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1500826264_afcdivisional.png.1bb99464ce898aa86a4a8022c80b43b1.pngchargers.gif.e51dacb2a73a3bdd6c03c065150813c0.gifLOS ANGELES CHARGERS (7-1)  VS  COLTS.jpg.5e033929d41dbf54d7666794dc643c88.jpg INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (7-1)


395501046_LIEFLDOLLOGO.jpg.f9f8ca214a6897000890808b8740cec2.jpgDecember 14, 2020. Indianapolis, Indiana.

The winner of this games faces the returning AFC Champion Miami Dolphins, which will be played in Tampa this week in preparation for the 2020 LIEFL Super Bowl to be played at New York Yankees Special Advisor and baseball Executive Ray Negron's house in Coquina Key! Negron served as the late George M. Steinbrenner's personal Assistant for 38 years, and he has worked for the Yankees for nearly 50 years! 


Negron (Left) seated here with Nick Singh, at Breakfast with us this weekend as we discuss the plans for our upcoming Long Island Super Bowl. Next week he will be doing a special segment on his show with former baseball great Doc Gooden at NYPVG studios in Bellmore, New York. Negron will also have on the National Electric Football Game Museum Curator, Chris Le May who is a frequent contributor here on the Tudor Games Site.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn5_TF1LM-s

This game has it all in the Long Island Electric Football League AFC Divisional Championship Game #2 between the Los Angeles Chargers (7-1), and the Indianapolis Colts (7-1).  On paper both of these teams have made huge strides since our seven game season format began in 2008. The Chargers coached by Ed Viggs are hungry for a title.  In 2018, they were AFC Champions, but they lost to the Rams in a first ever LIEFL Los Angeles Super Bowl XIV, 31-28! But that has not stopped this team from performing. Last season Buffalo upset the Chargers 49-48! Los Angeles has proven in the past three seasons that they are going to give 150% to beat you. Andrew Slawson, our Sports Analyst said,"Viggs is the best coach in this league.  He is one of the most clever coaches I have seen, and the secrets to his success are evident in that he still has Washington, Green Bay, and these Chargers, still alive in this tournament because he knows the game of football as a former quarterback, receiver, and cornerback. That's a lot to manage, and he is playing here in this game for a reason--because he knows how to motivate his team to win! In the old days when we had different rules, we had a no stop rule, which meant that the game was running live and you had to pass with game on. Viggs was connecting with his receivers on 40 or 50 yard passes on the fly consistently. The LIEFL is more of an East Coast running league though.  Viggs has always been run-and-shoot, but with LA, he can run all day with that enormous and vicious front line of Faison, Ladd, and Washington, not to mention Booker Brown. That on the fly rule has since changed, and it's harder to pass now with the kicker, and the set-up's are quick in addition to just being a one-stop league. I'd match this coach up against any coach in the world playing this hobby. He wins quietly, like a stealth warrior moving in for the kill. He doesn't want the recognition or the pat on the back, he just comes here to win!"

The Los Angeles Chargers have won 27 games and lost 16 regular season games since 2008, that's a lot of winning, and they have won seven games in a row this year. They have not lost a game since July 31, since the first game of this year's season when they lost at Cincinnati in overtime 20-14! Los Angeles has been on a rampage. Running back LaDanian Tomlinson is a huge part of that success. Tomlinson was the AFC Offensive Player of the Year last season, and this year he was runner-up to Denver's Terrell Davis who had a breakout year. In the rushing department, Tomlinson was the #1 rusher in the Long Island Electric Football League out of 32 running backs, with 45 rushes for 638 yards with 11 touchdowns, and he had 64 total carries for 1640 all-purpose yards, with 13 touchdowns overall as the #4 all-purpose player in the LIEFL! But Viggs and his star players are going up against another steady coach in LIEFL Commissioner Billy O'C's or BOC's Indianapolis Colts. BOC poses some hefty competition for Viggs with eight Super Bowl titles in this league, and BOC's Rams and Dolphins played in last year's Super Bowl, which Viggs played for BOC as alternate coach, beating BOC 44-41! 

BOC has his Colts ready to put the jolt in the Chargers bolt! BOC said, "Viggs is a mastermind genius in many ways, and I know what is coming at us in these Chargers, but my team is ready for the next level, and today we have to prove it.  We had the #2 defense in the LIEFL behind those amazing Green Bay Packers, and Viggs knows both sides of the game, so my running back Joseph Addai and my receivers Marvin Harrison and Raymond Berry need to perform. This Chargers team is a great team." Addai is no slouch.  He has been leading this team in great ways, and the Colts have played outstanding electric football this season.



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