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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#7 Last Game of 2020 Regular Season Play Arizona (3-3) vs Los Angeles Rams (5-1)

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November 28 2020       Arizona Cardinals (3-3) vs Los Angeles Rams (5-1)

573320395_495(7).jpg.e8376ec51966bc2804422ab116c14e5d.jpg      Picture15.jpg.0760fad943cff17c2ba13bc10824599f.jpg       stlcardshelmet.gif.4ba0d4d3625b1611ae17763728d75e74.gifChick-fil-A_Kickoff_Game_logo2020.png.371298a4e9bedf64d04583b4f178fd28.pngce354d77512d84df0663b7af6f03fdbe--la-rams-sports-logos.jpg.1620e8d3dd3865cc6c1c0023fdd29eae.jpg 573320395_495(7).jpg.e8376ec51966bc2804422ab116c14e5d.jpg



LIEFL MAIN PAGE: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


stlcardshelmet.gif.4ba0d4d3625b1611ae17763728d75e74.gifARIZONA CARDINALS (3-3)

CARDSTD.png.514bd04ab15c368f94fd484f699435d1.png Coach: Kevin Maloney (10-15)


We have reached the final game of the season and the Cardinals are at a boiling point of objectives versus reality.  While they are an exciting battle hardened team, this game will be a challenge, perhaps bigger than them. The Cardinals play in one of the toughest divisions in the Long Island Electric Football League in the NFC West, so it's no surprise that they've won three games and lost three games against the best competition on Long Island. If there's greater competition on Long Island we want to find it, and that goes for the greater competition in the United States, we want to find it, but we do have 7.5 million people on the island and that's a big pool to choose from, and we did beat the Long Island Champ 21-7, with our Dallas Cowboys vs. his Chicago Bears in 1995! That person was selected to play in the World Championship of Electric Football. Booyah!

Somehow this Cardinals team by fate has arrived at this game in the last game or finale of the 2020 season. Their playoff hopes rest on a game against the best team in the LIEFL, the two time back-to-back LIEFL-Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams.

To beat the Rams in this rival 112th game of the season, they will need a battering Ram! They have to beat these Rams to make the playoffs today.  It may be too big a task for them, but miracles and upsets have happened in this league many times because nothing is ever set in stone or guaranteed. The problem is the Los Angeles Rams and Coach Billy O'C goes for an astonishing 400th electric football victory today.  It is a huge day, and O'C has his eyes on a third straight LIEFL Super Bowl title this season with the Rams.  

Leading the way for Arizona is a tough defense with Dan Deirdorf as the anchor, but on offense OJ Anderson ranks #11 in NFC rushing with 45 carries for 365 yards, with five touchdowns! And Mel Gray ranks #15 in the NFC in all-purpose yards. Gray has 15 carries for 863 yards, with four touchdowns. 

ce354d77512d84df0663b7af6f03fdbe--la-rams-sports-logos.jpg.1620e8d3dd3865cc6c1c0023fdd29eae.jpgLos Angeles Rams (5-1)

Coach: Bill O'Connell (18-8)


Coach Billy OC could make history today in the LIEFL by winning his 400th game and a $500 payday! He took this Rams team over the last three seasons and rebuilt them like he did the Miami Dolphins of the seventies! The Rams may not be the greatest team in the league, but they are the best "team" and nobody does it better as far as playing as a team than the Rams. 
Two superstars and "The Fabulous Five" front line of Los Angeles have created many obstacles for opponents. This year will be a major challenge for the Rams looking for their third straight LIEFL title. In any league that will be a challenge, but this team is hardcore and they play very well under pressure. Coach Billy OC said, "I'm treating this game like the Super Bowl because I know how great a coach Maloney is, and the Cardinals are a force to be reckoned with. We are bringing everything we have from here on out! My team is hungry for another title and I've been here before with Miami so I know what I have to do to prepare my Rams to beat these Cardinals. I do have an advantage playing at home, but we have to execute as a team and I think that's what this team does best. It's in our favor and strength between the running game that we have with my boy, Wendell Tyler who is the #6 rusher in the NFC with 48 carries for 429 seven touchdowns, and the "Reverend" Isaac Bruce, who has had another sensational year for us. Bruce is the #8 all-purpose player in the NFC. He has carried the ball 24 times for 1225 yards, with five touchdowns. After all don't forget he's a two-time NFC championship game MVP and last year he shared the LIEF-Super Bowl XVI MVP, with my other great player, Tyler. I've been looking forward to this game for the last two weeks as we've rested, but I have to say that in my free time, and it's been real busy, I've been practicing a lot with this Rams team. It's what you have to do if you want to win a championship, and if I win my 400th game today I'm donating every single penny of it back to the league!" 


November 28, 2020. Los Angeles California.

On an explosive opening kickoff, the "Reverend" Isaac Bruce opened the game in dramatic fashion with a scorching 100-yard kick return for a touchdown! Lineman Chris Long was hit so hard on the play by rookie lineman Josh Jones, that Long was knocked down on the play on the cheap shot as Los Angeles takes the lead, 7-0, in the first twenty seconds of the game! Hooyah!

The Cardinals came fighting right back with a 37-yard return by Mel Gray! On the first two running plays Arizona running back Otis Anderson ran for two first downs of exactly 10 yards a piece, bringing the ball to the Los Angeles Rams 42 yard line with 10:22 left to go and a half as coach Billy O'C made several adjustments on the defensive line. Those adjustments paid off as the three linemen of the "Fab-Five" came up with a big play for a two-yard loss at the 45 yard line with Chris Long making the tackle. Longs and Josh Jones of Arizona are in a fierce battle. Again, the Fab five defense came alive on second down and Jackie Slater threw Otis Anderson for another loss of two yards back to the Rams 47-yard line with third down coming up. And on third down Terry Metcalf and quarterback Ty Murray connected on a great pass as Metcalf blazed upfield for a 47-yard touchdown play to tie the game 7-7, with 6:05 left to go in the half!
On the next kick return for Los Angeles,  Bruce stormed back with a 40 yard return, but he was hit hard by Larry Fitzgerald, who made a great tackle. On first down the Rams front line kicked in with another big play with Wendell Tyler taking the ball to the 50-yard line at midfield with 3:35 left to go in the half as the excitement builds! The number two seeded Rams in the NFC look like they'll be playing the Seattle Seahawks in a division rivalry battle in the first round of the NFC playoffs! Tyler ran for two yards on first down with 2:36 remaining in the half. On second down Tyler ran for seven yards, just a yard short of the first down, but on third down Tyler blasted through the hole for a 5-yard gain and a first down as the first half came to an end.
To open the second half the Rams continued at the Cardinals 35-yard line. After Tyler was stopped on first down by Cardinals defensive end and powerhouse Josh Jones, the hitting became ferocious! But on second down window Tyler ran for a first down to the Cardinals 25-yard line and Jackie Slater was knocked off his feet, again by Jones who was having a day! The Rams won't forget him, that's for sure!
There was 13:17 left to go in the game! On first down Tyler was stopped and on second down he ran for two yards as the stubborn defense of the Cardinals matched up well with the Rams front line. These Cardinals forced a fourth down play on Los Angeles and on fourth down, Wendell Tyler got the job done with a 28-yard touchdown play on a pass from Rams quarterback Jared Goff, as the Rams jump ahead with the lead in dramatic fashion 14-7, with seven minutes left to go in the game on a great play by Tyler!
On the next ensuing kick return, Mel Gray sped down the field for a 66-yard kick return, putting the Cardinals in great scoring position at the Los Angeles 34 yard line! The Rams have been able to shut down OJ Anderson, who lost two yards on first down with lineman Deacon Jones making a big play! With time running out in the game and 4:20 remaining the clock, after a 4-yard run by Anderson on second down, Arizona was forced to pass. Murray hit Metcalf on the 30-yard touchdown pass for Metcalf and Murray's second connection of the game to tie the score at 14-14, with 1:33 left to go in the game! What excitement!
And with 30 seconds left Isaac Bruce returned the ball at midfield 50 yard line and the Rams kick the field goal from 50 yards away to win the game 17-14, in a spectacular historic finish as Billy O'C wins his 400th electric football game in this league! What a great season! And, we are able to share this exciting hobby with all of our Electric Football Nation and Brotherhood!


900843432_LIEFLSTATS(1).png.eb73967beaccd930fe1f83d2bfe78954.pngPicture15.jpg.0760fad943cff17c2ba13bc10824599f.jpgGATORADE POST GAME SUMMARY

14 stlcardshelmet.gif.4ba0d4d3625b1611ae17763728d75e74.gifARIZONA CARDINALS (3-4)


CARDSTD.png.514bd04ab15c368f94fd484f699435d1.pngCARDINALS OFFENSE: Anderson RU: 6-24-0/10, Gray KR: 2-103-0/66, Fitzgerald 2-77-2/47TD

TACKLES (5): Jones, Gray, Fitzgerald (2), Davis

17 ce354d77512d84df0663b7af6f03fdbe--la-rams-sports-logos.jpg.1620e8d3dd3865cc6c1c0023fdd29eae.jpgLOS ANGELES RAMS (6-1)

NEXT OPPONENT:2100530206_Picture1(1).jpg.69220a8aff5231047dbd4547b9a3c555.jpg vs Seattle (4-3) ROUND 1 NFC PLAYOFFS

RAMSTD.thumb.png.88ee958c18ef4d0cce357d7d58979266.pngRAMS OFFENSE: Tyler9-36-0/10, REC: 1-28-1/28TD, TYLER APY: 10-64-1/28TD, Bruce KR: 3-190-1/100TD

TACKLES (7): Jones (2), Grier, Long, Olsen, Slater, Jack Youngblood





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