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2023 Long Island EFL RECOGNITION DAY: The Tough Guy Awards

Long island EFL

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longislandelectricfootballleague2020logo.jpg.c25b44f7dbf1d09ca63a5a09b19c54c4.jpgMerry Christmas! The Long Island Electric Football League announces our year-end TOUGH GUY AWARDS for our 67-BIG MEN League!

In our last season of league write-ups, proven track players in any league set a precedence for great players. Before this evening's NFC Wild Card Game gladiator battle between the Dallas Cowboys (5-2) and the Carolina Panthers (5-2) the league has its final results in on LIEFL BEST PLAYER AWARDS!  There is always second guessing when it comes to awards, but this is how we stand. What a season it's been!  The last week of our season brings lots of recognition and we'd like to thank the loyal readers who found fun in our reports. Indianapolis Colts Running Back Joseph Addai has been the centerpiece in the league as an offensive player not just this season, but every season. 

undefeated.jpg.dcd4da37589f49a5e5223cee6e1ef36e.jpgJoseph Addai topped the league with one of the best seasons on record. Addai has 8220 career all-purpose yards for the Colts with 61 touchdowns!  He performed better than any other player in the LIEFL this season, and the Colts beat the Raiders in the Round 1 AFC Wild Card Game. Addai was #3 in the AFC and  #7 in the LIEFL in Rushing with 43 carries for 539 yards, with 12 touchdowns, including his long run of 50 yards from scrimmage. His all-purpose performance was one of the best ever in the history of the seven game format in the LIEFL. He was the #1 all-purpose player in the entire LIEFL with 64 touches for 1767 yards with a total 15 touchdowns, including a 100-yard touchdown run. And in kick returns Addai was #5 in the AFC and #11 in the LIEFL with 18 touches for 1148 yards with one 100-yard touchdown!  All that would make his season more memorable is  LIEFL Super Bowl title!

Not far behind was the master of the metal gridiron Gerald Riggs, another great LIEFL offensive player. Riggs set the record for all-purpose yards in a seven game season back in 2019, with 78 touches for 2339 yards with 21 touchdowns! This season Riggs was #3 in LIEFL Rushing, #2 behind Addai in the LIEFL in all-purpose yards with 68 touches for 1741 yards, with 11 touchdowns, three of them for 100-yards! That is hard to top, but Addai topped Riggs this year as the Falcons battle for a Super Bowl title! 

The defensive choice of the Denver Broncos was the correct one. The Broncos outplayed some of the best teams in the league with epic defensive plays by Von Miller, Paul Smith, Karl Mecklenburg, who limited LIEFL opponents to just 72 points allowed. But the LIEFL Defensive Player of the Year has to be Detroit's Lomas Brown who dominated had 10 tackles on opponents, making big plays when the Lions came back in the season. Brown and Vikings Tackle Carl Eller are two of the best of the best defensive players for the second season in a row. Congratulations!

ALLPRO.thumb.jpg.f59f77a9ef0e7ef120f17fe7a98bea32.jpgLIEFL Offensive Player of the Year: IND-Joseph Addai

AFC Offensive Player of the Year: IND-Joseph Addai

NFC Offensive Player of the Year: ATL-Gerald Riggs

AFC Defensive Player of the Year: Denver Broncos “Orange Crush”

NFC Defensive Player of the Year: T-DET-Lomas Brown-10


1.     Holmes-KC 39-682-11/59

2.     Middleton-GB 46-674-12/60TD

3.     Riggs-ATL 48-659-7/61TD

4.     Simpson-BUF 41-632-13/52TD

5.     Foster-CAR 38-629-12/70TD

6.     Smith-DAL 49-584-7/66TD

7.     Addai-IND 43-539-12/50TD

8.     Watters-SF 49-519-6/67TD

9.     Payton-CHI 39-512-9/65TD

10.  Bell-NYJ 41-508-8/53

11.  M. Pruitt-CLE 53-454-5/52

12.  Davis-DEN 50-448-5/49TD

13.  Lynch-SEA 34-426-9/63TD

14.  Morris-MIA 58-406-5/49TD/ Byars-PHI 41-406-8/65TD

15.  Tomlinson-LAC 38-401-7/54TD

16.  Bussey-DET 47-375-5/70TD

17.  Barkley-NYG 43-371-6/56TD

18.  Bush-NO 40-360-6/50

19.  Anderson-AZ 48-338-4/49

20.  Taylor-JAC 47-332-7/30TD


      1.   Addai-IND 64-1767-12/100TD, 99

2.     Riggs-ATL 68-1741-11/3X100TD

3.     Lynch-SEA 55-1675-14/3X100TD

4.     Bussey-DET 69-1626-11/5x100TDS

5.     Green-WAS 51-1589-11/8x100TD

6.     Casper-LVR 27-1471-6/3X100TD

7.     Taylor-JAC 63-1436-9/2X100TD

8.     Davis-DEN 65-1414-8/3X100TD

9.     Jay Brown-BUF 21-1409-6/6X100TD

10.  Bradshaw-NYG 23-1367-5/5x100TD

11.  Gault-CHI 23-1350-7/4X100TD

12.  Giles-TB 25-1340-6/4X100TD

13.  Dayne-HOU 56-1326-7/100TD

14.  Bush-NO 58-1272-8/2X100TD

15.  Carmichael-PHI 22-1232-3/2x100TDS

16.  Sharpe-GB 23-1171-2/81

17.  Bruce-LAR 22-1157-5/100

18.  Jones-TEN 23-1133-4/100TD

19.  Mason-BAL 19-1131-5/5x100TD

20.  Collinsworth-CIN 20-1053-6/5X100TD



1.     Jay Brown-BUF 21-1409-6/6X100TD

2.     Bradshaw-NYG 21-1345- 5/5x100TDS

3.     Casper-LVR 21-1323-3/3X100TD

4.     Green-WAS-18-1319-8/8x100TD

5.     Swann-PIT 20-1298-5/5X100TDS

6.     Gault-CHI 19-1249-4/4X100TD

7.     Bussey-DET 19-1217-5/5x100TDS

8.     Hill-KC 22-1200-3/3x100TD

9.     Carmichael-PHI 20-1172-2/2X100TDS

10.  Lynch-SEA 19-1159-3/3X100TD

11.  Addai-IND 18-1148-1/100TD, 99

12.  Mason-BAL 18-1117-5/5x100TD

13.  Taylor-JAC 18-1104-2/2x100TD

14.  Sharpe-GC 21-1097-0/81

15.  Dayne-HOU 19-1096-3/3X100TD

16.  Riggs-ATL 19-1077-3/3x100TD

17.  Jones-CAR 18-1046-2/2X100TD

18.  Collinsworth-CIN 14-976-5/5X100TD

19.  Duper-MIA 20-975-3/3X100TD

20.  Gronkowski-NE 15-877-3/3x100TDS


1.     Jones-ATL 7-247-6/50TD

2.     McCaffery-DEN 5-244-5/55TD

3.     Swann-PITT 7-226-3/37TD

4.     Moore-TB 5-202-2/45TD

5.     Jefferson-MIN 8-191-3/56TD

6.     Taylor-WAS 5-190-3/47

7.     Mark van Eagan-LVR 4-178-4/51TD

8.     Gray-AZ 4-175-3/73TD

9.     Moss-NE 5-167-3/63TD/Jones-TEN 4-167-3/55TD

10.  Owens-DAL 4-164-3/60TD

11.  Giles-TB 4-159-2/50TD

12.  Griffin-HOU 3-153-3/57TD

13.  Gonzalez-KC 3-152-1/68

14.  Casper-LVR 6-148-3/48TD

15.  Ditka-CHI 3-140-1/79TD

16.  Bavaro-NYG 4-139-1/48

17.  Bruce-LAR 3-138-4/55TD

18.  Hurns-JAC 2-119-1/62

19.  Alworth-LAC 3-107-2/53TD


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