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2020 Long Island EFL NFC Divisional Championship Game#1 Detroit Lions (6-2) vs Green Bay Packers (6-1)

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275511246_LIEFLDOLLOGO.jpg.b14384a4e7a181887dfface8fe94cd79.jpgPACKERS MAKE HISTORY IN FIRST EVER LIEFL SNOW GAME!


1687294585_nfcdivisional.png.4b5c812282b375d92dc1fee508ab67b6.pngNFC Division rivals Detroit Lions (6-2) and the Green Bay Packers (6-1) get ready for the kickoff in the Long Island Electric Football League's first

ever Snow Bowl! What a game it was!

December 13, 2020 at Lambeau Field, Green Bay Wisconsin. With the NFC Divisional Championship Game on the line, the Detroit Lions went to Lambeau Field to knock out the pesty Green Bay Packers, who have been brutal to opponents on defense all season long.  Today would be no different, with the mastermind Coach Ed Viggs guiding his Packers, who have not been to a playoff game in twenty years in this league. Coach Viggs is the Belichick of our league, and the master of preparation, but this game would be different. Like Belichick, Viggs always has something up his sleeve. The problem is in a game for the first time, we would play the game in snow.  Everything is a test when it comes to particles interfering with delicate player base bottoms because we can't predict what will happen, but Viggs obviously worked long and hard on his strategy. Green Bay running back Terdell Middleton hardly saw the ball this season, and Viggs pitched the idea to us, serving as media for the Forum, that his "big back" Jim Taylor was going to be the lead guy today, but Viggs threw a "switch" like a wrestler winning a state championship in the final seconds of a match by handing the ball to Middleton to get the job done. That is a lot of pressure, but obviously Viggs practiced a bit for this game. And boy, did Middleton deliver! He did the near impossible against an outstanding Detroit Lions team and coach. Middleton rushed the ball ten times for 100 yards in the snow, with three touchdowns! Unbelievable how this coach gets these players to perform, especially against a great team.

The Packers went on to route the tough Lions 31-26, to advance to the NFC Championship Game against Seattle or Washington, to be played at Lambeau Field on Wednesday down in Florida, for real!  

There was quite a bit of consideration before playing this game and on a 10 to 1 vote the game was approved to be played with snow and there were several tests by the league commissioner before the game so that the snow was applied fairly with and agreement to shovel at the half, but leave the piled up snow in the end zone. Hours before the game several materials were tested on the field and what we found was that flour was too thick. Baking soda was excellent for the sidelines of the field and the back end zones, but what really worked well on the field was Johnson & Johnson baby powder because of its light micro particles, it didn't slow up the runners too much. To offset that issue we turned up the speed even more until Rules Commissioner Pete Porcelli, Commissioner Billy O'C, and Slawson's Corner Andy Slawson were satisfied. The appearance of the field was beautiful and the snow seemed to fit nicely. The game certainly did feel like a game that was played in the snow with a few icy patches it seemed on the field.

1979277230_playoff.png.82bf381b6b936fba4e1fb6a64035c832.pngPackers.jpg.eac039f12ecf400b3957d0084225cbd1.jpgWe turned up the speed a little higher than usual for the game as Sterling Sharpe returned the football to the 43 yard line on the opening kickoff for Green Bay!  The Lions stopped the Packers on the first two runs and Jim Taylor had no place to run. On third down Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw a beautiful pass to Don Hutson who took the ball 65 yards into the end zone with Herman Moore in the chase as Hudson made history, scoring the Long Island Electric Football League's first ever touchdown in the snow! Success!
Regardless of the speed, the players did run a little bit slower, but they still achieved the same result.
PACKTD.png.ec595465129a216a73bd8f2566f56b21.pngPackers 7
LIONSTD.png.c7249ca1ad6afdb3bef707c11c04c0a2.pngLions 0 at 10:20
lions.jpg.94b6682c6231309c355bb824303bb89e.jpgThe Lions spent the next 10 minutes and 20 seconds trying to get into the end zone. Detroit star running back Dexter Bussey, who has been sensational this season, ran back a 58 yard kick return followed up by four different runs. Bussey gained only seven yards on the ground. It took a 34-yard pass reception to the big guy Herman Moore to put the Lions and striking distance at the 4-yard line as the first quarter quickly came to a close in this defensive rivalry.
Second quarter action:
On the first play of the second quarter Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford threw a beautiful pass to Herman Moore for a 15-yard touchdown to tie the game at 7-7, with 14:14 remaining in the half!
PACKTD.png.ec595465129a216a73bd8f2566f56b21.pngPackers 7
LIONSTD.png.c7249ca1ad6afdb3bef707c11c04c0a2.pngLions 7 at 14:14
Packers.jpg.eac039f12ecf400b3957d0084225cbd1.jpgSurprise! Surprise! What a fierce battle even at high speed in the game as coach Viggs threw a guy into the game who knows how to play in the snow ... Terdell Middleton, who hasn't played much this season. He ran the ball 36 times for 236 yards, with only one touchdown. On first down, Middleton ran a 17-yard first down then another 10-yard first down. He was stopped once and then ran for another 12 yards, and then finally into the end zone on a 5-yard touchdown to give the Packers the lead 13-7 with 4:41 left to go in the half! So far the game has definitely slowed down with the snow, but still very exciting and certainly had a lifelike feel to it! The Packers decided to go for a two-point conversion and they made it on a Don Hutson catch to put the Green Bay ahead 15-7 at 2:37 where Detroit calls their first time out!
PACKTD.png.ec595465129a216a73bd8f2566f56b21.pngPackers 15
LIONSTD.png.c7249ca1ad6afdb3bef707c11c04c0a2.pngLions 7 at 2:37
lions.jpg.94b6682c6231309c355bb824303bb89e.jpgBussey ran back a 53-yard kick return on the Lions next possession, and then the Green Bay defense came at him like wild animals, stopping him on the first run. Then Detroit tried to pass on second down and Stafford hit Herman Moore for a 15-yard pass, but it was short of the first down and the Lions decided to go back to the running game with Bussey on the run, and they were stopped again, which forced the Lions to kick a field goal at 1:12 remaining in the half from 45 yards away. The kick by Detroit was good, making the score 15-10! Green Bay still had the lead. The Packers called a timeout and the snow coming down on the field looked beautiful!
PACKTD.png.ec595465129a216a73bd8f2566f56b21.pngPackers 15
LIONSTD.png.c7249ca1ad6afdb3bef707c11c04c0a2.pngLions 10 at 1:12
Packers.jpg.eac039f12ecf400b3957d0084225cbd1.jpgCoach Viggs must have planned this play to eat the clock, but Middleton returned the ball 30 yards and then Rogers threw an 8-yard pass play to Middleton again over the middle to end the half with Green Bay going into the locker room with a 15-10 lead in quite a game! These are the games that really matter when it comes to your defense as the snow plow goes on the field to remove snow by the end zone and middle of the field, otherwise there were really no issues.
ANOTHER.jpg.fe9dbca3b142c1fad8431af79d278b60.jpgFirst half assessment of the field by the LIEFL Commissioner William O'Connell. "So far it's been a lot of fun I think to bring snow into the game and it sure does seem that the Packers have a bit of an advantage, almost like the real life NFL Packers. For the second half of action we cleared the field a little more to see if it would change anything, but truthfully in their first meeting between these two teams, there wasn't much action. It was mostly a defensive game and that's what it's turned out to be right here today, and there's no doubt that Dexter Bussey has been slowed up. The Packers defense has come to play!
End of the first half
Third quarter action:
lions.jpg.94b6682c6231309c355bb824303bb89e.jpgDexter Bussey had another weak kick return for 31 yards to begin the third quarter, but on first down Bussey exploded for a 37-yard first down. That Green Bay defense continues to play Bussey well, stopping him on second down. On third down, he ran for another first down bringing the ball to the 21-yard line of the Packers. The Lions front line did a great job against a tremendous defense as Bussey brings the ball to the 7-yard line. He was hit hard by Reggie White. These two teams are working extra hard today as Dexter Bussey ran in a touchdown from three yards away to give the Lions the lead 18-15 after the two-point conversion caught by Calvin Johnson with 1:27 remaining in the third quarter with the two minute drill passing by because of the play, and the clock stops!
PACKTD.png.ec595465129a216a73bd8f2566f56b21.pngPackers 15
LIONSTD.png.c7249ca1ad6afdb3bef707c11c04c0a2.pngLions 18 at 1:27
Packers.jpg.eac039f12ecf400b3957d0084225cbd1.jpgOn the Packers next kickoff return, Sterling Sharpe did a beautiful job returning the ball 52 yards to the Lions 48 yard line as the third quarter came to a close, and we are on to the last quarter of football in this tight game!
Fourth quarter action:
To pick up where they left off on a hard earned first down, Packers running back  Terdell Middleton ran 48 yards into the end zone on an explosive play to give the Packers the lead 21-18, and the Packers will go for a two-point conversion on the play, which they made on a pass from Rogers to Sharpe to give Green Bay the lead 23-18, with 12:52 remaining in the game!
PACKTD.png.ec595465129a216a73bd8f2566f56b21.pngPackers 23
LIONSTD.png.c7249ca1ad6afdb3bef707c11c04c0a2.pngLions 18 at 12:52
lions.jpg.94b6682c6231309c355bb824303bb89e.jpgWhatever coach Vigg's plan is it's definitely working against their division rival and Bussey was slowed up again on a 24 yard kick return. The Packers defense has been brutal, stopping Bussey on the first his two runs into the hands of Forrest Greg and defensive end Reggie White who broke through the Lions front three. White just made his third tackle of the game with 9:06 remaining in our first ever Snow Bowl. There was no giving up in the Detroit. The Lions came storming right back on third down as Stafford hit the big receiver Calvin Johnson, who blazed 77 yards down field and into the end zone to give Detroit the lead in this back and forth amazing game!  After the two-point conversion which was caught by Herman Moore from Stafford, the Lions made the score 26-23, with 5:39 remaining in the game!
PACKTD.png.ec595465129a216a73bd8f2566f56b21.pngPackers 23
LIONSTD.png.c7249ca1ad6afdb3bef707c11c04c0a2.pngLions 26 at 5:39
It's another nail biter between these two amazing teams, but of course many people are cheering for the Packers who in some ways are the underdog in the league. Coaches may become believers if they beat Detroit here!
Packers.jpg.eac039f12ecf400b3957d0084225cbd1.jpgOn the kick return for the Packers Sterling Sharpe ran a gorgeous 67 yard kick return through the snow on a tremendous setup play. Detroit was able to stop Green Bay on the first two runs, but on third down Aaron Rodgers hit Jim Taylor on a swing pass and Taylor took it 28 yards to the Detroit 8 yard line, with 1:39 left to go in the game and the Lions call a timeout! What a thriller in the making of Snow Bowl I! The snow may have slowed the players up but certainly not the coaches in this historic game, which is coming down to the wire with Coach Johnny Freeport Chucker's Detroit Lions leading by three points! 
Green Bay stormed through the line and what a play! Middleton got into the end zone from one yard away and Green Bay took the lead 29-26, and the Packers went for the two-point conversion to make it 31-26, with 54 seconds remaining in the game with the clock running, and no timeouts left!
PACKTD.png.ec595465129a216a73bd8f2566f56b21.pngPackers 31
LIONSTD.png.c7249ca1ad6afdb3bef707c11c04c0a2.pngLions 26 at 54 seconds
lions.jpg.94b6682c6231309c355bb824303bb89e.jpgOn the last play the game Detroit's Calvin Johnson ran the ball back 48 yards and Coach Johnny Freeport Chucker realized it was the end of the line for his Lions! The Green Bay Packers make history in a game never to be forgotten!  They will go on to the NFC Championship Game in spectacular fashion to play the winner of Washington and Seattle! What finish and what a heartbreaker for Detroit!
The Packers and Coach Viggs played a bigger than life game!  He said, "I am proud of my guys, but our work is not over. I am applying to have the NFC Championship Game in the snow as well."
PACKTD.png.ec595465129a216a73bd8f2566f56b21.pngPackers 31
LIONSTD.png.c7249ca1ad6afdb3bef707c11c04c0a2.pngLions 26 FINAL SCORE
26lions.jpg.94b6682c6231309c355bb824303bb89e.jpg DETROIT LIONS (6-3) Johnny Freeport Chucker (18-11)
LIONSTD.png.c7249ca1ad6afdb3bef707c11c04c0a2.pngLIONS OFFENSE: Bussey APY: 18-244-1/58, RU: 14-78-1/37, KR: 4-166-0/58, Moore: REC: 3-51-1/15TD+2 PTC, Johnson REC: 3-99-1/77TD+2PTC
(6) TACKLES: Glover, Bussey (2), Johnson, Brown, English
31Packers.jpg.eac039f12ecf400b3957d0084225cbd1.jpgGREEN BAY PACKERS (7-1) Coach Ed Viggs (20-11)
PACKERS OFFENSE: Middleton RU: 10-100-3/48TD, REC: 1-8-0/8, KR: 1-30-0/30 Total APY: 12-138-3/48TD, Sharpe KR: 4-218-0, 2PTC: 1-2-0/2pts, Hutson REC: 3-69-1/65TD + 2x2ptC, Taylor RU: 2-0-0/0 REC: 1-28-0/28.
(9) TACKLES: White (3), Gregg (2), Cole (2), Jenkins, Barnett.
TOTAL OFFENSE: 35-455-4/48TD

PACK1 (2)art.jpg

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