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2023 Long Island EFL "Picking the best of the best" AFC Pro Bowl Team

Long island EFL

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Cincinnati Bengals (2-5)

Tackle Trey Hopkins-8 (noticeable vs opponents)

Tackle Brian Blados- 7

Chris Collinsworth AFC Rank #10 All Purpose Yards 20-1053-6/5x100TD


Tennessee Titans (2-5)

Line Jeffrey Simmons rookie 4

Linebacker Colin Alred 2

Specialist Brandon Jones

AFC Rank # 8 all-purpose yards 23-1133-4/100 TD,

AFC Ranked #5 Receiving 4-167-3/55TD.


Denver Broncos (6-1) AFC Wild Card Team

Number #1 Ranked Defense in LIEFL

Lineman-Karl Mecklenburg-6

Lineman Paul Smith

Linebacker- Von Miller - 4

Running back Terrell Davis

AFC #6 Ranked rushing 50-448-5/49 TD,

AFC Ranked #5 all-purpose yards 65-1414-8/3 X100 TD.

Ed McCaffrey 5-244-5/55td rank number one AFC in receiving.


Cleveland Browns (1-6)

Tackle Rickey Bolden 6

Line Simon Fraser 3 Paved the way for Pruitt

Linebacker Clay Matthews 4 AP 2022

Running back Mike Pruitt AFC Ranked #5 in AFC rushing 53-454-5/52


Los Angeles Chargers (6-1) AFC West Division Champion #1 Seed in AFC Payoffs

Line-leader center Earl Faison-3

Line-Ernie Ladd - 2

Tackle Corey Clark 6

Linebacker Louie Kelcher

Running back LaDainian Tomlinson AFC Ranked #8 in Rushing 38-401-7/54TD


Kansas City Chiefs (3-4)

Tackle Herb Taylor – 9

Line Buck Buchanan

Line Willie Lanier Paved the way for Holmes

Running back Priest Holmes Ranked #1 AFC rusher 39-682-11/59

Receiver Tyreek Hill AFC Ranked #4 in kick returns 22-200-3/3x100TD


Miami Dolphins (5-2) AFC Wild Card Team

Line- Jason Taylor-4 five time all pro, Dolphins main man in center

Line-Larry little - 7 outstanding year on defense

Tackle AJ D u h e - 5 (Impactful on big plays as recalled by Coaches)

Mark Duper- AFC #10 in kick returns 20-975-3/3X100 TD

Running back Mercury Morris AFC #7 in rushing 58-406-5/49 TD


Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5)

Line Tony Boselli-6 Key to Fred Taylor success.

Tackle Rob M e i e r – 6

Running back Fred Taylor:

AFC #9 Ranked rushing 47-332-7/30TD, ranked,

AFC #4 Ranked in all-purpose yards 63-1436-9/2X100TDS)

AFC #7 Ranked in kick returns 18-1104-2 / 2X100)

The heart and soul of Jaguars


New York Jets (2-5)

Running back Le'Veon Bell AFC #4 Ranked rushing 41-508-8/53

Line Mark Gastineau paved the way for Bell


New England Patriots (3-4)

Line Billy Yates -4

Line John Hannah -5

Receiver Randy Moss AFC Ranked #4 receiving 5 -167-3/63TD


Las Vegas Raiders (4-3) AFC Wild Card Team

Line Lyle Alzado 3

Line Gene Upshaw 3

Running back Mark Van Eagan AFC Ranked #3 receiving 4-178-4/51TD

Dave Casper: (DANGER ZONE: Can single-handedly Carry a team)

AFC ranked # 8th receiving 6-148-3/48 TD,

AFC ranked #2 kick return yards 21-1323-3/3 x100 TD,

AFC rank #3 in all-purpose yards 27-471-6/3x100 TD,

8X LIEFL All Pro.


Baltimore Ravens (3-4) AFC North Divisional Champion

Tackle Tony Siragusa 8 DOMINATED

Line John Ogden 2

Line Willie Anderson zero but the center man

Linebacker Ray Lewis 2 five-time all pro

Running back Jamal Lewis AFC Ranked #10 in rushing 37-324-2/51TD

Receiver/Specialist Derrick Mason:

AFC Ranked #9 all-purpose yards 19-1131-5 / 5X 100TD,

AFC Ranked #6 kick returns 18-1117-5 / 5x100TDS,

6x All Pro centerpiece for the offense. 


Pittsburgh Steelers (3-4)

Line Mike Webster 4

Line Joe Greene 3

Tackle John kolb 6

Linebacker Greg Lloyd 3

Receiver/ Return specialist Lynn Swann:

AFC ranked #2 all-purpose yards 27-1524-8 / 5 X 100 TD,

AFC #3 ranked kick returner 20 -1298-5 / 5X100 TD


Houston Texans (3-4)

Line JJ Watt 5

Tackle Mike Brisiel 7

Running back Ron Dayne:

AFC rank #7 all-purpose yards 56- 1326-7/100TD

AFC kick return rank # 8 with 19 -1096-3/3 x100 TD,

5X All Pro

Receiver Ryan Griffin AFC Ranked #6 in receiving 3-153-3/57TD


Indianapolis Colts (6-1) AFC South Division Champion #2 Seeded team in AFC Playoffs

Lineman Bubba Smith 2

Lineman Quinton Nelson 4

Lineman Elmer Colette 6

Linebacker Robert Mathis 6

2022 AFC Offensive Player of the Year last season. Running back Joseph Addai: 15 touchdowns!

AFC Ranked #3 rushing 43-539-12/50TD,

AFC ranked #1 all-purpose yards 64-1767-12 / 100 TD, 99,

AFC Ranked #5 kick returns 18-1148-1/100td, 99, 2023

LIEFL-All-Purpose yards champion 64-1767-12 /100 TD, 99!


Buffalo Bills AFC East Division Champion

Line Dee Hardison 2

Line Marcel D a r e u s 3 (the centerpiece for the Electric Company offense)

Line Bruce Smith 2

Linebacker Shane Conlin 3

Linebacker Preston Brown 4

Running back OJ Simpson AFC Ranked #2 rusher 41-632-3/52TD,

Receiver/Specialist Jay Brown

AFC Ranked #6 all-purpose yards 21-4909-6 / 6 X100 TD,

AFC Ranked #1 kick returner 21-1409-6/6X100 TD,

LIEFL #1 kick return champion 21-409-6X100 TD.

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