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Here we go, Winner takes on Alabama in the national championship. Either way we are getting a championship rematch as Alabama faced LSU in Season 3 and Georgia in Season 1 championship games. Let’s introduce the captains:

For #1 UGA: QB #2 Jason McKhale, S #30 Brandon Tisdale, DE #54 Jamie Emerson, DE #90 Mick GomezIMG_8958.thumb.jpeg.0589d0c3b30d2c9a4b57db6e24a9009a.jpeg

And for #3 LSU: DE#90 Derek Tork, DE #92 Joseph Cooper, WR #7 Dontavion Norris, WR #15 Leo ThunderIMG_8957.thumb.jpeg.96bc913bf1016320e1099e68aee97f1f.jpeg

Georgia wins the toss and elects to receive

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Haven’t done this for previous games but decided to try something new. It’ll be called Player Spotlight. I’ll choose 1 player for both teams that will need to be keyed in on and i will share their season stats.

So the Player Spotlight players will be: Leo Thunder WR #15(LSU) his stats this season were 8 cat, 239 yards, 2 TDs, he didn’t find his role in the offense until late in the season but he’s not one of the biggest threats in the league.

The other player is Backup RB #17 Jamarcus Burnham(UGA) his stats this season were 22 cat, 650 yards, 5 TDs. He wasn’t quite happy with his role as a primary receiving back and getting 0 carries all year but when he went out there to catch a football it was good night look for him in the pass game for the Bulldogs.

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Georgia drives back down field after another long drive where Jason McKhale hits Jamarcus Burnham on a pass for a TD making the score 14-7.IMG_8971.thumb.jpeg.7b12208e28442e8bd88593a90a69cb57.jpeg

Georgia then capitalizes off of an Ian McCall INT from Brandon Tisdale. Jason McKhale rifles his second TD pass this time to Dustin Hall on a back shoulder fade. Score: 21-7 GeorgiaIMG_8978.thumb.png.cff9f6a17ee5e1605431891a09d3682d.png

LSU finally gets a big play after Dontavion Norris beats Justin Levins deep for a TD making the score 21-14 going into half.




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LSU opened the second half with a beautiful run play with Ryan Smith:


LSU gets a stop and Kenny Lowe gets behind the defense for his second TD:IMG_8989.thumb.jpeg.ceb595842f1e62b8fe68a77ae36b7aa1.jpeg

LSU forces another punt and QB Ian McCall scrambles for an untouched 30 yard TD:IMG_8990.thumb.png.6efb679a139008e4afbb1821e7d4e8a4.png

After forcing a THIRD punt LSU’s Leo Thunder returns the punt for a 65 yard TD: IMG_8991.thumb.png.1e14502cdfeb2c3ed9c3c7bab5816232.png

Georgia responds with a TD pass to TJ Gander but it’s too little too late as LSU wins 35-28:IMG_8992.thumb.png.38e46733683df62765aa5952ff95c85a.png

Game MVP: 

IAN MCCALL - 5/8, 207 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT, 3 car, 105 yds, 1 TD


Joseph Cooper - 1 sack, 4 pressures

Kenny Lowe - 3 cat, 137 yds, 2 TD

LSU will go on to face Alabama in the National Championship, no matter who wins we’ll have a repeat champion but can LSU go back to back?

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