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2023 Long Island EFL "Picking the best of the best" NFC Pro Bowl Team

Long island EFL

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San Francisco 49ers (3-4)

Running back Ricky Watters

NFC ranked #5 rushing 49-519-6/67TD


Chicago Bears (4-3) NFC Wild Card Team

Line Don Hampton 4

Line Richard Dent 3

Line Wally Chambers 2

Tackle Steve McMichael 7

Running back Walter Payton NFC ranked #6 with 39-512-9/65TD

Return specialist Willie Gault NFC rank #6 all-purpose yards 23-1350-7/4x100 TD

NFC rank #3 kick returns 19 -1249-4/ 4 X 100 TD


Tampa Bay Bucs (3-4)

Line Lee Roy Selmon 7

Tackle Paul Gruber 8

*Linebacker John Lynch 6 big playmaker

Specialist Jimmie Giles:

NFC ranked #7 all-purpose yards with 25-1340-6/4 x 100 TD

NFC ranked #5 kick return yards 21 - 1181-4/4 x 100 TD 


Arizona Cardinals (2-5)

Tackle Conrad Dobler-5 


Dallas Cowboys (5-2) NFC Wild Card Team

Line Larry Allen 3

Tackle Randy White 5 

Running back Emmitt Smith NFC ranked #4 rushing 49-584-7/66TD

Receiver Terrell Owens NFC ranked #6 with 4-164-3/60TD


Detroit Lions (3-4)

Tackle Lomas Brown 10 (Noticeably Dominant by Coaches)

Tackle Tommy Kramer 9 (SAME)

Running back Dexter Bussey:

NFC ranked #3 all-purpose yards 69-1626-11/ 5 x 100 TDS

NFC ranked #4 kick return yards with 19-1217-5/ 5 x 100 yards


Philadelphia Eagles (2-5)

Line Hugh Douglas 3

Line Woody Peoples 3

Running back Keith Byars NFC Ranked #8 rushing 41-406-8/65TDS

Receiver /specialist Harold Carmichael:

NFC ranked 9th all-purpose yards 22-232-3/2x100TD

NFC ranked six kick return yards 20-1172-2 / 2 x 100 TDS


Atlanta Falcons (5-2) NFC Wild Card Team

Line- Bill Fralic 2

Line Claude Humphrey 4

Tackle Terrance Pennington 7

Running back Gerald Riggs:

LIEFL Primetime player

NFC rank #2 rushing 48-659-7/61TD

NFC rank #1 all-purpose yards 68 -1741-11/3 x100 TD

NFC rank #9 kick returns 19-1077-3/3 x100 TD

Receiver Julio Jones NFC and 2023 LIEFL #1 one ranked receiver champion 7-247-6/50TD


New York Giants (3-4)

Tackle David D i e h l 6

Linebacker Lawrence Taylor 5

Running back Shaquon Barkley NFC ranked #10 rushing 43-371-6/56TD

Returner Ahmad Bradshaw 2022 LIEFL offensive player of the year

NFC rank #5 all-purpose yards 23-1367-5 / 5x100 TD

NFC rank #1 kick return yards 21-345-5 / 5x100 TDS


Green Bay Packers (4-3) NFC North Division Champion

Line Cullen Jenkins 1 (Paved the way for Middleton).

Tackle Forest Greg 5

Linebacker Ray Nitschke 1

Running back Terdell Middleton

2023 NFC Rushing Champion NFC ranked #1 rusher 46-674-12/60TD

Receiver Sterling Sharpe:

NFC ranked 10th all-purpose yards with 23- 1171-2/81

NFC ranked #8 kick returns with 21-1097-0/81


Carolina Panthers (5- 2) NFC South Division Champion

Line Shawaan Short 5

Line Larry Webster 5

Line Chris Jenkins 5

Linebacker Kevin Green 2

Running back DeShaun Foster NFC rank #3 Rushing with 38-629-2/70td

Return specialist/ Greg Jones

NFC kick return yards ranked #10 with 18-1046-2/2X100TD


Los Angeles Rams (6-1) NFC West Division Champion

Line Jackie Slater 2

Line Deacon Jones 2

Tackle Rosey Grier 5

Running back Wendell Tyler

Returner Isaac Bruce Ranked #11 All-Purpose 22-1127-5/100TD

One of the best teamwork offense and defenses in the league with no standouts


New Orleans Saints (1-6)

Tackle William Rolf 7

Running back Reggie Bush

NFC rank #8 all-purpose yards 58-1272-8 / 2 x100 TD


Minnesota Vikings (2-5)

Tackle Carl Eller 9

Tackle Jared Allen 7


Seattle Seahawks (1-6)

Line Cortez Kennedy 4

Tackle Joe Nash 6

Linebacker Brian Bosworth 5

Running back Marshawn Lynch:

NFC rank #7 rushing 34-426-9/63TD

NFC rank #2 all-purpose yards 55-1675 -14/ 3 x100 TD

NFC rank #7 kick return yards 19-1159-3/3x100 TD


Washington Redskins (7-0) NFC East Division Champion #1 seed in NFC playoffs

Line Charles Mann 6

Line Dave Butz 5

Line Dexter Manley 3

Tackle Joe Jacoby 6

Linebacker LaVar Arrington 4

Running Back Tony Green

NFC rank #4 all-purpose yards 51-1589-11/8 x100 TD 

NFC rank #2 kick returns 18-1319-8 / 8 x100TD

Charlie Taylor NFC rank #4 receiving 5 -190-3/47

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