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2020 Long island EFL AFC Divisional Championship Game#2 Los Angeles Chargers (7-1) vs Indianapolis Colts (7-1)

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It was once again LaDanian Tomlinson who edged the Indianapolis Colts defense with his big play day as the Chargers beat the Indianapolis Colts 30-25

in an epic AFC battle! It's on to play the Dolphins for a shot at their second AFC title!

91048923_playoff.png.d143f20c5a5720d7b6c08bf5213f2763.pngDecember 14, 2020. Indianapolis Indiana. The defending 2019 defending AFC Champion Miami Dolphins (7-2) and the 2018 AFC Champion Los Angeles Chargers (8-1) will clash in the AFC Championship Game to advance to Super Bowl XVI in Tampa this weekend! Coach Eddie Viggs Chargers rose to the occasion to beat the #2 LIEFL defense, the Indianapolis Colts 30-25, in a tight game won by the Chargers in the last 1:30 of the game! Colts coach Billy O'C, BOC, took the loss hard! Remember there is money on the line, and he failed to qualify this team for the money round! Viggs is still alive!  He still has Washington, Green Bay, and Los Angeles, still alive, and a lot of nay-sayers who he's beaten! Viggs does better under pressure!

COLTS.jpg.231c9580305cdd8959db5c881d46dd5b.jpgIn such an exciting atmosphere, this Long Island Electric Football game had the making of a colossal epic matchup! We knew it was going to be a very competitive game between the Los Angeles Chargers (7-1) and the Indianapolis Colts (7-1). The board was cleaned from the NFC snow game between Green Bay and Detroit yesterday, the players were dipped in water so the bases had no particles on them, and the home team Colts came out roaring with Joseph Addai returning the ball 41 yards on the opening kick return! The Los Angeles defense led by All-Pro's Ernie Ladd and Earl Faison stopped Addai and company on his first two runs, forcing a pass play on third down at the 12-yard line of the Chargers. Two plays later Addai busted through the right side of the line and into the end zone for his first touchdown of the game!  Indianapolis wasted no time trying to add on the points with a two point conversion attempt, which seems to be the new norm in the league in the playoffs. Colts receiver, Raymond Berry caught the two-point conversion from Indianapolis quarterback Payton Manning to give the Colts the lead 8-0, at 3:41 in the first quarter!

161029975_CHARGERSTD.png.c55b214dc0e8b2610a031ba87dbe1031.pngChargers 0
Picture4.png.68e410fbb54e859401bffbde3321f5cc.pngColts 8 at 3:41/1
chargers.gif.ecce84bcf6562a59145b9d8a6e11a9b6.gifKellen Winslow who was a big star last week with 419 yards with two 100 yard touchdowns against the New York Jets in the AFC Wild Card Game, had a hard time returning the ball, and Winslow only gained 25 yards on the play. The Chargers knew this game would be a huge challenge against Coach BO'C and the Colts. In the remaining two minutes of the first quarter the defensive battle in the trenches killed the clock as the two-minute warning went off and the teams switched sides. When play picked up, on first down LA running back LaDainian Tomlinson ran five yards to the 30 yard line as the first quarter came to a close!
Second quarter action
This matchup turned into a ferocious battle with this Indianapolis defense fighting the Chargers for every inch of pride. Indianapolis #2 defense is led by All-Pro Bubba Smith, Elmer Collett, and Quentin Nelson, as they brought the Long island Electric Football League to their feet in applaud for their efforts after being acknowledged by the coaches who were impressed by their work. They were doing a great job here holding off one of the best players we have in the game as Bubba Smith made the defensive tackle against Tomlinson after a 6-yard gain on the next play. That play brought Tomlinson back to the original line of scrimmage, making it 4th down. Indianapolis is taking no prisoners! What a huge fourth down play which lifted the momentum for the Chargers as Tomlinson caught a pass from quarterback Philip Rivers, right at the first down marker, as this tough defense of the Colts is no pushover to this tough Chargers team, with 6:13 left in the half! With time running out in the half the Chargers continued to drive the football and Tomlinson came up big again with the 19-yard touchdown run, and after the two-point conversion caught by Lance Alsworth in the end zone, the score was tied 8-8, with 3:29 left to go in the half in a clock eater!
161029975_CHARGERSTD.png.c55b214dc0e8b2610a031ba87dbe1031.pngChargers 8
Picture4.png.68e410fbb54e859401bffbde3321f5cc.pngColts 8 at 3:29/2
COLTS.jpg.231c9580305cdd8959db5c881d46dd5b.jpgColts running back Joseph Addai ran back a beautiful 60-yard kick return to the sideline, and the Colts decided to put it up in the air, but Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was exposed by this Chargers defense on first down and Los Angeles could not find anybody open! The Colts blew the opportunity with 1:49 remaining in the half. Indianapolis had only one time out left before the half ended. What a defensive game the Chargers stopped the Colts on the next run, which brought up the fourth down. Indianapolis decided to go for the field goal from 59 yards to give them the lead with 1:03 left to go in the half as Los Angeles used their last time out of the half!
161029975_CHARGERSTD.png.c55b214dc0e8b2610a031ba87dbe1031.pngChargers 8
Picture4.png.68e410fbb54e859401bffbde3321f5cc.pngColts 11 at 1:03/2
chargers.gif.ecce84bcf6562a59145b9d8a6e11a9b6.gifOh my goodness! What an explosive electrifying run by the Superstar running back LaDainian Tomlinson who took it back a hundred yards into the end zone give the Chargers the lead and crush the Colts momentum! What a spectacular play! This place is going crazy! We've been watching Tomlinson work magic all season long! The Chargers will go for two points. You can't predict what will happen in big games like this. So far, this game has been mostly a defensive game, but that last play opened the game up! Kellen Winslow found himself open in the end zone and Philip Rivers connected with him for the two-point conversion to give the Los Angeles the lead 16 -11, with 41 seconds left and the Colts used their last time out of the half!
161029975_CHARGERSTD.png.c55b214dc0e8b2610a031ba87dbe1031.pngChargers 16
Picture4.png.68e410fbb54e859401bffbde3321f5cc.pngColts 11 at 41 seconds/2
COLTS.jpg.231c9580305cdd8959db5c881d46dd5b.jpgThis game has turned quickly into a panic attack! On the kick return for Indianapolis, Addai ran it back 51 yards with just 30 seconds left with the clock counting down the end of the half, but not before the Colts kicked a field goal as time ran out to make the score 16-14 Chargers, in this close battle as the first half ended!
161029975_CHARGERSTD.png.c55b214dc0e8b2610a031ba87dbe1031.pngChargers 16
Picture4.png.68e410fbb54e859401bffbde3321f5cc.pngColts 11 END FIRST HALF
1029502711_LIEFLDOLLOGO.jpg.793fd04cc11da1b30399f75d8bba3b2a.jpgThe winner of this game will host the Miami Dolphins in the AFC championship game. The Dolphins and the Chargers have been there before and the Colts will be a challenge for anybody as the AFC hunts for it's Champion to compete against the NFC. Game Day analyst Andy Slawson of Slawson's Corner said, "What great electric football as we watch two of the best defensive teams in the Long Island Electric Football League. Indianapolis had the #1 defense in the AFC with only 64 points allowed, and LA was ranked #8 with 102, but they're also two of the best offensive teams, so it's always interesting when you put that combination together and then add great coaching into the equation, and we get games like this. We give Coach Viggs for Los Angeles a slight edge on coach BOC's Indianapolis Colts because of his passing skills. We could already feel that this one's going to end in a heartbreak!"
Third quarter action:
chargers.gif.ecce84bcf6562a59145b9d8a6e11a9b6.gifOn the first play of the third quarter Tomlinson returned the ball 46 yards and then he had ran for four, six, and a 10 yards for a first down, bringing the ball to the Colts 33-yard line with 9:04 remaining in the third quarter. On the next play Tomlinson exploded, taking the ball to the 15-yard line on an 18-yard run as the Chargers offense began to kick it into high gear, taking inch by inch, moving slowly, but closer to scoring as Coach Viggs mastered the clock. And on the next first down Tomlinson ran into the end zone for a 15-yard touchdown to set the Chargers are on fire, extending their lead to 22-14, before the two point conversion attempt! Not all two-point conversions are automatic as the big Colts Bronco Nugursky of Indianapolis tackled Tomlinson in the backfield to stop the two-point conversion as the Colts defense denies any extra points to Los Angeles. That could be a very costly mistake for Viggs, with 5:22 left to go in the third quarter. That is the exact kind of mistake that Coach BO'C could take advantage of when the final seconds countdown. Coach Viggs may have been trying to get greedy there. If BOC's Colts score they can take the lead with a two point conversion!
161029975_CHARGERSTD.png.c55b214dc0e8b2610a031ba87dbe1031.pngChargers 22
Picture4.png.68e410fbb54e859401bffbde3321f5cc.pngColts 14 at 5:22/3 
COLTS.jpg.231c9580305cdd8959db5c881d46dd5b.jpgWith the two-minute warning sounding off, time in the third quarter was ticking down as the Colts set up for a pass on second down after losing 8 yards on the first run in this very exciting defensive matchup. The intensity just went up 10 decibels as Peyton Manning threw a strike into the arms of star running back Joseph Addai, who took a scorching run 55 yards into the end zone make the score 22-20 Chargers with the lead, and the Colts were going for two points to tie the game as the third quarter comes to a close!
Fourth quarter action
On the two point conversion Marvin Harrison caught the ball wide open to tie the game at 22-22, with 14:34 remaining in this game between two outstanding teams and coaches!
161029975_CHARGERSTD.png.c55b214dc0e8b2610a031ba87dbe1031.pngChargers 22
Picture4.png.68e410fbb54e859401bffbde3321f5cc.pngColts 22 at 14:34/4
chargers.gif.ecce84bcf6562a59145b9d8a6e11a9b6.gifOn the Chargers next kick return Tomlinson ran the ball back just 30 yards. On first down the Colts defensive standout Bubba Smith, stormed in and made a huge stop on Tomlinson for a five-yard loss on the play. On the next play though, Tomlinson exploded for a 20-yard first down, bringing the ball to midfield. On the following play Smith and the defensive line of the Colts banged back the Chargers front line, losing 10 yards, and bringing up a second down play, with 8:18 left to go in the game. These Colts are determined as Smith makes another huge stop in the backfield for another seven-yard loss, and the Chargers go to third down from their own 33-yard line. The Chargers are in big trouble. We have never seen the Chargers struggle like this on the line and what a game coach BO'C and his Colts have played, making some huge plays!
LA quarterback Philip Rivers came up huge on third down passing the ball to his receiver Lance Alsworth who ran the ball 41 yards to the Indianapolis 24 yard line with 7:26 left to go in the game! The clock was running out in the game. Coach Viggs was eating the clock up with Tomlinson running for five yards, and then he made a first down on a sizzling 17 yard scamper, bringing the ball to the one yard line of the Colts with the score tied at 22-22, with 4:20 left to go in the game! What a game it has been! Two extremely strategic coaches in a war to get to the AFC Championship game next week.
On second down Tomlinson was stopped again by a very aggressive Colts defense. Bubba Smith made his third tackle of the game, and then Elmer Collett made a great play as time wound down and the two-minute warning sounded off for the final two-minutes of play at 1:51 in this nail biter! With third down at stake, the Chargers found themselves at the 18-yard line after the Colts defense came up huge, yet again! On the next play, third down, just before being sacked, Philip Rivers threw a great pass to Chuck Muncie who took the ball in from 18 yards away for the touchdown! The Chargers took the lead back 28-22, with 1:35 remaining in the game! Indianapolis had both of their timeouts left and the Chargers were forced to make a very difficult decision, but they decided to go for the two-point conversion, and the Chargers called timeout. The players lined up ready for the conversion. Lance Alsworth broke free in the end zone and scored on a great catch by Rivers to make the score Chargers 30-22, with 1:26 left to go in the game! There is an awful lot of pressure put on Addai with seconds left in the game.
161029975_CHARGERSTD.png.c55b214dc0e8b2610a031ba87dbe1031.pngChargers 30
Picture4.png.68e410fbb54e859401bffbde3321f5cc.pngColts 22 at 1:26/4
COLTS.jpg.231c9580305cdd8959db5c881d46dd5b.jpgOn the final kick return of the game with the Colts trying to tie the bolts, this game's going to give somebody a heart attack as Joseph Addai returned the ball 53 yards! The Colts still have one last chance to tie the game, and Billy O'C has to overcome his league known passing problems. The game may boil down to one play! With one minute left in the game the Chargers defense came up huge as lineman Louie Kelcher caught on to the arm of Addai who almost escaped into a wide open field, but he was stopped in a game saving play by Kelcher, and so we end the game in dramatic style with the Colts, who had seconds left, kicking a useless field goal. What an upset! The Colts lose to the Chargers 30-25, in a spectacular finish! Coach Billy O'C can't believe it! He paused, hugs Coach Viggs, and better luck next year fella!
Coach Viggs heads back to LA advancing to the AFC Championship Game as his Los Angeles Chargers (8-1) will take on the Miami Dolphins (7-2) for a shot at the Super Bowl. Great game!
161029975_CHARGERSTD.png.c55b214dc0e8b2610a031ba87dbe1031.pngChargers 30
Picture4.png.68e410fbb54e859401bffbde3321f5cc.pngColts 25 FINAL SCORE
30 chargers.gif.ecce84bcf6562a59145b9d8a6e11a9b6.gifLOS ANGELES CHARGERS (8-1) COACH ED VIGGS (21-11)
161029975_CHARGERSTD.png.c55b214dc0e8b2610a031ba87dbe1031.pngCHARGERS OFFENSE: Tomlinson RU: 17-114-1/19TD, KR: 3-176-1/100TD, REC: 1-2-0/2PTC, All-Purpose: 21-292-2/100TD, Winslow KR: 1-25-0/25 REC: 1-2-0/22PTC, Alsworth REC: 4-84-0/41/2x2PTC, Muncie 1-18-1/18TD.
(8) TACKLES: Seau, Kelcher (2), Alsworth (2), Faison, Clark (2) 
25 COLTS.jpg.231c9580305cdd8959db5c881d46dd5b.jpgINDIANAPOLIS COLTS (7-2) COACH BILLY O'C (22-10)
Picture4.png.68e410fbb54e859401bffbde3321f5cc.pngCOLTS OFFENSE: Addai RU: 6-12-0/12, KR: 5-257-0/60, REC: 1-55-1/55TD All-Purpose: 12324-1/55TD, Berry REC: 3-52-0/48
(10) TACKLES: Costanza, Smith (3), Collett, Harrison, Addai, Berry, Nelson (2)

afc divisional.png




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