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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#7 Green Bay Packers (6-0) vs Chicago Bears (3-3)

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838172290_495(7).jpg.b5b040252afae7e06af1355439d28bb9.jpg            Packers.jpg.e5d2e622045da56a8755088da9084bfe.jpg     KICKOFF.jpg.ae1fd0286e9b603e30f2506ee5b3b71c.jpg       bears.png.7f4c2b66142e692f9f401603347a2aef.png            1373917537_LIEFLWEEK7.jpg.dd0c8ad45839aa8122e19fbc51277a3f.jpg 

                                            Green Bay Packers (6-0) vs Chicago Bears (3-3)


Picture12.png.6271e5236474193740b0aa97da704a11.pngLIEFL MAIN PAGE WITH ALL-TIME RECORDS, PLAYOFF INFO, 2019 STAT LEADERS, STANDINGS AND OTHER IMPORTANT LEAGUE INFORMATION INCLUDING SCHEDUE: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


Packers.jpg.e5d2e622045da56a8755088da9084bfe.jpgGREEN BAY PACKERS (6-0)



It is a huge division rivalry and it all boils down to the final game of the regular season for the Chicago Bears, and that's who has the pressure, or is it?  The undefeated Green Bay Packers would be the first team in the LIEFL seven-game season format to go unbeaten if they can pull this game off on the road.

Last week Coach Viggs let the beast out of the cage in Jim Taylor and the huge running back ran all over the Carolina Panthers! Coach Viggs expressed excitement for his Packers because they are the only undefeated team to this point in the season, but they have been suspect around the league for not having really played many top-ten teams. Viggs said he's going to give the bears a taste of Taylor, who will keep the game close in what me be one of the most exciting games of the week.  Jim Taylor's a really nice story for Green Bay. He has stepped up big for the Packers when they have needed him most. He's done a great job running around the ends and the Packers beat an outstanding team in Matt Zoo-York's Carolina Panthers, after being beat up last season by Carolina in the NFC wild card game. It doesn't seem to matter whether Viggs is on the road or at home, his Packers have showed up to every game with a defense who have stuffed just about every team they've played. Their defense has played way bigger than anybody ever thought. Reggie White will lead the way for the #1 defense in the LIEFL this season, and it shouldn't take much for either of these teams to get jacked up for this last game of the regular season.

bears.png.7f4c2b66142e692f9f401603347a2aef.pngCHICAGO BEARS (3-3)



The Chicago Bears are just two games shy of their 100th victory as a franchise.  The Bears are the LIEFL-Ranked #4 most winningest team at (98-69). When they win their 100th, that's a $400 payday and check for Paddy Brannigan when that happens from the League!  That is the power of great leadership in the League under Commissioner William O'Connell, a former reporter, now Professor.  O'Connell said, "We had this vision long ago to make this league what we wanted it to be, and the money part is all from dues that sits in the bank for moments like winning 100 games, or a Super Bowl, or a paid trip to Florida to play in the Super Bowl. We have saved more than $8,000 in the past six seasons as a league through money donated by all eight coaches.  Sounds like a lot, but it is a small piece of the hobby that we use for the big games to reward these highly competitive coaches."

Tonight's game is special.  The Bears celebrate the life of Gale Sayers and what he meant to this franchise in the NF by honoring his memory in a video produced, written, and voice-over by league commissioner William O'Connell. It's been a fabulous year for the Chicago Bears regardless of the outcome of tonight's game. This Long Island Electric Football League WEEK#7 game in our final week is a game you don't want to leave your seat for. The Bears have been itching all season long to play this game, and we have finally come to a point where Chicago has made huge strides this season with the resurgence of Walter Payton, and the addition of tight end Mike Ditka, Willie Gault, and lineman Don Hampton, which makes the Bears a four-punch team! Gault is at the top of the NFC, Ranked#6th in all-purpose yards with 20 carries and 1187 yards, with 5 touchdowns! The all-star compiled Bears have somehow been able to bring the magic back from the past as these two Top Ten Long Island Electric Football League team's go to war in the last game of the regular season. For the undefeated Green Bay Packers, they will be the #1 or #2 seed in the NFC playoff bracket, but for Chicago (3-3), they are fighting to get into the post season for the first time since 2000. That's twenty years ago!  They beat the Miami Dolphins in LIEFL-Super Bowl X 45-38, in OT!  This Paddy Brannigan Bears team brought great excitement this season. They are one of those teams you couldn't help but to root for each week, and here they are in one of the biggest games of the year all amped up and ready to go. The question is, how has Brannigan prepared these historic Bears in the new generation of electric football? 

November 10, 2020. Soldier Field, Chicago. The excitement and anxiety of big games like this wear down when they are over for most coaches around the country. Communication and preparation is key in studying opponents. On the opening kickoff the Green Bay Packers seem to have the magic on their side as Chicago's star player Willie Gault came flying down field only to be turned by Richard Dent, destroying an opportunity to take one back all the way, as Gault and the play stops at the 35 yard line of Chicago. Coach Brannigan shook it off and he focused. And on first down the Bears made some noise with an 11-yard pickup to the 46-yard line with Don Hampton leading the charge for running back Walter Payton.
Chicago came out on fire as Payton ran for another first down to the Green Bay 41-yard line! Brannigan has this team pumped up! Brannigan's goal is to leave the Packers no choice, but to have their backs against the wall with nowhere to go, taking away any opportunity they possibly can on offense from Green Bay's Jim Taylor. On first down, Green Bay's All-Pro tackle, Forrest Greg and Reggie White crushed Walter Payton for a 6-yard loss as the defense for Green Bay wasn't having these Bears walk all over them, but the Bears came prepared! After losing more yardage on second down, Chicago was forced to pass on third down with 7:14 left to remaining in the half.  On a beautiful pass play to Brian Piccolo from quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, Piccolo picked up a big 22 yard first down as the Bears execute and bring the ball to the Green Bay 19 with 6:38 left to go in the half! Chicago did an outstanding job controlling the clock and the field!
On first down for Chicago, Walter Payton ran for a 16 yard first down to the Green Bay two-yard line, but you can't put anything past coach Viggs, not after that victory last week against Carolina. And on the next play, Payton bulled his way into the end zone behind his linemen Don Hampton, and Wally Chambers for a beautiful touchdown from two yards out to make the score 7-0 with 3:17 left to go in the half! 
The Bears have revolted against Green Bay tonight, as Willie Gault made a beautiful tackle on Green Bay's return man, Sterling Sharpe at the 42-yard line and Jim Taylor will take over for Green Bay! We've seen the well prepared Coach Viggs do some incredible things with this team, yet he has a team in San Francisco who we think is better than the Packers who hasn't won a game, as the first half comes to a close in this intense matchup. To begin the second half, Jim Taylor rans 10 yards for a first down on his first carry, and that is all Taylor would have for the rest of the game. The Bears defense was absolutely ferocious! On the next play Jim Taylor ran into a wall in Richard Dent, who greeted him with a 7-yard loss, bringing the ball back to the Green Bay 45-yard line! A swarming Bear's defense pushed Green Bay back for another 10-yard loss, with third down coming up and the Packers had the ball at the 37-yard line as coach Viggs kept his cool with his Green Bay Packers, making line adjustments that the Chicago defense wasn't buying.  The Bears collapsed the Packers offense as Dent, Chambers, and Hampton shut Green Bay down at the 40-yard line, forcing the Packers to kick a 60-yard field goal! The kick went right through the uprights on a great kick by Mason Crosby, to make the score 7-3 Bears, with 9:19 left to go in the game! The Chicago Bears defense rose to a swarming occasion! They held the elusive Jim Taylor to just 10 yards on the drive!
On the next kick off Willie Gault returned the ball 48 yards, setting up a first down for Walter Payton and this Chicago offense, whose performance tonight has been brilliant thus far. Chicago played like a playoff team! This is what the league was talking about with Green Bay, although they have won all of their home and away games, this one at Soldier Field might curse them! It is going to be a tough one to win with 7:27 left to go in the game. The Packers defense pressed hard, tackling Payton on the next play behind the line of scrimmage at the Bears own 45-yard line. And the defensive unit for Green Bay exploded and turned Payton around for another loss, this time for 15-yards, back to the 30-yard line of the Chicago Bears. Green Bay is not giving up. Chicago is going to have to earn every inch of yardage! The next play set up had to be big for the Bears on third down.
On an absolutely electrifying play the room went crazy as Willie Gault stunned coach Viggs Packers with a 70-yard touchdown catch by Trubinsky into the end zone to make the score 14-3, Chicago in takes an explosive lead! That play by Gault is going to seal the deal for the Chicago Bears victory! What a spectacular play with 3:20 left to go in the game! Willie Gault did what he's been doing the entire season, scoring his sixth touchdown of the season for Chicago! He just exploded in this incredible division rivalry!  The last chance for the Packers to fight for points came next!
On Green Bay's final kick return, Sterling Sharpe ran the ball back 59 yards to the Bears 41 yard line with time running out on the clock. On a great play with 1:51 left to go in the game, the Packers Coach looked stunned after the Gault play, but you certainly don't want your season to fall apart in the last game of the season. Incredible! The Chicago Bears (4-3), came up huge in the last game of the season, beating the undefeated Green Bay Packers (6-1), as the Bears hand the division rival Packers their first loss on a tremendous effort by the Bears defense and Willie Gault on offense!
What a game! It's time for Chicago to celebrate the victory and plan for a possible playoff game as the 7th seed, facing the two-time Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams or these Packers in the NFC playoffs! The Green Bay Packers have nothing to be ashamed of!  They will be back next week but they may have lost home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Bears defense shut down the Green Bay Packers offense, holding them to just two field goals!
STATS.png.d924bb9036533725d3142a6e01255b39.pngGAME SUMMARY BY THE NUMBERS:
6 Packers.jpg.e5d2e622045da56a8755088da9084bfe.jpgGREEN BAY PACKERS (6-1) 
GREEN BAY PACKERS: Taylor RU: 1-10-0/10, Sharpe KR: 2-101-0/59, TACKLES: Gregg (2), White, Cole (2).
14 bears.png.7f4c2b66142e692f9f401603347a2aef.pngCHICAGO BEARS (4-3)
CHICAGO BEARS: Payton RU: 8-34-1/16, Gault KR: 2-83-0/48, REC: 1-70-1TD/70TD, All-Purpose 3-153-1, Piccolo 1-22-0/22, TACKLES: Perry (3), Dent, Gault.
















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