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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#7 Miami Dolphins (4-2) vs Buffalo Bills (2-4)

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1913312499_LIEFLOFFICIALLOGO.jpg.9d5c1ad98dc149f4a9799d4ad83561ef.jpg       1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.6b4669da571bcbcae34580dc2161e425.gif    KICKOFF.jpg.89ecd6ae6a101987bd580fafad8f253b.jpg   BILLS.jpg.10cecbb8a18da1e3fa2712171e5d2c2f.jpg     1376344886_LIEFLWEEK7.jpg.09a363bac659de3d12b8c00833204556.jpg

    NOVEMBER 16,2020         Miami Dolphins (4-2) vs Buffalo Bills (2-4)


Picture12.png.5bd35f6c234f963dddda179725bf8766.pngLIEFL MAIN PAGE: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/

1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.6b4669da571bcbcae34580dc2161e425.gifMIAMI DOLPHINS (4-2)


COACH: Billy O'C (17-8)


Long Island Electric Football Coach Billy O'C is on the verge of 400 career wins in the league.  O'C is just two games shy of this fest and the prize is $500 from the league which he will donate right back to the league!

This is the third game of the day as we speed up the seventh game of the season to meet the November 21st deadline to announce the exciting, stacked 2020 playoff seeds in the LIEFL. This one is a classic matchup featuring the Buffalo Bills (2-4), against last year's defending AFC Champion, Miami Dolphins. Miami won the AFC last year by beating Buffalo 31-21, in the Championship Game. Buffalo is looking for a little revenge at home, but this Miami defense has been super tough this season as Miami's three punch line consisting of All-Pro's Larry Little, Jason Taylor, along with anchors Brian Cox and AJ Duhe, have this team playing on all cylinders on the road! Miami has to perform and rise to the occasion.

BILLS.jpg.10cecbb8a18da1e3fa2712171e5d2c2f.jpgBUFFALO BILLS



Buffalo has been playing angry, as they have not been the performing Buffalo Bills that we once knew from the 2017 season, when they took the league by storm as the Wild Card Team, winning the LIEFL-Super Bowl XIII, in dominant fashion against the Detroit Lions, beating the Lions 49-35! The mark of a great player is somebody who can score as many touchdowns as OJ did in 2017, when he had 35 total touchdowns for the year! Simpson however, as he ages is ready to turn the ball over on kick returns to rookie Ray Brown, who hasn't seen much action but he's been impressive with what little he's played.

November 16, 2020. Orchard Park, New York. On the opening kickoff Bills All-Pro running back, OJ Simpson took back the opening kickoff for 30 yards! On first down, OJ Simpson was crushed by the Dolphin Frontline as Miami gears up for the playoffs for the second year in a row. On second down, Miami again, stopped OJ behind the line of scrimmage as the rising star in the league Jason Taylor, throws Simpson to the turf for another loss.  The All-Pro hit OJ Simpson hard at the 23-yard line and Simpson and the Bills found nowhere to run against this tenacious defense. They were forced to pass on third down! Wow! The Miami Dolphins came up huge and stopped the Bills on third down and Buffalo was forced to to punt the ball or go for it, and Buffalo decided to run!  What a play! On fourth down, OJ Simpson exploded for a beautiful 24-yard run, picking up the first down at the Bills 45-yard line with 7:54 remaining in the half! Buffalo fought right back. Simpson ran for another six yards on first down, but he was stopped on second down at the original line of scrimmage by a rough Miami defense with 4:03 left to go and a half! Miami was relentless! And the Bills still needed seven yards to go for the first down, but they were stopped again by Miami's bruising defense!
The Buffalo Bills front line used to be able to handle anybody in the league, but the league has improved quite a bit, and it's just a complete war as these two lines collide with a fierce level of competition battle it out. OJ was stopped in his tracks once again, at the 33-yard line by Miami defensive tackle AJ Duhe, who's had a stellar year at tackle. Duhe made his second tackle of the game as that play brought the first half to a close with the game scoreless!
Miami's defense continued ... they blasted through the Buffalo front line and OJ Simpson lost another 15 yards, bringing the ball back to the 50-yard line at midfield and the Bills were sinking quick and in need a big play. Today's alternate Coach, Joe Bino made a horrible mistake with the Bills as Jason Taylor sacked quarterback Jim Kelly for a 38-yard loss, forcing a fourth down! Miami is on fire, raising their intensity level quite a bit in his final game of the season!
This league has never seen the Buffalo Bills beaten like this and it has to be painful for Billy O'C to be playing against his own team against an alternate coach, but in this case he has to play with the team who's going to the playoffs as the Miami sets up for the punt return with Mark Duper running the ball back 48 yards on the return! One play later, on an amazing explosive run on first down, running back Mercury Morris ran a sweep around Buffalo's left side for 52 yards, as Bills defenders watcher Morris blaze down the sideline into the end zone to give the Dolphins the lead 7-0, and the Dolphins never looked back!
And the Bills make the jump to rookie Ray Brown handing him the ball on the kick return as he runs the kickoff back 43-yards as the once unstoppable OJ Simpson takes over on first down. Morris was very impressive on that last play! He just exploded, and it looks like Miami is going to make another run at the playoffs has OJ Simpson blasts through the line for a 50-yard run with 8:26 left to go in the game! On the very next play, Simpson ran it in from seven yards away into the end zone, to tie the game at 7-7 with 7:43 left to go as this division rival heats up!
On the ensuing kickoff Mark Duper took it back 60 yards giving the Dolphins great field position, and enough to try to kill the clock as the Dolphins worked the upset off over this tough Buffalo Bills team. Buffalo just doesn't look like the same team anymore. The face of the league has really improved as Morris is stopped and hit hard in the backfield for a 15-yard loss by OJ Simpson. But Miami rose to the occasion as Miami quarterback Dan Marino hit Morris with a 25-yard pass for a huge first down at the Buffalo 30-yard line! On the next play, Morris exploded again around the right side and took the ball into the end zone with a 30-yard touchdown run, his second of the day, to make the score 14-7 with 33 seconds left to go in the game!
Buffalo's Ray Brown ran the ball back a stunning 82 yards on a spectacular run for the rookie to the 18-yard line and the Bills kick a field goal with just seconds left to make the score 14-10, on their final play of the 2020 season! Miami wins, upsetting the Bills on the road, winning their fifth game of the season as they go into the playoffs at (5-2). What a fantastic finish! Mercury Morris was the hero of today's game!
Picture15.jpg.50cf518e7c0291fec269af32ff5c96ba.jpgPOST GAME REPORT:
14      1c8cbaf3c93acd5009c237d9615fda3c.gif.6b4669da571bcbcae34580dc2161e425.gif MIAMI DOLPHINS (5-2)
NEXT OPPONENT: 1205336963_PLAYOFFPICTURE.png.6a1aaa8500dc14f7a37967d8d9f396bc.png
26586233_DOLPHINSTD.png.cd6f25528509bd7a77a7ec19d44f78f2.pngMIAMI DOLPHINS: Morris RU: 3-82-2/52TD, REC: 125-0, All-Purpose: 4-107-2/52TD, Duper KR: 2-108-0/60.
TACKLES: Fernandez, Duhe (2), Taylor (2-1-Sack), Csonka, Kuechenberg.
10 BILLS.jpg.10cecbb8a18da1e3fa2712171e5d2c2f.jpgBUFFALO BILLS (2-5)
BILLSTD2.png.6398a251fd512956c485a5406e72a1f8.pngBUFFALO BILLS: Simpson10-78-1/50, KR: 1-30-0, All-Purpose: 11-108-1/50, Brown KR: 2-125-0/82, REC: 1-23-0/23, All-Purpose: 3-148-0/82. 
TACKLES: Simpson.
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