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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#6 Pittsburgh Steelers (2-3) vs Cincinnati Bengals (2-3)

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1621673350_495(7).jpg.719b673aaf67a79d41ebbeeb7e19beeb.jpg     STEEELERS.gif.b0fbcb4de55cf9521298b6666c2d9088.gif    KICKOFF.jpg.0fb0d379e97e34e4b9810e4ed29a06f6.jpg  BENGALS.thumb.png.ba7a4fb15df5f78fb5675e10dc3816ee.png        LIEFL.jpg.55733fa9000d7699f152aaf30f9cdc18.jpg.304b025d5a2cc4ee9c28b0f60178a03c.jpg

                                               Pittsburgh Steelers (2-3) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (2-3) 


 Picture12.png.f468e378f4131d336686247ac27afec3.pngMAIN PAGE FOR LIEFL: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


STEEELERS.gif.b0fbcb4de55cf9521298b6666c2d9088.gifPittsburgh Steelers (2-3)



This division rival game in the Long Island Electric Football League game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals is always historic. These two teams have been fighting in this league back and forth since 1978. The Steelers are (92-72), in this league All-Time! The Bengals are (53-83-1), All-Time! It is the making of a classic game between two classic coaches.  Both stand 6'4", both are loud, and both are bruisers with a bruising style of football that challenges the little men vs. the size of these two Monster's of the Midway's hands. The Freeport Chucker is the loudest, cockiest guy in the league. The former NYPD Detective was a star football and basketball player in college, and Brannigan was a beast too! 

Neither of these teams has ever made it to a LIEFL-Super Bowl, but back in the old days when Rocky Bleier and Franco Harris led the Steelers, they were masterful! The Steelers have proven that they're a Worthy opponent. This year they started out with a lot of promise, but coach Brannigan has not been able to motivate them to rise to the occasion, and Lynn Swann slowed up with injuries. Pittsburgh lost a big game against the Tennessee Titans, with the Titans shutting down the Steelers running game. The Steelers need to revamp once again and improve at linebacker. One more solid lineman might make a difference in their quest for a division title. The Baltimore Ravens are the tigers of division with consistency at (5-1). The Steelers have to come out today on the road in Cincinnati with the Bengals right on the cuff of making the playoffs.
BENGALS.thumb.png.ba7a4fb15df5f78fb5675e10dc3816ee.pngCINCINNATI BENGALS (2-3)
The Bengals have showed strong promise this year. They upset the rough Philadelphia Eagles early on in the season and stopped the offensive prowess Harold Carmichael, beating the Eagles in overtime 21-17, at Philadelphia on their home field! Coach Johnny Freeport Chucker has these Bengals fired up for an opportunity to keep compete in the playoffs and the Chucker has almost all of his teams fighting for a playoff spot. He has been outstanding coaching this year, and he seems to have figured out the league as he looks for an NFL LIEFL title and the winning purse.
Cincinnati has been strong and Chad Ocho-Cinco Johnson has played incredible this year along with Chris Collinsworth at receiver. They are the AFC's one-two punch combo! The Bengals running game with Icky Woods and Archie Griffin is also something to talk about because without Griffin blocking, it makes it more difficult for this team to blast through the seems of opposing defenses. This is a different bangle team than the playoff team of 2017, when they got romped by the Buffalo Bills. This team is exciting on both ends of the football and they have a real chance of securing a playoff spot this season. They have earned it and only the Steelers can take it away. It should be quite a game with a lot at stake for The Bengals. Just as much as at stake for the Steelers. Coach Brannigan needs to figure out the draft this year for who is the most important team to rebuild on and he started with the Steelers last year, but he needs to stack up that offensive line and create some running room for the "Bus" Jerome Bettis.
navy-blue-football-clipart.png.d32743dcfeca5d57c4f54e3c94e94b2c.png  1675604556_OIP(13).jpg.84b9fba689fa4a01dac191ddf6ef6279.jpgINSIDE THE GRID, THE PLAY BY PLAY
November 9, 2020. Cincinnati, Ohio.
On the opening kickoff the Cincinnati Bengals didn't get what they needed on a big return from Chad Ocho-Cinco Johnson, as he ran the ball back 32 yards in this division rivalry that should be a very intense game, considering there are playoff ramifications on the line with each of these teams still in contention. On first down for the Bengals, "Mean" Joe Greene came blasting through the line for a 6-yard loss as he tackled Bengals running back, Icky Woods at the 26-yard line. There are some interesting matchups in the game. Three-time AFC LIEFL-All-Pro Brian Blados will have his hands full with Steelers All-Pro tackle Jon Kolb. On second down, the Freeport Chucker switched things around a bit on his front line moving "Big Daddy" Dan Wilkerson to the center in order to use his big 67'BIG MAN frame to open the gap for Woods. Wow! Did that work! What a huge play for Icky Woods as Wilkerson opened up a tremendous hole with Woods running the ball 42 yards to the 26 yard line of the Steelers, for a huge first down for Cincinnati! After gaining two yards on first down Woods blasted through the outside of the Steelers defense for a 24-yard touchdown run right into the open field for the score! Cincinnati took the lead 7-0, with 7:29 left to go in the half! Woods had 68 yards rushing in just four plays!
Lynn Swann for the Pittsburgh Steelers continues to show positive improvements with a 47-yard kick return on the Steelers opening drive.
What a game and what a rivalry! On first down, the "Bus" Jerome Bettis ran for a 13-yard first down. On second down, Bettis was romped by the Cincinnati defense led by "Big Daddy" Dan Wilkerson. On the very next play, Bettis exploded for a 50-yard touchdown run into the end zone to tie the game at 7-7, with 2:01 remaining in the half in this amazing division rivalry and the battle to reach the playoffs!
On the kick return Ocho-Cinco ran the ball back 41 yards to set up the first down for Cincinnati as the first half came to a close! The Steelers defense came up big on the first two plays stopping Icky Woods in his tracks as L.C. Greenwood, who took Woods down at the Bengals 32-yard line setting up a third down play. This is where the Bengals can get very dangerous with their receivers. On third down Cincinnati rookie quarterback Joe Burrow hit Woods for a 10-yard pickup, bringing the ball to the 41-yard line with fourth down on the line. The Bengals had to kick a field goal from 59 yards away to take the lead 10-7, with 11:05 remaining in the game!
The Steelers defense has played well and on the kick return Lynn Swann delivered again for the Pittsburgh, with a 69-yard return to put the Steelers in beautiful field position. Special teams is the one area that Pittsburgh needed to improve on, which they have over the last few games. They fed Swann the ball, getting him back on track. Jerome Bettis is having an awesome game as he picked 16 yards on first down for Pittsburgh. The Steelers are at the Cincinnati 14-yard line with 7:47 remaining in the game. And on first down, Bettis picked up a yard, tackled by Bengals lineman, Levi Jones. What a set of downs for the Steelers. They worked hard as Bettis picked up one yard, eight yards and then a touchdown run of five-yards, to give the Steelers the lead 14-10 with just 2:51 left to go in this extremely exciting and competitive game. 
What an intense division battle and this next run couldn't be more important for Cincinnati!
Ocho exploded on the kick off, coming up huge as he ran the ball 90 yards down field to the Steelers 10-yard line, and the Bengals have to do a fast setup here! With just seconds left in the game the Bengals offense had just enough time to set up and pass the ball as receiver Chris Collinsworth who broke Free from Rocky Blair to score the game-winning touchdown and a stunning finish, 17-14! It looks like the Steelers playoff hopes have collapsed in just seconds and that is one thing about the LIEFL, your season can end in a second, and that's exactly what happened here as a dejected Pittsburgh Coach, Paddy Brannigan faces week seven in a different way certainly than the Freeport Chucker who may very well see his Bengals and his other three teams make the playoffs. That would be a rare feat in this league that a coach would have four teams in the playoffs. Cincinnati earned it as week six comes to a close with a great game!
Picture12.png.6271e5236474193740b0aa97da704a11.pngPOST GAME STATISTICSPicture15.jpg.d7264078fedcfe95bd9ccfbb04ff9f9e.jpgTHE GATORADE REPORT
14 STEEELERS.gif.b0fbcb4de55cf9521298b6666c2d9088.gifPittsburgh Steelers (2-4)
BY THE NUMBERS: BETTIS RU: 7-83-2/40TD, SWANN KR: 2-116-0/69
17BENGALS.thumb.png.ba7a4fb15df5f78fb5675e10dc3816ee.pngCincinnati Bengals (3-3)
BY THE NUMBERS: Woods RU: 6-68-1/42, REC: 1-10-0/10, ALL-PURPOSE 7-78-1/42, OCHO-CINCO KR: 3-163-0/90, Collinsworth REC: 1-10-1/10TD




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495 (7).jpg



OIP (2).jpg



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