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2023 Long Island EFL: END ROUND 1 AFC: AFC Divisional Game: Baltimore Ravens (3-4) at Denver Broncos (6-1)

Long island EFL

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                                                              Long Island  EFL T O U R N A M E N T  OF  C H A M P I O N SRAVENSBRACKET.thumb.jpg.ddc3fbb6d008aa4f84a2e19c3cdcf05f.jpg


(Long Island Electric Football League) AFC Divisional Game.

Even though Baltimore lost at LA 21-13 in the season finale to the LA Chargers, Ravens running back Jamal Lewis busted out with 139-yards rushing, Baltimore battled with a vengeance and Baltimore made a statement that they are not the worst team in the playoffs, but that Johnny-Freeport wants his opponens to think that they are. Freeport thinks psychological warfare can work on anyone. The Ravens pushed the Chargers to the limit and perhaps if it wasn't for Lance Alworth the outcome might have been different. The winner of the Baltimore-Denver game will have the honor of playing the #1 Seed Los Angeles Chargers (6-1), while in the Second Round of the AFC Playoffs the Miami Dolphins (6-2) will play play at  the Indianapolis Colts (7-1), but not before the NFC Wild Card Game between the Atlanta Falcons (5-2) and the Green Bay Packers (4-3)!

The reason why the league has seen the numbers drop for LaDainian Tomlinson is because coach Ed Viggs decided to get more players involved in his offense. Viggs explained that the more players involved on offense, the more damage his team can do scoring. Viggs said, "Johnny and Brannigan can play but so can we! We beat Brannigan's Broncos 21-14 in Week #4,  and I am fully aware that Brannigan's defense is a "BAM D". We held Terrell Davis to just 14 yards in that game. I learned that there are other great players in my lineup that I can get the ball to. I was able to get the ball to Alworth who ran back a 100-yard touchdown untouched in that game. He keeps forgetting that he has to get through a highly competitive Broncos team before he gets to my Chargers. At this level I am not going to analyze games, I am just not. All I am saying is I will be ready to compete!" 

The Ravens offense has to pick up against the number one defense in the league in the Broncos. It's going to take the Ravens all the offensive firepower they have. Leading the way is always Raves lineman Jonathan Ogden, but Denver's defense has big weapons. With Von Miller at linebacker, Karl Mecklenburg at the nose, and Paul Smith who switches from right defensive end to left defensive end, the Ravens offense will have their hands full for running back Jamal Lewis to succeed. The Broncos have played fantastic on the road, and they have not lost a home game this season. This is a Broncos team who beat the tough and gritty New England Patriots in the season finale on New England's home turf. Expect Denver with Terrell Davis to be explosive today.

Both of these teams have a chance to make franchise history! The Broncos have had enough of years of not making a Super Bowl, but do they have what it takes to win a Super Bowl? With the #1 defense in the league, and a high-octane offense, Denver has as good a chance as anyone else in this league. It's all about who has the momentum. The Rams in the NFC looked too far ahead, and that is a dangerous thing when there's money involved. It's every man for themselves at this point. 
Basically, the entire seven game season is a warm up for these amazing playoff games. The hero's and playmakers emerge in the big games and that can carry over to making a Super Bowl. 
For Coach Patty Brannigan and his Broncos, it's time for Terrell Davis to work past statistics and focus on a Super Bowl. Playing against his pal Johnny Freeport will be an amusing game but when it comes down to putting the soldiers on the field that's a whole different story. These are two fierce competitors. Brannigan has the coaching momentum woking in his favor after coaching his Chicago Bears to the upset victory over the Rams in the first round AFC Wild Card Game! In this game Brannigans Broncos has to come out and be the Boss!  
Brannigan said, "I have a great plan in my mind and I'm confident that my Broncos will show up to play. My mindset is to focus on every play and meet the challenge of the Ravens. It's been an incredible tournament so far, and I still cannot believe that game between the Cowboys and Panthers last night. What a game that was.
After watching the Panthers execute I think they can go to a Super Bowl. But really, Levi should have made that field goal. That was his second mistake of the game. His first was going for the two-point conversion and being stopped earlier in the game. Sometimes foreseeing can work against a coach, especially the good coaches. He may have underestimated what Matt Zoo-York can achieve under pressure. The Cowboys loss was a simple difference between one point, but I think that's the best playoff game I've seen in years!



R(1).thumb.png.413abbfb9a320c5517f4d6b3f1639fa0.png... Coach Johnny Freeport and his Baltimore Ravens (3-4)  showed up big time in the last game of the season against the Chargers. This time Johnny-Freeport "Walked the Talk" against the #1 defense in the LIEFL. This is where the magic of electric football takes over whether we want to believe it or not.

How can a (3-4) team like the Ravens match a (6-1) team like the Broncos and win? Johnny-Freeport, as much as we can tolerate, showed us how in this game! That is what makes great leagues work, that on any given day, any team in the LIEFL, any coach, can be outgunned, outplayed, and better prepared, especially when the is incentive is money. "But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, there's a lot of playoff football left,said Coach Joe Bino. "

Great coaching wins games PERIOD! This game is a testament to a terrific draft, great coaching, and executing the game plan in a fast paced, gritty league.The kickoff between the Ravens and the Broncos was intense. Lead playmaker for the Broncos, Terrell Davis, ran back a 40-yard opening kickoff return. On first down, the Broncos ran for four yards, but on second down Davis exploded for 20-yards to the Ravens 44-yard line. The big Denver Frontline kept feeding Davis the ball as he ran for five more before being stopped on second down. On 3rd down, Broncos Coach Paddy Brannigan threw a very short pass to his favorite receiver Ed McCaffrey. McCaffery launched  39-yards into the end zone to give the Broncos their first score, 7-0. Denver worked the clock leaving just 1:24 in the first quarter.bron2(1)arty.thumb.jpg.407115fdb626e0efb3b49be02386d5e6.jpg

Ravens kick returner LIEFL- All-Pro Derrick Mason ran back a 52-yard kick. The Broncos defense stopped the Ravens on first down. On second down, Baltimore running back Jamal Lewis, who had a great game against the Chargers last week, ran for a 19-yard first down bringing the ball to the 29-yard line of the Broncos as the first quarter came to a close! "Yeah, all day baby ... We came to play like you are coming to rob our Mama and you are gonna have to knock us out to take Mama from us," screamed Freeport! Free was for real!

The Denver defense exploded in the second quarter stopping the Baltimore Ravens and Jamal Lewis on the first two runs totaling a 27-yard loss. Baltimore had to dig in and defend the trenches. On third down, Ravens Coach Johnny-Freeport found Jamal Lewis wide open on a very close play 17-yards from the line of scrimmage, and Lewis ran the ball 57-yards into the end zone for the touchdown to tie the game 7-7, with 10:35 remaining in the half! Wow!
On the ensuing kickoff for Denver, Terrell Davis ran back a 41-yard play. Davis ran for 5 yards on first down, but then he was stopped on second down, forcing a third down pass play. On 3rd down,  Paddy Brannigan again, connected with his favorite receiver Ed McCaffrey on a 62-yard touchdown play to give the Broncos the lead 14-7, with 3:45 remaining in the half! That was a pretty play!  McCaffrey has been electrifying! No words from Brannigan in response to that great play he made though.
Johnny-Freeport's Ravens stormed right back with an attitude, and a 96-yard kick return to boot by Derrick Mason! Brannigan's Broncos called a timeout with 2:48 remaining in the half, and Baltimore threatened at the four yard line of Denver on first down. On first down, it was superstar Derrick Mason striking again, this time into the endzone to score his first touchdown of the game, tying the score at 14-14, with 2:33 remaining in the half! Denver called their final time out of the half!
It was Denver's turn! Terrell Davis returned the ensuing and closing kickoff of the half to 48-yard yardline where he was clobbered by Derrick Mason! Mason does it all! On shaky ground, with less than 1:45 to go in the half, the Broncos made a pass attempt to Ed McCaffrey again. The speedy McCaffrey took it 27-yards for a first down to the 25-yard line of Baltimore, but the clock was ticking away. The Broncos had no timeouts left. Denver settled for a 27-yard field goal with three seconds left in the half. The Ravens called their final time of the half, right after that play. That left the door open for Derrick Mason to run one more back before the half ended for the Ravens! The Ravens are playing a super game against one of the best teams in the AFC, and although Baltimore didn't show much of a running game in the first half,  they've been very strategic in their approach to this game with the score 17-14, Broncos in the lead with three seconds remaining going into the second half.
bron4artttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.thumb.jpg.7cd280313c9f8f627eb6167a850f7070.jpgTo end the half, Mason almost broke free, but instead, he ran into his own man at the Broncos-30 yard line as the first half ended!
The play calling has been questionable at times by both coaches. Brannigan was having a little bit of difficulty under pressure here, but so was Johnny-Freeport. The half would allow the coaches a five minute break to reassess. 
To kick off the third quarter and second half, Terrell Davis kicked off the third quarter with a 60-yard kick return followed by a first down six yard run. But on second and third downs, the Baltimore Ravens defense came out of nowhere and stopped both the Broncos running attack, and passing attack!
What did Johnny Freeport do in that haltime to ignite the Ravens defense?  Terrell Davis would literally stun everyone on 4th down, when he came up short of the first down at the 29-yard line, turning the ball back over to the Ravens in the making of what might be a major upset! With the score still 17-14, Denver's lead, Johnny Freeport went absolutely wild, yelling "Yeah baby, yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about! Don't forget about my defense too in Your articles he said to Levi Vick!" This is the turning point in the game!
With 3:10 remaining in the third quarter, the Ravens have the lead 21-17, and they're getting the ball back and hungry for more! This is where coaches have to rise to the occasion, and we hate to admit it, but Johnny-Freeport did!  Here we have the best defense in the league in Denver against the #12 defense of the Ravens. Baltimore was ranked #14 in AFC offense this season, but the Ravens at this second are a very dangerous (3-4) team with this coach. The unexpected could happen to anyone. Never in a million years did we expect Terrell Davis to run out of bounds on that pivotal first down play. After checking Davis' player base, there was no lint or anything stuck to it and it's a fair play, fair game, and Johnny Freeport is capitalizing on that play! When the Ravens got the ball back, Jamal Lewis and the Baltimore offense ran the ball down the Broncos throat with Smash-Mouth electric football. First Lewis ran for an 18-yard first down, and then he dashed for 11 more yards for another first down to the 39-yard line of Denver as the third quarter came to a close! All of the sudden the Ravens had the momentum! What a turn of events! We wouldn't believe it if we didn't see it.
bronartlewisaaaaaaaa.thumb.jpg.a207f04011eadddf1c9c6b4aa5b71606.jpgThese Ravens have the same stingy, nasty attitude as their coach Johnny-Freeport. They continued to battle against that highly-touted Broncos defense, with another 7-yard run by Jamal Lewis. Johnny Freeport doesn't mind his team being tested. We noticed that in their loss last week to the Chargers, the Ravens played with a different intensity. There was a change in their attitude, and with Jonathon Ogden, Willie Anderson and Marshall Yanda in the trenches, the Ravens are well prepared. The two greats at the left and right tackle Tony Siragusa and J'von Parker have been solid, tearing it up in this game. Parker has two tackles. It's Derrick Mason who has hit Denver with all the unexpected stuff, and that's changed the way opponents have to play them. Mason has four tackles in the game, two in the backfield on Terrell Davis. Sometimes when a coach gets to this point in the season with nothing left to lose, they have to be more like Johnny-Freeport by focusing on the task at hand, by taking full advantage of every play! Freeport is putting it all out there, every last bit of it! Unbelievable!
Oh my, Ravens Jamal Lewis broke free at the 5-yard line for a touchdown catch to make the score 28-17 Ravens! This place is going bonkers! Paddy Brannigan and his Broncos have their backs against the was. It is a major upset in the making! Just can't believe it! Johnny-Freeport is unhinged going wild saying, "Bring it on, I'll back my talk up with anybody in the world! Just show me the money!" Oh boy.
There's no settling in this game with just 8 minutes remaining in the game, the Broncos have to find a way to seal the leak on their defense, but the Ravens offensive running game is taking no prisoners.  The momentum is certainly not Denver's side. The #4 Broncos had better have some tricks up their sleeve because Freeport's nasty Ravens are coming for the Broncos to make a statement! 
You all know playing in your own leagues that anything can happen in the playoffs, but really, we never thought this could happen. The Broncos worked so hard, played so many tough and tight games, and they're being completely embarrassed by a resurging Ravens defense packed with missiles, and they're not finished yet. Denver has to settle people down here by coming up with a big play, with 8:01 remaining in the game! If they win this game, the Ravens and Johnny-Freeport head to Los Angeles to play the #1 LA Chargers, but don't count Freeport out against Coach Ed Viggs and his Chargers.
They're is $3200 dollars on the line, and just think of it that way, that Brannigan may have made a $3,200 dollar mistake. Sometimes when a mistake like missing that Davis first down happens, it becomes the one-mistake game. That is the impending difference between winning and losing in the LIEFL! This is true humiliation for Brannigan, especially to someone like Johnny-Freeport, an in-your-face coach. The mouth of the league backs down to no one. The #1 Denver defense will receive No Mercy here from Johnny Freeport that's for sure, he is all over it. Freeport's Ravens defense is playing smash mouth football, giving the Broncos a taste of their own medicine. Derrick Mason's having a tremendous defensive game also.
On the Broncos next kick return, Terrell Davis was crushed at the 32-yard line by Derrick Mason!  Wow! On first down, the Broncos exploded into an open field by Bart Scott who made a tremendous open-field tackle at the 47-yard line for a gain of 21-yards for Terrell Davis to the Ravens 47 yard line. As we sit here watching this game, we're still totally stunned. We can't reverse time and as the old saying goes in Toy Story, "You can't rush art". On first down for the Broncos the Terrell Davis ran another first down for 10 yards, and suddenly the Denver Broncos have awakened with 4:50 left to go in the game. Davis ran another first down for 20 more yards to the Ravens 17-yard line, with 3:21 remaining in the game! The Broncos called there first time out of the second half, with one remaining. We are running out of time folks.brondavisartttt.thumb.jpg.a1b6340e08534f60b5f3610a3b9f864f.jpg
The Cinderella journeymen Baltimore Ravens defense are shocking the LIEFL world! On the Broncos next play, Terrell Davis ran a beautiful 17-yard touchdown play into the endzone! And this is going to force the Broncos to go for two. Denver took their last time out of the game. Denver Tight-end Shannon Sharpe scored on the two-point conversion to make the score 28-25 Baltimore, with 2:48 remaining in the game with the clock is running.
Ravens Coach Johnny-Freeport saw no reason for Baltimore to stop the clock. They can run that victory clock out and win this game! Holy cow! 
In what is the biggest upset of the tournament thus far, the #5 Baltimore Ravens(4-4) kicked a field goal to add insult-to-injury, making the final score 31-25, in a Baltimore Ravens pouncing over the #4 Denver Broncos (6-2)!  Coach Paddy Brannigan did not want to add anything to the comment section here, but Johnny Freeport wouldn't stop talking! Freeport said, "You see, these fools in this league can't handle my talk. Be mad, be whatever, but I am coming to play!  It's okay for once I'm not going to say much. We'll see you against the Chargers. The momentum turned today and beating the Broncos was a great first step. We embarrassed them!"
It was Jamal Lewis' 12 carry 134 running attack, and his 57 yard touchdown catch that was the difference in the game because the Ravens managed the clock like pro's! Derrick Mason finished the day with 6 touches for 332 all-purpose yards for a team that produced 19 touches for 523 total yards with four touchdowns!  Go Ravens! Johnny-Freeport's Ravens now play the LA Chargers (6-1) in the AFC Divisional Championship Game and the winner of that will play the winner of the Indianapolis Colts (7-1) and Miami Dolphins (62) Divisional matchup, which will be played tomorrow!
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