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2020 Long Island EFL WEEK#6 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) vs Baltimore Ravens (4-1)

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        1081966874_LIEFLALTERNATE.jpg.cecb3f70eeabb7be3bb197f5dd051fde.jpg      4jq6dtd5edw6fqbzpgr0lvjh5.gif.b0572a53ec9854573784dcf18ff5a3f7.gif   nupV2ZP.png.a915a696e78b8bfeba94282bd9bdac6f.png     1909684603_OIP(19).jpg.4b642e3e065c3d302988757cbd95c562.jpg      LIEFL.jpg.55733fa9000d7699f152aaf30f9cdc18.jpg.c0715de3999e3a9cb7665725bdd2fb4d.jpg

                                                     Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) vs Baltimore Ravens (4-1)


Picture12.png.ba47d837fae32078f40d19e00d6399ce.pngLIEFL MAIN PAGE LINK: https://forum.tudorgames.com/files/category/39-2020-long-island-efl-standings-coaches-current-rankings-schedule-2019-leaders-and-liefl-all-time-wins-loss-records/

1442515398_nfl_gameday_logo_hero(2).jpg.9bbe6342ae316fd0e77d24533685ed89.jpg     Picture15.jpg.500ee3bce19baf9f115353d8f7910e6a.jpg                           

4jq6dtd5edw6fqbzpgr0lvjh5.gif.b0572a53ec9854573784dcf18ff5a3f7.gifJacksonville Jaguars (1-4)1051916227_OIP(19).jpg.bb52908caeeacc94948e6bafbe90263e.jpg

Coach: Levi Vick (7-14)


The Jaguars can't seem to get out of the slump they are in, and their new coach Levi Vick needs to come up big in the January Draft to get this team back into competition mode. The Jaguars are (14-21), since the LIEFL began the seven-game season format in the 2008. Vick has lost 14 games in his first season with the LIEFL, after winning two Super Bowls in a stacked Nassau County league with too many coaches and lots of disorganization. His Jacksonville team has kept it close in every game, but they have come out on the losing end. The Jaguars lost their opener to division rival Indianapolis 20-14, in OT, then Tennessee 10-3, Miami 16-10 in OT, and then they lost to the hot Cincinnati Bengals 17-14, in a stunner! Finally, last week they beat the Cleveland Browns 17-14, in a great game! Had Coach Vick's Jaguars split one of the OT losses,  these Jags would be singing a different tune. Their biggest problem is they have a great running back in Freddy Taylor, who the offense line has completely failed. That front line for the Jags will be on the cutting block in January. Taylor ranks dead last in rushing in the AFC with just 76 yards in 5 games, and he ranks #13 in all-purpose yards in the AFC with 37 carries for 725 yards, with only three touchdowns. It is time for Vick to make wise choices in his first league Draft. One bright spot for Jacksonville, is defensive tackle, a three-time LIEFL-All-Pro Rob Meier, who leads the LIEFL in tackles with 12!

With one Long Island Electric Football League game scheduled for today as we wind down WEEK#6, this matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Baltimore Ravens should be an intense one. Jaguars coach, Levi Vick said, "You can be a great coach in any league in the country, but when you play in this one-stop, quick-time managed, totally organized league, you will face stiff competition of guys who know the game inside and out. The speed and fast thinking, rules the league! The game moves along so fast that you have to be able to really organize and plan a game well in advance or everything you think you know about electric football just comes tumbling down. We are all experts. It is the best way I can describe the experience. I was embarrassed more than once in the LIEFL already, and after whipping up on the talent in my last league, it took me ten games at (0-10), here, to get the hang of it. I inherited teams that need work here, placed my player base bottoms from my old league on many of the players, and I lost the gamble, big time.  I had an undefeated team on my other league player base bottoms that I won a Super Bowl with. They are on these Jaguars. I used Freddy Taylor's bottom from the existing LIEFL Jags, and he is excellent. Now I confused the other bottoms, and might have been better off keeping what this league had. I realized my last league was great, but we were behind in terms of player base talent. Also, the time it took to set up a play sometimes is not realistic at all in my last league. We followed the national rules, and sorry, but they give way too much time for adjustments and set-ups, and it is very unrealistic. This league is more "old-school" and the game and the intensity is way more realistic here, with a 40 second-clock and once you set up, that's it. The only time the game stops is to pass. We don't get to do resets and make adjustments, turn players to cover receivers after the catch, or use passing sticks, it's all out intensity, and at times it can be chaotic because everything happens so fast. Again, the speed and level of competition in this league, is much more realistic. These coaches have been in the hobby more than 40 years and in my opinion, they play the game at a high-level the way it was meant to be played by the Founders. The Super Bowl is every weekend! Finally, I have won seven games, and I am coming back for more after being accepted. The statistical data is so amazing that the league keeps. We had none of this in my last league, nor was their a $Purse$ at the end. The dedication to the hobby is incredible! Many of the coaches want to bring back the no-stop league where you actually have to pass with the game running. Five coaches say "NO-WAY" to the no-stop rule, but three want it. We'll see."

1909684603_OIP(19).jpg.4b642e3e065c3d302988757cbd95c562.jpgBaltimore Ravens (4-1)

Coach: Johnny Freeport Chucker (13-8)


If you've been reading our boring articles, you know that Coach Johnny Freeport-Chucker at 6-4', who has the loudest mouth in the league. Nobody talks trash better than this guy. He talks more trash than the trash on a New York City sidewalk, and he's trying to back his trash talk up this season by bringing these Ravens to a Super Bowl! The Ravens somehow carry the same attitude as their coach, but they have been outstanding this season! No doubt they will compete with the LA Chargers and the Indianapolis Colts for an AFC title because the way they have played on the line has been nothing less than consistent. Baltimore opened the season beating division rival Cleveland 17-7, then they beat Houston on the road 14-13, Kansas City 17-14, then they lost to the tough NFC East Washington Football Team 24-21, in a great game! Ravens running back, Jamaal Lewis had 147 yards rushing in that game with three HUGE rushing touchdowns against a vicious Washington defense.  Lewis has 36 carries for 386 yards rushing, with six touchdowns, putting him at #5 in the AFC. Once he gets going, he is a beast! Last week, Baltimore rebounded from that loss on the road to Washington, by beating Pittsburgh in OT, 20-17! WOW! Chucker has this team conditioned and they will play with the best of them. Between Lewis and Derrick Mason, the Ravens offense will tough to deal with. The six-time All-Pro Mason, ranks #9 in the AFC with 14 carries for 861 all-purpose yards, with three 100-yard kick returns for touchdowns! This year will be the sixth playoff appearance for this winning franchise. Chucker, a retired Police Detective, is doing something right with these Ravens, and he hopes to be going to Tampa in December for the LIEFL-Super Bowl! The two Super Bowl contenders get a free trip with all the money give-backs in the past 5 seasons from league earnings and dues! Amazing league!


180px-NFL_gold_logo.png.beed42ee6c773eb52ce65a9d58b03ec5.png img_530455.thumb.png.cc5d84241cd70f8eee37d8cecd15c876.pngTHE PLAY BY PLAY: 4jq6dtd5edw6fqbzpgr0lvjh5.gif.b0572a53ec9854573784dcf18ff5a3f7.gifJACKSONVILLE vs BALTIMORE 1909684603_OIP(19).jpg.4b642e3e065c3d302988757cbd95c562.jpg

Baltimore Maryland, November 1, 2020. On an amazing opening kickoff Baltimore Ravens All-Pro, Derrick Mason ran the ball back 95-yards and as he headed into the end zone, Mason was hit out-of-bounds by Jamaal Lewis at the five yard line. What an electrifying runback by Mason! Wasting no time in one play J-Lewis scored from 5 yards away to make the score 7-0, Ravens, with 12:49 left to go in the half!


Now it was the (1-4) Jaguars turn to turn up the heat on the Ravens! Jaguars running back, Freddy Taylor ran back a beautiful 62-yard kick return for the Jaguars. On first down, after a 5-yard run, Taylor was pushed back a good 12 yards by a swarming Ravens defense. On third down, Jacksonville quarterback Mark Brunell hit Jimmy Smith on the left side of the field WITH A ROCKET OF A PASS. Smith took it 48-yards into the end zone to tie the game at 7-7, with 6 minutes left to go in the half! What a play by Smith!
Wow! What an explosive kick return by Derrick Mason who's getting warmed up for the playoffs as he ran a hundred yard return into the end zone to make the score 14-7, Baltimore!
On Jacksonville's next kick return Freddie Taylor ran the ball back 56 yards. On first down, the Jaguars decided to pass, but Mark Brunell found nobody open, forcing a second down with 2:16 left to go in the half! On second down the Baltimore defense was ferocious, swamping the Jaguars for a 15-yard loss, with nowhere to go, forcing a third down. This Baltimore team showed up to play today and Coach Johnny Freeport-Chucker is playing no games! He's got a serious face on with a heavy intent of making this team and the Detroit Lions that he plays with, his candidates for the playoffs. What a tough play! Fred Taylor gained one-yard back after the previous loss of yardage as Taylor ran the ball into field-goal range, where the Jaguars kicked a field-goal on fourth down from 44 yards away, making the score 14-10, with 14:02 left to go in the game, the Ravens in the lead!
On the ensuing kick return, Jacksonville finally figured out Mason, as Mason was tackled at the 37-yard line. And on the first play from scrimmage for the Ravens in the second half, Jamaal Lewis ran for a 25-yard first down as he was tackled hard by Jaguars star All-Pro tackle, Rob Meier, who made his 13th tackle of the season for Jacksonville. J-Lewis picked up another first down, with a 10-yard run to the Jaguars 28-yard line with 9:43 left to go in the game. The Jaguars came up big on the next set of downs, stopping J-Lewis at the line of scrimmage. And on second down, Lewis exploded to the Jaguar 8-yard line for another first down for Baltimore, with 7:20 left to go in the game game. With the clock ticking Baltimore really ate up the seconds by running the ball on three consecutive runs by Lewis, until he finally got into the end zone from six yards out on an explosive draw play up the middle to make the score 21-10! Ravens dominated!
With just 1:41 left to go in the game Jacksonville's Freddie Taylor was left with a huge obstacle to overcome, an 11 points deficit. At best they were left with possibly two plays, a kickoff and a pass play on first down, unless Taylor can run a touchdown back! Taylor ran the ball back 53 yards, but he ran head on into Ravens linebacker, Bard Scott, who blasted Taylor with a hard hit at Baltimore's 47-yard line. On the last play the game the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5), came up short! They couldn't complete the pass play as the Baltimore Ravens won their fifth game of the season 21-10, in dominant fashion! We are looking at quite an AFC playoff right now with the Ravens the Chargers the Dolphins, and the Indianapolis Colts. Baltimore's Derrick Mason carried the Ravens today literally, with three carries for 232 yards, with one touchdown!  
Jacksonville By the Numbers: (1-5) 10
Taylor RU: 3-3-0/3LONG
KR: 3-171-0/62 
All-Purpose 6-174-0/62
Smith REC: 1-48-1/48TD
Baltimore By the Numbers: (5-1) 21
J. Lewis RU:8-69-2TD/25LONG
D. Mason KR: 3-232-1/100TD





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