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2023 Long Island ELECTRIC FOOTBALL NATION: 2023 Pro Bowl AFC All Stars vs. NFC All Stars

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probowlrt.jpg.1c5707e3da62d52d35fa24e830a962ce.jpg(E L E C T R I C  F O O T B A L L  N A T I O N) Strong Island NY, January 7, 2024). Written by Levi Vick, Paddy Brannigan, Joey Pizz, and South Bronx Native Matt Zoo-York, with contributor of LIEFL History, Billy O'C! We will call our LIEFL digest Electric Football Nation!

Happy New Year! Alright then. Pro Bowl Games are always a great time to share more history with other hobbyists with the hopes they all share their historic stories. As a suggestion, there should be a page on the forum for that called "THE VIBE or ELECTRIC FOOTBALL NATION: EF Baller Historic Stories" so that we continue to grow this hobby like never before. Another suggestion is to have a "LEAGUE GAMES PAGE" where it becomes like an Electric Football TUDOR FORUM Central for enthusiasts to follow in a more organized way.

We are in the mood to share, so please! This is our last game for the 2023 season celebrating the LIEFL Pro Bowl. 

As always, thank you for reading what we write. We hope it inspires your leagues, solitaire, or full leagues, to do the same, so that we can grow our electric football TUDOR FORUM community. There is nothing like a hobby that embraces the people who play electric football and contribute to it!

Picture2.thumb.png.8ccde3c65e3448d39efc4f2e384aa47d.pngIf you like reading about leagues, we have plenty to share with readers on the records we have kept over the past 52 years. Some of our most memorable LIEFL Pro Bowl's for starters, was in our very first Pro Bowl in the 1981-82 season, when the NFC beat the AFC 24-21! Washington's Tony Green was Pro Bowl MVP of that game. 

In 2008, recent LIEFL-Super Bowl X V I I I I MVP Gerald Riggs, set a LIEFL Pro Bowl Rushing Record with 10 carries for 209 all-purpose yards, including 161 yards, with two touchdowns! Tampa Bay's Ricky Bell in 2016, had a banging 334 all-purpose yards in that Pro Bowl. Bell also broke Gerald Riggs 54 yard run from scrimmage set in 2008, with Bell's 56 yard run! BA DA BOOM!  

We have sold the LIEFL standard size player figures twice in the LIEFL because we replaced the figures twice over the years, until we decided on the 67-BIG MEN for the LIEFL's future. Some of you may have even purchased some of our pristine kept teams from different eras on eBay back in 2008 and 2009. We made enough money from these collector items to buy hundreds of 67-BIG MEN, which you now see today featured in our league. Out with the old in with the custom painted new.

Look at the old pre-painted LIEFL uniforms before we sold and revamped the entire league (Above) compared to the new customized 67-Big Men teams painted BELOW. We now show off our painting skills (Just Kidding, but we learned), in the most recent photos. We began the renovation journey at a considerable cost from 2009 to 2015, by buying, painting, and decaling every NFL Team in Home and Away Uniforms for all 32 teams. That is a task that took countless hours and it was a true labor of love to get the league up to speed, setting a uniform standard which has our teams looking like an NFL league as close as possible to the real thing as we could get. 

brad44art.thumb.jpg.0cc1b31c422079cd6d6354b2d70e1c01.jpg.821ff12f88777d6a80c78251e5fc9e4d.jpgWe have some more great Pro Bowl records over the years. Miami's Mercury Morris and Washington's Tony Green are tied for the most all-time Pro Bowl touchdowns with four. And last season of course, who could forget Ahmad Bradshaw's 100-yard kick return blazing into the endzone to defeat the AFC 21-14 was a BUZZ! We haven't repeated Gerald Riggs name so much until this Atlanta team won the Super Bowl this season. But deservedly so. Riggs has so many great plastic players who are just as legendary in this league competing against him. Detroit's Dexter Bussey, Washington's Tony Green, Miami's Mercury Morris, Indy's Joseph Addai, Green Bay's Terdell Middleton, Kansas City's Priest Holmes, and Dallas Cowboys Emmitt Smith, to mention a few. The list goes on out of our 352 player league. There are 30 more great backs and receivers in our league that we don't want ignored, but we listed all of their stats on our LIEFL Leaderboard article on the Tudor Forum weeks ago, posting weekly leaders, and at the conclusion of each week during the seven games each team played in the regular season.

Today, we also announced our 2023 TOP Ten LIEFL Power Rankings, based on how the coaches see the top ranked teams in the league. We had our last meeting of the season until the LIEFL March NEW PLAYER BASE DRAFT. That annual draft has made the league intensely competitive! Because one our friends from the Forum, we are considering drafting some ITZ bases to give them a test run in the LIEFL, but everything gets voted on by the coaches. We haven't read yet that people are raving about the bases. In particular we are seeking three to five running backs in the draft, and a good 10-15 linebackers. Our league is stacked with talent man-for-man. We will see if they outperform some of the vetted animals in the LIEFL, as long as they are the same weight. That's the talk of the league buzzing around at the moment other than Johnny-Freeport's huge win over Ed Viggs. 


1.LIEFLSBTROPHY.jpg.c2778cf91a7a0dfb27f506b228290339.jpgOIP(3).jpg.ce1a567fe50abd47a740fc188e11d9b6.jpg-FALCONSTD.png.b7d4168691365230725fde064ce88173.pngAtlanta Falcons (9-2) (83-94 #14 All-Time) Johnny-Freeport 2023 Super Bowl XVIII Champion

2. afc-logo-AE55A4CCEE-seeklogo_com.png.418f57bcf33bb2bfa320793e7e79c822.png-CHARGERSTD.png.dc95cb91536ce9272982b2c82d0cc206.pngLos Angeles Chargers (8-2) (101-77 #6 All-Time) Ed Viggs

3. afc-logo-AE55A4CCEE-seeklogo_com.png.418f57bcf33bb2bfa320793e7e79c822.png-Picture4.png.7cc3752ffcae675e3cb9fab826d8d908.pngIndianapolis Colts (8-2) (85-96 #13 All-Time) Joe Bino

4. OIP(3).jpg.ce1a567fe50abd47a740fc188e11d9b6.jpg-CARTD.png.88490bdf953abe91b2581e0732c7fec4.pngCarolina Panthers (8-3) (45-40 #28 All-Time) Matt Zoo-York 2022 Super Bowl XVII Champion

5. OIP(3).jpg.ce1a567fe50abd47a740fc188e11d9b6.jpg-WASHTD.png.b664f7bfd4e89bfe74778c51dce8eb4b.pngWashington Redskins (7-1) (116-72 #2 All-Time) Ed Viggs

6. afc-logo-AE55A4CCEE-seeklogo_com.png.418f57bcf33bb2bfa320793e7e79c822.png-DOLPHINSTD.png.f23770fd8effed77125f367910e70ec0.pngMiami Dolphins (6-3) (165-43 #1 All-Time) Joe Bino/Billy O'C 

7. OIP(3).jpg.ce1a567fe50abd47a740fc188e11d9b6.jpg-BEARSTD.png.a6a06c9c47f0b672d3efca1f44d02d7a.pngChicago Bears (5-4) (102-74 #5 All-Time) Paddy Brannigan

    OIP(3).jpg.ce1a567fe50abd47a740fc188e11d9b6.jpg-COWBOYSTD.png.e352b9e3f38645daec18b5ecc8cf0c40.pngDallas Cowboys (5-3) (97-84 #7 All-Time) Levi Vick

8. OIP(3).jpg.ce1a567fe50abd47a740fc188e11d9b6.jpg-RAMSTD.thumb.png.510f9051b7d36b3b2d69a2e472b8d30f.pngLA Rams (6-2) (97-91 #8 All Time) Joe Bino/Billy O'C

9. afc-logo-AE55A4CCEE-seeklogo_com.png.418f57bcf33bb2bfa320793e7e79c822.png-RAVENSTD.png.850bb27f6f193bdfbfbe95a62e714a38.pngBaltimore Ravens (4-5) (43-29 #29 All-Time) Johnny-Freeport

    afc-logo-AE55A4CCEE-seeklogo_com.png.418f57bcf33bb2bfa320793e7e79c822.png-BILLSTD2.png.6e38365820c884c2254d7ac8ec61084a.pngBuffalo Bills (5-3) (88-84 #12 All-Time) Joe Bino 

10.afc-logo-AE55A4CCEE-seeklogo_com.png.418f57bcf33bb2bfa320793e7e79c822.png-BRONCOSTD.png.62daa3ac5021cc7f5f9601073af400ed.pngDenver Broncos (6-2) (114-70-1 #3 All-Time) Paddy Brannigan

     OIP(3).jpg.ce1a567fe50abd47a740fc188e11d9b6.jpg-PACKTD.png.ca963cac303c4bff7f741ba3723fec85.pngGreen Bay Packers(4-4) (108-87 #4 All-Time) Ed Viggs

The talking doesn't end for Coach Johnny-Freeport, our recent $3200 dollar LIEFL-Super Bowl X V I I I Winner. He said in his jive talk, "My man, always remember, content is KING baby! I put that bing-bing, ching-ching right in da' bank and Booyah to all of you fools in the league who doubted me! Imma take dat cash next year too! My "Dirty Birds" awakened the league! These coaches in the LIEFL need a beating every so often, and I am just the guy who can do it. I am the league enforcer. Never disturb a sleeping GIANT! Viggy had me dead-to-rights, and he blew it! Viggy is the guy Levi Vick brags about who has such a great mind for football. He ain't the only one baby!  Viggy thinks like a QB, I think DE! I gave a bruising-beaten to the ugly deficient Chargers and their Pretty Boy coach, Viggy! I am your reality Baby! The same jive I used to tell people on the streets. I ain't being disrespected dog, just don't be barking up the wrong tree because I bite, sting, and do whatever it takes to win baby! Respect all, FEAR NONE!" That's the full quote! Oh man. Hollywood is missing out on a legitimate star in the 6'4 250 pound Johnny-Freeport.

It is hard to not stop laughing with this crazed New Yorker. You can hear Johnny-Freeport in the 2017 Super Bowl when the Buffalo Bills and OJ Simpson beat the pants off of Freeport's 2016 defending Super Bowl Champion Detroit Lions 49-35! The Video is on YOUTUBE. Boy did Johnny-Freeport get tamed and shut down by Billy O'C in that game. Coach Bobby Biggs said (Laughing), "Johnny is worse than Muhammed Ali. He never stops. He wants to go play a game of hard-hitting sandlot football with all of us with no pads."

Sounds negative, but while it may pain people in the league to see Freeport Ranked #1 this season, Johnny-Freeport sees things differently! He put up the competition, and he will be back for one more final season after putting his mula where his mouth is. Viggs sid, "Alright then." Coach Paddy Brannigan said, "Let him treasure the moment until next season. He won fair and square." On to the Pro Bowl!

IMG_20240103_142244157.thumb.jpg.388bb255c17f42a5142e765e32a60c5a.jpgOIP(3).jpg.ce1a567fe50abd47a740fc188e11d9b6.jpg The NFC stars are ready! Falcons running back Gerald Riggs (Photo Left) broke the league record for the longest rushing play from scrimmage in a LIEFL- SUPER BOWL, with a 66-yard scamper against the Chargers in LIEFL Super Bowl X V I I I, breaking LA Rams Wendell Tyler's two 61-yard runs in LIEFL-Super Bowl XV against Miami in 2019. Previously Gerald Riggs also set an LIEFL record for the longest rushing play from scrimmage in the NFC Wild Card Game against Green Bay with his 89 yard run in Atlanta's thumping of the Packers 24-14! Unreal! That record stood for forty years in the league. Tyler broke New Orleans Saints Tony Galbreath's 60-yard run against Miami in LIEFL-Super Bowl V, in 1979!

MORE INTERESTING LIEFL BACK HISTORY ON ITS FOUNDER: A little more back history if you like history. Humbly speaking, no league in the world has the historic records to the depth that we do in electric football, and that is how rich in history our LIEFL goes. Can you imagine, by fate, after Billy O'C's Cubano older cousin Julio in Miami, walked O'C onto the FIELD of the Orange Bowl in 1972, O'C fell in love, not even fully understanding the magnitude that one of the greatest NFL teams, the Miami Dolphins, 17-0, had the perfect season playing so many games on that field! In those days the community could walk on the field, you just weren't allowed in the locker room or behind the scenes. Billy O'C said, "It was the greatest, most memorable vacation my parents ever took us on. Running on that field can be a lasting memory, and my cousin knew so many people, including people who cleaned the stadium."

Professor O'C continued, "We had nothing! But my father settled a lawsuit after he lost his right side as a SWAT team NYPD officer in Emergency Service Elite Unit in New York City saving lives. He put his family first, treating us to a one-time amazing dream vacation, and we didn't even do Disney. It's the first time we met the Cuban side of our family. My dad made that vacation happen after Doctors gave him the wrong drug that "Officer Dan as we called him" turned out being allergic to, which caused a deadly infection that nearly killed him. Imagine, the man worked another 25 years as a cop after being hospitalized for nearly 8 months, and he never complained. He was too busy supporting six kids on his tiny salary. We hardly saw the man. Here we were growing up playing electric football, and if you know anything about crumbling down New York in the 60's and 70's, the Bronx was literally burning down, and crime was out of control in New York City. It  was as bad as it is today, maybe worse. The 44. Caliber Killer David Berkowitz, "Son of Sam" was haunting the streets of New York, holding the City hostage. That is where my father worked for 30 years. My dad used to tell me, 'Most people are good people' but there's always a very small part of the population that does bad things to people, and they're are people from all walks of life who commit crimes.' And this man, Officer Dan, never, ever showed any kind of bias toward anyone. I Hate labels and ignorant stereotypes! He was a great teacher. He was a man's man and well educated at Fordham University in the Bronx, and he grew up on the streets of Harlem. He would give the shirt off the his back to you. It didn't matter if you were black, white, green or alien. He respected all people and taught us to be the same way. I am the same way in my profession. Nobody knew the streets like my father. He was the best New York City tour guide a person could know. Officer Dan defied the odds of ignorance. He never played one game of electric football with me, but Mom was a different story. I could tell a hundred more incredible stories, but I don't want to bore people, so we will leave it there," O'C Told LIEFL-ELECTRIC FOOTBALL NATION.

We have been asked many times to be interviewed by the largest Long Island Newspaper, but because of people's public professions in the LIEFL, they don't want to be interviewed. We put out there what we choose to put out there, specialized for this TUDOR FORUM, where people understand the game.

Imagine, Billy O'C had the savvy with his mind as a kid, to save all the records from the league's inauguration (See Below). He has an entire heavy bin full dating back to 1975 of all original documents, now converted into thousands of documents and stored in his historic hard drive. Useless to our readers but to us ... Invaluable! The details are incredible and the imagination of the kids had growing up is commendable. In fact, it is nothing short of fascinating! Organized Records for kids, and comparisons is how we have gotten to the competitive point we are at now in the LIEFL. Because we have records to Chase. That's what makes the league profound. History! We are not ignorant enough to claim we have the best league, but we are damned competitive. And we have a huge collection of game boards in pristine condition. One of the games we bought in an eBay auction that is in great shape, sold by a man whose father had it resting in his basement in untouched condition when he died, is amazing. We were flawed!

National Electric Football Game Museum NEFGM Founder Chris LeMay, would be able to tell us more about that pictures #6-7 game. Many of these games are intended to be turned over to, and donated to the Museum to raise money for the museum's HOME. We are keeping them in storage.

How about that for history! Please share your history stories!


In picture #6 and #7, that playing field with (Eagles, Packers, Rams, 49ers, Lions) is amazing, and in pristine almost brand new condition even with the aged box, it was stored in a dry environment like all of our game boards. We put the leveler on the field, and it's in perfect shape. We never used the game, just turned it on to hear the Rolls-Royce motor-purr of the board! The other games are all in perfect condition and sitting in a closet in a climate controlled environment. The Rose Bowl Game is the Game the Pro Bowl will be played on. We used the fans from the Stadium to build one of the new stadiums we use as the "Main LIEFL Field"! We have vintage games galore, all in terrific shape and amazing working condition along with many games coaches in the league have donated to the league. The boxes may be a little beat up, but the games ... Forget about it! LOL!



Chicago Bears Willie Gault (83) blazed into the endzone on a 61-yard bomb thrown by Coach Joey Pizz to give the NFC a stunning win on the last play of the 2023 Pro Bowl! Gault was named PRO BOWL MVP with three touches for 198 all-purpose yards, including the 61 yard touchdown romp you see in the photo! longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.5c2cdd2ae2e5488a8efc46a35c458973.jpg

KICK OFF:PB5ADDAIART.thumb.jpg.ec702469d7bb86e56c2b01c1a0ce490f.jpg Played on the Rose Bowl Game Board, Pasadena , California.th.jpg.adf42def8589a3cb0d84b34d7f8de9d5.jpgafc-logo-AE55A4CCEE-seeklogo_com.png.418f57bcf33bb2bfa320793e7e79c822.png AFC and Buffalo Bills leading LIEFL Kick Return leader Jay Brown ran the ball back 50-yards to kick off the 2023 Pro Bowl game! Brown was hit hard by John Lynch of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at midfield. On first down, the AFC front three blew open a huge hole on the three spot and Indianapolis Colts and LIEFL Offensive Player of the Year Joseph Addai, blazed 40-yards downfield to the 10 yard line for the first down for the AFC. One play later, Addai exploded into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game for the AFC 7-0, with 15:34 remaining in the half. We play two 20 minute halves in the Pro Bowl in a 40-minute game.

OIP(3).jpg.ce1a567fe50abd47a740fc188e11d9b6.jpgWho said the LIEFL AFC is better? Chicago Bears Willie Gault returned an electrifying 91-yard run on the opening kickoff for the NFC. This game is going to be a fast paced game! In one play, Atlanta Falcons star and Super Bowl XVIII MVP Gerald Riggs followed his teammate Bill Fralic,who opened the hole for Riggs, to get into the end zone and right when Riggs went to the plain of the endzone he was blasted by AFC Las Vegas Raiders Dave Casper as Riggs went in for the score to tie the game NFC 7 AFC 7, with 12:06 remaining in the half!PB7ART.thumb.jpg.62494e69eebbac1b007872355e6636d7.jpg
afc-logo-AE55A4CCEE-seeklogo_com.png.418f57bcf33bb2bfa320793e7e79c822.pngOn the AFC's next drive, this time it was Pittsburgh Steelers Lynn Swann running backed an electrifying 61-yard kick return to the NFC 39-yard line. One play later, Kansas City Chiefs running back Priest Holmes picked up a first down, but he was clobbered by Dallas Cowboys lineman Larry Allen and NY Giants star Ahmad Bradshaw along with Minnesota Vikings Tackle Carl Eller for the NFC who all participated in the tackle, with Holmes taking the ball to the 29-yard line of the NFC with 8:35 left in the half. 
The AFC worked the clock, and Indianapolis Colts Joseph Addai again, ran for a BIG  24-yard first down on the first play in the AFC second series, but Addai was slammed on the next first down play by New York Giants Ahmad Bradshaw again, who ended up in the backfield to make the play. After Kansas City's Priest Holmes was stopped on second down, the AFC Coach Joe Bino threw a rocket to Las Vegas Raiders Dave Casper who broke free on the left side of the field and into the end zone for a 27-yard touchdown score to make the score 14-7, with the AFC in the lead with 1:09 remaining in the half.
OIP(3).jpg.ce1a567fe50abd47a740fc188e11d9b6.jpgTime for the NFC to rev it up! It was Chicago Bears Willie Gault who ran back a beautiful 46-yard kick return. And the ball changed hands to Seattle Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lynch, and Gerald Riggs left the game. Lynch was Lynch! He ran for an 11-yard first down on the first play of the drive. Then, he had a 22-yard run into the open field and made it to the sideline. On the next run, Lynch exploded 16-yards to the AFC 14-yard line, with 14:38 remaining in the game.
The NFC kept the ball moving. Both All-Star teams played really well on offense. On the NFC's first down again, Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks star, was shut down at the 14-yard line, and dragged back three yards to the 17-yard line of the AFC. But on the next play, it was Lynch again, running right, then he was turned left by his own man, and finally, Lynch ran to the center of the field and into the end zone for a beautiful speedy touchdown, with 11:41 remaining in the game as the NFC tied the score, with the AFC 14-14!PB11art.thumb.jpg.b19955e225d14743b2bb64cb9c87cab3.jpg
afc-logo-AE55A4CCEE-seeklogo_com.png.418f57bcf33bb2bfa320793e7e79c822.pngThe AFC chose Las Vegas Raiders Dave Casper to return the next kick off and Casper ran it back 45 yards. On first down, the AFC put the ball back in Indy's Joseph Addai's hands, who exploded for a 31 yard first down run to the NFC's 24-yard line, with 7:59 remaining in the game on a gorgeous play by Addai. Addai has a respectable 106 rushing yards in the game. What a player!  After being stopped on two runs, the AFC with time running out after using up the clock, were forced into a fourth down passing situation. Coach Bino tried to hit Joseph Addai who broke open on the right side of scrimmage, but he ran so fast that he was in the endzone 39-yard yards away. Bino missed the pass, incomplete. 
WILLIAGAULTMVP.jpg.63f0665db542643237286c543a9e82ba.jpgALLPRO.thumb.jpg.fdf970edd97a117b2e2e5f2128695c6c.jpgOIP(3).jpg.ce1a567fe50abd47a740fc188e11d9b6.jpgThe ball was turned back over to the NFC by the AFC, and instead of going for the field goal, with the score tied 14-14 with time running out after the AFC killed the clock, Coach Bino missed out on the sure three points. Bino went for it all! The NFC got the ball back with 1:35 remaining in the game in another nail biter! Both teams were set and BOOM! On the right side of the field, Willie Gault broke free like Houdini blazing 61-yards into the endzone on a great pass by Coach Joy Pizz, for the game winning touchdown for the NFC, 21-14! Lights out! He's been doing it all year long Willie Gault! 
What a game! Same score as least year's game! The Pro-Bowl MVP goes to Chicago Bears Willie Gault! Gault finished the game with three touches for 198 all-purpose yards with the game winning touchdown!  Unbelievable!



download (1).jpg


game 8.jpg

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