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LIEFL KICKOFF: July 15, 2024: 2024 Long Island Electric Football League Analysis and Outlook 

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download(9).jpg.43eca2af80e649019c42be11b2172406.jpg2024 Long Island Electric Football League Outlookdownload(9).jpg.43eca2af80e649019c42be11b2172406.jpgPicture1.thumb.jpg.ba65110a76bcc2da6a4775895ab8c140.jpg


NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LIEFL KICKOFF: July 15, 2024: 2024 Long Island Electric Football League Analysis and Outlook 

Long Island Electric Football League May 10, 2024.

Written by Levi Vick with contributions by Paddy Brannigan, Billy O’C, Matt Zoo-York, and Joe Bino, and statistics by Long Island Sports Hall of Fame Inductee Andy Slawson.

LIEFL Blast from the past!


Welcome Back to another exciting and comprehensive 2024 LIEFL Season Outlook our Tudor Forum friends! We are very particular about how we run our league. One more article with the LIEFL schedule will be featured before the league begins.

The Long Island Electric Football League kicks off July 15th, rather than August 1, 2024. 

We are honored to bring you this annual 2024 season outlook, but as we indicated in past Tudor Forum write-up's at the end of last season, the LIEFL will have no more full write-ups in the Tudor Forum until the LIEFL playoffs and final Tournament of Champions in December 2024.

Our games again will be listed in the Strategy and Gameplay section of the Tudor Games Forum page.

If you’re new to reading about our league, here is a little background information in Diamond-Plus vision.

We have one of the most historic and documented leagues in the world in the hobby. We haven’t seen otherwise.

Chris LeMay’s National Electric Football Game Museum is a dream come true for hobbyists. It features coaches, figures, leagues, solitaire, game history, game boards, and the world of electric football since its inception. And, because of Tudor Forum’s “Jaytheking” we decided to add many of the college tags to our LIEFL stars!

The LIEFL consists of all 32 NFL team 67-Big Men with a handpicked selection of the very best 11-man NFL historic all-stars representing a roster combination consisting of our favorite stars from different NFL eras, including current generation players. It is hard to select some of the best players in the history of a team. These players consist of the very best draft picks who play both sides of the ball on offense and defense. The LIEFL uses custom painted home and away teams with Bee-nut decaled NFL uniforms.

This is the eighth Straight and final LIEFL 7-Game season in the 7-game season format as a league after producing ten successful 14-game seasons with committed coaches! It is hard to play one season let alone eight in a row, but when you put money on the line, regardless of the fun, loyal competition is bound to show up.

LIEFL Super Bowl XIX will complete the league, yet the excitement for the upcoming season is amazing. Pride and honor will not waver from the committed coaches who play in the LIEFL.

After another exciting fast paced competitive 2023 season, the stakes are high again! Five thousand big ones are on the line for the winner of LIEFL SUPER BOWL XIX!


A message from the LIEFL Commissioner Billy O’C.

Billy said, “In my free time while the LIEFL prepares for the upcoming season, I have had an awesome experience following Tudor Forum’s Solitaire Leagues voting for MVP, following their Drafts, learning what is important to the coaches, and studying videos which have been so great along. I also followed and support the National Electric Football Game Museum, and more.”

Below is what is in store for the LIEFL’s final season as a league according to Billy O’C.

This season, there will be weekly Standings and scores reported in the Tudor Forum along with Rushing, All-Purpose Yards, Kick Return Yards, Receiving Yards, Defensive Stats, and LIEFL Player of the Week in our weekly write ups.

Our Divisional NFC Parades featured in April’s Tudor Forum, illustrated new throwback looks and figure size upgrades to replace the Buccaneers, Raiders, and Saints who were undersized 67-Big Men. The AFC Parades wi9ll take place just before the season ki9cks off i9n July.

We found some handpicked monsters in our collection to replace the smaller figures on the undersized 67-Bigs teams, which we feel gives a team an advantage since we are not allowed to add weight to players. Every coach is digging as deep as they can to get an advantage.

After last year’s Super Bowl Johnny Freeport’s Falcons were weighed when a few coaches suspected Freeport may have added weight to the figure bases. But the Falcons and Freeport checked out, and there in fact, there was no weight added at all. The Falcons would have been banned from any further play for the 2024 season, and another team would have filled the slot. That would have been HUGE news in this league.

In other news around the league, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will sport new white uniform jerseys with the perfect old Buccaneers 70’s emblem on the helmet, with spectacular color.

The New Orleans Saints and Las Vegas Raiders replaced all their players with brand new and larger players along with spit-and-polished paint jobs for their final season. Long hours of dedication went into custom painting.

The league also had many votes to contend with because every change made in the LIEFL must be voted on by majority rule.

Voted NO to 30 second set up clock RULE NEGOTIATED.

Voted YES to 35 seconds for setups with no countbacks.

Voted YES to ITZ option on player bases in the Draft with two pack purchase. LIEFL purchased 15 packs of TTC player bases for the draft this year. Thousands of TTC bases and rookie bases are still in the draft pool bucket for coaches to make changes throughout the season.

As we reported, we are not convinced at all that the ITZ are far from superior on O/D lines.  Compared to the TTC bases on the line, TTC dominated in our case against the ITZ. We wasted $35 and donated the ITZ bases who were in the test run to the museum. Maybe the player bases are good for the new Tudor boards which we do not use, but for the old game boards. The ITZ bases we really liked are the running back and receiver bases. Several of those bases we tweaked will be put to the test this season with no bias, just strictly performance based.

Voted NO to no-stops to pass. The LIEFL remains a one stop league.

Voted YES to 5K Payout for Super Bowl XIX

Voted YES to $300 dues fee.

Voted NO to using Human Hand to Pass. Coaches MUST use the Tudor Yellow Passer/Kicker.


LIEFL Coach Joey Pizz said, “This season I will go all out like a madman like I do every season regardless because I love the hobby, and the fact that $5,000 dollars is on the line makes the competition even more intense no matter what anyone thinks. This was the best draft ever. I don’t want to stop playing the game and I offered Billy O’C $4,000 for this league.”


Last year's LIEFL Super Bowl XVIII Champion Atlanta Falcons and controversial LIEFL Coach Johnny Freeport, the loudest coach in the league, will lead the way in the 2024 LIEFL parade. Freeport hasn’t started all the trash talk yet because he hasn’t been around, but when he returns, he will start the engines.

We have a tradition in the LIEFL for any team who wins the LIEFL Super Bowl. A Super Bowl Trophy Sticker is placed on the Super Bowl winning team’s player box for their trophy case to begin the next season. The 2024 sticker is beautiful!

Some of the LIEFL coaches have made early indication that this final year will be ferocious with excellent draft picks.


Below is 2023’s Leaderboard and top players in Rushing, All-Purpose yards, Kick Returns, and Receiving. Finally, the outlook for every team and coach in the league along with their draft results are in this article.

2023 LIEFL TOP OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Joseph Addai-RB-Indianapolis Colts 64-1767-12/100TD, 99

2023 LIEFL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Justin Jefferson-MIN 18-726-4/100TD


2023 LIEFL TOP RUSHER:  Priest Holmes-RB-KC 39-682-11/59

2023 LIEFL TOP ALL-PURPOSE YARDS PLAYER: Joseph Addai-RB-IND 64-1767-12/100TD, 99

2023 LIEFL TOP KICK RETURN PLAYER: Jay Brown-WR-KR-BUF 21-1409-6/6X100TD

2023 LIEFL TOP RECEIVER: Julio Jones-WR-ATL 7-247-6/50TD


In category order: Name, Team, Touches, Yards, Touchdown’s, and longest play completed in that category for each leading player.

LIEFL Seven Game Season Record Holders.

AFC All-Time DÉFENSE LEADER: TACKLES: Record Holder: (2020) AFC & LIEFL JAC-Rob Meier 14


Record Holder: (2023) NFC & LIEFL DET-Lomas Brown 10


Record Holder: AFC (2022) LA-Tomlinson (55-743-12)

2023 Leaderboard

1.   Holmes-KC 39-682-11/59

2.   Simpson-BUF 41-632-13/52TD

3.   Addai-IND 43-539-12/50TD

4.   Bell-NYJ 41-508-8/53

5.   M. Pruitt-CLE 53-454-5/52

6.   Davis-DEN 50-448-5/49TD

7.   Morris-MIA  58-406-5/49TD

8.   Tomlinson-LAC 38-401-7/54TD

9.   Taylor-JAC 47-332-7/30TD

10. Lewis-BAL 37-324-2/51TD


Record Holder: NFC & LIEFL (2019) SF-Watters (65-925-18TDS)

2023 Leaderboard

1. Middleton-GB 46-674-12/60TD

2. Riggs-ATL 48-659-7/61TD

3. Foster-CAR 38-629-12/70TD

4. Smith-DAL 49-584-7/66TD

5. Watters-SF 49-519-6/67TD

6. Payton-CHI 39-512-9/65TD

7. Lynch-SEA 34-426-9/63TD

8. Byars-PHI 41-406-8/65TD

9. Bussey-DET 47-375-5/70TD

10. Barkley-NYG 43-371-6/56TD


Record Holder: AFC (2018) KC-Holmes (68-1942-16)

2023 Leaderboard

1.     Addai-IND 64-1767-12/100TD, 99

2.     Swann-PIT 27-1524-8/5X100TDS

3.     Casper-LVR 27-1471-6/3X100TD

4.     Taylor-JAC 63-1436-9/2X100TD

5.     Davis-DEN 65-1414-8/3X100TD

6.     Jay Brown-BUF 21-1409-6/6X100TD

7.     Dayne-HOU 56-1326-7/100TD

8.     Jones-TEN 23-1133-4/100TD

9.     Mason-BAL 19-1131-5/5x100TD

10.   Collinsworth-CIN 20-1053-6/5X100TD


Record Holder: NFC & LIEFL (2019) ATL-Riggs (78-2339-21)

2023 Leaderboard

1.     Riggs-ATL 68-1741-11/3X100TD

2.     Lynch-SEA 55-1675-14/3X100TD

3.     Bussey-DET 69-1626-11/5x100TDS

4.     Green-WAS 51-1589-11/8x100TD

5.     Bradshaw-NYG 23-1367-5/5x100TD

6.     Gault-CHI 23-1350-7/4X100TD

7.     Giles-TB 25-1340-6/4X100TD

8.     Bush-NO 58-1272-8/2X100TD

9.     Carmichael-PHI 22-1232-3/2x100TDS

10.   Sharpe-GB 23-1171-2/81


Record Holder: (2020) AFC DEN-Davis (22-1530-8/8x100TD)

2023 Leaderboard

1.     Jay Brown-BUF 21-1409-6/6X100TD

2.     Casper-LVR 21-1323-3/3X100TD

3.     Swann-PIT 20-1298-5/5X100TDS

4.     Hill-KC 22-1200-3/3x100TD

5.     Addai-IND 18-1148-1/100TD, 99

6.     Mason-BAL 18-1117-5/5x100TD

7.     Taylor-JAC 18-1104-2/2x100TD

8.     Dayne-HOU 19-1096-3/3X100TD

9.     Collinsworth-CIN 14-976-5/5X100TD

10.   Duper-MIA 20-975-3/3X100TD 


Record Holder: NFC & LIEFL (2019) PHI-Carmichael (24-1696-11 LIEFL 7GS RECORD 11 x100 TDS)

2023 Leaderboard

1.     Bradshaw-NYG 21-1345- 5/5x100TDS

2.     Green-WAS-18-1319-8/8x100TD

3.     Gault-CHI 19-1249-4/4X100TD

4.     Bussey-DET 19-1217-5/5x100TDS

5.     Giles-TB 21-1181-4/4x100TD

6.     Carmichael-PHI 20-1172-2/2X100TDS

7.     Lynch-SEA 19-1159-3/3X100TD

8.     Sharpe-GC 21-1097-0/81

9.     Riggs-ATL 19-1077-3/3x100TD

10.   Jones-CAR 18-1046-2/2X100TD


Record Holder: AFC & LIEFL (2019) BAL-Nordic (7-363-4/73TD,67TD)

2023 Leaderboard

1.     McCaffery-DEN 5-244-5/55TD

2.     Swann-PITT 7-226-3/37TD

3.     Mark van Eeghen -LVR 4-178-4/51TD

4.     Moss-NE 5-167-3/63TD

5.     Jones-TEN 4-167-3/55TD

6.     Griffin-HOU 3-153-3/57TD

7.     Gonzalez-KC 3-152-1/68

8.     Casper-LVR 6-148-3/48TD

9.     Hurns-JAC 2-119-1/62

10.   Alsworth-LAC 3-107/2/53


Record Holder: NFC (2019) DET-Johnson (6-359-5TD)

2023 Leaderboard

1.     Jones-ATL 7-247-6/50TD

2.     Moore-TB 5-202-2/45TD

3.     Jefferson-MIN 8-191-3/56TD

4.     Taylor-WAS 5-190-3/47

5.     Gray-AZ 4-175-3/73TD

6.     Owens-DAL 4-164-3/60TD

7.     Giles-TB 4-159-2/50TD

8.     Ditka-CHI 3-140-1/79TD

9.     Bavaro-NYG 4-139-1/48

10.   Bruce-LAR 3-138-4/55TD

 The 2024 LIEFL Regular Season Schedule.

 The LIEFL is playing games from select NFL weeks 1,2,3,4,8,16, and 17 from the 2024 NFL Schedule. There are 112 regular season games in the LIEFL with 14 teams, 7 from the NFC and 7 from the AFC, qualifying for the Tournament of Champions.

 Our 2023 Elite 14 Qualifiers                

LIEFL Super Bowl XVIII Champion: Atlanta Falcons

 NFC: Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, and Los Angeles Rams.  

 AFC: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos, and Las Vegas Raiders.



Bring it on!

This year's NFC East will again be like every other division in this league with powerhouse teams who made out big in the March draft. Every team and coach in the league locked, loaded, contentious, and ready for battle.

We can’t say exactly which LIEFL season has been the best ever because they have all been so amazing in this hobby! Our pride is beaming because of the success these veteran coaches have created. Like Joey Pizz, several coaches have made financial offers to Billy O’C for the LIEFL, but he is contemplating LIEFL’s next step.

Up first is the NFC East!


WASHTD.png.57ce76cf9bc39598121110972f0a65bf.png Washington Redskins (116-74)

Coach: Ed Viggs

·      History: Ranked #2nd in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Seven-Time NFC East Champion, LIEFL 1984 Super Bowl VII Champion, and two-time NFC Champion.

The 2023 Washington Redskins (7-1) and Coach Ed Viggs had a disappointing season finish as the only undefeated team in the seven-game season format before going into the playoffs. They were upset with ONE BIG LOSS by the amazing in-your-face bully ball Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Divisional Game, 31-24! The Skins must recover this year or there is bound to be some taunting by league nemesis Johnny Freeport.

The Redskins went into the playoffs hot, but Atlanta was on fire and then went on to trample the NFC with big war wins over the Green Bay Packers 24-14, and in the NFC Championship Game, the Falcons set a LIEFL record for most points scored in a playoff game against the Carolina Panthers 59-50, before crushing the LA Chargers hopes to win their first LIEFL Super Bowl XVIII 36-34, in OT!

Most coaches in the league still do not think the Falcons are the best team in the league. But Coach Joey Pizz said, “Johnny Freeport had magic and a little luck with his Falcons. He earned the win.”

Washington is still the team to beat in the NFC East until proven otherwise.

In the draft the Skins picked up some hefty beef to add to the offensive chemistry of their line by making five key changes to an already potent team. They replaced both linebacker player bases, both tackle player bases, and Nevada’s Charles Mann's player base at line. Viggs is going for it all.

Do you think Ed Viggs will be ready to show the league that this team is no fluke?

Three of the four teams Viggs coaches made the playoffs in 2023.

One of the premiere players and in the LIEFL for the Redskins is running back and U of Florida’s LIEFL All-Pro Tony Green. Green brings back his blazing speed to the Redskins offense. He had a super year finishing as the #4 all-purpose player in the NFC, and 5th in the LIEFL overall with 51-1589-11/8x100TD! Those are great numbers for the LIEFL seven time All Pro and two-time Pro Bowl MVP. Green is a beast, and he won’t let up until the Redskins win another Super Bowl.

Crazy enough it’s been 40 years since the Skins have won a Super Bowl in this league. Their last SB title was in 1984, when the Redskins finished 14-3 beating Miami 34-31 in OT, in a memorable LIEFL Super Bowl VII game between Viggs and Billy O’C in front of a full house. U of Kansas star John Riggins was voted MVP!

In 2023, Tony Green set an LIEFL record in a single season game with five 100-yard kick returns and touchdowns in a single game, the final game of the regular season when the Redskins upset the Giants on the road 35-31, in a historic battle! It was an electrifying and unforgettable game! Green went on the rampage with a romping 500 kick-return yards in the game. No player in the league had ever run back five 100-yard touchdown returns until Green accomplished this electrifying feat.

Coach Joey Pizz said, “In this league every kickoff is from the endzone so to accomplish that in one game is magical. In my opinion, we would never play by what is called TAP rules, turning players around while the kickoff raiders go after the kick returner. It’s ridiculous with all the game stops and even more ridiculous that TAP is considered advanced play.”

The record for 100-yard returns in the LIEFL was set in 2019 by Philadelphia’s big man, Harold Carmichael, who had a record setting eleven 100-yard touchdowns returned in a season!

COWBOYSTD.png.5c214b278f2b83b3076eedc8f53353d7.png Dallas Cowboys (93-86)

Coach: Levi Vick

·      History: Ranked #9th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Two-Time NFC East Champion, and 8-time NFC playoff contender who will match up with anyone.

The 2023 NFC East second place Dallas Cowboys (5-2) and Coach Levi Vick made some great additions through the draft. They picked up three fourth-round draft picks, replacing both linebacker bases, and Ed “Too Tall Jones player base, and Harvey Martin’s bases were changed as well.

The Cowboys need to capitalize on a terrific 2023 season after losing a thriller to Carolina in the NFC Wild Card Game 49-48! Many coaches feel that Dallas can go all the way this season with the talent they have. The Cowboys have made the LIEFL playoffs two out of the last three seasons.

University of Florida LIEFL All-Pro running back Emmitt Smith played great in 2023. Smith was 4th in the NFC and 5th in the LIEFL in rushing with a booming 49 touches for 584 yards with seven touchdowns, including one of the league’s longest runs of the season from scrimmage, a 66-yard run!

Playmakers Chattanooga’s Terrell Owens and U of Miami’s Michael Irvin are dangerous players at the corners for Dallas. The Owens and Irvin connection are like the Dolphins Duper and Clayton connection. They have to be double covered, and they don’t falter.

Owens finished 13th in NFC all-purpose yards with 21-939-3/82 and Irvin touched the ball four times for 129 yards with a touchdown when the Cowboys needed him most. They are both potential big playmakers behind that huge Dallas front line led by Larry Allen in the trenches.

Since Dallas Coach Levi Vick, a graduate of Berkley at U of California took over, the two-time Super Bowl Champion from the Nassau League, Vick has brought great life and respect back to the Cowboys.

NYGTD.png.799d5627eb892caae036a00bbd30a6b1.png New York Giants (93-80)

Coach: Joey Pizz

·      History: Ranked #8th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      One of the first seven original teams in the LIEFL.

·      1976-77 First Ever AFL LIEFL Super Bowl II Lost to Chicago 7-6.

·      2008 LIEFL Super Bowl XI Lost to Oakland 27-21 in OT.

·      Two-Time NFC East Champion and NFC Champion

The New York Giants (3-4) drafted well, by picking up a third-round lineman, a fourth-round lineman, and New York replaced linebacker Pepper Johnson's player base with a fourth-round draft pick. Big Blue should be back strong!

The wrecking crew of Marshall’s LIEFL All-Pro’s Ahmad Bradshaw and Penn State’s Shaquon Barkley, will remain one of the top threats in the NFC. Barkley finished 10th in NFC rushing with 43-371-6/56TD, and for the second year straight Bradshaw tore up the NFC again as the top kick returner with 21 touches for a blazing 1345 yards, with five TD’s, all 100-yard touchdown returns! That is some bigtime damage! Bradshaw brings back his intensity and the Giants will again have some hefty competition in the East. There will be a war in every game!

EAGLESTD.png.60635f350637ae97a63ff8f1f398db0e.png Philadelphia Eagles (74-95)

Coach: Matt Zoo-York

·      History: Ranked #22 in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Three Time NFC East Champion

·      One Time NFC Champion

The Philadelphia Eagles (2-5) drafted Sam Houston State’s rookie Tristin McCollum who will fill the slot next to veteran Kieth Byars, using an I T Z player base which the Eagles hope will make him a contributing utility player in 3rd down situations. The Eagles also made out big with four more second round draft picks by replacing both linebackers, a tackle, and a lineman.

Philadelphia must compete and win back pride in the EAST! Keith Byars continues to be the leader for Philly as the one consistent force on the team. Byars was 8th best in NFC rushing, with 41-406-8/65TD.

On the other side of the Eagles PowerGrid is Southern’s Harold Carmichael. The big man stepped up as the 9th best all-purpose player in the NFC with 22-1232-3/2x100TDS and he was 6th best in kick returns with 20-1172-2/2X100TDS behind Tampa Bay’s Jimmie Giles! Carmichael holds the single season kick return record in the LIEFL with his 2019 record-setting LIEFL eleven 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns on just 24 touches for 1696 yards! With those numbers, Carmichael would make any league in the world proud!


PACKTD.png.d3b0f8f37d817abbcb95195556ba98af.pngGreen Bay Packers (108-87)

Coach: Ed Viggs

·      History: Ranked #4th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      One of the original first seven LIEFL Teams

·      NFL vs AFL Super Bowl I, Lost to Miami 1974.

·      Three 10 Win Seasons, 7 Time Division Champion, 8 Playoff Appearances, Three Time NFC Champions, 2020 Super Bowl XVI Champion!

The NFC North saw stellar Coach Ed Viggs Green Bay Packers (4-3) and Paddy Brannigan’s gritty Chicago Bears make it to the LIEFL Tournament of Champions. The Packers are the only team other than the Raiders who accomplished a (9-1) season in the LIEFL 7-Game season format, winning a Super Bowl in 2020. The Redskins were (7-1) in 2023. Those were the three best records in the past seven years.

In 2023, Green Bay lost in the first round NFC Wild Card Game to Super Bowl Champion Atlanta 24-14, while the Bears lost to Carolina 45-39 in OT after Chicago upset the Los Angeles Rams 35-31, in the NFC Wild Card Game! The Bears played great.

Packers running back Memphis’ Terdell Middleton was voted LIEFL All-Pro for the first time in a long time. Middleton had a great year in 2023 as the #2 ranked running back in the NFC and LIEFL, finishing with 46-674-12/60TD!

The last time Middleton was a force in the LIEFL literally was in 1978, in our 14-game season when he was the #2 ranked back in the LIEFL behind Miami’s Mercury Morris. Middleton had a sensational season with 122 touches for 1934 all-purpose yards with 18 touchdowns, but (10-7) Green Bay was shut down by a ferocious Miami Dolphins (16-1) defense in 78’ in LIEFL Super Bowl III, 28-3.

The Pack would finally get their ultimate revenge in 2020 LIEFL Super Bowl XVI beating Miami, 52-49 in a historic LIEFL Overtime Super Bowl with a Sterling Sharpe 100-yard touchdown return baby! A hero was born in the LIEFL!


The Packers will be capitalizing on the running game with Terdell Middleton in the backfield in 2024.

Green Bay made three big changes. Even though South Carolina’s Sterling Sharpe has a great player base, they put that base aside and replaced Sharpe’s base with an ITZ base along with the option to go back to his original base during the season should the new base falter.

Sharpe holds the Packers team record as a receiver with 4143 career all-purpose yards. He finished 12th in 2023 NFC all-purpose yards with 23-1171-2/81, but he did not play as well as expected in the NFC Wild Card Game against Atlanta. The Falcons defense wouldn’t let the Packers find their groove.

Demanding Packers coach Ed Viggs said he needs more performance from the Sharpe. Viggs is one intense guy in both electric football and in life.

Also replaced for the Pack is a tackle base that was found and retested out of thousands extra player bases from the LIEFL leftover “base bucket pool” we call it. The Packers also picked up a powerful linebacker in the 8th round of the draft and they should be set to go as we extended the draft from four rounds to ten after purchasing more and more bases from Tudor.

Green Bay will work hard to make the playoffs again for the third straight season.

BEARSTD.png.5b64788306029794b45848702d0a0fa4.png Chicago Bears (107-78)

Coach: Paddy Brannigan

·      History: Ranked #5th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Three Time NFC Central/North Champion

·      LIEFL Super Bowl II Champion

·      LIEFL Super Bowl X Champion

The NFC North is such a contentious division. The promising and rising Chicago Bears (5-4) are shooting for the Moon in 2024! That playoff taste the Bears had in 2023 isn’t enough! Coach Paddy Brannigan was on the hunt for two linebackers in the draft, and he did some excellent drafting.

The Bears will replace both linebacker bases with a third and fourth round draft picks, and then they replaced University of Texas tackle Steve McMichael’s base with a second-round draft pick in the most powerful round of the LIEFL draft from a great group of Tudor TTC bases. We will mention that second round of the Draft frequently in this article. But will the second round be a boom or bust?

Jackson State LIEFL All-Pro Walter Payton was the Most Improved Player in the Bears lineup, and at the corner wi9th blazing speed is LIEFL All-Pro and U of Tennessee superstar Willie Gault. Gault was the boomer who made a lot of noise around the league for Chicago in 2023. All eyes will be on both players in 2024.

Payton had a breakout season in rushing, ranking 6th in the NFC with 39-512-9/65TD! Willie Gault torched the NFC & LIEFL in 2023, ranking 3rd in NFC kick returns with 19-1249-4/4X100TD and Gault was 6th in NFC all-purpose yards with 23-1350-7/4X100TD, but that’s not all. Gault walked away with the LIEFL Pro Bowl Game All-Star MVP Award to boot, with his 62-yard touchdown catch on the last play of the game to win the Pro Bowl for the NFC 21-14!  That will give a player lots of respect and recognition around the league.

Chicago made huge strides, and with the changes from the draft, so watch out for Walter Payton and the speedy Willie Gault in 2024!

MINNTD.png.598bbe34b6b91af5c7db9303111c0131.png Minnesota Vikings (93-92)

Coach: Joey Pizz

·      History: Ranked #11th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Four Time NFC Central/North Champion

Coach Joey Pizz Minnesota Vikings walked away from 2023 disappointed in their turnout at (2-5), after their historic upset over the Panthers in the NFC Wild Card Game in the LIEFL 2022 Tournament of Champions. The Vikings need to be consistent in 2024 by bringing in the muscle.

Minnesota improved by picking up a defensive end in the fifth-round and a tackle in the fourth-round to add to their gritty defense led by one of the best tackles in University of Minnesota’s veteran LIEFL in All-Pro Carl Eller. Eller continues to be a star anchor in the LIEFL on defense for the Vikings by making huge plays.

Minnesota has some hot spots in the offensive lineup with help from 2023 LIEFL Rookie of the Year, LSU’s speedster Justin Jefferson. Jefferson made a huge difference on offense finishing the 2023 season ranked 17th in the NFC, with 18-726-4/100TD, and the rising star brings great promise, relieving Oklahoma’s Adrian Peterson from kick returns and burning defenders at the corners.

Adrian Peterson ranked 16th in the NFC mustering up a measly and messy 777 all-purpose yards, scoring just three touchdowns in 2023. The Vikings won’t compete with those numbers, even though Coach Johnny Freeport thinks numbers don’t matter, yet he brags about Falcons King, Gerald Riggs.

LIONSTD.png.e38ccc35039c1e484dcf535b4bcc2a06.png Detroit Lions (78-82)

Coach: Johnny Freeport

·      History: Ranked #18th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Two Time NFC Central/North Champion

·      Two Time NFC Champion

·      2016 LIEFL Super Bowl XII Champion

Johnny Freeport’s Detroit Lions (2-5) should come roaring back in 2024. The Lions replaced two linemen with two fourth round picks. This team has been a consistent competitor, but as the league continues to see progress the competition has been nothing short of outstanding by every team in the league.

Most people, even the best of football fans may have never heard of him, but the one sure force behind Johnny Freeport’s Detroit Lions optics has been the play of LIEFL magical superstar from the University of Texas-Arlington, LIEFL All-Pro Dexter Bussey. Bussey was years before Barry Sanders and even before Billy Sims.

With Bussey’s 53-year-old single clip blazing speed player base, he is the workhorse behind the Lions success. Bussey is a LIEFL Hall of Famer and Golden Boy with a career 12,789 all-purpose yards with 89 touchdowns! He is 2,211 all-purpose yards shy of 15,000, and just 11 touchdowns shy of 100 in the league!

In 2023, Bussey ranked 3rd in NFC all-purpose yards with 69 touches for 1626 all-purpose yards, with 11 touchdowns, five for 100-yards! The unseen electric football Golden Boy award to us, is the equivalent of the NFL’s All-Madden Best of Best All-Decade team, reserved only for the most outstanding players in the league.

The more Dexter Bussey plays the better Bussey seems to get. Bussey is a downright dangerous badass who will rise to the occasion regardless of who is in front of him or who is chasing him by from any league. Bussey does so much on his own and he sets the tone for the Lions!

LIEFL Defensive Player of the Year University of Florida’s Lomas Brown at tackle, will lead the way for Detroit on defense.

LIEFL Dexter Bussey featured in the video at the top of the page.


FALCONSTD.png.582bfd155d809d7d12650336ba1263ec.png OIP(1).jpg.382c1114dff9c72b08873f3d438c8baf.jpgAtlanta Falcons (83-94)

Coach: Johnny Freeport

·      History: Ranked 14th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Two Time NFC South Champion

·     2023 Super Bowl XVIII Champion

NFC South Champion Atlanta Falcons had a historic season finishing (9-2) in 2023. The “Dirty Birds” had a head-banging year to remember, winning the grueling and brutal LIEFL Super Bowl XVIII Tournament of Champions! The magical force was on the side of the Falcons.

Coach Johnny Freeport’s “Posse” ran with the momentum right through everyone in the NFC playoffs as the NFC Wild Card team. Freeport’s Falcons upset everybody in the Tournament of Champions with Atlanta eventually beating one of the LIEFL’s winningest teams, the AFC Champion Los Angeles Chargers 36-34, in an overtime thriller!

Beyond the league, in the Nassau County “Trailblazer Top Gun Tournament” Johnny Freeport’s Birds made the LIEFL proud by capturing the Championship payout of $500 in the Top Gun Tourney as well.

We’d be hard pressed to not recognize Johnny Freeport’s mastery in both tournaments. 2023 was his year as a $3700 dollar winner.  

Atlanta will be the team to beat in 2024. The Falcons made one big change at tackle with a fifth-round draft pick, but they are ready to work toward a repeat!

With a four-player threat on offense, Arizona State’s LIEFL All-Pro and co-Super Bowl XVIII MVP Hall of Fame player Gerald Riggs will be back to terrorize the league as he chases and sets more records in 2024.

Riggs has had an astonishing career by any standard of the game or real life, with 14,946 all-purpose yards in the LIEFL, with an incredible 113 touchdowns! He is 54 historic yards short of the 15,000-yard mark. But how do the Falcons have just one LIEFL Super Bowl title with the talent they have?   

Gerald Riggs was the top all-purpose player in the NFC in 2023 finishing 2nd in the LIEFL behind league leading Indy’s LIEFL Offensive Player of the Year Joseph Addai, who had 64-1767-12/100TD, and a 99-yard return.

Last season, Addai took the Colts to the AFC Championship Game, and Riggs had 68-1741-11/3X100TD comparatively, but Riggs won a Super Bowl MVP and title! The blazing speed running back also holds the all-time seven game season record for most all-purpose yards in the LIEFL with a stunning 78 touches for 2339 all-purpose yards, with 21 touchdowns, set in 2019!

No player in the LIEFL has come close.

With Utah’s Jamaal Anderson as Riggs backup, along with the top receiver in the NFC and LIEFL All-Pro, Alabama’s Julio Jones, who had 7-247-6/50TD, along with co-Super Bowl XVIII MVP from Stanford, Austin Hooper, the NFC is not a safe division, but it will be souring with competition.

Carolina, Tampa Bay, and New Orleans are gunning for Johnny Freeport’s Dirty Birds.


CARTD.png.a014222d028010744b4ff239936d627b.pngCarolina Panthers (45-40)

Coach: Matt Zoo York

·      History: Ranked #28th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Six Time NFC South Champions

·      Three Time NFC Finalists

Neck-and-Neck with the Atlanta Falcons are the highly competitive Carolina Panthers (7-3) who have no fear!

The Panthers have been a very consistent team in the wins category, with 29 wins with 23 losses in the 7-game season format since 2008. Like the Chargers in the AFC, Carolina has all the tools to be a great tournament team.

With their powerhouse offense ranked 3rd in the LIEFL, and a defense that needs work, ranked 17th in the LIEFL, the Panthers battled all the way to the NFC Championship Game losing to divisional rival Atlanta 59-50, in a historic thriller! The game was the most points ever scored in the LIEFL in an NFC playoff game in the 2000 season NFC Wild Card Game when Dallas beat Atlanta 56-52! The Chiefs hold the AFC record for most points scored in an AFC Playoff Game with their 58-57 AFC Divisional Championship win over Miami.

Carolina’s 2023 run to the NFC Championship Game opened eyes once again. The only change the Panthers are making is at receiver with a blazing speed I T Z first-round draft pick, which now makes them a four-threat team.

With University of California’s LIEFL All-Pro DeShaun Foster in the backfield, opposing defenses will have their hands full trying to figure out how to stop him. Foster was the 3rd best rusher in the NFC with 38-629-12/70TD! That’s not all!

Foster and Greg Jones are a lethal combo for Carolina. Jones had another fantastic year as the all-purpose back. He put up blistering numbers for an assistant as the most desired player in the NFC, ranking 12th in all-purpose with 19-1083-3/100TD, and Jones was also a beast as Foster’s one-two knockout punch setup man, ranking his steel workmanship 10th in the NFC in kick returns with18-1046-2/2X100TD! Between the duo, they had 1712 all purpose yards with 15 touchdowns produced from their high-powered offense in 2023!

There isn’t a team in the league that doesn’t want Greg Jones on their team, but Coach Matt Zoo York said, “It is not going to happen. Jones is too good to give away and that would ruin the synergy of what we are building in Carolina! We have a great chance of making it to the Super Bowl this year.”

The Panthers thought they needed no additions from the draft, so they passed on a fourth-round draft pick.

BUCSTD.png.04f5c5de71e0e9c5fe7617b622837aea.pngTampa Bay Buccaneers (75-98)

Coach: Joey Pizz

·      History: Ranked #20th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      One Time NFC Finalist

Coach Joey Pizz’ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4) must make their move down the home stretch this year.

The Bucs picked up two first round player bases. They have a replacement for outside linebacker in California’s Hardy Nickerson, and they also picked up the fastest ITZ player base in the draft for Ricky Bell which should be a game changer for Tampa Bay. USC’s Ricky Bell along with Alcorn State’s LIEFL All-Pro Jimmie Giles, will be the key to bringing back the excitement for the Bucs who should compete hard again for the division.

Coach Joey Pizz said that Atlanta, Carolina, and New Orleans will know who is gunning for them this season.

The talented, respected, and dangerous skilled Giles has Hall of Fame numbers. Giles begins the 2024 LIEFL season with a historic team best 6,461 Career All-Purpose Yards with 24 Touchdowns as he grabs more history for Tampa Bay! In 2023, the steady Giles ranked 7th in NFC all-purpose yards with 25-1340-6/4X100TD, and he ranked 3rd in NFC kick returns with 21-1181-4/4x100TD!

Size matters! The upgraded Bucs will sport gorgeous new white throwback uniforms on the road this season. There will be several throwback uniforms featured in the league! Tampa Bay is just one of them. New Orleans will have new dark uniforms, all with bigger 67-Big Men, and the Raiders look super!

SAINTS.png.499304e7a5a877f33da41e25469ba19d.png New Orleans Saints (83-86)

Coach: Bobby Biggs

·      History: Ranked #15th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Three-Time West/South Champions

·      Two-Time NFC Champion

·      LIEFL Super Bowl VIII Champion

The New Orleans Saints cleaned house!

Frustrated second year Coach (SUNY Stony Brook) Bobby Biggs New Orleans Saints (1-6) is getting the ink in this LIEFL Outlook article.

Biggs suffered through his rookie coaching season with an abysmal season losing an embarrassing six of seven games for the team’s second straight season.

The Saints had five first round draft picks to boast about in 2023 from the 2022 draft, but they were a total bust.

New Orleans continues to be a unpredictable team with seemingly a dark cloud hanging over them. But this time Bobby Biggs cleaned the house alright, and the Saints will see many new faces and player bases after having the first picks in the draft. This time around, Biggs believes his Saints will be on the right track in a highly contested division against Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Super Bowl XVIII Champion Atlanta.

It may have taken Bobby Biggs time to learn the fast setups and pace of the LIEFL, but Biggs showed his sharp coaching skills in the LIEFL Tournament of Champions after going through the grueling process as a rookie coach. He only got better and better at the end of the season after figuring the competition out.  

One thing is certain, Bobby Biggs is determined to bring the sunshine back to New Orleans in 2024. Biggs upgraded the size of his Saints. He repainted those new figures which have the 78’ throwback look, and he went on a drafting binge by drafting five rookie players and bases to compete in one of the most competitive divisions in the LIEFL.

The Saints replaced Louisiana Tech tackle William Roaf’s player base with an existing player base from the pool. Roaf had seven tackles in 2023 to lead the New Orleans defense. And in the first round they replaced linebacker Ricky Jackson's player base. Jackson is out and New Orleans is going with new guys on the current player roster to rebuild.

Arkansas State’s Demario Davis will wear #56 this year at linebacker, and another new face will be in the defensive backfield wearing #20, from Ohio State, Pete Werner!

Big changes for Biggs!  

This is an entirely new team again with experience in the backfield, but at the core and nucleus of the team is star LIEFL All-Pro running back, USC’s Reggie Bush!

Reggie Bush is one of the best playmakers in the league. We witnessed his consistency when the Saints upset the Giants 24-21 in week four of the LIEFL regular season! Bush rumbled for 65 yards rushing in the game, with a touchdown. He ran for another 244 kick return yards with a deadly 100-yard touchdown run, which sealed the upset, but then the Saints lost the next three games on the road to Detroit 7-0, Tennessee 17-14, and finally, Minnesota, who beat New Orleans 17-14, in very close battles.

Bush was 11th in NFC rushing with 40-360-6/50TD. He was 8th in NFC all-purpose yards with a respectable 58-1272-8/2X100TD, and he finished 12th in NFC kick-returns with 15-905-2/2x100TD!

University of Tennessee’s Alvin Kamara will wear #41. Kamara will be a reliable utility player to make a Bush-Kamara duo impact, unescapable against opponents for Coach Biggs in 2024.That’s not all. Biggs made two more big changes, one on the D-Line and the other at receiver. The Saints added Western Illinois D-Lineman Khalen Sanders who will wear # 99, and finally, the last big change in the lineup for the 2024 Saints is Ohio State’s Chris Olave who replaces Marcus Colston, and Olave takes his number #12 jersey to add to the boot!

Bobby Biggs said, “As the newcomer to the LIEFL, I am trying to create a new culture with this team by taking them from being laughed at, to being feared. I wouldn’t want to play in any other league. Billy O ‘C has this league running like a professional operation really, but because the league used the NFL Schedule in a certain order, somehow, can you believe, we didn’t face a team in the division. How did this happen? Whatever, I am gunning for every coach and team in this league with a well-planned approach. It should not matter who we play. We need to control our destiny.”

Biggs continued, “My attitude toward this Saints team is, this is a solid team, but don’t let the door hit the 2023 performers on the way out. They embarrassed me, so they are gone! I don’t care how many first-round draft picks we had. It’s a very tough league so you have to put in the personnel to deal with what I am dealing with in the South. I have to win at least four games with this team so I won’t hesitate to pull people who can’t perform under stress in 2024. I will perform like I did in my old league, but these are the best coaches I have played against in my history. I took them too lightly.”

The New Orleans Saints must come back alive and protect the one-time Super Bowl winning franchise reputation by bringing back the magic like they did when they earned the LIEFL Super Bowl VIII title in 1991, with a huge win over the Dolphins in Double overtime 26-20! The Saints were 11-3 in the regular season, finishing 15-3, that year!

Watch out for the NFC South! It will be hotter than “Southern” HOT in this warzone!


The NFC West was suspect all year in 2023.

RAMSTD.thumb.png.940b4c1a8c127a5c74f8ba9b32157300.png Los Angeles Rams (93-91)

Coach: Joe Bino takes over for Billy O ‘C

·      History: Ranked #10th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      9 Playoff Appearances, 5 Division Championships, 2 NFC Championship, 2 x LIEFL Super Bowl Champion (2018, 2019) Super Bowl XIV and Super Bowl XV. LA has a record of 41-25 in the seven-game season format.

The Los Angeles Rams (6-2) managed to win the division. They were upset by the red-hot NFC Wild Card Chicago Bears 35-31, in the first round of the 2023 playoffs! It is possible for LA to reach the 100-game wins historic plateau with a big season.

LA replaced Utah State’s Merlin Olson's player base with the first-round draft choice and that's as far as they would go in the draft. Their usual producers played great, but because of the power of the draft these back-to-back forming 2018 Super Bowl XIV and 2019 Super Bowl XV Champion Rams saw the competition and big money league catch up fast, fierce, and furious.

Los Angeles is the only LIEFL team other than Miami to win back-to-back titles, and it has not happened since.

The Rams have the players. In 2018, the LIEFL Rams drafted Memphis State University’s Rev. Isaac Bruce. Bruce was the key to winning back-to-back LIEFL titles. Last season he finished 11th in NFC all-purpose yards, and he was 17th in the LIEFL with 22-1157-5/100. Although he had a declining season in 2023, UCLA running back Wendell Tyler from Crenshaw, California remains a force in the NFC ranking 14th in NFC rushing with 46-298-2/61TD.

The Rams pressing “Fab Five” defense has slowed up now with a league who have caught up very fast with the pace of the competition.

Mississippi Valley State Defensive Tackle Rosey Greir led the way in 2023 defense in tackles for the Rams with five. Deacon Jones, Merlin Olsen, Jackie Slater, and Chris Long, kept LA in games when the offense wasn’t producing. Let’s not forget the speedy Kansas star Nolan Cromwell and Florida’s Jack Youngblood whose solid play makeup LA’s defensive backfield.

The Rams are still a great team, but the league and the talent has caught up, so coach Joe Bino has to figure out how to stay competitive.

SFTD.png.1d9b01b49d65a27d7860e31f6caa5acb.png San Francisco 49ers (73-83)  

Coach: Ed Viggs

·      History: Ranked #23rd in LIEFL All-Time.

·      5 X NFC West Division Champions, 2 X NFC Champion.

·      Lost LIEFL Super Bowls VI to Miami in 1983, and Super Bowl XVII to Kansas City in 2022.

The neighboring stiff competition for the Rams is the 2022 NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers (3-4). San Francisco slipped in 2023, but they are back with some changes!

Coach Ed Viggs made one of the smartest decisions in the draft in 2021 by passing on the draft after going winless at 0-7. Now he is capitalizing!

Well, the moment has come in 2024 where Viggs finally made out like a bandit with three first round draft picks at guard, tackle, and Mississippi Valley States' Jerry Rice’s player base which is now being replaced with the first-round draft choice using a promising I T Z base!

Rice had an off-year after ranking 14th in NFC kick-returns with 16-718-0/81, and he ranked 15th in NFC all-purpose yards with 20-810-2/81. The newly drafted I T Z base will be put to the test in this league. Rice will be on full display for every coach in the league to see in the process. The money is on the line!

People can say what they like about this league, but you won’t find any weak competition in any coach or team in this league—PERIOD!

Worth mentioning is Notre Dame’s Ricky Watters’ 5th ranked NFC rushing effort. Watters rushed for 49-519-6/67TD! Put bodies in front of Watters and opponents will have a long day trying to stop him. Also, tackle Harris Barton’s player base will be replaced with a tough 8th round draft choice.

Watch out for the 49ers in 2024! The two-time NFC Champions may sneak up on the competition and be ready for another LIEFL Super Bowl run.

CARDSTD.png.70580ca586014bc71f1c346953ed616c.pngArizona Cardinals (71-103)

Coach: Kevin “Mack” Maloney

·      History: Ranked #24th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Five Time Playoff contender.

Coach Kevin Mack’s Arizona Cardinals (2-5) made out fantastic in the draft with a first-round pick at linebacker, another sixth-round linebacker pick, a first-round tackle pick, and a second-round guard. Those four changes should be huge for the Cards.

Hopefully, the draft moves for the Cards will elevate U of Miami’s OJ Anderson’s rushing game. Anderson ranked 12th best in NFC rushing with 48-338-4/49TD. Return specialist Missouri’s Mel Gray had an off year, ranked 14th in NFC all-purpose yards with just 19-848-4/100TD.

The NFC West is always wide open and unpredictable. The Cards have a chance to make their move!

SEATTTD.png.a2d66e671b677b0885ef1c713babd99a.pngSeattle Seahawks (57-112)

Coach: Change from Bobby Biggs to Joe Bino

·      History: Ranked #27th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Two-Time Playoff contender.

·      One Time NFC West Division Champion

It’s time for change in Seattle. Coach Joe Bino will now coach the Seattle Seahawks (2-5) this season. Billy O’C is allowing Bobby Biggs to adopt the Indianapolis Colts for the 2024 season after Biggs coached the Colts to a magical AFC Championship Game where Joe Bino then let the Colts down against coach Viggs LA Chargers, losing to Los Angeles 45-42 in the AFC CG! Bino is not happy with the move, but he loves University of California’s Marshawn Lynch.

Seattle has a gem in one of the top proven backs in the LIEFL in All-Pro Marshawn Lynch. Lynch was in beast mode as usual, but the Hawks went nowhere in 2023 as they hit a dead end with a brutal schedule and taunted O-Line. Lynch was amazing in 2022 as well, but his effort can’t be in vain.

In 2023, Marshawn Lynch had incredible performance numbers in this top competitive league. He ranked 2nd in NFC and 3rd in the LIEFL in all-purpose yards with 55-1675-14/3X100TD, 7th in NFC rushing with 34-426-9/63TD, and Lynch finished an amazing 7th in NFC kick returns with 19-1159-3/3X100TD.

 Arguably, no player in this league gave the effort that Lynch did in the Seahawks losing effort. He is one of the top players in the LIEFL and he would be a BIG star in any league. Watch out!

The Draft was challenging for the Hawks. Seattle replaced both linebacker player bases in linebacker University of Oklahoma’s Brian Bosworth and UCLA Safety Kenny Easley, and they picked up a huge first round pick at wide receiver by replacing Ohio State’s Joey Galloway's player base with a blazing fast I T Z player base.

What competition there will be in the West! Will 2024 be Seattle’s year?


In 2024, the AFC will compete hard again, but who will represent the AFC in the playoffs this year?

BILLSTD2.png.6af05fd79c56f5b20358fedcb271efeb.png Buffalo Bills (87-85)

Coach: Joe Bino

·      History: Ranked #12th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Nine LIEFL Playoff appearances.

·      One-Time AFC East Champion.

·      2017 LIEFL Super Bowl XIII Champion.

The defending AFC East Division Champion Buffalo Bills (5-3) had a disappointing 2023 season after folding to Miami 42-31, in the AFC Wild Card Game.

Unlike the record-setting run the Bills had in 2017, when they stormed the league by whipping every team in the TOC, winning LIEFL Super Bowl XIII in a runaway beating the defending LIEFL Super Bowl XII Champion Detroit Lions 49-35, in 2023, Buffalo beat Miami the week before the AFC Wild Card Game in the final game of the regular 2023 season.

We will keep controversial USC Heisman Trophy Winner OJ Simpson’s “football only life” alive in his passing.

Losing two in a row against the same team in this league opens eyes and it also causes coaches to make considerable changes. Joe Bino wasn’t having it in place of Billy O’C, who is still working on his New York Yankees B A T B O Y Ray Negron documentary.

Buffalo made two major changes in their lineup, picking up an ITZ player base for Kutztown’s Andre Reed and the other big move the Bills made was drafting a powerhouse lineman for North Carolina’s Dee Hardison, with a second-round draft pick.

As indicated earlier, the second round of this year’s LIEFL draft produced some incredible TTC player bases. Buffalo moved Hardison's player base to tackle and replaced Oklahoma’s Darryl Williams player base. Those are three key changes for the Bills coming into the season as the division champions.

While OJ Simpson fell short of the team goal in the playoffs, he still ranked 2nd in the AFC and 4th in the LIEFL in rushing respectfully, with 41-632-13/52TD. Simpson will be back fresh with third year player UCLA’s John Jay Brown, their return specialist, bombing the AFC as the number #1 kick returner in the AFC and LIEFL with 21 touches for 1409 kick return yards with six 100-yard TD runbacks!

DOLPHINSTD.png.6d140a69b0bdcf8bbf18c49aa2e2ba46.pngMiami Dolphins (164-45)

Coach: Joe Bino

·      History: Ranked #1 in LIEFL All-Time.

·      14-time LIEFL playoff contender, 9 X AFC East Champion, 12 X AFC Champion and AFC Finalist, 4-time participant in USA tournaments, won them all as Champion, 6 X Super Bowl Champion, with three straight undefeated 14-0 seasons and a 66-game win streak against the competition, snapped in the 1977 season by the newly formed Denver Broncos in their first year playing in the LIEFL, who beat Miami, 7-5!

·      30-8 Playoff Record!

One thing for sure is the once locomotive front line of the  Miami Dolphins is, they have done a lot of winning in the spotlight, but their days of dominance for this Dolphins team are long gone. Their last Super Bowl win was way back in 1995 against the Philadelphia Eagles in LIEFL Super Bowl IX.

Billy O’C rebuilt the team through the 2019 draft after he spread out and sacrificed the Miami player bases to be used as running backs and receivers on different teams around the league. From 2016 to 2018 the Dolphins would go 3-18, until Miami made a great comeback in the league in the past five seasons going 28-12, and they have won two more AFC titles, but they fell just short in two LIEFL Super Bowls to the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers!

“The greatest running back of all-time in the LIEFL is a guy who goes about his business in a low-key way, West Texas State’s Mercury Morris. He is the guy who started my love for this game,” said Coach Billy O’C.

Morris has established himself in a class of his own in the league over the years. Nobody has made history in the league the way he has. Morris has the most all-purpose yards in LIEFL history at 18,163 for the six-time LIEFL Super Bowl Champion Dolphins! He is 1,837 yards shy of 20,000 yards with 186 career touchdowns, just 14 touchdowns shy of 200! The closest player to him is the great Gerald Riggs.

Miami has been in a drought, and they haven’t won an LIEFL Super Bowl since 1995, twenty-eight years ago.

Miami Coach Billy O’C said, “That’s my man. I played in so many tournaments that we won because of Morris’s speed back in the day. I was heartbroken when I ruined his original player base by trying to tweak him when I was a kid. I replaced that base with another terrific base from the team, but this guy also has blazing speed. He’s just a different Morris. Listen, if you have blocking power you are bound to have a great rushing game. In the trap plays I run with the Dolphins, he has beaten opponents with his bolting speed and nifty gritty running.  If Bino can get the ball into Morris’s hands to get to 20,000, I would be ecstatic. I am about titles, not wins and losses and stats like Johnny Freeport thinks, but Mercury Morris is a special player.”

Coach Joe Bino, filling in for Billy O’C for the 2023 season, played the Dolphins nicely. The six-time LIEFL Super Bowl Champion Miami (6-3) finished in second place, and they got their revenge in the playoffs by beating the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Wild Card Game in the first round of the playoffs after losing to Buffalo the week before in the season finale.

Both Billy OC and Joe Bino teamed up in this year’s draft by first replacing Notre Dame’s Bob Kuechenberg's base at guard with a second-round powerhouse draft pick. Maybe Miami found the equalizer they need to strengthen the O and D-Line. The Dolphins also replaced both tackles, one with a seventh-round draft pick to replace LSU’s AJ Duhe. They moved Duhe's base onto tackle Utah’s Manny Fernandez, a great move for Miami. 

The Dolphins have a four-player threat on offense.

All-Pro and former Northwestern State University track star Mark Duper ranked 10th in AFC kick returns with 20-975-3/3X100TD, and Duper was 11th in all-purpose yards with 22-1007-3/3X100TD! Waiting in the wings is Duper’s backup, Louisville’s Mark Clayton. The consistent speedster always delivers when he is called upon. The Mark's brothers have opposing defenses on high-alert!

With Syracuse University’s Larry Csonka blocking for LIEFL All-Pro Mercury Morris running the ball, Miami will always be a threat. Morris finished 7th in AFC rushing with 58-406-5/49TD. The Dolphins will be ready to chase a record seventh LIEFL Super Bowl title in the final league competitive season. The Dolphins have been caught up in a drought, and they haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1992 when they beat the Philadelphia Eagles 20-17, in LIEFL TOC Super Bowl IX!

JETSTD.png.d5f41c5a2f2978058f25c411883f79dc.png New York Jets (67-95)

Coach: Joey Pizz

·      History: Ranked: #25th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Facts: 32-Team Manhattan Throwback Tournament Winner in 2016 for $2,000, but then in the LIEFL has only seen the playoffs two times.

·      In the 2016 year in LIEFL competition the Jets were 2nd Place in the AFC Eastern Division. In the AFC WILD CARD GAME: they upset Pittsburgh 34-31 (OT 50 SEC), and then LOST to New England 35-31, in AFC DCG!

To face all this rugged competition in the AFC East, Coach Joey Pizz is turning up the engines with his high-flying New York Jets (2-5), who made out tremendous in the draft, and we will see how the new player bases compete. This year is expected to be the Jets’ best season according to Pizz.

First off, the Jets replaced University of California’s Wesley Walker's player base with the first round I T Z base. Walker will get the football back again on kick returns after ranking 17th in AFC all-purpose yards in 2023 with 9-447-1/80. Texas Western’s Don Maynard stepped up in 2023 by sharing runback responsibility with Walker last season. Maynard ranked 14th in AFC all-purpose yards with a respectable 16-884-4/3X100TD!

Like the New Orleans Saints in the NFC, the Jets made five other huge changes which will impose on the AFC East and opponents. New York replaced USC’s Marvin Powell's player base with a ferocious second-round draft pick. They also replaced U of Florida Marty Lyons player base with the second-round draft pick. The Jets went on to replace East Central’s Mark Gastineau's player base with the first-round pick. Joey Pizz didn't stop there. He replaced Texas Southern lineman Winston Hill’s player base in the second round as well as LSU’s Jamal Adams. Hofstra’s Joey Pizz too, cleaned house finding the best possible talent to face a ginormous talented AFC East.

The Jets will be an entirely different team come August.

Maybe the biggest move New York made is at running back. Michigan State’s LeVeon Bell had an All-Pro season as the 4th best rusher in the AFC in 2023, with 41 touches for 508 rushing yards, with 8 touchdowns! Bell’s ready to break out in 2024 with a new I T Z base and his base from last season will sit on the sideline to give the new speedy base a chance to perform. The second that new base falters, Bell’s rookie double-clip elite player base will go back on him.

PATSTD.png.599ceec2e4d7176f316d2b751aa58273.pngNew England Patriots (75-94)

·      History: Ranked: #21st in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Five AFC East Division titles, 1 X AFC Champion,

·      2 X AFC Finalist and lost 2016 LIEFL Super Bowl XI to Detroit.

Coach Levi Vick’s New England Patriots (3-4) have done an awesome job bringing the Patriots back to life in the LIEFL.

BIG NEWS: Vick made three changes in the lineup to compete in this fierce AFC East Division. At running back, we picked Ole’ Miss running back Brandon Bolden, who was a top-40 player for New England in the real NFL. Bolden will wear #39 and he will be starting in the backfield with veteran utility back, LSU’s Kevin Faulk. Bolden will receive an I T Z player base drafted in the first round. The Patriots also replaced Arizona’s Tedy Bruschi's base with a second-round TTC beast.

We wish we could duplicate every player base from the second-round. Coach Vick and New England didn’t stop there. They also replaced U of Miami lineman Vince Wilfork’s base with a promising 10th round pick.

New England’s 2022 LIEFL All-Pro from the University of Arizona, Rob Gronkowski will be back. Although he did not make All Pro in 2023, “Gronk” was 12th in AFC all-purpose yards with 17-937-3/3X100TDS!


RAVENSTD.png.2a3552a2602e1bdb518faf42c8df0ad5.pngBaltimore Ravens (43-39)

Coach: Johnny Freeport

·      History: Ranked: #29th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      New team in the LIEFL in 2000.

·      Five-Time NFC North Champions with a very deceiving record.

The AFC North will be a hotly contentious and competitive division this season, with a slew of newly drafted player bases.

It seems that Johnny Freeport’s seven-time LIEFL playoff contender Baltimore Ravens (4-5), are always knocking on the door, and they back down to nobody. That resilience will lead the way in the North, but it will be in the way of hefty competition with so many important changes because of the draft. This division should see great challenges around the league.

Not a single team from this division has made an LIEFL Super Bowl.

To begin with, the “Big Attitude” Baltimore Ravens made a big change at guard earning a second-round draft pick to beef up a tough front line.

This is a team whose record doesn’t reflect their talent, and coaches underestimate them. This is also a team who challenged the AFC fiercely in the 2023 Tournament of Champions with a huge upset over the (6-1), Denver Broncos 31-25 in the AFC Wild Card Game, and then the Ravens battled right to the end in the AFC Divisional Game nearly upsetting the AFC Champion Chargers, losing a close one, 28-21. Baltimore did this with a (3-4) regular season record.

Are we underestimating the AFC North competition?

In 2023, Ravens All-Pro running back Tennessee’s Jamal Lewis, finished 10th in AFC rushing with 37-324-2/51TD. Seven-time LIEFL All-Pro from Michigan State, Derrick Mason, was a beast, carrying the team to the playoffs ranking 9th in AFC all-purpose yards with 9-1131-5/5x100TD, and Mason finished 6th in kick returns 18-1117-5/5x100TD.

The North will see a different level of competition this season though. Freeport coaches two teams in the AFC North, the Ravens and Bengals.

BENGALSCD.png.e51df59277d1ae764523de0bcc9f190c.pngCincinnati Bengals (59-93-1)

Coach: Johnny Freeport

·      History: Ranked: #26th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      One-Time AFC North Champion with two playoff appearances 1991 and 2017.

How coach Johnny Freeport landed two teams competing in the same division is a big question mark.

Coach Johnny Freeport’s Cincinnati Bengals (2-5) cleaned house too, with Freeport aiming his aggravation at the Bengals 2023 performance, with five losses. But Freeport made out in the draft by replacing all three guards.

Ohio State’s “Big Daddy” Dan Wilkerson's player base was replaced with a first-round draft pick. UNLV’s Icky Woods will be riding on an I T Z base, which was the fastest base in the draft. Woods finished 13th in AFC rushing with 28-275-5/69TD. USC Lineman Anthony Munoz was replaced with a 6th round draft pick, and Penn State lineman Levi Brown was replaced with the fourth-round draft pick, bringing a BIG three-man approach to pave the way to for the 2024 Bengals this season.

The 2023 Bengals offense featured Florida’s Chris Collinsworth who finished an impressive 11th in AFC all-purpose yards with 20-1053-6/5X100TD and 9th in kick returns with14-976-5/5X100TD. Adding to Collinsworth’s offense, Oregon State’s Chad “Ocho-Cinco” Johnson was underused with just 2-123-0/48!

Also replaced by Cincy is linebacker Glen Cameron’s base for a first-round pick.

The Ravens will have their hands full because the Steelers also made some very important changes.

STEELERSTD.png.b1f17a77a907fe20112cba1ea28aebbd.pngPittsburgh Steelers (98-81)

Coach: Paddy Brannigan

·      History: Ranked: #7th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      The Steelers are a Nine Time Playoff Contender, an original seven LIEFL team. They Won Five AFC North titles and one-time AFC finalist.

The Pittsburgh Steelers (3-4) are just short of a historic 100 wins. They have a have a big star in USC’s Lynn Swann. Is this their year?

To add to Swann’s 2023 boom, the Steelers picked up three second-round draft picks at guard, tackle, and linebacker, so the competition in the AFC North will be something to watch as the draft swings and brings back some real excitement to that division.

Swann made LIEFL All-Pro, and he was 2nd in AFC all-purpose yards and 6th in the LIEFL with 27-1524-8/5X100TDS as a Pro Bowl Starter.

The Steelers need to work the running game in the trenches. Coach Paddy Brannigan thinks his draft picks will change the face of this team while giving Notre Dame running back Jerome “Bus” Bettis what he needs to get the job done for the Steelers. Bettis had an abysmal 2023, ranking him dead last in the AFC with just 25-168-3/55TD for the 8th ranked offense in the LIEFL. That needs to change in 2024.

Pittsburgh had the 24th ranked defense in the LIEFL and that is where the draft pickups should strategically improve the team with coach Paddy Brannigan at the helm. Brannigan is determined to bring back the “Steel Curtain” to the Steelers.

BROWNSTD.png.dbcff9eedf84f3eaa4760f31233dd5d3.pngCleveland Browns (80-82)

Coach: Matt Zoo York

·      History: Ranked: #16th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      The Browns are a five-time Playoff Contender. They Won Five AFC North titles and they are a one-time AFC finalist.

What happened to the once promising Cleveland Browns (1-6) in 2023?

Cleveland picked up two first-round draft picks at line and tackle. They also picked up another fourth-round tackle. What will their year be like?

The Browns have had some big performers even though NYU grad, Coach Zoo-York built his offense and defense around All-LIEFL star, Syracuse’s Jim Brown. Brown was 13th in AFC all-purpose yards with 20-934-3/100TD.

Jim Brown Long Island History:

In Jim Brown’s early days growing up on Long Island he received 13 Varsity Letters for sports. Along with being a star athlete at Manhasset High in Basketball, Baseball, Football, Lacrosse and Track, Jim Brown still ranks as one of the greatest lacrosse players in the history of the sport. Brown averaged a Long Island record of 38 points per game for his basketball team. That record was later broken by future Boston Red Sox star and Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski of Bridgehampton. But Yaz didn't have to endure what Brown did.

Brown was the only African American player on the football team as a freshman in 1953. He endured racist taunts while he was at Syracuse. He was treated differently from teammates: he was housed in a non-athlete dormitory, warned against dating Caucasian women, and the coaching staff attempted to put him at other positions, including punter, lineman, and wide receiver.

As a Sophomore at Syracuse, Brown was the second-leading scorer for the basketball team (15 ppg) and he earned a letter on the track team. In 1955, he finished in fifth place in the National Championship decathlon. His junior year, he averaged 11.3 points in basketball, and was named a second-team All-American in lacrosse. His senior year, he was named a first-team All-American in lacrosse (43 goals in 10 games to rank second in scoring nationally). Brown was so dominant in the game, that lacrosse rules were changed requiring a lacrosse player to keep their stick in constant motion when carrying the ball (instead of holding it close to his body). There is currently no rule in lacrosse that requires a player to keep their stick in motion. He is in the Lacrosse Hall of Fame. The JMA Wireless Dome has an 800 square-foot tapestry depicting Brown in football and lacrosse uniforms with the words "Greatest Player Ever".

Purdue’s Mike Pruitt has been the key to the Browns running game. He is a very consistent and steady player who had an excellent season for the second straight year, considering Cleveland’s weak finish. Maybe Cleveland is on to something in their rebuilding. Pruitt played big, ranking him 5th in AFC rushing with 53-454-5/52!

Anchoring the defense for Cleveland is Southern Methodist University Tackle Ricky Bolden who had six tackles, and outside linebacker Chattanooga’s Tae Davis had three to lead the Browns defense. They must step up on defense for the Browns, and the O-Line must regain respect in the league.


Picture4.png.f0d7aff1787ce4392c56bd60b0980af5.pngIndianapolis Colts (85-96)

Coach: Joe Bino is replaced by Bobby Biggs and Bino will coach the Seahawks.

·      History: Ranked: #13th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Four-time AFC North Champion, seven-time AFC playoff contender, one time AFC Finalist.

Coach Joe Bino’s elite Indianapolis Colts (8-2), had an amazing season in 2023. They are one of the best teams in the LIEFL! Making it to the AFC Championship Game is huge for this team. This is the second season in a row that Indy made an impressive playoff run! The Colts are knocking on the door in the 32-team LIEFL.

The biggest change in the 2023 lineup for the Colts that brought them success is Alabama A&M defensive end Robert Mathis, complemented by the LIEFL Offense Player of the Year, LSU’s superstar All-Pro Joseph Addai. Indy played fantastically right up to the AFC Championship Game where they lost to Ed Viggs battle-hardened Los Angeles Chargers 45-42, in a holy thriller!

Indianapolis made changes to get to the next level this season, which is obviously to their goal to win an LIEFL Super Bowl title. But everybody else is making changes as well so it should be interesting, especially in this division where the most changes were made.

On defense, the Colts made an unusual move at DE. They decided to replace a guard with a first-round draft pick, and then linebacker Robert Mathis who was a Pro-Bowl starter in 2023, had his player base replaced with a much stronger base in the second-round where most of the great player bases have come from in the draft this season. That Mathis 2023 base went on tackle Arizona State’s, Anthony “Tony” Parker.

The Colts were four points from the Super Bowl and Billy O’C thinks Bobby Biggs can get them there.

One of the most respected players in the LIEFL is phenom running back Joseph Addai. Addai is an incredible player with 8220 career all-purpose yards for the Colts, and he has 61 touchdowns as one of the best backs in the league in the past six seasons.

In 2023, Joseph Addai ranked 1st in all-purpose yards in both the AFC and LIEFL with workhorse like numbers. He had 64 touches for 1767 yards with 12 touchdowns, including a 100-yard touchdown return, and another long run of 99 yards to cap off the 2023 season. The feared back was 5th in AFC kick-return yards with 18-1148-1/100TD, 99, and in rushing, Addai finished 3rd in the AFC with 43-539-12/50TD! Those numbers would be respectable anywhere in the world. Addai is as speedy as any ITZ base we have ever seen. He is a game changer who cannot be ignored. Opponents prepare around his play.

Indy also has reliable and blazing speed at the corners in Syracuse receiver Marvin Harrison and SMU’s Raymond Berry!

The Colts have won an impressive 33 games since 2017 versus 18 losses, and they have reached the Tournament of Champions four times with four AFC North titles, so they are the team to beat in the North.

The AFC North and Colts should be exciting in 2024!

The LIEFL NFC has put up the resistance to the AFC, by winning the last four out of five Super Bowls! Coach Johnny Freeport said, “If these fools in this league focused on wins as much as they do stats and records, maybe the AFC would be even more competitive.” Coach Levi Vick said, “We will see about that this year with this draft.”

TEXANSTD.png.c336effb5bada6cb186b6cdf18ecd7eb.pngHouston Texans (30-38)

Coach: Levi Vick

·      Established: 2008

·      History: Ranked: #32nd in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Two-time AFC South Champion, three-time AFC South playoff contender, one time AFC Finalist in 2017.

Coach Levi Vick’s Houston Texans (3-4) made progress in 2023, after the Texans one-win season in 2022. But don’t count Houston out. Coach Vick made some great moves in the draft by replacing U of Miami receiver Andre Johnson’s base with a first-round I T Z speedy player base. Houston also picked up four key player bases in the second-round to replace two tackles, a linebacker, and a lineman to protect and progress Wisconsin’s Ron Dayne’s fierce running game as one of the elite backs in the league! Watch out for this team! Dayne was 7th in AFC all-purpose yards with a respectable 56 touches for 1326 yards with 7 touchdowns, including a 100-yard TD for the steady Dayne, and he was 8th in AFC kick returns with 19-1096-3/3X100TD!

Andre Johnson is expected to contribute to the kick return game for the Texans to relieve Ron Dayne, and Coach Levi Vick will focus on developing the Houston offense and O-Line.

JAGSTD.png.1a6e9f873187b1e11fcacd3c3748e97b.pngJacksonville Jaguars (32-42)

Coach: Bobby Biggs

·      Established: 2000

·      History: Ranked: #31st in LIEFL All-Time.

·      One-time AFC South Champion, two-time playoff contender.

In the battle in the AFC South, second year coach Bobby Biggs has a rising team in his Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5). The Jags are a highly competitive team looking for the right mix to get to the next level. Biggs philosophy is that too many changes can sometimes be a setback to a team, so Biggs worked the draft wisely.

LIEFL All-Pro USC’s Tony Boselli will pave the way for workhorse and LIEFL All-Pro and star of the Jaguars U of Florida’s Fred Taylor, who is certainly not the problem with Jacksonville. Fred Taylor is one bad hombre and running back. He does it all and is always on the opposing coaches radar. Taylor ranked 4th in AFC all-purpose yards with an impressive 63-1436-9/2X100TD, 7th in AFC Kick Returns with 18-1104-2/2x100TD, and he was 9th in AFC rushing with 47-332-7/30TD!

At linebacker Bobby Biggs made a big change by picking up an eighth-round draft pick and a first-round pick to replace both existing linebacker bases. He also replaced U of Miami receiver Allen Hurns player base with a first round I T Z player base along with a tackle.

The Jaguars are pumped up and ready to shine in this tight AFC North ready to compete, if not beat, the Colts in the 2024 season.

TITANSTD.png.3b4df7e85723ac03fd1f92304c18532f.pngTennessee Titans (32-30)

Coach: Kevin Mack

·      Established: 2008

·      History: Ranked: #30th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Two-time AFC South Champion, four-time AFC playoff contender, one-time AFC finalist.

The 2024 Tennessee Titans (2-5) are gearing up for war. The Titans went from contender in 2022 to the bottom of the barrel in 2023 because of the draft and a schedule littered with playoff contenders. The Titans will look different once again.

This team made some great pickups in the draft. Coach Kevin Mack also had enough of Alabama’s Derrick Henry, who was the LIEFL Rookie of the Year in 2022. Mack is a master tweaker though. Henry failed to produce and capitalize on an excellent rookie year, so Coach Kevin Mack, after criticizing the I T Z running bases disaster, is now sold specifically on his speedy tweaked I T Z so that Henry, who finished 11th in AFC rushing with 42-324-5/61TD, regains his skill set along with the unpredictable Titans O-Line.

Tennessee picked up a powerhouse in the second round of the draft at linebacker, and they earned two first round tackles which should improve the line.

The Titans should be tough enough to give the Colts a division battle in 2024!


The AFC West should be very exciting this season. Will the Chargers make it back to the show?

CHARGERSTD.png.92904446727fe342fb428ef962107ccd.pngLos Angeles Chargers (101-76)

Coach: Ed Viggs

·      History: Ranked: #6th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Seven-time AFC West Champion, nine-time AFC playoff contender, three-time AFC finalist, lost 2018 LIEFL Super Bowl XIV to the lost Angeles Rams, and lost 2023 Super XVIII to the Atlanta Falcons.

The Los Angeles Chargers (8-2) are a bruising team with a hefty front line.

LA replaced both tackles in the fifth round of the draft to add to that Hall of Fame front three which consists of Missouri’s Russ Washington, 2022 Defensive Player of the Year from Indiana University, Earl Faison, and 2020 Defensive Player of the Year in Grambling State’s Ernie Ladd, who is a beast on the left side for the Chargers. How’s that for a front three through the 2017 draft?

This team will be back to compete hard with the iron workhorse approach of Coach Viggs.

Viggs mixed it up in 2023 by trying to confuse his opponents with a variety of different offensive and defensive play schemes using a multi-player strategy, never relying on one player implemented by the historic coach. But in Super Bowl XVIII he made fatal and rare miscalculated errors against the Falcons, which ultimately cost Viggs the game in the final seconds against his nemesis, opponent Johnny-Freeport 36-34, in an overtime heartbreaker. With Freeport’s constant talk, it didn’t seem Viggs head was focused on the game.

One thing legendary Ed Viggs is famous for is his speedy professional level setups and trap plays, which the former high-school defensive back, receiver, and quarterback who played on back-to-back Rutgers Cup Championship teams has mastered. This skillset can be imposing for coaches not used to that fast accurate play pace. One thing is certain about this coach, he is well respected. For Viggs fast paced deadly accurate set ups he credits his own Solitaire play for that.

Leading the way for Viggs top-notch LA team is four-time LIEFL All-Pro lineman and AFC Pro Bowl Starter, Earl Faison. Faison will be back for more on defense to lead the way for seven-time LIEFL All-Pro and TCU running back LaDanien Tomlinson!

The Chargers have made the Show twice in five seasons and they are not ready to quit just yet. They bring back a slew of offense talent beginning with LaDainian Tomlinson who finished 8th in AFC rushing with 38-401-7/54TD. Tomlinson was 15th in AFC all-purpose yards, but that is because coach Viggs used everyone on the offense involving every offense player in his schemes.

Return man from the University of Arkansas Lance Alworth was 16th in AFC all-purpose yards with 11-672-4/100TD, and 565 of those yards were in the kick return category where he finished 15th in the AFC, which includestwo 100-yard touchdown returns.

Alworth and Missouri’s Kellen Winslow Sr. played big, sharing responsibilities during the Chargers 2023 playoff run.

This one-two-three-four punch offense for the Chargers team will not back down in the AFC, and they remain the top dog to beat in the AFC.

BRONCOSTD.png.56e41113fae8a715f1d3bb8d6e12bd32.pngDenver Broncos (114-70-1)

Coach: Paddy Brannigan

·      History: Ranked: #3rd in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Five-Time AFC West Champion, 8-time AFC playoff contender, four-time Championship Game Finalist.

·      Top Defense in LIEFL in 2023.

Up next in the draft is Coach Paddy Brannigan’s who were a very heavy disappointment in 2023. The Denver Broncos (6-2) needed to capitalize on their rebuilding for the 2024 season.  

Let’s face it, the playoffs are a tough time in any good league, but teams can be unpredictable in terms of performance because we are constantly improving and replacing underperforming players.

The beauty of the LIEFL is we feel that anyone can lose in an upset, especially in a highly competitive league, and when there is the incentive of money on the line. We want our very best 11-men on the field at all times.

Even though the Broncos were upset by the Ravens in the AFC Wild Card Game 31-25, LIEFL coaches who have played Baltimore now realize that the Ravens were no fluke. They are just another formidable and unpredictable, battled-hardened electric football team with tournament experience.

To better the team in 2024, Denver picked up two first round draft picks at outside linebacker and they won a defensive tackle in the draft. And, in the fifth round they picked another tackle.

Denver had the best defense in the LIEFL in 2023, but they collided with the Ravens who magically showed up to play of defense in their shock and awe win over the Broncos in the playoff game upset!

Savannah State’s Sizable Broncos End Shannon Sharpe will sport a new I T Z player base which only adds to a dynamic high octane Denver offense.

Georgia’s LIEFL All-Pro running back Terrell Davis has lifted the team since 2008, bringing pride back to Denver. Davis is one of the most reliable players in the league. He finished 6th in AFC all-purpose yards with 65-1414-8/3X100TD, 6th in rushing with 50-448-5/49TD, and 11th in AFC kick-returns with 15-966-3/3x100TD! Davis also holds the AFC record for most kick-return yards which he set in 2020, with 22-1530-8/8x100TD! The guy is dangerous in a league loaded with talent and skill.

Who will stop the prime time Terrell Davis in 2024?

Davis is the key to the Broncos offensive game behind the blocking of University of Minnesota’s LIEFL All-Pro Karl Mecklenburg, along with first time LIEFL All-Pro Stanford’s Ed McCaffrey who was the #1 receiver in the AFC in 2023. McCaffrey finished with 5-244-5/55TD. The big number for McC is the touchdowns, five touches, five touchdowns. That’s a lot of damage in five plays!

The Broncos change with Sharpe and the powerful Denver O-Line, should throw off defenses and have opponents preparing for a new west-coast style offense with these Broncos threatening to compete with the Chargers and Raiders again for a West title.

RAIDERSTD.png.0c2cfab29a1ecba8fa3f28b85eeb13e2.pngLas Vegas Raiders (75-84)

Coach: Kevin Mack

·      History: Ranked: #19th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      Four-time AFC West Champions, 1976 AFL Champion, an original seven LIEFL team, LIEFL Super Bowl II, lost to Chicago 7-6, seven-time playoff contender, quarterfinalist in 2016, 32-team throwback tournament in NYC, 2008 LIEFL Super Bowl XI Champion.

Competing hard with the Broncos will be the Las Vegas Raiders who finished a highly competitive (4-4) in 2023, behind great coaching by Kevin Mack. The Raiders refurbished their look for 2024 with bigger size 67 big men and big changes to boot in their quest for the $5,000 grand prize!

In the eighth round of the draft Las Vegas picked a new base for Long Island’s own Lyle Alzado, who might be the most infamous Yankton College and Lawrence High School grad in Nassau County Long Island.

The Raiders went all out by picking up a 7th round base at tackle to replace Maryland State’s Art Shell old base, a fifth-round tackle base to replace Villanova’s Howie Long, and an eighth-round pick to replace what once was Jeff Barnes player base, who has transformed now to LIEFL newcomer from Ohio State University, Jack Tatum. Tatum’s player base will bring that fierce Raider defensive mentality back to the game. We are excited that Tatum is now on the Raiders because in real life as you know, he was both feared and respected in the NFL.  

Las Vegas wasn’t finished. In the fifth round Coach Kevin Mack replaced legendary Ted Hendricks with new blood in Eastern Michigan University’s bad boy Max Crosby. They changed that player base with a beast in the draft for the new look Las Vegas Raiders as was featured in the Tudor Forum uniform photos.

It is a historic year for Las Vegas.

In 2023, the Raiders were a very gritty and testy team at the beginning of the season by losing to division rival Denver 17-3, but boy did they quickly wake up. Las Vegas only got better by battling every team to the last second of every game. They made the playoffs behind the play of Notre Dame sensation and LIEFL Superstar, 8-time LIEFL All-Pro Dave Casper.

Casper became famous in our league for his 349 all-purpose yards with two 100-yard TD runs in Super Bowl XI when he was voted MVP for his 100-yard TD to open the game and another to win the game in OT, beating a formidable and rowdy New York Giants team 27-21, to win an LIEFL Super Bowl XI thriller, and the league was back in business after an eight year hiatus! We never looked back after 2016!

Casper also stands as one of the most proven track players since 2008 in the history of the LIEFL. He is just 1158 yards shy of the 10,000-yard mark in the LIEFL this season! This is why we feel keeping records is in fact important in this intensely competitive league. The coaches vote for their favorite All-Pro.

The big news is Casper is also chasing the 50 touchdowns mark! He has 44 touchdowns. This plastic star just keeps getting better with that blazing speed, double clip rookie base, drafted in 2008.

More on this player because as you all know, players like Casper come along once in a lifetime and he deserves this ink. In 2023, Dave Casper finished 3rd in AFC and 7th in the LIEFL in all-purpose yards with 27-1471-6/3X100TD, 2nd in AFC & 3rd in LIEFL kick-returns with an impressive 21-1323-3/3X100TD. Casper was 8th in AFC receiving with 6-148-3/41TD!

We promise Dave Casper would be a huge star in any league, period! He proved to us that he is a game changer who must not be ignored and as the competition gets better, he does too!

From Oakland to Los Angeles to Vegas, the Raiders have 78 team wins, and unfortunately Las Vegas won’t hit the 100-win mark as a team with this league closing season.

Let’s go Las Vegas!

chiefs.png.9070b052c616f80a76742342c4ed2d11.pngKansas City Chiefs (79-95)

Coach: Matt Zoo-York

·      History: Ranked: #17th in LIEFL All-Time.

·      2016 NYC Semi-Finalist in the 32-Throwback Tournament, two-time AFC West playoff contender. Had a historic 2022 season as LIEFL Super Bowl XVII Champion!

·      Matt Zoo-York was Comeback Coach of the Year in 2022. Kansas City set a new AFC record for points scored in an AFC playoff game, against none other than the Miami Dolphins who the Chiefs beat 58-57, in the 2022 AFC Championship Game!

The AFC West has been such a competitive place to win over the years.

2022 was such a fairy-tale year for the LIEFL Super Bowl XVII Champion Kansas City Chiefs, it would be nearly impossible to repeat, but the Chiefs had a ruthless schedule to compete with in 2023 resulting in a (3-4) finish. As a result, the Chiefs replaced a guard with a first-round pick, and at tackle Chiefs defensive leader Kansas State’s Damian McIntosh's player base was replaced by a fourth-round pick. McIntosh is a big size 67-Big Man.

Further, that’s the thing about the 67-Bigs. Some Tudor molded figures are wider than others. To improve this at Tudor for the consistency of the bigger size players that we prefer, we suggest they have a quality assurance professional who inspects the figures along with the player bases before they are shipped to customers. This will improve the quality process and have us come back for more as consumers.

Kansas City will be in the middle of the AFC West war zone, and the Chiefs have the soldiers to compete. They return with the AFC and LIEFL leading rusher in U of Texas LIEFL All-Pro Priest Holmes. Holmes did lots of damage as usual. He finished with just 39 touches for a whopping 682 yards with a strong 11 touchdown performance behind a very consistent and stable Kansas City powerhouse O-line.

Also on offense, the Chiefs have West Alabama LIEFL All-Pro playmaker Tyreek Hill who finished a respectable 4th in AFC and 8th in LIEFL kick returns with 22-1200-3/3x100TD! Hill is one fast player, and he will lift the Chiefs with his hard play again in 2024. We expect Hill to deliver big for KC and help bring them get back to the playoffs in 2024.

Every team in the AFC West has a high-powered offense. The Chargers are in for a battle.

Finally, it has been an amazing run and while some coaches in the LIEFL may think league stats don’t matter some of us strongly disagree because statistical data serves as the benchmark for progress and improvement, but more importantly we have the distinct privilege of being able to chase incredible records.

What distinguishes growth from year to year in the LIEFL is the committed high-level coaches and the money chance to beat the competition.


LIEFL Super Bowl FUN FACT AND MORE HISTORY: We love promoting great stuff! This year’s Super Bowl will be played either at Coquina Key, Florida at Ray Negron's, New York Yankees Special Advisor to George M. Steinbrenner III for nearly 40-years, and still with the Yankees after 53 years in the MLB, or Venice Beach, California at Chief Keetoowah's of the Blackfoot Nation, where our own Communication Professor Billy O'C spent a good 13 years studying the underbelly of the homeless. O'C's  work has made a global difference with the public as a Professor and filmmaker working at the largest SUNY Community College in New York, and his work in Compton and the Los Angeles area has him giving many presentations on the subject. Chief is the front cover just one of the books Billy wrote titled,  "Homeless in Paradise, Communicating with the Venice Beach, CA Subculture". This year's LIEFL Super Bowl is sponsored again by USA Two-time World Champion Swimmer Greg Jagenburg, who was on the Olympic team that was supposed to compete in the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow before President Jimmy Carter pulled the team because Russia invaded Afghanistan.

Another interesting non-electric football fact:  O'C's homeless book was used by British Actor Russell Brand who began a documentary of his own on happiness back in 2012.


The draft system does cost money but, in a league, you have to invest to improve the performance and growth of the league. The coaches will do their part vying for that grand prize, and most important, the players need to do their part too.

LIEFL’s Annual Draft #8 has made this league a battleground complete with drama, controversy, and fierce teams with some skillful coaches whose goal is to win the big Kahuna.

You won’t find a weak team in the LIEFL regardless of a team’s record. Each team is carefully and strategically built around their star players. The stars are the stars who have proven their worth in the league.

Like most highly competitive leagues on full display, only hard-core player bases with superior potential and skillset will play in this league. They must have the best speed, power, and agility as plastic figures. The weak get weeded out PERIOD, just like in all competitive solitaire and other highly competitively coached leagues! The useless get buried with no mercy.

Like your leagues, we don’t play favoritism. Every team is equally battle-hardened to perform and compete through countless hours of vetting and serious dedication committed to the Kaizen process to constantly improve the performance of the league. The process in this league gets tested against the very best existing proven-track players in the league versus the best potential player bases from the draft in very careful selection process. 

Drafted player bases MUST stand out from hundreds of new Tudor Games TTC and ITZ bases, and thousands of others who may have been overlooked in previous LIEFL drafts, which sit in the LIEFL Base Barrel. This year we saw for every 100 new TTC bases, roughly 20 were drafted.

Countless hours have been dedicated to making the league legendary. Dedication and committed coaches make for a great league. We have only become more competitive through the LIEFL draft system invented in 2008 by Billy O’C. It has been a fabulous system to say the least!

We have said a lot about player base performance in the Forum.


The only way to debate is to put all the bases to the test. As for rules, it is the same debate over and over.

It looks like the 2024 LIEFL second round of the draft saw Tudor Games TTC and a small selection of offensive ITZ purchases emerge as the winners after wasting some money on a few packs of overpriced I T Z bases who had their prongs handed to them in the initial test run as O-Line and D-Line representatives, but through the Forum and our fair and honest due diligence adhering to process, we learned that not all ITZ bases, just like TTC bases, are a waste. We picked some I T Z bragged about offensive aces and high-performance player bases that suit our league and we are so excited to see them perform against some warriors and bad asses of our league. As to whether they are superior we will find out soon.

The real test of the I T Z quality and boast-power will be in game performance against the competition. We think since all of the players are tweaked, they will do well, and they will be on full display open to criticism.


All-time Leader                                 W             L




Dolphins, Bills, Rams, Seahawks




49ers, Chargers, Redskins, Packers




Steelers, Bears, Broncos




Jets, Vikings, Giants, Buccaneers




Cardinals, Raiders, Titans




Eagles, Panthers, Chiefs, Browns


2023 CHAMP!



Falcons, Lions, Ravens, Bengals




Cowboys, Patriots, Texans




Jaguars, Colts, and Saints Biggs will coach the Colts in 2024.

10. Joe Bino ALTERNATE



Will serve as Billy O’C’s replacement






 After the 2024 season, Billy O’C will decide where the league goes from here. 

Most likely the LIEFL will turn into a Solitaire League unless O’C can find ten guys in Florida to keep this league going, but it wouldn’t be the same. Billy O’C said, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing solitaire, especially because I love the hobby, and I will find happiness in playing historic NFL games when I have no one left to play. I will continue to follow the Tudor Forum and the guys who play solitaire because they make it exciting, and they have great leagues, so why can’t I?”

This league obviously isn’t a solitaire league. These coaches in the LIEFL have strong opposition using the words Advanced Play in rulesets.

Coach Paddy Brannigan said, “Damn I respect solitaire play, but a coach who doesn’t play against many coaches can get way too confident if all they are playing is against themselves. To me playing solitaire is like practice because you are reacting to every player figure on the field rather than having to critically figure out an opponent’s next move in just seconds. Tht reaction time is a key in competitive play in a league with coaches who have you figured out already.  I think I have been competing too long and for me, there is nothing like a great battle playing against a coach who can play at a high level, and not with sticks or dice, turnaround chases after the catch, or slow countdown set ups like we see on YouTube Videos by coaches calling that Advanced Play. It would take wasted hours to play by those rules. In my opinion that is far from advanced play. Can you imagine getting through an NFL game using that context? For me, I would rather play against another human, someone low-key and intelligent like Coach Ed Viggs, who says very little, but who carries the element of surprise and skill. Viggs will take you to school at a very fast pace, trust me. He is so systematic.”

Coach Kevin Mack said, “In my opinion, no coach in the world is whipping on Viggs. They may beat him, but it will be a war. Viggy would never play by those TAP multi-stop, countdown, long delays, and turnaround rules. Hate to burst the rule maker’s bubble, but in my opinion, that’s not organized football, rather that is someone’s imagination to suit the rules the way they see it. Well, they don’t suit us, we play RAP rules, Real Advanced Play without the delays. That’s not trash talking, that is debating and my opinion. Who cares, we have just as much competition here as any other league.”

Coach Joey Pizz said, “I think our rules are better, faster, smoother, without delays, but so does every other league think they have the best rules. So why can’t we do the same thing on an international level? I feel our LIEFL rules suit the players not the coaches. We have a one-stop delay when passing and that’s it. You can’t turn the switch on/off several times to run, and we don’t turn players around to chase the receiver after the catch, and we never count down on any play. This year’s new 35 second set up clock is sure to challenge LIEFL coaches. A coach has to beat the timer, or they get penalized. We vote on every rule with league integrity in mind, and the majority wins when it comes to any proposed rule. Ten coaches with a lot of competitive real life football experience cannot compare to one coach. We aren’t one person minding the rules for the league. We all vote.”

Coach Matt Zoo-York chimed in saying, “As for Viggy, I would argue that he can pass accurately with that Tudor yellow passer with the best of them. He can run the ball, work his O-line, and run away with a game, like nobody in the league. He is a very smart coach, but he makes mistakes just like anyone else. In our league the coach is the QB, so you better know how to pass because after 30 yards with the yellow passer things can get complicated. Viggy manages the clock under pressure and wins games against the best of them. Tweak your players all you want. Just when you get confident, in seconds he runs a mind-bending well thought out offensive and defensive scheme on you, and before you know it, he has you doubting your own team with his skill level and breaking a coach’s confidence. Somehow Johnny Freeport beat him in the Super Bowl upset against Viggs Chargers.”

League Commissioner Billy O’C said, “These guys for some reason are making this article about Viggs. I am not making this about Viggs. All I will say is he prepares to stay a step ahead of the opponent just like he does on Wall Street. But for real, I love competing against him and all these guys. On another note, I completely disagree with the solitaire perspective that some of the LIEFL coaches have. Solitaire gives a coach great focus and understanding of both the game and each player on the field. And I would match any solitaire coach with any coach in this league or any other league in the world for that matter, and I bet they would do just fine in any tournament. What separates most coaches is the rules. They’d just have to adapt to a much faster pace in the LIEFL along with, what I think are excellent rules. I love Solitaire.”

We respect conformity as a process when it comes to rules, but in our opinion, we would never play a single game by TAP rules with all the play turnarounds, countdowns, unrealistic delays and passing play rules which require much less skill than actually passing with the Tudor Passer, and so much more.

Coach Brannigan went on about Viggs. “He is the real deal. To me that is a great coach. The type of competition he brings raises my emotion how he does that, and my competitiveness burns inside to beat him. Just when I think my team is so good, and then I get humbled. In this hobby you love him when you beat him and hate him when you lose to him. I believe Viggs knows the game of football inside and out better than anyone in this league even though we all played organized ball. That Super Bowl run he had with the 2020 Packers when they beat Billy O’C’s Dolphins, was the best Super Bowl I have ever witnessed in electric football. It was like the players came to life for an hour and did their own thing.”

Matt Zoo-York said, “Viggs got his revenge on Billy O’C’s Miami Dolphins without one word of trash talk. People can say whatever they want about their solitaire teams, but I think we would agree there is nothing like playing against people, that’s the ultimate test. It’s hard to explain, but Viggs does all that talk on the field with high-level preparation and performance. He is one cool dude who never brags. I respect him. Solitaire isn’t going to do that for me”.

Billy O’C said, “Whatever, to each his own. What is a league without excitement and drama? By the time Viggs reads this article, the season will already be underway. You can have just as much fun either way whether it’s in a league or alone. I am saying this because I too may be heading to playing games by myself when we end the league.”

Hope you enjoyed the analysis and write-up.

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3 hours ago, Long island EFL said:

And, because of Tudor Forum’s “Jaytheking” we decided to add many of the college tags to our LIEFL stars!

Honored to have played a small roll in this season thanks for sharing coach🙏🏽

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