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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#7 Cincinnati Bengals (3-3) vs Baltimore Ravens (5-1)

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  November 19, 2020         Cincinnati Bengals (3-3) vs. Baltimore Ravens (5-1)

1599190893_495(7).jpg.26602614b4254f218717975ec8b280b4.jpg   Picture15.jpg.1107c9172f5542c671ef44ad6f81b53a.jpg   BENGALS.thumb.png.a53c1ca91348bc6fed28b8f1a8e5b35d.png   Chick-fil-A_Kickoff_Game_logo2020.png.8efcb71aa9d6c0b01f795830e7f9aa15.png  1116722406_OIP(19).jpg.ed4d1c0ec10bb78993a843d149eccaf7.jpg    169725582_LIEFLWEEK7.jpg.cafa6f3659e9bc50937f4b78365879b9.jpg


Picture12.png.05d4f27a13dbf5ec3ceb2c325061d2e9.pngLIEFL MAIN PAGE: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


BENGALS.thumb.png.a53c1ca91348bc6fed28b8f1a8e5b35d.pngCINCINNATI BENGALS (3-3)



Forget about the Long Island Electric Football Playoffs beginning next week, because this game has the magnitude of a playoff game right here. It's possible that Cincinnati needs to win this game to qualify for the playoffs it seems. To beat Baltimore at home is a little bit of a stretch since the Bengals have not won a game on the road this season. All of their victories have come at home. The one feather in their cap for the season is that they beat the Los Angeles Chargers (6-1), in week one 20-14 in overtime, giving Los Angeles their only loss of the 2020 season!

Cincinnati has one of the most likable teams in the league. Their trash-talking coach, Johnny Freeport Chucker will be released by Alternate coach for the LIEFL, Joe Bino! If you've been reading the LIEFL articles, the Chucker is the loudest coach, biggest trash talker in the league, and for this season he is backing it up with four competitive teams potentially going to the playoffs! 
The Bengals have shown signs of greatness a few times this season and they definitely are an improved electric football team, but this coach and this team still have a ways to go to be one of the top AFC teams. The team reflects its attitude through the coach, which in this case means, they will be in your face until they are beaten!
Cincinnati has threats!  They have two outstanding wide receivers in Chad Ocho-Cinco Johnson and Chris Collinsworth. Ocho-Cinco has 184 receiving yards with four touchdowns, but he has been masterful on special teams too, with 729 yards in kick returns. Collinsworth has three touchdowns and 174 yards receiving, and running back Icky Woods is having a steady year with 325 yards on 45 carries, with three touchdowns. One player who will always stand out for this Cincinnati Bengals team is Brian Blados at tackle. Blados only has one tackle this season, but he is a menace to offensive lineman regardless, putting heavy pressure on the running game and passing game of opponents.  He faces Tony Siragusa and J'von Parker of the Ravens, so the matchups are great!

1116722406_OIP(19).jpg.ed4d1c0ec10bb78993a843d149eccaf7.jpgBALTIMORE RAVENS (5-1)

COACH: Johnny Freeport Chucker (15-9)


The Baltimore Ravens (5-1), on the other hand, have been nothing less than stellar. They have a chance this season to win six games and for the first time in their history be the number one seed in the AFC playoff bracket. Baltimore is (21-20) in the new seven game season format, but they've appeared five times in the LIEFL playoffs. Last season they lost in the AFC Wild Card Game to Buffalo, 35-24! This is their sixth time in the LIEFL Playoffs!  Unreal!

The Ravens defense has been fantastic against the run, and the offense has paved the way for Jamal Lewis who has 44 carries on 455 yards and nine touchdowns, making him the #5 AFC leading rusher! The Superstar who sets Lewis up is Derrick Mason. Mason has 17 carries for 1093 yards and four touchdowns!  Baltimore is for real this year, and their defense today against Cincinnati is ready. LIEFL-Four-time pro bowler Ray Lewis has really lived up to his reputation in this league just like his coach. Johnny Freeport Chucker said, "I wanted Ray Lewis to be like the "real life" Ray Lewis, even though they're just plastic figures, but I tried to develop that reputation in this league. I worked really hard to especially bring that aspect of this game to life. The crazy part about it is people in this league know to try to avoid him because not only did I vote him as All-Pro in the league, but every other coach did as well and that means that he stands out on the field. The problem is, today I'm playing against my own team in Cincinnati, but Bino who is the alternate coach, I think we'll do a good job. Bino said, "I've been saying this all year. All I want is a chance to compete in the Super Bowl to win that big prize money, and next year I'd like to come back full time and that would mean each coach has three teams instead of four. I'm going to try to give these Bengals a fighting chance and try to pull off the upset. The way I look at it is if they beat the Chargers they can beat the Ravens. I don't think the Ravens have played anybody special and the good team that they did play they lost to in the Washington Football Team. The one game that I was at that I watched was against Pittsburgh back in September when the Ravens beat the Steelers 20-17 at Pittsburgh in overtime. I was really impressed, but I was more impressed with Cincinnati beating the Chargers. Should be a great game!"





November 19, 2020. Baltimore, Maryland. On the opening kick off for the Ravens All-Pro Derrick Mason ran the exciting opening kickoff for 45 yards and he was hit hard by Cincinnati linebacker Bob Johnson as Bengals alternate coach Joe Bino had a good crowd to watch some great electric football today in this WEEK#7 Long Island Electric Football League game. Bino brought with him a crowd and a pizza party with 13 people in the audience to watch this action-packed, fast-paced matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals! On defense for Cincinnati, rookie tackle Trey Hopkins will line up against D'von Parker and on the opposite side it's going to be the All-Pro Brian Blados against the "Goose: Tony Siragusa, which should be a brutal matchup between the two.

On first down Ravens running back, Jamal Lewis exploded for a 30-yard run to the Bengals 30-yard line! On that play Siragusa was destroyed by Blados. Blados pushed Siragusa more than 8 yards into the backfield and then Coach Chucker switched things around and put Siragusa on Hopkins. Lewis got nothing on that last run. On second down as the Ravens brought the ball to the 26-yard line with 9:17 left to go in the half as coach Bino is mixing it up.
On third down "Big Daddy" Dan Wilkerson and Trey Hopkins made a great stop for a loss of a yard, bringing up fourth down and seven for the Ravens and so far this has been a really tight football game. On third down Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson threw a beautiful pass to Jamal Lewis who picked up 24 yards and the first down! The Ravens brought the ball to the three yard line of the Bengals, with 5:02 remaining in the half in a playoff like atmosphere! What a big play for the Ravens! In the back of the Freeport Chucker's mind he's got to be thinking that his own team hung in there with one of the best teams in the league in WEEK#1, the Los Angeles Chargers. That left side of the Bengals is just way too tough for the Ravens as they lose five yards on the play with Anthony Munoz making the tackle.
Cincinnati come up big again, stopping Jamal Lewis at the seven-yard line with third down coming up. In the pregame we had mentioned that Brian Blados at tackle for the Bengals causes a lot of problems for offensive lineman, and he continues to do it here by breaking up the whole left side of the line allowing for the defensive guard to come in and make the play on the run. But this time as the first half comes to a close Lewis ran into the end zone from six yards out to score the touchdown as the Ravens take the lead, 7-0!
On the first kickoff beginning the second half Bengals All-Pro Chad Ocho-Cinco Johnson ran into Ray Lewis down the sideline for a beautiful 55-yard kick return!
On a first play from scrimmage Bengals running back Icky Woods in one play, ran a 45-yard touchdown into the end zone to tie the score  7-7, with 12:51 remaining in the game! What an explosive run by Woods!  This place is going crazy here as the crowd of people erupted for Bino on a huge play by Cincinnati!
On the ensuing kickoff Baltimore's Derrick Mason ran a beautiful 65-yard kick return to set up Jamal Lewis at the 35-yard line of the Bengals on first down.
Munoz made his second tackle of the day as Lewis ran for nine yards on first down. On second down, Lewis bullied his way to the 18-yard line over Bengals for the first town with 7:12 left to go in the game! And this time on second down the active tackle J'von Parker opened up a hole through Bengals defenders Blados and Levi Brown as Lewis ran into the end zone for his second touchdown of the day to make the score 14-7 Ravens, with 6:59 left to go in the game! What a play!
On a great kick return by Ocho-Cinco, the Bangles landed at midfield at the 50 yard line. On first down, Icky Woods got stuffed for a 10-yard loss met in the backfield by the "Goose" Tony Siragusa with 4:04 remaining on the clock as the game wound down. With no where to run, Woods lost another five yards in the backfield, bringing up third down for Cincinnati.
With 2:32 left to go in the game the Bengals set up for one, possibly two last plays, and on third down quarterback Joe Burrow took too much time and he wailed off a 23-yard pass to Woods who took it to the 42-yard line, just a few yards short of the first down. Cincinnati had to settle for a field goal with 6 seconds left as the AFC North Division Champion Baltimore Ravens move on to the playoffs and end their season at (6-1)! What a tremendous defensive game and effort by both of these teams!  

1853481410_STATSLIEFL.png.f7b8707d08f29698ff9e545ef21186e8.png Picture15.jpg.1107c9172f5542c671ef44ad6f81b53a.jpgElectric-Football-logo-banner-780x221.png.2c6c1086eeaa02295da183646c3b1c0f.png POST GAME GATORADE SUMMARY:
10 BENGALS.thumb.png.a53c1ca91348bc6fed28b8f1a8e5b35d.pngCINCINNATI BENGALS ( 3-4) 


764630783_BENGALSCD.png.b8f01b5f62c9ac605d17c99fde5acbe1.pngBENGALS: Woods RU: 3-45-1/45TD, REC: 1-23-0/23 ALL-PURPOSE YARDS 4-68-1/45TD, Ocho-Cinco KR:2-105-0/65

TACKLES: Johnson, Jones (2), Munoz (2), Wilkerson, Hopkins.

14  1116722406_OIP(19).jpg.ed4d1c0ec10bb78993a843d149eccaf7.jpgBALTIMORE RAVENS (6-1)

NEXT OPPONENT: AFC 2006238758_Picture1(1).jpg.c9bdb2b082e90ad4a87cb1741be748be.jpg

RAVENSTD.png.d8fe3ce4cd4b034a7456f24574ad64a6.pngRAVENS: Lewis RU: 9-71-2/30, REC:1-24-0/24 ALL-PURPOSE 10-95-2/30, Mason 2-110-0/55.

TACKLES: Ray Lewis, Siragusa (2), Yanda, Anderson.


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