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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#7 Minnesota Vikings (2-4) vs Detroit Lions (4-2)

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November 24, 2020        Minnesota Vikings (2-4) vs Detroit Lions (4-2)

1064416512_495(7).jpg.61044d219e9f5069a2ee383db9e6dead.jpgPicture15.jpg.d829b24ba42a582c9bb952f008dd2890.jpg    5223_minnesota_vikings-helmet-1961.gif.48e633a44f0008680ac1b83fcce46a58.gif1461614939_lieflgameday.png.d0ac89cc23fcceab1f72aaa78e14c1fd.png        lions.jpg.1554fdc68719ea0cc178cd77cc8c6831.jpg   1064416512_495(7).jpg.61044d219e9f5069a2ee383db9e6dead.jpg



5223_minnesota_vikings-helmet-1961.gif.48e633a44f0008680ac1b83fcce46a58.gifMINNESOTA VIKINGS (2-4)

COACH: Joey Pizz (13-14)


This game is a war between two division rivals and coaches. That is just the way WEEK#7 is going to be with all of the fierce rivals playing against each other. Coach Joey Pizz has had such a rollercoaster week with first, his Jets upsetting the New England Patriots, sending the Jets as an AFC Wild Card Team to the playoffs. That happiness was reshaped by his New York Giants who suffered an upset to division rival Dallas, which has New York's chances of making the playoffs in jeopardy. The Vikings have proven to be an extremely difficult opponent regardless of their record and their defense has been fantastic. Today, they will have their hands full with the best running back in the game Dexter Bussey, but the Lions are also with their hands full facing Adrian Peterson. Peterson is a wrecking ball with 1171 yards with eight touchdowns on 44 carries. He has been red hot in the last three or four games as we fasten our seat belts and watch these two division rivals go at it.

lions.jpg.1554fdc68719ea0cc178cd77cc8c6831.jpgDETROIT LIONS (4-2)
COACH: Johnny Freeport Chucker (16-9)
Nobody talks more trash than the Freeport Chucker! This guy lives for fun and he has his Detroit Lions playing at a very high level. The Lions will not bow out easy in 2020, and with running back Dexter Bussey tearing of the metal board we can expect to see the Lions go the distance as they compete for a championship once again.  Bussey has 47 carries for 1615 yards with an amazing 14 touchdowns!  He is having one of his best year's yet and seems unstoppable.  Detroit also has two All-Pro receivers in Herman Moore and Calvin Johnson.  The difference between this Lion's team and last year's team is their running game. Detroit has been able to open up the trenches for Bussey and for defensive opponents around the league, that means big trouble!
On the opening kickoff return Detroit running back Dexter Bussey returned the football 59 yards to the Vikings 41-yard line! This should be quite a game after watching Rookie coach Levi Vick's Dallas Cowboys upset the New York Giants on the Giants home turf 21-17, Detroit has to bring out all the big guns today to avoid an upset against a tough Minnesota Vikings team.
On first down Bussey ran right for the sideline picking up six quick yards and the Lions coach Johnny Freeport Chucker will use the clock as much as he can to control the outcome of the game. This coach has had a fantastic year with his Bengals, Ravens, Falcons, and especially these Lions! What an amazing play for Detroit's Dexter Bussey from 41-yards away, Bussey scorched the Minnesota defense running his 15th touchdown of the season into the end zone with 11:39 remaining in the half as he hooked on to Barry Sanders who blocked Bussey's way in for the score to as Detroit takes the lead, 7-0! What a professional play by the Lions!
On the Vikings first kick return Minnesota running back, Adrian Peterson returned the ball back 59 yards! On first down, Peterson ran for an 11-yard first down to the Lions 29-yard line. On 2nd down, Detroit's Al "Bubba" Baker came up big to deliver a huge seven-yard loss, nearly knocking Peterson off of his feet, bringing up second down. The action was fierce ion the board. On the next run some heavy hitting was going on in the trenches as Baker came up with another big tackle, making for another 10-yard loss, pushing the Vikings back to the Lions 49 yard line with 5:02 remaining in the half! On third down, forced to pass Minnesota quarterback Fran Tarkington connected with Vikings receiver Chris Carter, who stunned the crowd with a 49 yard touchdown pass to tie the game at 7-7, with 3:31 remaining in the half! What a play by Carter as he demonstrated his speed on the breakaway play!
On The following return Bussey took the kick return back 50 yards and then on first down, he ran for seven yards! On the final play of the half Bussey ran for four more yards picking up the first down at the Minnesota 39 yard line, with Detroit in striking distance! On the first play of the second half Dexter Bussey scorched the Vikings defense with a 39-yard touchdown run to give Detroit the lead 14-7, with 13:25 remaining in the game on a spectacular play by the Lions!
On the ensuing kickoff Adrian Peterson exploded for 33 yards and was hit hard by Calvin Johnson, who made the tackle. There is no doubt that this is an intense hard-hitting, fast-paced action-packed game! The Vikings have been a contender for the last three or four seasons and they just have not been able to get to win an NFC title, but make no mistake about it, these Vikings are not to be messed with and they would be competitive in any league, especially with the services of Adrian Peterson and the big defensive lineman John Randall. Bubba Baker pushed Peterson back on first down for a 8-yard loss with his third tackle of the game. Baker will definitely represent the NFC as an LIEFL-All-Pro defensive end this year. He's one of the best lineman in the league! And on second down, Peterson was stopped again, this time for another 7-yard loss back to the 16-yard line of the Vikings after being tackled by Detroit tackle, Lomas Brown. Minnesota was forced to pass on third down again. And on third down, there was no stopping Vikings receiver Chris Carter as he blazed past Detroit defenders. Carter took a 68 yard pass from Tarkington again for a first down to the 16-yard line of the Lions on an amazing play with 7:11 remaining in the game! And the Vikings worked to kill the clock to keep the ball out of Dexter Bussey's hands! 
On first down Peterson ran for six yards to the Detroit 10 yard line with 5:35 remaining in the game, and the intensity was building with the loudest guy in the league silent in today's game, Coach Chucker! The teams are just as animated as the coaches in this league and their personalities seem to fit the attitude reflective of their teams.
On second down Peterson was turned back at the 12 yard line for a two-yard loss from the last point they had the ball, forcing a third down, and this time Minnesota was going to pass again, which they've been very successful at today. There was no quit in these Minnesota Vikings as Tarkington rolled right and hit running back Chuck Foreman who was open. Foreman ran the ball into the end zone for a 12-yard touchdown to tie the game at 14-14, with a 1:19 left to go! Bussey will get another chance to take it back!
On the last kick return of the game, Bussey exploded for 42 yards as Detroit was forced to kick a long field goal, and it went right through the middle of the uprights from 58 yards out as the Lions win the season finale beating the Minnesota Vikings in an amazing game 17-14, as Detroit (5-2), heads to the playoffs! Bussey finished the season with 55 carries for 1863 total yards with 16 touchdowns heading into the playoffs! To show how great Atlanta's Gerald Riggs is, Bussey was still 476 yards shy of the LIEFL seven game season all-purpose record set by Riggs last season, which was 2339 all-purpose yards. 
728323669_LIEFLSTATS(1).png.555cc6e8704f9dd5164d6d911c70982e.pngPicture15.jpg.d829b24ba42a582c9bb952f008dd2890.jpgGatorade Post Game Report:
14 5223_minnesota_vikings-helmet-1961.gif.48e633a44f0008680ac1b83fcce46a58.gifMinnesota Vikings (2-5)
MINNTD.png.3ddd4c6b61438ffe3a5c372a18bdd61f.pngVIKINGS OFFENSE: Peterson RU: 7-17-0, KR: 1-59-0/59, Peterson 8-76-0 All-Purpose Yards, Foreman REC: 1-12-1/12TD, Carter REC: 2-117-1/68.
TACKLES: Blair (2)
17 lions.jpg.1554fdc68719ea0cc178cd77cc8c6831.jpgDetroit Lions (5-2)
NEXT OPPONENT: 1150545090_Picture1(1).jpg.58f038b6b50942897a7e5b0d02e02b83.jpg
LIONSTD.png.acaf041177acf0164d4dc2c1b509a848.pngLIONS OFFENSE: Bussey RU: 5-97-2/41TD, KR: 3-151-0/59, Bussey All-Purpose Yards Total: 8-248-2/59,
TACKLES: Baker (3), Dunn, Brown




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