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2023 Long Island EFL AFC Divisional Championship Game: Miami Dolphins (6-2) at Indianapolis Colts (7-1) WAR!

Long island EFL

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(Long Island Electric Football League) Written by Levi Vick. December 30, 2023.

Today's alternate coach for this AFC Divisional Championship Game between the Miami Dolphins (6-2) and the Indianapolis Colts (7-1) and is a exciting. We have the six-time LIEFL-Super Bowl Champions Miami Dolphins chasing a seventh title in the league, but can Indy be the spoilers? They don't care about Mimi's titles, they have NO FEAR!  Rookie Coach Bobby Biggs has a mighty task because he's in the biggest spot of his LIEFL career, but Bino thinks Biggs is the best fit for the Colts. The league doesn't!

Lots of Questions Surrounding Bino's Choices: Coach Johnny-Freeport said, "Have you guys looked at Biggs record this year? He won like four games all season." Bino said, "This is a new season and I want Biggs to have an opportunity to take on a great team in the Miami Dolphins, but Biggs knows better than to get into a verbal argument about Bino's choice. Biggs knows the Colts are very capable, but can the rookie coach withstand the pressure? "I love this team, and who would be crazy enough to not respect one of the best players in this league. I have played in several leagues and there is nobody, and I mean nobody, who I have seen with the talent of Joseph Addai, in any league. This league is fiercely competitive, and I am giving the league a B+ Rating because every league in the world has room for improvement, and I am so grateful to Billy O'C for being such a great commissioner, really he's the man! Never seen a league run like this guy runs the league. Dues, Rules, Order, Pace, Sponsors, and Discipline in his league, with a full spectrum of players, Draft, and 32-team 67-Big Men, and a $3200 dollar payout to the winner, C'mon' man, said Bobby Biggs!"

Indianapolis played a great first AFC Wild Card Game, beating a reluctant Raiders team 35-28! The Dolphins rolled over one of the toughest teams in the league 42-31, scoring six touchdowns from every level.The Dolphins may be chasing their seventh Super Bowl, but not if Bobby Biggs and the Colts can help it! It should be a great offensive war especially with Joseph Addai on the field going up against Mercury Morris on offense. If Addai can play the way he has all season long this one ought to be a great game! The same can be said for Miami with the quadruple threat of their high-octane offense they can unleash. With The Mark's Brothers, Mark Duper, and Mark Clayton, anything can happen! The tandem totaled 399 all-purpose yards against the Bills, with three touchdowns! Miami has the #7th Ranked defense in the LIEFL behind Indianapolis #6th Ranked defense! And, on offense Miami Ranked #15th in the LIEFL behind Indianapolis #3rd Ranked Offense in the league.

The Colts have the gem! Joseph Addai is the LIEFL Offensive Player of the Year, voted on by the coaches. In 2023, Addai, stormed the league with a trailblazing 64 touches for 1767 all-purpose yards, with 12 touchdowns! And Indy has Marvin Harrison and Raymond Berry who can unleash their own offensive firepower! Addai will have his hands full though, up against the proven Dolphins frontline led by LIEFL All-Pro's Larry Little and Jason Taylor!

If the special teams performs for both of these teams, this could be a very high scoring game. It's really all about the coaching and in Billy O'C absence, this league has run very smooth and we expect no different today.



download.png.f19a06a21e708cb1407926d19dfaba26.pngThe opening kickoff for the AFC Divisional Championship Game!With a full house everybody wanted to see this game between Bobby Biggs playing with the Colts and Joe Bino playing with the Dolphins with the downtown Indianapolis skyline in the background.

Joseph Addai had the engines driving on a 44-yard kick return blasted by Mercury Morris at the 44 yard line of the Colts. One play later on a blistering run, Addai ran through the three hole 56 yards around the Left end with pep, and the place was going wild, giving the Colts the lead 7-0, with 12:46 remaining in the first quarter! Wow the energy is unbelievable!
Ah, oh man! The fireworks have started early! Dolphins Mark Duper returned a 41-yard kickoff for the Dolphins and in one play, Mercury Morris blasted around the left side of the Colts defense for a 59-yard touchdown to tie the score at 7-7! No way!
No sir! At the moment Joseph Addai is not having it! Addai just returned 100-yard kick return Christmas present for Joe Bino's Dolphins, to put the Colts ahead 14-7, with 8:13 remaining in the first quarter! What an AFC Divisional Championship Game and match up! Who's going to slow down the pace?
It's a show, an electrifying show worth the and watch! Colts superstar Joseph Addai, the LIEFL Player of the Year, came to hook these Dolphins their way! Addai deserves that label "superstar" he has earned it this season! Colts Coach for today Bobby Biggs, has something in common as the underdog in this league, and he's answering all the questions that everybody had when they doubted him before today's game! We have a long way to go.COL8PIC2ART.thumb.jpg.6ee791968223b48c9ea83ba9feaee71c.jpg
On the next kick return Miami's Mark Duper ran a scorching 65-yard return to set up Mercury Morris. Morris blazed around the left side of the Indianapolis defense for a 35-yard touchdown run into the end zone with 5 minutes remaining in the first quarter! Tie score, 14-14! Don't leave your seat folks! We are watching some tremendous talent on the field! It's ok to boast as an outsider watching this game. Already you can feel that this is going to be a heartbreaker for somebody! Coach Bino is very happy with the Dolphins performance and the Miami front line!
What a game! On the Colts next kick return Joseph Addai again, exploded on a 58-yard run. And it only took one more play for Addai to show the league what a superstar can do. Addai marched a 42-yard touchdown run through the left side of the Dolphins defense to give the Colts a 21-14 lead, in an electrifying game literally! This is one for the ages! We invited Lonell Powell to film the Super Bowl because no one films an electric football game like Powell. We will see if he can do it! The first quarter came to a close and what a first quarter it's been! Indianapolis 21 - Miami 14! 
Listen to this. Colts running back Joseph Addai had an unthinkable 300-all purpose yard first quarter with three touchdowns already! Mercury Morris has been phenomenal as well. Morris has 94 rushing yards with two touchdowns, and Mark Duper as 106-yards on kick returns already!
COL9(1)ARTY.thumb.jpg.57cba213d90485a52eeb5ed22e93694f.jpgMy goodness! Mark Duper kicked off the second quarter with a thrilling 100-yard kick return to tie the score at 21-21! This one's going to be historic!
We wish we were making this up, but clearly Joseph Addai is not going to surrender today. Addai just ran back his second 100-yard kick return of the half to give the Colts a tight 28-21 lead, in a magical game.
Trying to search the right words for this game is impossible! Addai with blazing speed just turned on the afterburners in this LIEFL game of electric football! How do they do it?  Marvin Harrison followed Addai running from the other side of the field, also with blazing speed. This Indianapolis Colts team is a very fast!
On the Dolphins next kick return it was Mark Duper again who returned another great kick 42-yards. On first down, the Dolphins wouldn't be stopped. Mercury Morris ran for nine yards. On second down, Morris bolted for a 49-yard blast into the end zone with Mark Clayton hooked onto Raymond Berry as his lead blockers. Unbelievable! Morris used Clayton as his blocker all the way downfield and into the end zone to tie the score at 28-28, with 7:27 remaining in the half of this special football game! These are once in a lifetime games that will always be treasured in the LIEFL, especially when the magic comes alive like it has today!
The Indianapolis Colts coach Bobby Biggs has played an enormous game. Biggs showing the coaches that he is the real deal on this last drive of the half. After a 56 yard kick return by Joseph Addai, the Colts were very strategic and winding down this clock to end the half, forcing Miami to use both of their timeouts with a barrage of five short runs with Addai doing the power work, with a total 27-yards after a key third down catch by Raymond Berry! Berry's catch gave the Colts the first down to set up the 27-yards by Addai!  Indianapolis landed in Miami territory at the eight yard line, with 1:03 remaining in the half. The Colts took their last time out of the half. Unbelievable! of all the people to come through for the Colts it was Bronko Nagurski who was double covered in the end zone, but he made a key touchdown catch to give the Colts the lead going into the second half!  Nagurski rarely sees the football. He's just a blocking back, but not to Bobby Biggs. He saw something in Nagurski that no one else has this season and he used it to the Colts scoring advantage by throwing a gorgeous missile to Nagurski between two defenders, right on the numbers to put the Colts ahead 35-28! That was an End to the one of the best first halves of electric football ever! COL14ART.thumb.jpg.6fdee9be8f39cc3a8023246db42d2340.jpg
The Colts have the advantage! That risky pass by Bobby Biggs could win him this football game, and it will be Biggs may play in the AFC Championship Game if they win, but it's not a guarantee especially when $3,200 dollars is on the line for Bino  .. Batta Bing!
On the Dolphins opening kick return to begin the second half, Mark Duper ran back of 42-yard kick. Mimi's offense kicked in. Mercury Morris ran for 21-yards, then 4 yards, and then on second down, he was stopped by a Colts defense like we've never seen before! They were ferocious! On a third down pass attempt, Bino's Dolphins had nobody open and the Colts stopped the drive, forcing a fourth down, with 6:40 remaining in the third quarter! The Dolphins kicked a 43-yard field-goal, which made the score 35-31 Colts in the lead! Miami is in trouble with the ball going back to Joseph Addai and the Colts!
What a way to capitalize! Joseph Addai brought his best game with him today as he opened up the Colts first possession with another mind-boggling all-world 100-yard kick return to put these Indianapolis Colts in Championship form, beating a great Dolphins team, 42-31! The Colts have the lead with 5:06 remaining in the third quarter with the clock running! Oh my God! What's stopping the Colts now? Coach Bino is stunned! But why should he be, Addai is the Offensive Player of the Year in this league, and he's stopping nothing short of making a plastic figure statement on "his third" 100-yard kick return of the game! This guy has lit up the Dolphins defense like no one else!
It has been exhausting watching this game.
COLT3(1)art.thumb.jpg.50508d12616ac46a2b9e5e823e1e27c0.jpgOn Miami's next kick return by Mark Duper ran back 41-yards. And it only took Mercury Morris in one play to run 59-yards into the end zone on an another blistering run to score for the Dolphins. The Colts still have the lead 42-38 with the third quarter ending!
There's 15 minutes left to go in the game, and boy this one's been historic! It's been nothing but action-packed offense and defense by two tremendous football teams!
Bobby Biggs is no fool and it's speculation at the moment, but could it be for one second that Bino underestimated, thinking he had a weak opponent in Biggs, and that Biggs would make mistakes with the Colts? Man has Bobby Biggs delivered! 
The Indianapolis Colts have a slew of franchise players. LIEFL All-Pro Linebacker Robert Mathis is a towering 67-Big Man, and he and Quenton Nelson, along with Bubba Smith and Elmer Collett have been super this year paving the way for Addai!
Joseph Addai just ran back his seventh kick return of the game to the Colts own 39 yard line after that last Miami touchdown. He was stopped on his first two runs, but on third down Bobby Biggs aired it out, connecting with receiver Raymond Berry for an explosive 60-yard first down to the two yard line of Miami, with 10:13 remaining in the game! Wow what offense today!COL17art.thumb.jpg.fc713d1079bcd63a6bd0a4389afdb8a6.jpg
On the Colts next possession, after three attempts running, Joseph Addai was denied by the Miami defense and Jason Taylor with Larry Little on all three runs, forcing a fourth down. It was Raymond Berry who broke free again, covered by Mercury Morris in the end zone, but  Bobby Biggs has skills. Biggs, the risk taker through another rocket hitting Berry right on the numbers to give the Colts the nail, hammer, and coffin after drowning the Dolphins and taking the take the lead, 49-38! Incredible game! With 2:40 remaining in the game a startled Joe Bino called a time out!
A coach should never get their hopes too high in this league. We are sure Bino has to be asking himself all kinds of questions, like why didn't he play with the Colts and why the Dolphins? We may never know. Miami switched it up a bit before the next play by handing the kickoff to Mark Clayton on this next kick return. Duper has had enough.
Clayton ran an amazing 82-yard kick return until he was tackled by another Indy tough guy, Tony Parker. Miami called the first time out of the second half with 1:58 to go in the game. They Dolphins lined up for a passing play. And wide open was Mark Duper who blazed into the end zone from 18-yards to give the Dolphins another score! Colts 49 - Dolphins 45! Miami refuses to surrender! They better accept it at this point given the way Addai is playing!
The Dolphins called their last time out with 1:33 to play in the game.
After an 11-yard first down, the Colts kicked the game ending field goal from the 20-yard line to upset the Miami Dolphins 52-45, as the Indianapolis Colts (8-1) advances to their first ever AFC Championship Game to face the Los Angeles Chargers (7-1) in what is now expected to be a fantastic showdown! !
This game will go down in history for our loyal readers which is a few of you! We hope you enjoyed the reading!
Coach Joe Bino said after the game, "I don't think I ever imagined Bobby Biggs would play this great, but that's why I picked him, because I wanted a game. Now I've seen him play, and I like what he does. It's okay if we lost. How can I knock Joseph Addai with the game that he played today. If there was an all world team, he'd be on it and so would Mercury Morris. I can't be upset if I give my all, and I really didn't make any mistakes in the game. This team just got outperformed and the Colts were the better team."
The Dolphins defense gave up major yards. The Colts touched the ball 24 times for 742 all-purpose yards, with seven touchdowns, including Addai's 300 yarder returns for touchdowns, and one thing's for sure, the Chargers are not facing the same old Colts, they came to play right out of the gate! Miami wasn't too shabby themselves. The Dolphins touched the ball 17 times for 667 all purpose yards, with six touchdowns, including Mark Duper's 100 yard kick return. Duper had seven touches for 349-yards with two touchdowns! Mercury Morris ran all over the Colts with nine rushes for 236 yards, with four touchdowns including two 59-yard runs. But we can't ignore the player of the day Joseph Addai who ran like a superstar! Addai carried the ball 13 times for 136 yards with two rushing touchdowns, including a 56-yard Touchdown run, and he killed it on kick returns on special teams, with seven touches for a whopping 523-yard performance with three 100-yard explosive touchdown runs and five total touchdowns! He put on a show! That is what the LIEFL Player of the Year is supposed to do against a great teams! Miami is not a good team, they're a great team!
The Dolphins finish (7-3) in a highly competitive league. Miami will be back to rey again.  Bobby Biggs said, "I'm so grateful for the opportunity to play in this historic game. The Colts played like it was their last game of their plastic lives, and they brought the show, they came to life for an hour and we beat one of the most historic teams in the league. It was beautiful to witness an offense who can play anyone around. We came out of nowhere this year! I just hope they could do the same thing against the Chargers, and I hope Bino lets me finish their season out, but what a great matchup! This league could sell tickets to watch the games if they wanted to for sure. This was an electric football show at its best! The intensity and toughness of the teams is fantastic. The Colts will compete when the season is over with the champion of the Nassau League which has already been agreed upon. That is Levi Vicks old league.
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