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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#7 Los Angeles Chargers (5-1) vs Kansas City Chiefs (2-4)

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702894976_495(7).jpg.e7cf1cfd8f369124db1c5522a37f1f95.jpg                chargers.gif.9bc693e4d0e518d95f5747c5c0fe6e33.gifKICKOFF.jpg.d7791df8425e078987817d03a5a74166.jpg1589375386_OIP(2).jpg.b657ea201e389b4ea7300b334e730a83.jpg     1064415547_LIEFLWEEK7.jpg.3134f6fad034d46d75beb56420efa6ce.jpg

NOVEMBER 16, 2020   Los Angeles Chargers (5-1) vs Kansas City Chiefs (2-4)


Picture12.png.12ffbec2b0a49642bb3f976d9e713a73.pngLIEFL MAIN PAGE: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


chargers.gif.9bc693e4d0e518d95f5747c5c0fe6e33.gifLOS ANGELES CHARGERS (5-1)

COACH: Ed Viggs (16-10)


If you have been following this year's Long Island Electric Football League's 2020 season, the The Los Angeles Chargers (5-1), need no introduction. They have become an AFC power team as they battle for another shot at the AFC Championship! The Chargers are raging this year, after making it to the LIEFL-Super Bowl XV and losing to the almighty Los Angeles Rams in 2018 31-28, the Chargers stormed into the playoffs last year, but lost in the AFC Divisional Championship Game 49-48, to Buffalo in a stunner! This season Los Angeles has another exciting chance to make it back to the big show, and it all starts with discipline on the road in a hostile environment in Kansas City!

It's going to be an uphill battle trying to stop the #1 rusher in the AFC, LaDainian Tomlinson, and it's also going to be tough for that devastating defensive Chargers Frontline to stop Kansas City running back, Priest Holmes, who has been on fire the last three games. Tomlinson has 42 carries for 578 yards rushing, with 10 touchdowns, and he ranks #3 in the LIEFL in all-purpose yards with 58 total carries for 1380 yards, with 11 touchdowns this season for the 2019 AFC Offensive Player of the Year!
1589375386_OIP(2).jpg.b657ea201e389b4ea7300b334e730a83.jpgKANSAS CITY CHIEFS (2-4)
There have been times that the Kansas City Chiefs have shown signs of being a playoff team in the last six Long Island EFL seven game season format, but it has been a few and far between the line to victory. The Chiefs had a number of great draft picks in receiver Tyreek Hill, Derrick Thomas, and lineman John Alt, but they struggled to perform this year.  Priest Holmes had his worse year. It took until week three to start performing and in this league that isn't going to work out well for a coach when the offense is flat. Holmes did manage to recharge in Week#3 exploding against the (5-1) Baltimore Ravens for 125 yards with two touchdowns, but he never went past that in terms of performing against the best teams in the league. Today they have a chance to beat division rival Los Angeles. They have to complete the impossible, stop LaDanian Tomlinson.
November 16, 2020. Kansas City, Missouri.  The opening kickoff was exciting as Kansas City's Tony Gonzalez returned the ball to the Chiefs own 43-yard line. On first down, Chiefs running back Priest Holmes picked up another first down with a 14-yard run, tackled by Los Angeles All-Pro lineman,  Ernie Ladd. Ladd has been a beast this season on his way to another All-Pro season with six tackles, adding two more to his numbers after this game. The Chargers defense put a stop to Holmes on the next play, forcing him back three yards on first down, with Coach Viggs mixing it up a bit for the Chargers, matching up personnel on the line. The Los Angeles defense is brutal! On second down, they dragged Holmes down at the 48-yard line of Kansas City, with third down and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes having to find a way on third down to get to the Chargers 32-yard line for the first. But, it was lineman Earl Faison who outmuscled Willie Lanier in the battle in the trenches who made the difference, giving Lanier a little pushing and shoving after he made the tackle on Holmes. And, on third down Mahomes could not find anybody open, forcing a fourth down play! The chiefs decided to go for it against a brutal defensive line ... and wait a second, Coach McQueen decided kick the field goal instead from 52-yards away. Kansas City took the lead 3-0, with 7:27 left to go in the first half!
The Chargers defense continues to impress coaches around the league.
On Los Angeles first possession, Chargers star running back LaDanien Tomlinson exploded on an amazing play as he ran the ball past red and yellow Chiefs jerseys for a hundred yard touchdown with 6:18 left to go in the first half to make the score 7-3 Chargers, and just like that, Los Angeles talks on the scoreboard! Tomlinson continues to destroy opposing defenses as this team has one vision and one goal, to make it to the big show and destroy anyone in their path. They may be the best team in the LIEFL, but time will tell!
On the kick return for Kansas City, Tyreek Hill ran hard for a 51-yard gain to the LA 49, but the Chargers defense went to work quickly decimating the front line of the Chiefs on first down as they lost 13 yards, with Kansas City finding nowhere to run against this dominant Los Angeles defense. On second down, it was quarterback Patrick Mahomes who the Chiefs had to rely on to get them out of the mess they created. Mohomes threw a beautiful screen pass to Priest Holmes who took it 39 yards down field to the Chargers 23-yard line for the first down! What a play! One play later, the Chargers defense came storming in again, with lineman Russ Washington making a hard tackle on Holmes who could not get the running game established for the Chiefs. This is only a preview of what the Chargers are readying themselves for when it comes to the playoffs this season. Los Angeles Coach Viggs said they will take no prisoners! The Chargers have won three games on the road this season and that illustrates just how focused they are, as the first half comes to a close.
To begin the second half on second down, Priest Holmes and the Chiefs offense continued to run into a wall of Los Angeles Chargers defenders!
And on third down Holmes just was stopped again at the 36-yard line, and Kansas City was forced to kick another field goal as LA's defensive tackle Booker Brown, made his third tackle of the  game and tenth of the season, as the Chargers lead 7-6, with 10:36 left to go in the game!
Holy Cow! On the kick return Tomlinson ran it back 40-yards, but on the next play he exploded for a 60-yard touchdown run into the end zone to make the score 14-6, with Los Angeles dominating the game with 10:14 remaining in the game! What a play by Tomlinson!
The Chargers are hungry for a (6-1) finish with an explosive victory, and boy they are well on their way as Tomlinson already has 200 total yards on the day with two touchdowns as he ramps up the yardage!
On a spectacular kick return by Tyreek Hill, Hill took an electrifying 79-yard run back to the Los Angeles 21-yard line! And the Chiefs decided on second down to pass the ball again after the Chargers defense Earl Faison crushed Holmes in the backfield for a 6-yard loss, with 5:46 remaining in the game! 
And on a brilliant play by Mahomes, he found a wide open tight end Tony Gonzalez who connected with Mahomes on a 26-yard touchdown play to tighten the score 14-13, with 4:36 left to go in the game as the Chargers hold on to the lead in this tremendous division matchup! Coach Viggs complimented Coach McQueen, saying, "That was real good football right there McQueen!"
On the next kick off Tomlinson sped back 30 yards, and then he had two runs of 10 and 20 yards to the Chiefs 40-yard line and on the next setup, which was first down, the Chiefs held the Chargers from scoring again, as time ran out in the game! The Los Angeles Chargers win their sixth game of the season 14-13, beating the Kansas City Chiefs (2-5) in a terrific game! The Chiefs have to find a way to rebuild this team and for LA, Tomlinson showed again why he is one of the top players in this league has he returned the ball for 200 yards and rushed for 60 with two touchdowns to win the game on the road finding a way to get it done! On to the AFC Playoffs for Los Angeles for their third straight year, and seventh playoff appearance since they franchised into the LIEFL!
STATS.png.300dff550b28297d30fbefb7bca90a85.pngPOST GAME STATISTICS
14 chargers.gif.9bc693e4d0e518d95f5747c5c0fe6e33.gifLOS ANGELES CHARGERS (6-1)
NEXT OPPONENT: AFC PLAYOFFSPicture1.gif.96beaf788de2d2af02810e5607498450.gif
872405650_CHARGERSTD.png.2f408feda04c4972a20969e6928b6243.pngTomlinson RU: 3-60-1/60TD, KR: 3-200-1/100TD, 6-160-2/100TD All-Purpose Yards, Alsworth REC: 1-1-0/1.
TACKLES: Brown (3), Ladd (2), Faison (2), Washington, Tomlinson.
131589375386_OIP(2).jpg.b657ea201e389b4ea7300b334e730a83.jpgKANSAS CITY CHIEFS (2-5)
chiefs.png.66194607ec690a4aa4940b5b179be8b5.png   Holmes RU: 8-14-0/14, REC: 1-39-0/39, Hill KR: 2-130-0/79, Gonzales REC: 1-26-1/26, KR: 1-43-0/43
TACKLES: Alt, Holmes.




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