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2023 Long Island EFL: S U P E R B O W L X V I I I: NFC Atlanta Falcons (8-2) vs. AFC Los Angeles Chargers (8-1) PRE GAME

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MEMO: Long Island EFL S U P E R  B O W L  X V I I I 


OIP(3).jpg.02f88e4808aeebb13666d39bb7156d88.jpgFALCONS.jpg.55a9862a54e3382e6f85bd98272f4c79.jpgATLANTA FALCONS (8-2) vs800px-American_Football_Conference_logo_old_svg.png.17139c10e335f70c92f4fa75d932367a.png chargers.gif.bbd60a3d3499865a05fdabae2b55be9c.gifLOS ANGELES CHARGERS (8-1)

SBLIEFL2023LOGO.jpg.2cb9b91481f9fd80b507a2def40d4cd0.jpg(Long Island Electric Football League Super Bowl XVIII). December 31, 2023. Written by Levi Vick with contributors, Paddy Brannigan, Kevin Mack, Matt Zoo-York, and Joey Pizz.

We will have the Super Bowl written this afternoon.

What it is Cuz! Finally, we have reached another great conclusion to a terrific 2023 season, playing this game at the beautiful Nautical Mile in Freeport, NY. This is it, a colossal matchup between two epic teams and coaches, Johnny-Freeport's NFC Atlanta Falcons (8-2) versus Ed Viggs Los Angeles Chargers (8-1). After a great dinner we are ready for the LIEFL showdown! Like us or not here we come! Our last official write-up of the 2023 season! Lots of great music at Johnny-Freeport's. With the Eagles playing loud in the background we reflect on great friendships, and the fellowship that has kept this all together in a great hobby!nauticalmile1.jpg.f1da2d5d45234425c21c4ea1e53cf58c.jpg

nauticalmile2.thumb.jpg.6db365138c1a7ad58a6f298159ca1b8e.jpgThe numbers in this game speak for themselves, and so too will the talent on the field, and on the sidelines as coaches in a terrific LIEFL Super Bowl Bash. All of us in the league are in attendance for the game to complete the season, compliments of the loudest tough guy in the league, Johnny-Freeport. It's all about the game, not about use, but we will give a jib of background information here in the last article of the season.

This is the type of game Super Bowl's are meant for. We don't need lessons in football, we all played organized football. We know talent, we've played against enough of it for fifty years in some of the biggest tournaments. We know another world of electric football totally unrelated to the Tudor Games and Miggle talent, and the coaches in this league will only play for money! In talking to league Founder and Commissioner Billy O'C, he said he'd love to start a SHOWCASE LEAGUE in St. Pete Florida when he retires to keep people's interest in electric football, and to earn new hobbyists. He was disappointed that all of his teams that Coach Joe Bino played with lost in the playoffs. O'C said if he can, he would like to start a new league that would be played and featured at one of the local Community Colleges if he can make an agreement, which as a Professor he should have the conversation to do that with colleagues. He just doesn't want other people using LIEFL teams. They are historic and classic. The League would have to start over and purchase their own teams. College kids would love the game.

We are unique, we do things different in many ways as leaders, not followers. It's always been that way in the league amongst the members. Some of these guys are real life heroes in their professions. We've grown into good men with good families, and integrity.  We are proud and honored to have made many positive contributions to society in what is becoming an upside-down world, where people think it's okay to disrespect others. It is crazy the changes America has seen in the past several years, at least in crumbling down New York anyway. We are active members of the Long Island EFL and our communities.

We all have them in our lives, loudmouths who we want to shut up, but 6'4" long haired Johnny-Freeport takes the cake, and he would be hard to shut up. The louder he gets, the louder he has played in this tournament. He reminds us of Fred Dryer, the LA Rams sensation who went on to acting after his pro football career. Johnny-Freeport should be acting in Hollywood, not playing EF as a retired professional who chased real-life bad guys for a living. But is his bark bigger than his bite? We will see tonight as his self-proclaimed posse' the Atlanta Falcons, who have played magnificent, take on Coach Ed Viggs and his high-flying Los Angeles Chargers (8-1). Viggs would like to put a bolt in the Falcons. The Chargers have been here before but left very dissatisfied with the outcome when they lost to the hometown Los Angeles Rams in 2018, in LIEFL-Super Bowl XIV, 31-28! It is a sore reminder to Viggs of how close he came to winning that Super Bowl, and it is also in the back of his mind to correct. It's just how the successful and quiet Wall Street Guru thinks. "That loss was too close to not come away the winner," said Viggs. Viggs is coming into this game focused and determined to pull this one off, but not so fast, this Atlanta team has outperformed everyone. Johnny-Freeport said, "Who cares that people think we re going to lose, bunch of fools in this league, and we will see just how nasty my team can be! Stop bothering me with this school newspaper garbage." 

The response to what Freeport said from Viggs was, "The Birds have outperformed Everyone, but the Chargers," according to Viggs. Viggs was the starting quarterback for the Rutgers Cup Winning Bay Shore High School team before breaking his hand, unfortunately in a fight. He did came back late in the season and got to play corner against MLB star Craig Biggio from Kings Park, who was the Hansen Award Winner in 1983. Bay Shore won back-to-back Rutgers Cup's here on Long Island with 19 wins in two seasons. Viggs was a gifted lacrosse player as well. The man knows football, PERIOD!

A little background information about Johnny-Freeport. Johnny played football and basketball in the opposite county here on the island, and he became great friends with Billy O'C during 9th grade when Freeport moved to an aunt's house across the street from where Billy O'C lived in Bay Shore, NY. Johnny-Freeport was a troubled teen who earned the name "The Chucker" because of the way he tossed a basketball in street games. The two have been friends ever since. Billy O'C's father was a NYPD Emergency Service Swat team officer in Harlem, the Bronx, and Brooklyn, NY, and that's what keeps the two connected.

This Falcons-Chargers game is loaded with playmakers!  Every player on both rosters have to be recognized because this Tournament of Champions has been complete with brutal and epic battles! The Falcons seemed to be getting warmed up when they revved their engines against the Panthers in their 59-50 NFC CG victory, to advance to this Super Bowl. Carolina is a team Atlanta faced many times in battles that go back and forth! The Falcons don't know much about the Chargers on the field. This game against the Chargers will be a game where one mistake can change the outcome of the game. If Johnny-Freeport can keep his head on, it could be Atlanta carrying the trophy!  Coach Ed Viggs though, is on a secret revenge mission for the loss Johnny-Freeport dished out in the NFC Divisional Championship Game when the #1 Seed undefeated Washington Redskins lost to Freeport's Dirty Birds in an upset 30-24! Never underestimate the quiet leaders. Coach Ed Viggs is on a mission!

Prime Time players in this game are the regulars, LIEFL Hall of Famers Gerald Riggs and LaDainian Tomlinson. But they come with fantastic support with blazing speed at every corner of the board, and they can strike at will. In the trenches we've seen the Falcons Bill Fralic play great, and lineman Earl Faison for the Chargers will lead the way. These are perennial LIEFL All-Pro's consistently in the league.

As the #5 Seed in the NFC, Atlanta's offense has produced the firepower of 1564 total yards on 59 touches, with 15 touchdowns, ten of them by Gerald Riggs in the LIEFL Tournament of Champions! But what happens if Viggs can stop Riggs? The Los Angeles Chargers as the #1 Seed played one game less in the Tournament of Champions than did Atlanta, but they caught a blaze in the AFC! The Chargers in their two playoff games against the Ravens and Colts totaled 1021 yards with 10 touchdowns, four of them by Kellen Winslow Sr., and Lance Alworth had seven touches for 328 all purpose yards with two touchdowns against Baltimore in the AFC Wild Card Game. This is a battle ready team. LaDainian Tomlinson and Kellen Winslow Sr., pushed the offense in the AFC Divisional Championship Game against the Colts. Tomlinson rushed for 163 yards on 12 carries, with two touchdowns, but Winslow Sr., was the star of the game! Los Angeles is an offensive and defensive powerhouse who can make the big plays against the Falcons. Count on Viggs to get his big playmakers involved early! They have the speed and talent that make this a incredible matchup. It wouldn't surprise us if Viggs throws Alworth, Winslow Sr., and Tomlinson into the kick return roles to unsettle Johnny-Freeport.

ALLPRO.thumb.jpg.4f16c4c7c34c46845a43ceca4d425a6a.jpgSUPER BOWL XVIII Matchups and Power Rankings:

OIP(13).jpg.598e1f8114014eeec0e11bce247c942e.jpg       800px-American_Football_Conference_logo_old_svg.png.17139c10e335f70c92f4fa75d932367a.png     longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.708284910016ceb7cf41b5ce27075baa.jpg    R(2).thumb.jpg.31d9354275a7317ba05661cde1a6843c.jpgOIP(3).jpg.02f88e4808aeebb13666d39bb7156d88.jpg

chargers.gif.bbd60a3d3499865a05fdabae2b55be9c.gif  Los Angeles Chargers(8-1)           FALCONS.jpg.55a9862a54e3382e6f85bd98272f4c79.jpgAtlanta Falcons (8-2) 

LIEFL CAREER RECORD (101-76)                         LIEFL CAREER RECORD (82-94)

Coach Ed Viggs (22-6)                                                  Coach Johnny Freeport (18-14)

      edart.jpg.016fa97fca65d76f56d66d7926efcaf6.jpg                                                                               chuckerart.jpg.d26fa4300470903f10cb2352ad678495.jpg

CHARGERSTD.png.5fd91a383f8599d070f086cc252e29e3.png#86 L-Earl Faison-Los AngelesALLPRO.thumb.jpg.4f16c4c7c34c46845a43ceca4d425a6a.jpg vs FALCONSTD.png.b3e1b1041181c4f113d21ff4562f5ea0.png#79 L-Bill Fralic-AtlantaALLPRO.thumb.jpg.4f16c4c7c34c46845a43ceca4d425a6a.jpg (EDGE Faison)

CHARGERSTD.png.5fd91a383f8599d070f086cc252e29e3.png#77 L-Ernie Ladd-Los Angeles vs FALCONSTD.png.b3e1b1041181c4f113d21ff4562f5ea0.png#87 L-Claude Humphrey-Atlanta (TIE)

CHARGERSTD.png.5fd91a383f8599d070f086cc252e29e3.png#70 L-Russ Washington- Los Angeles vs FALCONSTD.png.b3e1b1041181c4f113d21ff4562f5ea0.png#99 L-Raymond Clayborn-Atlanta (EDGE Clayborn)

CHARGERSTD.png.5fd91a383f8599d070f086cc252e29e3.png# 75 T-Corey Clark-Los Angeles vs FALCONSTD.png.b3e1b1041181c4f113d21ff4562f5ea0.png#78 T-Mike Kenn-AtlantaALLPRO.thumb.jpg.4f16c4c7c34c46845a43ceca4d425a6a.jpg (EDGE: Kenn)

CHARGERSTD.png.5fd91a383f8599d070f086cc252e29e3.png#66 T-Booker Brown-Los Angeles vsFALCONSTD.png.b3e1b1041181c4f113d21ff4562f5ea0.png68-T-Terrance Pennington-AtlantaALLPRO.thumb.jpg.4f16c4c7c34c46845a43ceca4d425a6a.jpg (EDGE: Pennington)

CHARGERSTD.png.5fd91a383f8599d070f086cc252e29e3.png#74 LB-Louie Kelcher-Los AngelesALLPRO.thumb.jpg.4f16c4c7c34c46845a43ceca4d425a6a.jpg vs FALCONSTD.png.b3e1b1041181c4f113d21ff4562f5ea0.png#45-DB-Deion Jones-Atlanta ALLPRO.thumb.jpg.4f16c4c7c34c46845a43ceca4d425a6a.jpg(TIE)

CHARGERSTD.png.5fd91a383f8599d070f086cc252e29e3.png#55 LB-Junior Seau-Los Angeles + vs FALCONSTD.png.b3e1b1041181c4f113d21ff4562f5ea0.png  #21-DB-Deion Sanders-Atlanta (TIE)

CHARGERSTD.png.5fd91a383f8599d070f086cc252e29e3.png#21 RB-LaDainian TomlinsonALLPRO.thumb.jpg.4f16c4c7c34c46845a43ceca4d425a6a.jpgvs FALCONSTD.png.b3e1b1041181c4f113d21ff4562f5ea0.png #42-RB-Gerald Riggs-AtlantaALLPRO.thumb.jpg.4f16c4c7c34c46845a43ceca4d425a6a.jpg (EDGE: Riggs) 

Ranked #15 LIEFL RUSHING:38-401-7/54                  NFC Offensive Player of the Year

 Ranked #8 RUSHING AFC                                                RUSHING #3 Ranked LIEFL 48-659-7/61TD, #2 Ranked NFC

                                                                                              ALL PURPOSE YARDS #1 NFC 68-1741-11/3x100TD

                                                                                              KICK RETURN #9 NFC and #16 LIEFL 19-1077-3/3x100TDS 

                                                                                               NFC Championship Game MVP

                                                                                                LIEFL ALL MADDEN TEAM 

CHARGERSTD.png.5fd91a383f8599d070f086cc252e29e3.png#46 RB- Chuck Muncie-Los Angeles vsFALCONSTD.png.b3e1b1041181c4f113d21ff4562f5ea0.png #32-RB-Jamal Anderson-Atlanta (EDGE: Anderson)

CHARGERSTD.png.5fd91a383f8599d070f086cc252e29e3.png#19 R- Lance Alworth-Los Angeles vsFALCONSTD.png.b3e1b1041181c4f113d21ff4562f5ea0.png #11-R-Julio Jones-AtlantaALLPRO.thumb.jpg.4f16c4c7c34c46845a43ceca4d425a6a.jpg(EDGE: TIE)

CHARGERSTD.png.5fd91a383f8599d070f086cc252e29e3.png#80 R- Kellen Winslow SR-Los Angeles vsFALCONSTD.png.b3e1b1041181c4f113d21ff4562f5ea0.png #81-R-Austin Cooper-Atlanta (EDGE: Winslow)

AFC Championship Game MVP





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