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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#7 Tennessee Titans (3-3) vs Houston Texans (1-5)

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838172290_495(7).jpg.b5b040252afae7e06af1355439d28bb9.jpg LIEFL tennessee-titans-helmet-logo.thumb.png.fe7cae715a7c2e70600d3e37f20a0a04.png  KICKOFF.jpg.ae1fd0286e9b603e30f2506ee5b3b71c.jpg           TEXANS.jpg.393d22a0909551ea532a8ff250ffefed.jpg        1373917537_LIEFLWEEK7.jpg.dd0c8ad45839aa8122e19fbc51277a3f.jpg 

       NOVEMBER 16,2020     Tennessee Titans (3-3) vs Houston Texans (1-5)


Picture12.png.6271e5236474193740b0aa97da704a11.pngLIEFL MAIN PAGE WITH ALL-TIME RECORDS, PLAYOFF INFO, 2019 STAT LEADERS, STANDINGS AND OTHER IMPORTANT LEAGUE INFORMATION INCLUDING SCHEDUE: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


tennessee-titans-helmet-logo.thumb.png.fe7cae715a7c2e70600d3e37f20a0a04.pngTENNESSEE TITANS (3-3)

COACH: Kevin Maloney (10-13)


It has been a strong season for Coach Kevin Maloney's Tennessee Titans (3-3) in the Long Island EFL!  This team has a lot of variety and you never know which Titans will show up.  They have a chance to make the LIEFL playoffs for the third time in six seasons. That is impressive for any team in this league, and what's more impressive in this team is that two of those playoff runs, Tennessee made it to the AFC Championship Game, just one game from the big show in 2016, when they lost to New England 24-17, and then again, in 2018, they lost to a tough Los Angeles Chargers team 42-27!  One thing we know is this team is going to fight for every inch of metal to get to where they want to go, sort of like their coach. Maloney works hard with this team, and there is a single player that represents this team, but rather a group that plays well at war together!

TEXANS.jpg.393d22a0909551ea532a8ff250ffefed.jpgHOUSTON TEXANS (1-5)
COACH: Levi Vick (8-15)


This game between the Tennessee Titans (3-3), and the Houston Texans (1-5), is a question mark. The Texans have a chance to beat Tennessee and knock them out of the playoffs, or at least make it difficult for them to make the playoffs, but they know better than to assume a victory. Coach Levi Vick has survived his first LIEFL season with honor, and he continues to show progress as a warrior. It's been an up and down season for Houston, but one thing remains solid and that's the running game of running back Ron Dayne. Dayne continues to launch his offensive attack against everyone and anyone.
This week will be no different at home he continues to be consistent even though the Texans are (1-5) going into week seven. Dayne still ranks among the elites of the league ranking #5 in AFC All-Purpose yards with 54 carries, 1170 yards, with six touchdowns!  He has blazing speed and Vick needs to focus on the draft this off season to get Dayne the beef on the line he needs!


November 16, 2020. Houston, Texas.

On the opening kickoff Texans running back, Ron Dayne helped himself to a gorgeous 60-yard kickoff return as the Texans came ready for battle in this season finale between two powerful division rivals! Houston has some rebuilding to do. They went from being fierce competitors to a work in progress like most teams in this league, as the league continues to surround itself with great players, great competition, and a perfect set of rules for this league which has worked very well over the past six seasons.

On first down Dayne lost a yard, forced back by a storming Titans defense led by Jacob Ford and consistent All-Pro, Bruce Matthews. On second down, coach Levi Vick figured out the tough Titans defense with a 27-yard gain on the ground by Dayne to the Titans 13-yard line, on a huge play for the Texans as the offensive line! Texans Chris White and JJ Watt cleared the right side of the line out of the way to pave the way for Dayne with 11:42 left to go in the half! And this next set of downs on first down the Titans stuffed Dayne for a 4-yard loss. Between Ford and Matthews those two are what this Titans team needs to build around. Houston will get high draft picks in the upcoming January draft.
On second down the Texans suffered a big loss of 20 yards with third down coming up at the 40-yard line as Houston quarterback, DeShaun Watson had to come up with something interesting here to make a big play so the Texans can compete. On third down, Watson connected on a pass to running back Lamar Miller for 5 yards, but it was not enough and the Texans were forced to kick a field goal. This team needs a lot of work and this was one of the things that Levi Vick complained about, getting some of the teams that needed the most work when he took over as rookie head coach for Houston, which he said shouldn't be a reflection of his coaching. The Texans took the lead 3-0, with 6:04 left to go and a half!
On their opening kickoff the Titans Brandon Jones ran back a very nice 47-yard return. And the Titans will be coming in with new uniforms next year, ready for 2021 and in the market for new linebackers and a tackle in the off season. On first down, Tennessee running back Eddie George ran for eight yards as the Titans battle to reach the playoffs, and they may actually eliminate some of the AFC East teams who are in contention like the Patriots, the Jets and the Bills, who play the AFC Champion Miami Dolphins later today at Buffalo. On second down, Eddie George exploded right through the middle as his offensive line opened a gorgeous huge gap while the Texans watched George run 45 yards into the end zone for a touchdown to make the score 7-3 Titans, with 1:44 left to go in the half! The Texans have to come roaring back to stay in this game!
The Titans defense has played extremely well this season and on Ron Dayne's return kick, Dayne did a beautiful job returning the ball 62 yards, with 32 seconds left to go in the half as time ran out! On the first play of the second half, the Titans defense stopped Dayne in the backfield for an 8-yard loss and the Texans were forced to pass on 2nd down as Tennessee's defense came up huge today, shutting down this Texans offense and power runner Ron Dayne! And on the second down the Texans failed again to execute on the pass play, and that spelled big trouble. They're going to need Dayne, the All-Pro running back to get them out of this jam with an underperforming Frontline. And on third down, Dayne had nowhere to go and they're just going to continue to try to run the football, but coach Vick changed his mind and decided to punt the ball on fourth down. On the punt return, Titans special teams player, Brandon Jones returned the ball 40 yards, and Eddie George took over on first down. George could have a big day here.
On first down Houston tackle, Mike Brisiel came up with a huge hit on George to stop him right at the line of scrimmage, with 6:12 remaining in the game.
Both teams were delayed with their set ups and penalized, but the penalties were offsetting with 4:10 left to go in the game. The Titans, on third down decided to run the ball one more time and then they changed their plan just like the Texans did when they punted, and Coach Maloney, instead decided to pass as Eron Kinney exploded 47 yards down the sideline into the end zone for a Tennessee Titans touchdown to make the score 14-3, with 3:31 left to go in the game! What another great play by the Titans!
The clock wound down on the Texans and their 2020 LIEFL season, as they were humiliated on their home turf by a motivated Titans team. Tennessee will not be easy to beat in the playoffs. They are a sleeper team with lots of weapons!
Texans running back, Run Dayne ran back at sizzling 65-yard kick return on the Texans possession, giving Dayne 187 yards on special teams for the day with just 1:22 remaining in the game and the Texans were running out of time. On first down Watson connected with receiver Andre Johnson for a 26-yard first down to the 9-yard line, which set up the last play of the game, a field goal by the Houston Texans as they lose 14-6, to the commanding Tennessee Titans!
14 tennessee-titans-helmet-logo.thumb.png.fe7cae715a7c2e70600d3e37f20a0a04.pngTENNESSEE TITANS (4-3)
TITANSTD.png.d6b38be872aedecd50b406569861fc34.pngTENNESSEE: George RU: 5-66-1/45TD, Jones KR: 2-87-0/47, Kinney REC: 1-47-1/47TD, 
TACKLES: Ford, Douglas

  TEXANS.jpg.393d22a0909551ea532a8ff250ffefed.jpgHOUSTON TEXANS (1-6)


TEXANSTD.png.79fa2f5afe9fbae0425b4e4673009fc4.pngHOUSTON: Dayne RU: 6-27-0/27, KR: 3-187-0/62, Johnson REC: 1-26-0, REC: Miller 1-5-0/5

TACKLES: Watt, White, Johnson, Brisiel (2)





495 (7).jpg

nfl_gameday_logo_hero (2) (1).jpg



nfl_gameday_logo_hero (2) (1).jpg



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