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2023 Long Island EFL: AFC WILD CARD GAME Las Vegas Raiders (4-3) at Indianapolis Colts (6-1)

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Long Island EFL T O U R N A M E N T  OF  C H A M P I O N S
AFC WILD CARD GAME raiders-helmet-logo-3.gif.fda8def65b90d8db386d7ecdaade9e65.gif #7 Las Vegas Raiders (4-3) at #2 Indianapolis Colts (6-1) COLTS.jpg.96b6f65e839225c61753055f3d033972.jpg
download(8).jpg.3d92b02d7b906106683e072ceda0083e.jpg(Long Island Electric Football League). December 20, 2023.  Written by Levi Vick.
PRE GAME: AFC Wild Card Game. After looking at the numbers of the top 10 playmakers in each category for rushing, all-purpose yards, kick return yards, and receiving yards, the Long Island Electric football league has elected it's offensive and defensive player of the year award, which will be announced shortly. The top dogs to choose from were Priest Holmes of the Chiefs, Joseph Addai from the Colts, Jay Brown from the Bills, and Julio Jones from the Falcons. Those were the four most productive players in each category of the LIEFL at their position. When looking at the number two and three players at each position it's incredible.
POW.jpg.9dc04091f7f6341247bbef2ce04da513.jpgThe competition is brewing in the LIEFL. The .#7 Las Vegas Raiders have to be one of the most surprising teams in the tournament for the AFC. after getting off to a shaky start, the Raiders have been in the battle all year after their opening day loss to the Denver Broncos 17-3. What happened since then? Coach Kevin Mack said, "Dave Casper is my guy. He is the guy who is the playmaker! When he sees openings its over! We can play with anyone in the league and I will do more passing against Indianapolis because you just know that Joseph Addai is the best offensive player in the league, so stopping him is impossible." 
As far as Las Vegas goes, never count them out regardless of how the team plays because the single most explosive player for the Raiders is Dave Casper. The Raiders running game has been suspect for the undersized 67-Big Men, but Casper ran back a 99 yard play on the Raiders last drive to beat the tough Detroit Lions in the season finale 17-14! That's how Las Vegas got herte. Casper finished that game against the Lions with three touches for 232-yards, but not only that, Casper is dangerous. He finished the season Ranked #3 in AFC all-purpose yards with 27 touches for 1471 yards with six touchdowns, including three 100-yard returns! one of the leaders in the AFC in all purpose yards, and in kick return yards he was the #2 AFC Ranked player with 21 returns for 1323 yards with three 100-yard touchdown returns! 
But now the Raiders are on to a different beast and the AFC Wild Card Game. Stopping Joseph Addai will be just as hard for the Raiders as stopping 8X-LIEFL All-Pro Dave Casper will be for the #2 Indianapolis Colts. It will be a SHOW because both of these teams are spectacular on special teams, which is where the game is expected to-p/0 be won. The Colts however, have established a great running attack which the Raiders will be challenged to stop. The Colts are different this year because they can run, pass, and their special teams has proven to be one of the best in the AFC. Addai finished #3 in AFC Rushing with 43 rushes for a boastful 539-yards with 12 smashing touching runs!  The Colts defense ranked #6 in the LIEFL and the Raiders finished #22 in the league. We will see how they do against the #3 Ranked offense in the LIEFL. That is where the Raiders finished strong. They finished #5 in the LIEFL on offense, so this is a game that has to be exploited by the workhorses in the end. It will be how Addai performs in the big game versus how one of the all-time greats in 2008 LIEFL Super Bowl XI MVP Dave Casper performs in the big game! 
LIEFL All-Pro Joseph Addai has been a workhorse for the Colts! It is time for these Colts to prove that they're a next-level EFL elite team. This is their chance to rise to the occasion in the AFC and find ways to win in the big games. This isn't Coach Billy O'C coaching. Coach Joe Bino said,"I might surprise some of the mouths in this league with my play. Addai is a beast, and we are looking at this game from a different vantage point. I'm going to feed them, arguably, the best player in the league, all day long, and let's see what happens." 
In other great AFC playoff action, a colossal matchup between the #3 Buffalo Bills (5-2) and #6 Miami Dolphins (5-2) will be a full-house of coaches at that game.  Other games include the #4 Denver Broncos (6-1) who will play the #5 Baltimore Ravens (3-4), and the winner of that game plays the #1 Los Angeles Chargers, while the winner of the Buffalo-Miami game will play these Colts or the Raiders in the AFC Divisional Game. The Raiders might be the weakest team in the AFC bracket, but they're also one of the most dangerous.



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