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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#7 San Francisco 49ers (0-6) vs. Seattle Seahawks (3-3)

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November 27, 2020   San Francisco 49ers (0-6) vs Seattle Seahawks (3-3)



Picture12.png.e871fb86ebb3320e63c5015544d038e2.png1098738_PREGAMESUMMARY.png.09b47c6915c4ce84ca6f0d92b68c91b3.pngLIEFL MAIN PAGE: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


49ERS.jpg.911d678bb409efdd02ae74cdab413a92.jpgSAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (0-6) 

SFTD.png.dcc9c89bea902f719001560b3c9a54c0.png Coach Ed Viggs (17-10)


It's been a long season for the San Francisco 49ers in the Long Island Electric Football League for Coach Ed Viggs bottom of the barrel 49ers. Sometimes that is what it takes to be humbled, a winless season. The 49ers finished (6-2) last season, and they were at the top of their game until they lost in the first round of the playoffs to division rival Los Angeles 38-34, but somehow those losses carried over to the new 2020 season. The league is actually shocked that running back Ricky Watters went from a 925 yard rusher who set a seven-game season record, to a struggling force in the league. Coach Viggs is the master of preparation, but with this team it has been a huge obstacle, and it will be a while before this mental mind game of coaches subsides. 

San Francisco will get the top draft picks in January and Viggs has no answers for this wasted season. The usually reliable intelligent master of preparation is baffled. All season we have asked him to respond and he refuses pointing towards his other LA team, the Los Angeles Chargers who are playing with a vengeance, and his Green Bay Packers, the #1 Seed in the NFC playoffs!
Coach Viggs wants to leave the season and the 49ers performance behind as he rebuilds for the future. The LIEFL will end in 2025, and we will make the game available to a special auctioneer. That was the commitment eight men made in the seventies made to each other, to play until 2025! That's what makes this league special, the camaraderie, the bonding, and the integrity of each other's word as professionals.

nfl-helmets-clipart-free-8.gif.9c0685ec24bc2a5aa4d21df8812871f2.gifSEATTLE SEAHAWKS (3-3)

SEATTTD.png.e9430799126361b184e1408a40ac31e6.pngCoach Paddy Brannigan (12-16)


The Seattle Seahawks have surprised many teams this year and in some ways Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has been on a rampage! Seattle had back to back wins on the road this season, upsetting Miami 14-10, and then they beat Philadelphia 21-20, two ranked teams! Lynch has been a beast to say the least! He is ranked #8 in NFC rushing with 29 carries for 421 yards with six touchdowns!
If Seattle can pull this game off today at home against Coach Viggs, Coach Paddy Brannigan could walk his team into the playoffs for the second time in franchise history. Seattle can compete. They have managed to work their way through a challenging schedule, playing against some of the best teams in the league, and the coaching has been superb.
The Seahawks are in one of the toughest divisions in the Long Island Electric Football League. The Western division has seen the Los Angeles Rams rise to two LIEFL Super Bowls, winning both of them consecutively. This game has lots of meaning for the Seattle Seahawks and it's time to make their statement and their move in the NFC. This year's 2020 LIEFL playoff tournament should be spectacular. There is not a weak team in the NFC!





November 27, 2020. Seattle, Washington.


On the opening kickoff in this season finale and rivalry, Seattle's Marshawn Lynch ran 41 yards! On first down, Lynch busted out and tore loose for a 59-yard touchdown for Seattle, making the score 7-0, with 12:04 remaining in the half!


On the opening return for the 49ers, Jerry Rice returned the kickoff 54 yards! On first down 49ers running back Ricky Watters stormed right back as he picked up a first down, bringing the ball to the Seattle 35-yard line! Make no mistake about it, coach Viggs does not want to be embarrassed and lose seven straight games with this team. We believe that in any league the 49ers would be a decent team and anybody would have their hands full with Watters and Rice, but the 49ers failed to produce after coming off of a disappointing 2019 season, they never recovered. On first down Ricky Watters was stopped by the Seattle defense on two straight plays, but on third down San Francisco quarterback Joe Montana connected with his big tight end Dwight Clark who broke free at the 48-yard line and he burned the Seattle Seahawks defense with a touchdown to tie the score 7-7, with 6:11 left to go in the half! Wow!

On the kick return, Marshawn Lynch returned a beautiful 68 yarder in front of an open field, but was tackled by 49ers lineman, Randy Cross with 4:17 left to go in the half! Lynch wasted no time. On first down Lynch ran for three yards. The 49ers defense started to crack apart at the seams in the trenches with Cortez Kennedy leading the way for the Seahawks opening the hole on two beautiful runs of eight and five yards to bring the Seattle football to the 15-yard line of the 49ers with the first half coming to a close!
In this season finale between two division rivals the game was getting more intense and you can see that coach Viggs will not write off the season on these 49ers. San Francisco has been in several overtime games which really hurt their chances of doing anything this season, especially with the seven-game season format.
The Seahawks have played well this year and actually have surprised quite a few people in the league as Lynch runs the ball to the six yard line for an 8-yard pickup with second down coming up. 49ers linebacker Ken Norton came out of nowhere to make the stop for San Francisco. On second down Lynch pulled his weight to the end zone for his second touchdown, with 12:56 left to go in the game and the score 14-7, Seattle takes the lead!
After the season that Jerry Rice and Ricky Watters had last year, every single coach stepped up their game plans and effort and they seemed to have figured these two sensational players out as Jerry Rice returns the football 42 yards on the kick return, but he's hit hard by Steve Largent and tackle Garry Gilliam!
The Seattle Seahawks defense came up big on the first two plays stopping Watters in the backfield, and the 49ers are forced to throw the ball in the air! On third down Montana hit Watters, who took it down the right sideline, but he was tackled hard by Seahawks lineman Ray Willis who saved a touchdown at the 29-yard line of the Seattle Seahawks! What a play and Ricky Watters, who will go back to running the football with 6:08 left to go in the game! On first down Watters was stopped at the line of scrimmage then on second down he ran for five yards with 1:59 to go in WEEK#7!
On a great play by the 49ers, Dwight Clark picked up the first down with a seven-yard catch and with time running out the 49ers had just enough time to only kick a field goal, but it isn't enough to beat Seattle as the Seahawks win the game 14-10! What a game!  Seattle may be headed to the playoffs!
Picture15.jpg.8baf123f034fae07719b63b927e98ef9.jpg1002608686_LIEFLSTATS(1).png.03a23e41beee862c2c5159d3c6607712.pngGATORADE POST GAME REPORT

10 49ERS.jpg.911d678bb409efdd02ae74cdab413a92.jpgSAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (0-7) 


SFTD.png.dcc9c89bea902f719001560b3c9a54c0.png 49ERS OFFENSE: Watters RU: 7-15-0/10, REC:1-35-0/35 All-Purpose Yards: 8-50-0/35, Rice KR: 2-96-0/54, Clarke REC: 2-55-1/48TD.

TACKLES: Doleman, Cross (2), Norton, Haley.


14 nfl-helmets-clipart-free-8.gif.9c0685ec24bc2a5aa4d21df8812871f2.gifSEATTLE SEAHAWKS (4-3)


SEATTTD.png.e9430799126361b184e1408a40ac31e6.pngSEAHAWKS OFFENSE: Lynch RU: 6-89-2/59TD, KR: 2-109-0/68, All-Purpose Totals for Lynch: 8-192-2/68

TACKLES: Largent, Campbell, Gilliam (2), Willis (2). 


Picture1 (1).jpg

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