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LIEFL: QUESTION TO ALL OF OUR UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRIC FOOTBALL: WHAT IS YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH SNOW GAMES? Pre Game Match up for our NFC Divisional Championship Game between the Detroit Lions (6-2) and the Green Bay Packers (6-1)

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968850528_LIEFLOFFICIALLOGO.jpg.d627316014284262a1da90886faa7d55.jpgDecember 13 2020. Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin. Tonight's NFC Divisional Championship Game in the Long Island Electric Football League between the Detroit Lions (6-2) and the Green Bay Packers (6-1), has never experimented with a snow game before. A  huge game like this one may or may not be the time to try, but the league voted 10 to 1 on Friday to allow it. The only one who didn't approve the vote to play in the snow was coach Matt McQueen. McQueen, Coach Viggs rival, said, "I am not voting for Viggy to come up with some concocted strategy to gain an advantage to stop Dexter Bussey. I think that he thinks that his play is superior, but he finds ways to gain the advantage, and nobody in the league wants to speak up because he's the "Golden-Boy" of the league."

No one knows what to expect, and it may work for or against Green Bay Packers coach Ed Viggs. We don't know about Detroit's loud and proud coach Johnny Freeport Chucker, whose Baltimore Ravens were stunned by Miami yesterday in the Dolphins 52-46 AFC DCG in the Long Island Electric Football league, but we do know one thing, the Detroit Lions and Dexter Bussey are in town to play today in our first ever snow game featuring two incredible football teams. McQueen continued, "That is what he's afraid of. Bussey can embarrass a team single-handedly."

Coach Viggs said before the game, "As you know I am not going to comment about any of my plays or strategy and McQueeny is just mad because all of his teams are out of the playoffs. We played the Lions and won 14-7 early in the season. Today will mostly be a defensive game. Jim Taylor will come up big for us.  And if we win this week in the snow, we will be back next week in the snow after we vote again. It adds excitement to the game of electric football, all this controversy stirring around. Listen I am an investor, and a good one. You have to have a strategy and so what, I plan, and maybe these other coaches in this league don't plan as well.  At the end of the day, I am going to play the game of electric football with integrity. I was an athlete for two Rutgers Cup Championship football teams, and we didn't win by not having a plan." 

Our Long Island Sports Hall of Fame Inductee Andrew Slawson of Slawson's Corner, a tremendous football player and All-County wrestler here on Long Island said, "Nobody knows what to expect in this game and it's assumed that coach Viggs has been practicing on his own in his own snow covered field. He's like the Bill Belichick of our league, and apparently has some strategy for this game to stop Dexter Bussey. The only thing that makes sense is to slow down Bussey with the snow. In their first meeting of the season the Packers beat the Lions 14-7, in a mostly defensive game. Bussey only rushed for 26 yards in that game and he did not even have a hundred yards in kick returns, so that should open everyone's eyes, and in this game it's the playoffs, so anything can happen.  When you have a bigmouth coach who thinks he is invincible, it could backfire on him like his loss to Miami did yesterday! I am not really of fan of hot headed coaches, but it makes for drama in the league. I don't care how tall or big Chucker is, the rules commissioner played professional football and he tones everyone down.  We have all been childhood friends forever!"
Slawson continued, "The Packers and Viggs will have running back Terdell Middleton to fall back on should the big bruising big game specialist fullback Jim Taylor not deliver for Green Bay today. Taylor is expected to do all the short yardage work with his size and speed and experience in the big games. But don't forget the Lions did beat the Carolina Panthers to get here. And Carolina whipped Green Bay 42-20 in last year's NFC DCG. If anything, the three time NFC finalist Detroit Lions are a team to be reckoned with and coach Vigg's knows that. Whatever the strategy is, put you seat belts on because we're in for a rough slushy ride. Stats in a game like this kind of go out the window because we don't know what to expect."
The Lions coach Johnny Chucker said, "Today's a day to show the league that we don't care who you are and who your team is, you better be ready for my team. A little snow never hurt anybody and it certainly not going to hurt a plastic figure, I don't think. Dexter will prove to the world today that nothing is going to stop him, and I have all the confidence in the world that this guy with more than 10,000 yards and almost 75 career touchdowns, won't be stopped. It's all he knows is getting into the end zone. The only thing I worry about is doing damage to my 40-year-old player base. But since we all use the same passcode for this website and Forum, and we check regularly, so if you have any ideas let me know."
LIEFL Commissioner Billy O'C said, "Chucker has made himself into a celebrity in the league with his antics, because you never know what to expect. After the Chucker made that comment he was of course told that people don't read this until after the game and he knows that. Every league has to have a guy like this because on a psychological level it only makes you play harder to try to beat his teams. And he's not very good when he loses a game and whatever coach Viggs has planned it will be interesting to watch. We expect a very low scoring game and the winner of this will go on to play the winner of Washington and Seattle for the NFC Championship!"
Billy O'C continued, "There's a lot of questions about snow games like how much flour do you put on the field? How much of an obstacle does it present for the team? Does it do any damage to the players or the field? Is there going to be a protest when people like the Chucker don't get his way? There's lots of questions at stake but I voted yes because I think the league loves challenges and the coaches in this league think it's a great idea being that the game will be in Green Bay. We want the excitement to try to make the game feel life-like. The effect it's going to have on the players we don't know but we do know that they've been practicing on their own with flour so it's not going to be a surprise to them it might be to me because I haven't seen it yet." 
Tell us your thoughts about what you use on the field and how it impacts the game by sharing photos as well.



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