C (23-10)6884644_AFCCHAMPIONS(1).png.51d827a2e9d41b6928362667dd32972a.png
1971250771_SUPERBOWL2020.jpg.deabb54fe4f2f83ae642b5e3dd3131ec.jpg  Opponent to be Announced
1658787069_DOLPHINSTD.png.e1fb863dea0bf4ace8ab61ae34b14125.pngDOLPHINS OFFENSE: RU: Morris RU:13-111-1/49TD, REC:1-2-0/2PTC APY: 14-113-1/49TD+2PTC, KR: Duper 5-237-0/59, REC: 3-117-3/62TD APY: 8-353-3/62TD+2PTC, Csonka 2-4-0/2x2PTC
(19) TACKLES: Clayton (3), Duhe (4), Duper (2), Csonka (4), Little (3), Taylor (2), Thomas
TOTAL YARDS:24-469-4/62TD
27 853674634_chargerselite.jpg.dfbd66c1a3d26bc5bbe4944dbc22abcb.jpgLOS ANGELES CHARGERS (8-2) COACH: ED VIGGS (22-12)
1899455390_CHARGERSTD.png.5878b9b8c13c147404248072cad38ea4.pngCHARGERS OFFENSE: RU: Tomlinson 10-104-2/32, KR: 3-130-0/60, APY: 13-234-2/60, Winslow KR: 2-91-0/46 REC: 2-39-0/22, APY: 4-130-0/46, Alsworth REC: 1-2-0/2PTC, Muncie REC: 2-30-1/28TD
(5) TACKLES: Washington (2), Seau (2), Faison
TOTAL YARDS: 20-396-3/60










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