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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#7 Dallas Cowboys (4-2) vs New York Giants (4-2)

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November 23, 2020             Dallas Cowboys (4-2) vs New York Giants (4-2)

816128815_495(7).jpg.497ceb15afddfbcf4cb16d85502addf7.jpg   Picture15.jpg.1eab3d99ebf6e45ca37a44b75991b6d7.jpg6987953b941529d7424ab28d9c19a115--cowboys-helmet-clipart-images.jpg.0e194886711de1dda9c3c9da9b32489a.jpg Chick-fil-A_Kickoff_Game_logo2020.png.e28452c8f735431ef368dbbd2a4b7d4b.pnggiants-clipart-27.png.ae6fb962941d891dda77b5cd941644fb.png816128815_495(7).jpg.497ceb15afddfbcf4cb16d85502addf7.jpg


Picture12.png.09e3b166be015786d3fc709c47c1cb12.png1610997560_PREGAMESUMMARY.png.51cc15097a8b9b3ebf6eba752c3c26ad.pngLIEFL MAIN PAGE: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


6987953b941529d7424ab28d9c19a115--cowboys-helmet-clipart-images.jpg.0e194886711de1dda9c3c9da9b32489a.jpgDALLAS COWBOYS (4-2)

COACH: Levi Vick (8-17)


Anytime the Dallas Cowboys meet against division rivalry New York Giants in the Long Island Electric Football League we know it's an epic battle in the making. These two teams have battled all season to get here, and the league is so intense in the NFC East that one of these teams today, is going to walk away disappointed! We should have charged to get in for this game with all of the people who came to watch. This time around in the seven game season format, the Dallas Cowboys have convinced the league that they're for real. It's been twenty years since the Cowboys qualified for the LIEFL-Playoffs! Dallas has been on the cutting edge for the past few seasons. They started the season with a very tough loss to the defending LIEFL-Super Bowl XV, and XVI Champion Los Angeles Rams, 17-14. The game that stood out most for Dallas was their loss to the Atlanta Falcons 27-21 in overtime, but then they beat the dominant Seattle Seahawks on the road in a major win 21-14, they beat the Cleveland Browns 14-10, and division rival Washington 14-10, and then last week in WEEK#6, the Cowboys beat the San Francisco 49ers 17-14!  

Today, Dallas is looking to do the nearly impossible, and that is upset the New York Giants on their home, but now is as good a time as any to make it happen! We have a rookie Cowboys coach in Levi Vick, and he needs to show this league why he was the two-time Nassau County League Super Bowl Champion by stepping up in the big game against Veteran coach Joey Pizz! The Cowboys offense has played excellent this season with running back Emmitt Smith leading the way. Smith has 31 rushing carries for 392 yards with seven touchdowns, but the star for Dallas has been Terrell Owens who has 17 carries and 1031 yards with six touchdowns, four of them 100-yard kick returns! The Cowboys and Vick are ready! 

giants-clipart-27.png.ae6fb962941d891dda77b5cd941644fb.pngNEW YORK GIANTS (4-2)
COACH: Joey Pizz (13-13)
The New York Giants have played outstanding football this season. They opened the season beating Pittsburgh 10-7, but they lost the following week to the Chicago Bears 16-10 in an overtime stunner! Then they beat San Francisco 20-14 in overtime in WEEK#3, and they lost to the defending Super Bowl Champion Rams, 21-14. In WEEK#5, New York beat Cincinnati 27-21 in one of the best games of the LIEFL 2020 season! Odell Beckham Jr exploded for a career high 376 yards with three touchdowns, earning him LIEFL player of the week! And, last week the Giants demolished the Cleveland Browns 14-0, who Dallas beat 14-10.
The Giants have one of the best running games in the league. Shaquon Barkley has 35 carries for 404 yards, and he has seven touchdowns. OBJ has 832 all-purpose yards, trying to hit the thousand yard mark for the first time in his third season!

Coach Pizz just pulled off the upset of the year when his New York Jets beat the New England Patriots in overtime 17-14, advancing the Jets to the playoffs! If he gets his way Pizz will have both New York teams in the playoffs!


November 23, 2020. Meadowlands, NJ.
Now more than ever the Dallas Cowboys need receiver Terrell Owens to come up big and Giants defensive tackle David Diehl has been instrumental this year on the line for the Giants with nine tackles, but Diehl knows he will have his hands full with Cowboys defensive tackle, Randy White, who may be on the opposite side of Diehl as Pro Bowl starters this season. 
The Giants opened the game with a weak kick return by Odell Beckham Jr. to the 40 yard line. But, New York wasted no time opening up the running game doing what they do best as Shaquon Barkley ran 23 yards around the right side of the Giants line for the first down. The Dallas defense came up huge after stopping Barkley, who came up empty and13 yards short of the first down! New York was forced to kick a field goal on their opening possession, to make the score 3-0, with 9:04 left to go in the half in a nail biter!
On the Cowboys opening kickoff Terrell Owens ran the ball back 80 yards to the Giants 20 yard line on a sizzling spectacular run! One play later, Dallas running back Emmitt Smith ran a 20-yard touchdown into the end zone to make give Dallas the lead 7-3, as the Cowboys hunt for the upset with 6:39 to go in the half!
Terrell Owens has had an amazing season for the Cowboys and the Dallas front line of big Larry Allen, Ed "Too-Tall" Jones, and Leon Lett, have been very steady this season, but so too have the Giants!
On the Giants next possession, OBJ ran a very unreliable 22-yard kick return back for the Giants who appear to be having their troubles today on returns, with 4:54 remaining in the half. The Giants have no time to worry about that and on first down Barkley ran 28 yards to the 50 and then Dallas came up on a big stop at the line of scrimmage on the following first down! On 2nd down, Barkley exploded for a 35-yard run to the Dallas Cowboys 15-yard line, with the first half coming to a close as Barkley ran in for the 15-yard touchdown with three blockers in front of him to end the half with the Giants in the lead, 10-7!
At the half, the Giants made the decision to pull OBJ and run Ahman Bradshaw in the second half. Bradshaw has seen limited use this season with just 112 yards in kick returns, but he is usually good for a reliable 40 or 50 yards on each kick return. The Giants are not taking any chances. They had to work very hard for that touchdown.
And now suddenly on the Cowboys next return from the same side of the field OBJ had trouble, Terrell Owens goes to that cursed side of the field, and he could only run the ball back 20 yards as the loose turf comes up in the Meadowlands. On first down, the Giants defense comes through as Emmitt Smith is tossed to the ground by Giants defensive lineman, Michael Strahan, who made the tackle. On second down Smith exploded for 44 yards to the Giants 36-yard line on a beautifully executed play by Smith, led by Larry Allen, as Dallas runs right at that Giants defense! On first down again, Smith picked up three yards, taking the yard marker to the 33-yard line of New York. Smith has rushed for 67-yards so far on the day! The Giants defense needs to start making some big plays to stop this running attack by Dallas as Smith ran the ball to the Giants 30 yard line, for another three yard pickup with third down coming up for Dallas. And Smith couldn't be stopped. He picked up the first down with a 5-yard run, taking it to the 26-yard line of the Giants with 7:37 remaining in the game! On first down, Smith ran for nine yards to the New York 16 yard line as Dallas closed in on the score.  On the next play Smith exploded into the end zone with a 16-yard touchdown run with 5:16 remaining in the game and Dallas took the lead, 14-10! What a run by Emmitt Smith!
Oh my God the Giants on their ensuing kickoff gave the ball to Bradshaw who ran it back a hundred yards into the end zone after being turned at midfield Bradshaw ran into the open field and blazed downfield into the end zone to put the Giants ahead 17-14, with 2:42 left to go in the game! Wham!
The Cowboys, taking no chances, put the ball in Emmitt Smith's hands for the kick return, and Smith was met at the 35-yard line by George Martin and the Cowboys needed a huge play with time running out in the game. Another oh my God! Terrell Owens on first down caught a pass from Dak Prescott and Owens took the ball 65 yards upfield and into the end zone to give Dallas the lead 21-17, with just 55, this place is going wild has coach Levi Vick is screaming with excitement with his hands in the air yelling, "Yeah baby," for his Dallas Cowboys! It's actually unbelievable!
The Giants had once last chance as Coach Pizz tries to pull off another miracle, but on the last play the game Ahman Bradshaw ran the ball back 37 yards and he was tackled by none other than Terrell Owens as the Dallas Cowboys complete a major upset over the New York Giants on the Giants home turf 21-17, possibly eliminating New York from the playoffs, in this amazing thriller! The Cowboys won their fifth game for the rookie coach Levi Vick and he clinches his first Long Island Electric Football League division title in one of the toughest divisions in the LIEFL, the NFC East! Coach Pizz walks away stunned in this tremendous NFC East battle! It was Pizz, who brought Vick into this league, but Pizz showed great sportsmanship hugging Vick and wishing him the best in the playoffs!
1213372673_LIEFLSTATS.png.75b2f31d5c890bec65b682cba98b12b3.png Picture15.jpg.1eab3d99ebf6e45ca37a44b75991b6d7.jpgTHE GATORADE POST GAME SUMMARY
21 6987953b941529d7424ab28d9c19a115--cowboys-helmet-clipart-images.jpg.0e194886711de1dda9c3c9da9b32489a.jpgDALLAS COWBOYS (5-2)
NEXT OPPONENT: 1542032143_Picture1(1).jpg.105228cce5d705d752360821007a1b0c.jpg
COWBOYSTD.png.5936bc6cc208bd199c3bebfb13fc7753.pngCOWBOYS OFFENSE: Smith RU: 7-99-2/44 KR: 1-35-0/35 All-Purpose Total: 8-134-2, Owens KR: 2-100-0/80, REC: 1-65-1/65TD All-Purpose Total: 3-165-1/80.
TACKLES: Martin, Owens.
17 giants-clipart-27.png.ae6fb962941d891dda77b5cd941644fb.pngNEW YORK GIANTS (4-3)
NYGTD.png.6aa9869c545e26b6d7e779c094951ea8.pngGIANTS OFFENSE: Barkley RU: 7-101-1/35, Bradshaw KR: 2-137-1/100TD, Beckham Jr. 2-62-0/40
TACKLES: Strahan, Martin





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