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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#6 Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) vs Arizona Cardinals (3-2)

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LIEFLLOGO.jpg.545a2db757d2bc7419c23a260946852d.jpg               eagles-helmet.png.39e6bb8dd3a357537a7058f3a2c4d15c.png   KICKOFF.jpg.6dfe3e2f7946b0f48624b8f301beb5d6.jpg        stlcardshelmet.gif.d425f94423a47f59310f922be25bd062.gif    image_processing20200410-20919-7kubry.thumb.png.8ed396a338abe30d8a6f0c645430e2be.png  LIEFL.jpg.55733fa9000d7699f152aaf30f9cdc18.jpg.28d77920ba6130c2051e7b6995bee707.jpg

     November 3, 2020   Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) vs Arizona Cardinals (3-2) 


Picture12.png.68ac28aeee25a7c11523460848e8afc1.pngLIEFL MAIN PAGE LINK:https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/


eagles-helmet.png.39e6bb8dd3a357537a7058f3a2c4d15c.pngPhiladelphia Eagles (3-2)

Coach: Matt "Zoo-York" McQueen (8-13)


Last season Coach Matt McQueen's Philadelphia Eagles made the Long Island Electric Football playoffs with a fantastic season, losing in the first round NFC Wild Card Game to two-time defending LIEFL-Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams 31-24!  They were just outgunned by the Fab-Five defense and speedy offensive game of Los Angeles, even with superstar All-Pro, and NFC special teams player of the year, Harold Carmichael, but the future is promising for this team in this league. This WEEK#6 Long Island Electric Football game between the Arizona Cardinals (3-2), and the Philadelphia Eagles (3-2), has tremendous playoff implications. The league's Intensity has heated up with the coaches wearing their best game faces, and the speed of the game seems faster, and the schedules match the division rivals in the season finale next week, with the top seven teams in both divisions to be announced by November 15th in another exciting LIEFL season!  The winners and the losers, and the X's and the O's between who plans the better game, and who doesn't all comes to life in games like this between two 2019, playoff teams. The pressure is on for every team to succeed, who is still alive in the playoff hunt, and that is a good 28 teams in this league. It's incredible actually. The Kaizen electric football league on Long Island is exploding in competition!  

The Eagles started out the 2020 season with a 13-10 loss to Washington, then they won their game of the year by defeating the Los Angeles Rams in a grudge match, beating the Rams 28-21! Harold Carmichael had 338 yards in that game with three sizzling 100 yard kick returns for touchdowns! That was a statement for Philadelphia, but they couldn't muster up the weekly energy to compete at that level every game it seemed. Then the Eagles caught fire, but the one thing stopping them is that they have had one of the toughest schedules in the league and so too, have these Arizona Cardinals. That is what makes this such a very special matchup. Two offensive and defensive league powerhouses!

These are two lightning fast teams who are always great to watch. Carmichael returned at the top of his game and the NFC at #6 in all-purpose yards with 17 carries for 1093 yards, with six touchdowns! Last season Harold Carmichael for the Eagles had a record-setting season with eleven 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns, setting a Long Island Electric Football League historic record for 100 yard touchdown returns. Nobody has been close except for Miami's Mercury Morris who had 8 in 1978. Carmichael didn't stop at the eleven. Then he went on to score the game-winning touchdown in the Pro-Bowl to win the game for the NFC All-Stars as Carmichael earned Pro-Bowl MVP honors for a season-ending spectacular finish! That was a Hall of Fame season!
Last week, the Eagles were stunned at home by an on-fire Seattle Seahawks team 21-20!  Coach McQueen needs to get back on track and undo the damage here tonight.

stlcardshelmet.gif.d425f94423a47f59310f922be25bd062.gifArizona Cardinals(3-2)

Coach: Kevin "Mac" Maloney (9-12)


Arizona on the other hand has had a tough season and they are a tough team who definitely knows how to win at home. Coach Maloney has worked very hard to get these Arizona Cardinals in shape to compete at the level that they need to compete at in this league, but he's had a see-saw season. The Cardinals opened up beating San Francisco on the road 17-14, in overtime. Then they beat the ferocious Washington Football Team 17-14, to begin the season without a loss. In WEEK#3, they lost on their own turf to a battling Detroit team 20-14 in overtime, and then they lost to the hard nosed Carolina Panthers 17-14, and last week Arizona beat New England, 21-14! They have been in blazing battles this season! It will be very challenging for the Cardinals to make the playoffs if they don't win this game at home and the reason why is because they play the Los Angeles Rams (5-1) next week in their season finale. The Cardinals have distributed the ball on offense well, establishing a three-punch offense with Larry Fitzgerald who has five carries for 312 yards two touchdowns. Mel Gray, their specialist, has 11 carries for 676 yards, with three touchdowns, and in the running attack, Otis Anderson has 31 carries for 226 yards with four touchdowns. Anderson ranks #15th in NFC rushing. It is possible that the Cardinals may not make the playoffs especially with the way the AFC East is playing this season because if the Eagles win, there's going to be a three-way tie in the Beast East! Dallas also plays at home, so they have a chance to make it a four-way tie in that division as the battle heats up to put the best team on the field in the Super Bowl which will be played at Ray Negron's house in Coquina Key on December 15, 2020. Negron is New York Yankees Special Advisor to the late George M. Steinbrenner, still working for the Yankees.



img_530455.thumb.png.e09b7ab1e7b10e6bca69ecb4e130fc0f.png2017439589_OIP(6).jpg.755ff03f22a7bf0862e34bfb95b320fe.jpgTHE PLAY BY PLAY:  eagles-helmet.png.39e6bb8dd3a357537a7058f3a2c4d15c.pngPHILADELPHIA EAGLES vs ARIZONA CARDINALS     stlcardshelmet.gif.d425f94423a47f59310f922be25bd062.gif
INSIDE THE GRID: November 3, 2020. Phoenix, Arizona. 

On the opening kickoff Arizona's Mel Gray returned the football 47-yards before he was hit hard by tackle Jerry Sisemore, who made his 8th tackle of the season, fighting for an All-Pro spot on the NFC All-Star roster. On first down Otis Anderson exploded for 31 yards, bringing the ball to the Philadelphia 23-yard line with 12:55 left to go in the half. On the next play Anderson ran for five yards, but was stuffed on second down losing 23 yards on the play with the ball now at the 41 yard line of the Eagles. Wow! On a spectacular play by Mel Gray from Arizona quarterback Ty Murray, Gray slashed upfield running just next to the sideline for a blazing 40-yard touchdown catch to make the score 7-0, Arizona jumps ahead with 7:36 left to go in the half!
On the Eagles first kick return of the game, the most dangerous man in the league Harold Carmichael scorched through the middle of the field past defenders into the open field, running back is his 7th touchdown of the season, and 6th hundred yard touchdown in spectacular fashion to tie the game 7-7, with 6:14 left to go in the half! These Eagles dominated the line trenches, making the Cardinals pay dearly!
On the ensuing kickoff, Mel Gray took the ball back 64 yards on a spectacular blazing run, only to be tackled by Philadelphia defensive lineman, Jerome Brown who hit him hard at the 36-yard line with 4:30 left to go in the half! The Cardinals know that to play with the big boys in the playoffs they're going to need a running game and that's where OJ Anderson comes in. The Eagles have been fierce. On first down, Anderson ran a beautiful 19-yard run to the Eagles 17-yard line, scampering around the left side has Arizona tackle Conrad Doebler blocked then way for Anderson, who somehow slipped through the grips of Eagles tackle Jerry Sisemore at right tackle! And, on the very next play with time running out in the half, Anderson ran the ball in from 17-yards away into the end-zone to make the score 14-7, as the first half came to an end with Arizona in the lead!
What a game. Five coaches are on hand to watch this game and scout these teams. On first down, Eagles running back, Keith Byars ran a 15-yard first down. On second down, he did the same thing for another 15 yards, bringing the ball to the Cardinals 22-yard line as Byars steamrolled over the defense until he was finally tackled by Conrad Doebler. On the next play, Byers stormed into the end zone from 22 yards away to tie the score at 14-14, with 9:59 left to go in the game! The excitement was building. 
The Philadelphia lineman are really playing a tough game today with Hugh Douglas anchoring the front line, running right through All-Pro Dan Deirdoff, and the Cardinals have met their match tonight. With the Giants and Washington tied for first place the Eagles have to win this game tonight to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Eagles came alive, stopping Mel Gray for 35 yard kick return. Gray was brought down hard by Philadelphia's Irvin Fryar with the clock running at 7:16 left to go in the game! There's a different level of intensity to these Eagles tonight on defense. They're swarming. They are taking it up a notch, but the Cardinals have matched them with intensity by opening up an offensive game plan by Coach Kevin Mac who has these Cardinals prepared!
On the first two downs Otis Anderson went nowhere. Jerome Brown brought him down at the 22-yard line for the Eagles, as the Cardinals were in trouble and preparing for third down. This was a huge play right here for both teams and both coaches as the intensity rose. Sometimes in the heat of battle with the fast time clock in the league, people panic and things don't always turn out the way they planned for these coaches. On an amazing defensive play there was nowhere to go for the Cardinals, forcing a fourth down with brilliant coverage by the Eagles as they stop Arizona! On fourth down the Cardinals were forced to punt the football.
On another spectacular run back, Harold Carmichael took the ball back 81 yards to the  Cardinals 19-yard line as the Eagles set up the game-winning score with a minute and 20 seconds left to go in the game. And in dramatic fashion Keith Byars ran one last play. The Philadelphia Eagles (4-2), on the final play the game kicked the game-winning field goal from the 21 yard line to put the Arizona Cardinals (3-3), season in jeopardy, winning the game 17-14!
The NFC East has a three-way tie between Washington the New York Giants, and these Philadelphia Eagles! What a dramatic finish! It was Harold Carmichael once again, who did most of the damage, but the Frontline of the Eagles worked magic tonight. They stopped the Cardinals when they needed to most and the Eagles are back to high-flying octane again!  
17 eagles-helmet.png.39e6bb8dd3a357537a7058f3a2c4d15c.pngPhiladelphia Eagles (4-2)
NEXT OPPONENT: Washington at Philadelphia
PHI-Byars RU: 4-52-1/22TD/LONG
Carmichael KR: 3-228-1/100TD LONG
14 stlcardshelmet.gif.d425f94423a47f59310f922be25bd062.gifArizona Cardinals (3-3)
NEXT OPPONENT Arizona at Los Angeles Rams
AZ-Anderson RU: 7-77-1/31
Gray KR: 3-146-0/64LONG, REC: 1-41-1/41TD LONG APY: 4-187-1/64LONG










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