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2023 Long Island EFL NFC Divisional Championship Game: Atlanta Falcons (6-2) at Washington Redskins (7-0)

Long island EFL

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We have changed the Super Bowl to Sunday December 31st at 6:00 p.m., because of the holiday season we fell a little bit behind this year but here we go ready to finish strong. 

Washington Territory in DC. Written by Levi Vick. 3,200 dollars is on the line! This was one of the most highly anticipated matchups of all-time really, and it's a party at Levi Vicks tonight in a double-header event between the red-hot "Dirty Birds" Atlanta Falcons (6-2) who upset the Green Bay Packers 24-14 taking on the undefeated Washington Redskins (7-0), but not so fast. Johnny-Freeport's Falcons are rolling on all cylinders coming into this game both on offense and defense, and the Redskins have been sitting waiting. Coach Viggs said before the game that he knew this would  be a tough day, but so did Johnny-Freeport, whose dreams for his Ravens faded away when the Chargers showed that they were the better team in there 28-21 win in the AFC Divisional Championship Game earlier in the day.

This game between the undefeated Redskins and the Atlanta Falcons has an entirely different tone to it. Some of the greatest players in the league are involved in this game. No doubt Gerald Riggs has been one of the greatest players all time but the one thing missing is a Super Bowl win for Atlanta. Riggs has all the numbers, and the Falcons have all the offense they need to prove it, but can they beat the almighty Washington Redskins who have had a tremendous season? Coach Viggs said this is a time to focus, and a time to recognize that he has a chance to make more history in this league, but one tiny error can change the historic direction of Washington. Nobody has ever gone undefeated in the seven game season LIEFL format. Viggs is very superstitious, so he told us he's not talking before the game. His focus is on winning. On the other end of the spectrum when it comes to coach Johnny-Freeport this could be the greatest upset in history if the Falcons beat the Redskins, and the attitude amongst coaches that will have to eat their words for doubting Johnny Freeport's talent. It will be interesting, but those Atlanta Falcons are as gritty as they come, but the Redskins have the home field advantage in D.C., Gerald Riggs versus Tony Green, what a great matchup! Pay at the door to see this one!
It's hard to mentally prepare for one game, but two in a row at this professional level brings on some great coaching. It's almost like a wrestling tournament ... The last man standing is the winner! 
Washington's Tony Green is coming off the game of his life with five 100-yard touchdowns totaling 500-yards in the last game of the season against the Giants. It was a historic game! Today's game can be historic as well, but Johnny-Freeport can control that with a win.
On the opening kickoff Tony Green ran a blazing 50-yard kick return to set himself up for the undefeated Redskins. Washington had a hard time getting the ball going on the ground and on first down, running into a wall of Atlanta defenders! The Atlanta defense came up strong once again, stopping Green at the line of scrimmage. On second down, Green ran for a 5-yard gain. He was stopped again on third down, but on 4th down the caught a 9-yard pass to get the first down for the Redskins. The next series green started with a 10 yd first down. On the next two plays the Atlanta Falcons defense came up big with LIEFL All-Pro lineman Bill Fralic hitting Green hard behind the line of scrimmage for a 13-yard loss. Wow! The Redskins were forced to pass on third down, and Skins fullback John Riggins managed to catch a seven yard pass on the play, forcing a fourth down situation. Coach of Viggs had no choice from the 30 yard line but to kick a 30-yard field goal to give the Redskins the 3-0 lead as the first quarter came to a close! Viggs used the entire quarter to score and keep the ball out of Atlanta's Gerald Riggs possession. at6ART.thumb.jpg.70059b1f6d65b62e9c892f9ce42308ba.jpg
At the start of the second quarter Gerald Riggs touched the ball for the first time in the game and he ran 60-yards on the Falcons first kick return. After two failed runs facing a hard hitting Washington Redskins defense, on third down Falcons receiver Austin Hooper exploded 45-yards into the end zone to give the Atlanta the lead 7-3, with 10:13 remaining in a half. Hooper had a great defensive game last game. 
What do we have going on here? These two coaches have such intensity that it's hard to ignore as they hone in on the game. So now Johnny Freeport did the same thing as he did last game by using Julio Jones as a decoy and instead, Freeport connected with the speedy Hooper for the touchdown with the Nation's Capital in the background.
On Tony Green's next kick return of the game he ran it back 87 yards on a stunner. The Washington running game has had trouble all year and against this Falcons "Dirty Bird" defense, they were stopped on two straight plays, but on third down, Redskins receiver Art Monk ran a crossing pattern from the 22 yard line into the end zone to give the Redskins to lead 10-7 with 3:48 remaining in the half and the Redskins called their first time out of the half.
at5ART.thumb.jpg.5b262780226ef72744d5b234fbcd56d9.jpgOn the ensuing kickoff Gerald Riggs ran back another beautiful 59-yard return. On first down, the Falcons wasted no time. They went right back to Riggs for a 10-yd pass play to bring the ball to the 31-yard line of the Redskins with 1:36 remaining in the half, and the Falcons called their first time out with one more remaining. The pace of the game is extremely fast.
On an explosive first down play Gerald Riggs caught a 31-yard pass and took it into the end zone for the score with 1:19 remaining in the half the Redskins called their final timeout with the score 14-10 Falcons in the lead!
To close out the first half Tony Green ran the ball back 48-yards and Coach Viggs waited till there were 2 seconds remaining on the clock to kick the field goal from 48-yards away to make the score 14-13, with the Atlanta Falcons beating the Washington Redskins at the half!
In a great game the second half started off with a boom as Gerald Riggs launched a 58-yard kickoff return to open the second half. Riggs then ran for an 11-yard first down until he was stopped, but then he ran for another 11-yard first down as the Falcons worked their way downfield to the Washington 25-yard line eating up the clock and the gridiron. Coach Johnny-Freeport aired it out, firing the ball connecting with a wide open Gerald Riggs in the end zone for a 25-yard touchdown pass! The Falcons went for the two-point conversion which Julio Jones caught at the two yard line with Jones running it in for the two points to make the score Falcons 22 - Redskins 13 what may be the making of a blockbuster upset! This game is even better than television for entertainment.  For sure, there's lots of excitement and hard-hitting in this game with 3:14 remaining in the third quarter!
Tony Green returned Washington's next kick return 44-yards, followed by a 6-yard run to midfield. That ended the third Quarter!
There is 15 minutes left in the game!
And at this moment it looks like it's a possible historic upset in the making. On the Redskins next play, Tony Green exploded for 35 yards to the left side of the field on a great touchdown run! Falcons 22 Redskins 19! The Redskins will go for the two-point conversion. And Art Monk caught a sharp pass at the end of the Right side of the end zone to score on the two-point conversion, making the score Falcons 22 Redskins 21, with 9:04 remaining in the game!
at2ART.thumb.jpg.4c5224a80c2bb0c1c775ffc29e8b9e40.jpgGerald Riggs wasn't finished yet! Riggs exploded for a 58-yard kick return on the next kickoff for the Falcons. After being stopped on first down, Riggs blew the doors off the Redskins defense with a 42-yard touchdown scamper into the end zone to give Atlanta the 28-21 lead, and Atlanta will go for the two-point conversion again. Wide open in the endzone on the conversion was Austin Hooper who caught the two-point conversion to make the score 30-21 Falcons are in the lead! A shocker! Coach Viggs was in disbelief!
After a 49 yard kick return by Tony Green the Redskins aired it out on first down with Coach Viggs hitting Green for a 12-yard first down with 1:32 remaining in the game, and the Redskins called their first time out with one remaining.
On the next play Art Monk caught a 21-yard first down from Viggs to bring the ball to the 19-yard line, and the Redskins called their last time out with 1:18 remaining in the game. The magnitude of this game is coming to its conclusion with Coach Viggs starting to realize that his Redskins are going to lose their first game of the season against a fantastic football team.!
The Falcons have been knocking at the door for years and they realize that they still have a huge obstacle to overcome in the game between the Panthers and the Bears. The Panthers have owned their division rival Falcons. But let's see if Johnny Freeport can figure it out.
The Redskins decided to kick the useless field goal from the 4-yard line with no time left to set up, and the Atlanta Falcons will sit and wait to play the NFC Championship Game against the winner of the Panthers and the Bears!!!
Viggs still has his Chargers left in the tournament. This loss is very hard to accept for Ed Viggs, but he shook Johnny-Freeport's hand and told him what a great coach he is, giving Freeport the respect he deserves after achieving a major upset that shattered the Redskins dreams of being the first undefeated team in the seven game season format! What a way to end with Freeport saying nothing for the first time! 
It was great play calling great play calling by Johnny-Freeport using decoys, outside runs, involving different players who haven't been scouted, and mixing it up. The Atlanta Falcons (7-2) were just too much for the Washington Redskins (7-1) today. 
LIEFL Hall of Fame Falcons running back Gerald Riggs, had 15 touches for 365 all-purpose yards, with three touchdowns in the game. Riggs rushed nine times for 64 yards, with a 42 yard blazing touchdown. He had four kick returns for 235-yards, with a long run of 60 yards, and in receiving, he caught three passes for 66 yards with two touchdowns, including a 31 yard touchdown!
Gerald Riggs gets the game ball again! This offensive player is hard to match and he would be a huge star in any League! Go Falcons!
Atlanta will play the winner of the Bears-Panthers game! Is the magic with the Falcons?



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