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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#7 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) vs. Indianapolis Colts (5-1)

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1599190893_495(7).jpg.26602614b4254f218717975ec8b280b4.jpg                       4jq6dtd5edw6fqbzpgr0lvjh5.gif.ddd6ad343c5214edaf5205fb39f7d962.gifKICKOFF.jpg.f6a40ab9cbee00507be6eae26b6de007.jpg COLTS.jpg.0db92ec64087cb5b4148f76e5949017f.jpg        169725582_LIEFLWEEK7.jpg.cafa6f3659e9bc50937f4b78365879b9.jpg

                                                 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) vs Indianapolis Colts (5-1)



Picture12.png.023f59857f4db4a51e0196fb1c936440.pngLIEFL MAIN PAGE LINK: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


4jq6dtd5edw6fqbzpgr0lvjh5.gif.ddd6ad343c5214edaf5205fb39f7d962.gifJACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (1-5)

COACH: Kevin Maloney (


The Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5), have been rather a mystery in this league if you have been reading the season articles.  This is not a bad football team and in any league Coach Kevin Maloney would be competitive, but there is something missing in the Jaguars consistency as they try to find the right team mix. They need to turn things around and Maloney has to be able to select his draft picks carefully this January. It has been a tough year for Jaguars running back Fred Taylor. Taylor ranks #11th in AFC All-Purpose yards with 43 carries for 897 yards with two touchdowns this season compared
to his 1367 yards and six touchdowns in 2019. It's hardly the year we thought he'd have for these Jags, but the blame goes to the offensive line which needs work. 

COLTS.jpg.0db92ec64087cb5b4148f76e5949017f.jpgINDIANAPOLIS COLTS (5-1)

COACH: Billy O'C (17-8)


Coach Billy O'C has this Indianapolis Colts (5-1), team going down as one of the best Colts team ever, but he knows the work is not complete until the Colts see a Long Island Electric Football Super Bowl! O'C said, "I think I know what it takes to win a few games, and this team is loaded with weapons.  If we are running as a four-punch team on all cylinders, this may be our year." Indianapolis poses problems for most teams because if it isn't All-Pro running back Joseph Addai's running game, the combo of Marvin Harrison and Raymond Berry can crush a team! This is a dangerous electric football team, and their defense has risen to an entirely different level, popping as the best defense in the AFC with 61 Points Allowed!

Indianapolis has been on the cutting edge as a Tier #1 team for the last several seasons. For the past two year's they have won the North Division, losing in the playoffs to the Los Angeles Chargers 44-38 in OT, in the AFC Divisional Championship Game, and last year the Colts lost in the AFC Wild Card Game to the ten Oakland Raiders, 38-34! This season Joseph Addai has been fierce in his goal to move further up the LIEFL food chain. As the #4 rusher leading rusher in the AFC, with 46 carries for 507 yards with seven touchdowns, Addai can take the team to places they haven't been. He is #3 in the AFC amongst All-Purpose yard leaders in the AFC, with 64 carries for 1395 yards with 8 total touchdowns! This is a tough game regardless of the records because Billy O'C knows that Jacksonville has two outstanding tackles in All-Pro Rob Meier, who has 14 tackles as the LIEFL leader, and big Charles Spencer, who is at 9 tackles. The Colts have the home field advantage and they need to jump out to a big lead to win this game.


November 16, 2020. Indianapolis Indiana.
On the open kickoff Colts running back, Joseph Addai Joseph had ran the ball back for a spectacular 82 yard run. The energy is alive for this Indianapolis Colts team! With Addai running the ball and with two explosive receivers in Berry and Harrison along with a tremendous defensive line, these Colts will have their hands full with the two tackles of Jacksonville's two tough linemen Charles Spencer and Rob Meier, who have stood out all season long playing some amazing defense keeping this team in the games. On first down for the Colts, Addai ran nine yards to the Jacksonville 10-yard line. One play later, Addai scooted into the end zone for a ten yard touchdown run to make the score 7-0 Colts, with 11:17 left to go in the half!
There's been a lot of talking in Jaguars land about Jacksonville about moving the tackles around and switching their positions to guards. The front line chemistry is not working and Coach Maloney will have to make big changes to gain respect back in the league with this team. It's very possible that they're going to make this happen at the end of the season. On first down for Jacksonville, Freddy Taylor was stuffed by Quentin Nelson, and then on second down, Taylor was tackled in the backfield by Marvin Harrison for another Jaguars loss, bringing the ball back to the 41-yard line, for a loss of 15-yards against this tough Indianapolis defense with 6:42 remaining in the half!
Jacksonville could not seem to get anything going against this Indianapolis Colts defense and they were forced to punt the ball on fourth down, but Joseph Addai ran back a weak return for 26 yards. Addai will have to improve his kick returns for the playoffs next week as Indianapolis is expected to earn first or second seed in the AFC Playoff bracket. On first down, Addai had a 27-yard run for a first down as the first half came to a close with Indianapolis at the 46 yard line!
To start the second half, Addai ran for 6 yards behind the powerful blocking of Colts lineman, Bubba Smith as Charles Spencer, the star defensive tackle caused havocs for the Jaguars. Spencer dominated Colts tackle Anthony Castonzo, causing a lot of problems for Indianapolis opening up the outside running hole. Jacksonville has two of the best tackles in the game regardless of their record and you can see the damage they're doing to the Colts. And on the next play, Addai exploded from 39 yards away into the end zone for another touchdown for the Indianapolis running back, to make the score 14-0, with 11:36 remaining in the game! What a run by Addai! When this guy gets hot he's unstoppable, but he has to be ready in the playoffs that way, and it certainly seems like he might as that Indianapolis line plays consistent. It will be a great AFC championship game if it was Indianapolis against Los Angeles!
On the next kick off for the Jaguars, Freddie Taylor ran for 50 yards on a great return before being tackled by Tony Castonzo! That Marvin Harrison for the Colts has become a thorn in offensive opponents side as he made his second tackle of the game in the backfield against Fred Taylor. On second down for Jacksonville, Taylor was stopped again. And on third down, Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell connected with Allen Hurns for a 30-yard first down to the Indianapolis 28-yard line. On the next first down for the Jaguars, Brunell couldn't find an open receiver with 3:44 left to go in the game. Freddy Taylor was forced to run the ball against a vicious Indianapolis Colts defense, who brought the back down again as Taylor ran into a wall of Colts linemen led by Elmer Collett! The Jaguars lost six more yards on the play with 2:08 left to go in the game. Jacksonville was forced to kick a field-goal from 27 yards away to make the score 14-3 Colts, with just 42 seconds left to go in the game!
The Colts had one last attempt to run the ball back and Joseph Addai ran up the numbers with a 59 yard return, brining an end to the Jaguars abysmal season as Jacksonville finishes (1-6)!
The Indianapolis Colts finished their season (6-1), tied, with the Los Angeles Chargers and Baltimore Ravens at (5-1)! What a war this is going to turn into in the AFC playoffs between Miami, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and these tough Indianapolis Colts!
2049796063_EFLBANNERLIEFL.png.6e91f162d90dc267e512c678c096418d.pngPOST GAME STATISTICS
3   4jq6dtd5edw6fqbzpgr0lvjh5.gif.ddd6ad343c5214edaf5205fb39f7d962.gif JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (1-6)
JAGSTD.png.82b5aa4c5d508b67bb45a3fed5d3ad99.png JACKSONVILLE: Taylor RU: 6-0-0/0, KR: 2-106-0/56 All-Purpose 8-106-0/56, Slomka REC: 1-6-0/6, Hurns REC: 1-30-0/30.
TACKLES: Spencer, Smith, Hardy.
14 COLTS.jpg.0db92ec64087cb5b4148f76e5949017f.jpgINDIANAPOLIS COLTS (6-1)
NEXT OPPONENT: Picture1.gif.98ae69783220890cbb02f3222499a786.gifAFC PLAYOFFS!
Picture4.png.a7fda24cd21dc24186a83a5caf5c4a2e.pngINDIANAPOLIS: Addai RU: 6-102-2/39, 3-167-0/82, All-Purpose 9-269-2/82.
TACKLES: Nelson, Harrison (2), Castanzo, Collett.


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