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2020 Long Island EFL NFC DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: Seattle Seahawks (5-3) at Washington Football Team (6-2)

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1531964248_nfcdivisional.png.365227bc409a735dcd5def98d0274f4a.pngIt was Ed Viggs Washington Football Team's teamwork which gave them the edge over the best Seattle Seahawk team Coach Brannigan has ever put on the field, in Washington's 24-22, NFC Divisional Championship Game victory, which put the WTF in a colossal battle for the NFC Championship against Green Bay Packers (7-1)!

The last time the Washington made it to an NFC Championship Game was back in 1995 in the Long Island Electric Football League, when thewy were called the Washington Redskins, losing to the Philadelphia Eagles, 20-17!  The feel to this  powerful Washington team after beating down a tough Seattle Seahawks Team 24-22, in an epic battle in this Tournament of Champions is one of teamwork, strength, and unity. The story of the day was defense for two high-octane offenses! They are ferocious!  There is always that one person who gets everyone to rise to a higher level of competition, and we get envious of the winner, the champion, the impressive competitor. For our league, Coach Eddie Viggs is that guy. Viggs has the lethal combination of being an excellent athlete and extremely successful businessman. Leading up to this game, he has battled hard to make this Washington team the #2 All-Time ranked EFL team in terms of wins with 105! This Washington Football Team WFT, in the Long Island Electric Football League has won six division titles, two NFC Championships, and one LIEFL Super Bowl! Viggs surprised many people this year with this dynamic and ferocious Washington team.  But then again, with the coach that they have he seems to get the best out of every team he coaches with the exception of San Francisco, which he won't talk about.  He could have had all four of his teams in the playoffs. It's been a dynamic year for Coach Viggs, who still has three teams alive in the playoffs in the Los Angeles Chargers (8-1), the Green Bay Packers (7-1), and this team, the Washington Football Team at (6-2).

This is a high-impact team in every way. As we reflect back to 1984 when Washington rose to the occasion to defeat the then Almighty Miami Dolphins in LIEFL-Super Bowl VII, 34-31 in overtime, in that game "The Diesel" John Riggins barreled over Miami with 97 yards with three touchdowns, earning Super Bowl MVP! This game is going to be a bit different as this defense is facing one of the best backs in the LIEFL, Seattle's Marshawn Lynch. Lynch has been a beast this season and the Seattle Seahawks have backed down to no one. The Hawks had two key victories on the road that opened eyes before they beat the Rams on their home turf, upsetting the two-time defending LIEFL-Super Bowl Champions in the NFC Wild Card Game. Seattle scored 52 points against the Los Angeles Rams, and was enough to open many eyes around the league, not to mention Patty Brannigan beating Billy OC, BOC, who has won more than 400 games. During their regular season game with Washington, Seattle lost to Washington, 13-7!
Lynch and Washington's Tony Green are two amazing players with a lofty resume. Green ranked 19th overall in LIEF-All-Purpose yards with 62 carries for 1192 yards, with seven touchdowns and Lynch was #11 in the LIEFL with 49 carries 1332 yards, with eleven touchdowns! They both appear unstoppable and it's going to take a large day for the Redskins to stop Lynch, but Lynch faces a prolific battle hardened Washington defense led by Dexter Manley, who had four tackles in the NFC Wild Card Game that Washington beat Dallas in 45-37! 
The winner of this game will possibly face the same challenge that the Detroit Lions did last week when they lost to Green Bay at Lambeau Field in the snow. Coach Viggs has received approval to play in the snow if Seattle beats his Washington Football Team, but if they do not, the game will not be played in the snow and Viggs will have to select an alternate coach because the Packers and Washington are his teams. There is no controversy this time around as the coaches were fine with the snow, and really what matters is the two coaches playing in the big game. Green Bay has the option to play in the snow but the key is if Washington makes it, Green Bay is going to have a hard time stopping John Riggins if Viggs elects the snow game PLAYING A GAME AGAINST BOTH OF HIS TEAMS. Riggins is the perfect back to run through the snow with his 40 year-old TTC player base bottom.

1712039542_playoff.png.0b24612c25a3677b22f25878bb60bf99.pngDecember 16, 2020, Washington DC. WASHINGTON.jpg.54af647318bf6f1735ea086061ad2950.jpgOn the opening kickoff Washington star running back, Tony Green ran the ball back 65 yards but on first and second down Seattle showed Washington's power game on defense, stopping Green in his tracks. On third down receiver Art Monk caught a 10-yard pass from quarterback Joe Theismann, but it wasn't enough for the first down. WFT were still 10 yards short of a first down, and they decided to put the ball in the hands of "The Diesel" John Riggins who was stopped at the line of scrimmage on fourth down by a very tough Seattle Seahawk defense!  That is rare! 

1961739263_OIP(11).jpg.d7bcdabd7aecf36d94f7bbe4c4e25a30.jpgWashington turned the ball over at the Seattle 42 yard line to the Seahawks, and on first down Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch was stopped by WFT linebacker Chris Hanburger at the line of scrimmage on first down. As expected, we knew this would be a tough matchup with 6:12 remaining in the first quarter. We wonder if coach Viggs will regret not kicking a field goal on Washington's last possession. On second down Lynch ran for 13 yards to pick up the first down. The Washington defense held the line steady and on the next two plays Lynch was stopped for a 3-yard loss as the two minute warning sounded off for the first quarter. On third down Washington gave a demonstration of how tough that defense really is as they stopped the Seahawks with no one to pass to as Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson threw the ball away. Seattle settled for a 48-yard field goal to make the score 3-0, with 1:05 left in the first quarter! As the first quarter came to a close Green returned the ball 37 yards for Washington on the kickoff and on first down he stormed ahead for an 18-yard first down to begin the second quarter!

SEATTTD.png.bcd1b05db562439b838926bba03a9efb.pngSeahawks 3
WASHTD.png.79619f29030421b6958ecab2049c10ad.pngWashington 0 at 1:05
Second quarter action:
artplay2w.thumb.jpg.78529a64b2b8278d3f361325ba5e459e.jpgWASHINGTON.jpg.54af647318bf6f1735ea086061ad2950.jpgSo far in the game, it has been a time-winder with strong, tight, in an evenly matched defensive game. The Seahawks stopped Washington on the next two runs for a loss of 13 yards, bringing up a third down play for Washington who were forced to pass with 10:33 remaining in the half! Coach Viggs had his football team eating up the clock and keeping this a close game.
On the next play on a beautiful third down pass from Theismann to Art Monk, Monk took it 53 yards to the 4-yard line of the Seahawks, but that Seattle defense answered by stopping Tony Green on the first two runs, forcing a third down pass play yet again, with 6:30 left to go in the half! Riggins caught a third down pass from two yards away, jut short of the end zone and on fourth down the Riggins came up huge with a 2-yard touchdown run to give the Washington Football Team the lead 6-0! Washington scored on the two-point conversion as Joe Theismann ran a quarterback sneak into the end zone for the two points to give the Washington football team the lead 8-3! What play calling by coach Viggs! 
SEATTTD.png.bcd1b05db562439b838926bba03a9efb.pngSeahawks 3
WASHTD.png.79619f29030421b6958ecab2049c10ad.pngWashington 8 at 1:47
play2s.thumb.jpg.4579ae93d199c34d831c3f0ec5c33a9b.jpg1961739263_OIP(11).jpg.d7bcdabd7aecf36d94f7bbe4c4e25a30.jpgMarshawn Lynch ran the ball back 44 yards and then on first down the Washington defense stopped the Seahawks again, as the half came to a close with Seattle kicking a 54-yard field goal to end the half!
SEATTTD.png.bcd1b05db562439b838926bba03a9efb.pngSeahawks 6
WASHTD.png.79619f29030421b6958ecab2049c10ad.pngWashington 8  End of first half
What an intense battle! Either one of these teams will play well against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game. It is very surprising that Washington has been able to stop Lynch who has been nothing less than spectacular this season in the rushing department. Lynch carried the ball 32 times for 510 yards, with eight rushing touchdowns as the #3 rusher in the NFC, and the 51 points that they scored against the Los Angeles Rams showed that their offense can perform with the best of them!  But this Washington football team is no pushover as we begin the third quarter!
Third quarter action
1961739263_OIP(11).jpg.d7bcdabd7aecf36d94f7bbe4c4e25a30.jpgLynch return the ball 42 yards to begin the third quarter and on first down Lynch exploded for a 34-yard run to the Washington 24-yard line. Washington's defense exploded right back with Dave Butts making two consecutive tackles, pushing the Seahawks back to the 39-yard line for a loss of 14 yards in an epic battle!
It's been defense defense defense!
The Washington defense and Coach Viggs let up on this one as Lynch snuck around the left side of the field for a gorgeous 25-yard touchdown run into the end zone! The Seahawks scored two points on the conversion to take the lead, 14-8! Coach Paddy Brannigan put his fist in the air, watching his Seahawks play a great game against Washington and battling inch by inch for the goal line!
SEATTTD.png.bcd1b05db562439b838926bba03a9efb.pngSeahawks 14
WASHTD.png.79619f29030421b6958ecab2049c10ad.pngWashington 8 at 7:32
artplay1w.thumb.jpg.47805bffa0719f61226806be73841c0b.jpgWASHINGTON.jpg.54af647318bf6f1735ea086061ad2950.jpgThe battle heated up after Tony Green returned the football 27-yards. But on the next play Green exploded 73 yards on a blazing run into the end zone as the Seattle defense were defenseless watching Green unleash that speed with greed! Washington tied the game at 14-14, with 4:31 remaining in the third quarter! What an amazing play by coach Viggs, and he shows no emotion!
After the two-point conversion on the next play from Theismann to Monk who took it into the end zone, Washington retook the lead 16-14, with 2:49 remaining in the third quarter! Oh Baby!
SEATTTD.png.bcd1b05db562439b838926bba03a9efb.pngSeahawks 14
WASHTD.png.79619f29030421b6958ecab2049c10ad.pngWashington 16 at 2:49
As the clock wound down to close in on the end of the third quarter, Lynch ran the ball back 45 yards and on the last play of the third quarter running the ball five yards, up the middle as the third quarter came to a close!
Fourth quarter action:
Washington is in for a run for their money. On the next play Lynch exploded around the left side of an open field to take it into the end zone from 43 yards for the touchdown and Seattle gains the advantage 20-16 with 13:13 remaining in the game! What a run by Lynch as he turned up his" Beast-Mode"! The Seahawks are going to go for the two point conversion. And on the two point conversion, Shawn Alexander number gave Seattle the seven point advantage 22-16, with 10:58 remaining in the game!
SEATTTD.png.bcd1b05db562439b838926bba03a9efb.pngSeahawks 22
WASHTD.png.79619f29030421b6958ecab2049c10ad.pngWashington 16 at 10:58
WASHINGTON.jpg.54af647318bf6f1735ea086061ad2950.jpgThis game has been one of the toughest games we've seen played by both of these coaches who have gone back and forth. There has been no dominance in the game, just pure skill and strategy. On the kick return Washington's Tony Green returned the ball 34 yards, and then had two runs of 11 and 7 yards, but he was stopped on second down. Coach Viggs made the decision at that moment to put the ball in the hands of fullback John Riggins! The Deisel ran a 15-yd first down to the Seahawks 34-yard line, coming through again in the big spot as we came to the two minute warning. On the next play Riggins gained two yards, bringing the ball to the Seattle 31-yard line as the stress builds for both coaches. 
This was it, the end of the line, with the pressure mounting. We're down to the final two minutes of the game and it has been a tremendous fight to advance to the NFC Championship Game to play the Green Bay Packers (7-1). At this point Viggs killed the clock, forcing Seattle to corner themselves in making Seattle take one of their two remaining time outs. That is great coaching by Viggs! It takes a very good coach to manage this situation, and don't forget Seattle still has the lead, but the pressure was building trying to prevent Washington from scoring, but the Washington offense with the Diesel had the momentum.  On the next play, Riggins was turned around by his own man at the 42-yard line with third down coming up. The Seahawks called a timeout with 1:30 left on the clock, with one last time out remaining. Washington still had their two-time outs remaining.
On third down Washington quarterback Joe Theismann connected with Art Monk again, for an 18-yard first down to the Seahawks 16-yard line and Seattle was forced to call their last time out with 1:12 left to go in the game. The intensity in this game felt like no other! And Washington worked the clock down so that if they scored it would leave Seattle with no timeouts or time left to run a kick return! Spectacular coaching by Viggs. This guy is serious business and you have to bring your "A" game every game to him! His goal? Keep the ball out of Lynch's hands. Washington still had two timeouts remaining at the 16-yard line at 1:12 left in the game, and they are behind. Let's see with Coach Viggs comes up with. His hail to the Redskins tribute today was outstanding as he did his dance and circle to the old Washington Redskins fight song!
artplay6w.thumb.jpg.277869041ae1109872de7a062a769c2c.jpgWashington called on Riggins again. this time the Diesel BARRELED into the end zone for a 16-yard touchdown to tie the game at 22-22, with a minute remaining on the clock, with the clock running, and no timeouts left for Seattle. Washington lets the clock run out of time for the helpless Seattle Seahawks (5-4), as WTF wins an incredible game over the Seattle Seahawks with the two-point conversion to Riggins to make the score 24-22!
In a thriller, Washington wins this NFC Divisional Championship Game! What an amazing football game as John Riggins comes up huge in the big spot with two touchdowns in the game and Washington will head to Green Bay in a colossal matchup for the NFC Championship Game title!
SEATTTD.png.bcd1b05db562439b838926bba03a9efb.pngSeahawks 22
WASHTD.png.79619f29030421b6958ecab2049c10ad.pngWashington 24 FINAL SCORE
22 1961739263_OIP(11).jpg.d7bcdabd7aecf36d94f7bbe4c4e25a30.jpgSEATTLE SEAHAWKS (5-4)  Great Season for Hawks!!!
COACH: Paddy Brannigan (14-18)
SEATTTD.png.bcd1b05db562439b838926bba03a9efb.pngSEAHAWKS OFFENSE: Lynch RU: 10-122-2/43TD, Galloway 1-2-0/2PTC, Alexander 1-2-0/2PTC
(10) TACKLES: Willis (3), Largent (2), Galloway, Lynch, Kennedy, Nash, Tapp
TOTAL OFFENSE: 12-126-2/48TD
24 washington-redskins-helmet-clipart-1.png.94eb3482f42f86e2c3927580636dd363.pngWASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM (7-2)
COACH: Ed Viggs (22-11)   
NEXT OPPONENT: 1200px-Nfc_championship_logo_svg.thumb.png.5f833fdc8c2213cf8a99c241292e3738.pngGREEN BAY PACKERS (7-1)
WASHTD.png.79619f29030421b6958ecab2049c10ad.pngWTF OFFENSE: Green RU: 11-106-1/73TD, KR: 4-163-0/65, APY: 15-269-1/73TD, Riggins RU: 6-35-2/16TD, REC: 2-10-0/2PTC, Monk REC: 4-83-0/53/2PTC, QBS: Theismann 1-2-0/2PTC.
(7) TACKLES: Hanburger, May (2), Butz (2), Manley, Taylor
TOTAL OFFENSE: 28-399-3/73TD




afc divisional.png

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