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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#7 Atlanta Falcons (3-3) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4)

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838172290_495(7).jpg.b5b040252afae7e06af1355439d28bb9.jpg            FALCONS.jpg.24ab3a9d53ded735c3b1afeb947dd0be.jpg     KICKOFF.jpg.ae1fd0286e9b603e30f2506ee5b3b71c.jpg       bucs.jpg.82a5a67fdf0e2fac4d797f3620d9d50b.jpg                     1373917537_LIEFLWEEK7.jpg.dd0c8ad45839aa8122e19fbc51277a3f.jpg 

                                         Atlanta Falcons (3-3) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4)


Picture12.png.6271e5236474193740b0aa97da704a11.pngLIEFL MAIN PAGE WITH ALL-TIME RECORDS, PLAYOFF INFO, 2019 STAT LEADERS, STANDINGS AND OTHER IMPORTANT LEAGUE INFORMATION INCLUDING SCHEDUE: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


FALCONS.jpg.24ab3a9d53ded735c3b1afeb947dd0be.jpgATLANTA FALCONS (3-3)



It is a huge game!  The Falcons have an outside chance at (3-3) for Coach Johnny Freeport Chucker to advance this team into the playoffs, but if Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coach Joey Pizz has his way, it "ain't" happening! The one thing about this Long Island Electric Football game that stands out most is there are two offensive powerhouse teams on a collision course in back-to-back weeks of playing each other. These teams know each other's every move and it will be a gritty battle of the will as to who wins this game in a playoff-like atmosphere. All coaches are on deck rooting their for and against! No one wants to miss Atlanta's star running back, Gerald Riggs or the exciting Buccaneers All-Pro, Jimmie Giles! These two teams have been battling for decades!
At the beginning of the season it seemed like the Falcons were walking away with the division to compete with the Panthers. Atlanta won their first two games by beating a tough Seattle team for 17-14, then they beat Dallas 27-21 at Dallas in an overtime stunner, but they lost at home the following week to a rising Chicago Bears team 20-14 in overtime, and then they lost again the following week to the undefeated Green Bay Packers 10-7 in overtime at Green bay! And the biggest disappointment for the Falcons was in WEEK# 5, when they lost at home to the Raiders 24-21, in overtime, which may have played a role in crushing the Falcons playoff hopes!
The Falcons have been explosive with the usual suspects carrying the ball! Riggs is the #1 rusher in the NFC with 57 carries for 522 rushing yards, with 10 touchdowns, and it doesn't end there! He has 87 yards receiving with a touchdown, and 932 yards in kick returns on 18 carries with one touchdown totaling 78 carries 1541 all-purpose yards, with 12 touchdowns on the season, ranking him #2 in the LIEFL-NFC! Riggs is on his usual rampage win or lose he's going to bring it, and the Bucs know this!

bucs.jpg.82a5a67fdf0e2fac4d797f3620d9d50b.jpgTAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (2-4)



It's been a very difficult year for the Buccaneers, who started their season by losing their home opener to the New Orleans Saints 17-14, but then they beat division rival Carolina in a stunner, 21-17 in a fantastic game on August 10th. Then Tampa Bay lost to the Denver Broncos 21-14, and at home to the tough Los Angeles Chargers team, the Bucs lost 20-14, in overtime. But they beat Kansas City in WEEK#5, 17-14, and then last week they played these same Falcons and lost 17-14 at Atlanta, so this Tampa Bay football team wants to repay Atlanta by knocking them out of the playoffs and tying for the division to close out the season on a positive revenge note, saying "See you next year".




November 10, 2020. Tampa, Florida. The anxiety and excitement was intense even before the game started as Coach Pizz readied his gorgeous looking Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the kick off. On a tremendous kickoff return Buccaneers All-Pro special teams player Jimmie Giles ran a blazing kick back 69 yards to the Falcons 31, in a swirling, spinning, run as Giles got spun around at the 50 yard line by his own man, and then he ran for 19 more yards! What a play in this war! Atlanta is trying to get to the next level. The problem is they've blown many opportunities this season.
What a way to end the season in Tampa Bay where this year's LIEFL-Super Bowl XVI will be played. Facing Atlanta's Gerald Riggs is no easy task. He is like a runaway train once he gets going. Riggs plays angry every game fighting and clawing his way to get to the playoffs like a one-man show. On second down, the Buccaneers were pushed back again, for another 5 yards loss. They've lost 17 yards in two plays with the running game not working, forcing Tampa Bay to air it out with 11:32 left to go in the half. On a gorgeous pass by quarterback Jameis Winston connected with his favorite receiver, Jimmie Giles who caught a beautiful 45-yard touchdown pass, speeding pass Atlanta defenders into the end zone for a 7-0 lead for Tampa Bay, with 9:42 remaining in the half! Beautiful play by Giles as he continues to perform at a high level and ramp up the yards. Giles just added that 45 yards to his new total, 235 yards receiving, as he passes Dallas' Terrell Owens, moving him to the #2 slot, behind Chicago's Mike Ditka who has 268 yards with four touchdowns as the league leader! 
The speedster All Pro Gerald Riggs, took the Falcons opening kickoff back 56 yards. And on first down Riggs ran around the left side of the field for a gain of eight, as he was tackled by Bucs tough defensive tackle, Paul Gruber. There's a huge battle going on in the trenches between the offensive lineman of the Falcons and the defense of the Buccaneers. Riggs had two eight-yard runs in a row for a first down and then on second down, he ran for two yards to the Tampa Bay 28 yard line with 4:29 left in the half with the clock running. And Atlanta come roaring back on third down with a touchdown pass to running back, Jamal Anderson by quarterback Matt Ryan, for 27 yards to tie the game 7-7, with 2:40 remaining in the half!
Tampa Bay's Jimmie Giles seems to have the Falcons number alright! Giles is having an incredible 2020.  Giles is ranked #9 in NFC all-purpose yards with 1119 yards, with six touchdowns. What an enormous energy from Giles on the kick return as he scorches the Falcons defense leaving them still in their tracks with a hundred yard kickoff explosion into the end-zone for a touchdown as Giles gives his Bucs the edge, 14 7 with 1:21 left to go in the half on a sensational run as Giles scored in his second touchdown of the game!
The Falcons came storming right back with a 48-yard kick return by Riggs as the first half came to a close.
One play later he ran the ball 16 yards to the Buccaneers 36-yard line for a first down with 13:20 left to go in the game. Oh wow! On the very next play, Riggs ran 36 yards into the end zone around the right end on a spectacular dashing run to tie the game 14-14, with 13:06 remaining in the game! These two teams are in an exciting fierce battle as the coaches erupted on that gorgeous Riggs run!
The excitement was overwhelming and Giles returned Tampa Bay's next kick return in what could be his last game of the season. The next time we might see Giles is in the Pro Bowl in December, and that goes for Riggs as well. Giles scampered 43 yards on the next kick return as Falcons lineman, Bill Fralic took away another hundred yard kick return with a beautiful tackle. Many people have admired the new Buccaneers uniforms, which were unveiled at the beginning of the season and the Bucs are actually thinking of redoing the uniforms again, with the old style uniforms just as the Falcons went back old school in those gorgeous red and grays. Ricky Bell was silenced by the Atlanta front line. He could not do anything on the run, losing more than 10 yards on first down. Tampa Bay is going to pass the ball on 2nd down. Buccaneers Superstar Jimmie strikes again, this time catching a Winston pass and exploding upfield for a 67 yards touchdown into the end zone to give the Tampa Bay the lead 21-14, with 7:40 left to go in the game on a absolutely spectacular explosive play! Giles has three touchdowns on the day and boy, is he ramping it up the yardage with 324 yards in the game, with 6:44 remaining in the game. And the Falcons and the Buccaneers have been in several historic games and this one might be going into the history books of the Long Island Electric Football League!
On the kick return, Riggs returned the ball 46 yards, with 5:22 left to go in the game, as we're watching some of the best players in the league compete for this possible postseason opportunity!
On first down, Warren Sapp crushed Gerald Riggs at the 45-yard line for a loss of one yard! Neither of these teams is ready to say goodbye to the 2020 season! And then on second down Riggs ran for a 12 yard first down and with time running out! The Falcons had no choice but to pass the ball and quarterback Matt Ryan made a fatal mistake. Ryan passed the ball to Jamal Anderson who ran 13 yards to get the first down, but he missed a wide open, Gerald Riggs who had an open field in front of him, missing an opportunity for the Falcons to tie the game as time ran out on Atlanta, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat the Atlanta Falcons to end their season in great disappointment 21-14! A very dejected Falcon team packed it in off the field as Coach Chucker had nothing to say about his underperforming Falcons. The hero of the day was Jimmie Giles as the Buccaneers went all out in their last game of the season as they look to improve at running back for the 2021 season beginning in August, 2021.
STATS.png.d924bb9036533725d3142a6e01255b39.pngGAME SUMMARY BY THE NUMBERS:
14 FALCONS.jpg.24ab3a9d53ded735c3b1afeb947dd0be.jpgATLANTA FALCONS (3-4) 
FALCONSTD.png.2dc4704bc99997cffe0011625197eaa9.pngATLANTA: Riggs RU: 7-82-1/36TD, KR: 3-150-0/56, All-Purpose: 10-232-1/36TD, Anderson REC: 2-40-1/27TD
21 bucs.jpg.82a5a67fdf0e2fac4d797f3620d9d50b.jpgTAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (3-4)
BUCSTD.png.34e95fee20dbb8f11f03003a2b62fd31.pngTAMPA BAY: Bell RU: 3-0-0/0, Giles KR: 3-212-1/100TD, REC: 2-112-2/67TD, All-Purpose 5-324-3/100TD











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